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Unit Hydrograph Release Notes

Unit Hydrograph 1.25
Released in June, 2004

  • Minor spacing fixes in View Hydrograph and View Features dialogs
Bug Fixes
  • Rescale on Zoom checks appropriate raster area
  • Fixed potential crash bug when closing layer

Unit Hydrograph 1.24
Released in March, 2002
Bug Fixes

  • Changing vector / point color interface issues fixed

Unit Hydrograph 1.23
Released in February, 2002

  • Linux version - ended HP-UX support
  • Support for read only color / 24-bit color
Bug Fixes
  • More tolerant startup

Unit Hydrograph 1.22
Released in May, 2001

  • Error messages while saving unit hydrograph more verbose
  • Allows RFC name to be up to 64 characters long (from 5)
Bug Fixes
  • Initializes "AutoClear" display option properly
  • Sets working directory properly (current directory)
  • Fixed exposed canvas callback which allows non HP X library displays to successfully select with mouse

Unit Hydrograph 1.21
Released in July, 2000

  • FDM method stops after routing within 1 cu. mm. Effectively halves processing time
  • Added progress messages to unit hydrograph creation

Unit Hydrograph 1.20
Released in November, 2000

  • Added ability to display land use and cover

Unit Hydrograph 1.18
Released in December, 1999

  • Checks to see if hydrograph is saved properly
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed widget parent bug
  • Allows selection of rain-on-reservoir basins
  • Allows selection of basins that contain rain-on-reservoir basins

Unit Hydrograph 1.17
Released in November, 1999
Bug Fixes

  • Exported hydrograph's number of ordinates field corrected

Unit Hydrograph 1.16
Released in August, 1999
Bug Fixes

  • Select from list dialog bug fixed

Unit Hydrograph 1.15
Released in June, 1999

  • Miscellaneous GUI tweaks involving fonts
  • Exported hydrograph preview is stepped
  • Support for expanded basin attributes : Elevation Zone boundaries, Mean/Minimum/Maximum slope, elevaton, and aspect
  • Opening the old format basins in IHABBS will update the basin attributes. This will occur without the need of saving the basin layers
  • Query basin now has an option for "Less" or "More", where the user may view the traditional basin attributes, or the expanded version which includes the fields described above.

Unit Hydrograph 1.13
Released in June, 1999

  • Added Recalculate to the Edit submenu. (Older hydrographs can be updated if the basin geometry changes.)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed some minor bugs

Unit Hydrograph 1.12
Released in January, 1999

  • As with nohrsc, can now execute outside the directory containing the executables
  • Can also use local configuration files if executed outside the directory containing the executables
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with querying ROR basins

Unit Hydrograph 1.11
Released in December, 1998

  • Basin Outlets layer now viewable
  • Able to change colors of point data
Bug Fixes
  • English/Spanish help file system simplified

Unit Hydrograph 1.10
Released in November, 1998

  • First non-beta release

  • Background and hydrograph colors can now be modified

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