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Export module Release Notes

Export 1.24
Released in May, 2009
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sensitivity of decimal slider bar
  • More careful filtering of colinear points

Export 1.23
Released in October, 2007
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Filtering by Attribute to not exclude modified basins
  • Handles memory usage for extremely large data sets better

Export 1.22
Released in Febrary, 2007
Bug Fixes

  • Closes parentheses in Version 5 polygon format

Export 1.21
Released in August, 2005

  • PostgreSQL database compatability
  • Supports specifying database schema in config file using SCHEMA
Bug Fixes
  • Better error_handling when exporting basins
  • Slightly more explicit memory/pointer handling
Known issues
  • Bug in exporting vector attribute filtering error handling

Export 1.20
Released in November, 2005
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed description values for NWSRFS Version 5, XNAV, WINQPF, and WHFS formats

Export 1.19
Released in December, 2004
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed calculation of exporting region buffer
  • Fixed shapefile compatability issue in .dbf file

Export 1.18
Released in Aug, 2004
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed area calculation and formatting in XNAV and Version 5 format
  • XNAV format no longer filters to < 3000 points

Export 1.17
Released in July, 2004

  • More optimization of export filtering
  • Support for varied attribute columns in shapefile and Arc/INFO ungenerate .att files
  • Removed use of basin/vector aml scripts
  • Support for "multipart" GIS/RS polygons

Export 1.16
Released in June, 2004
Bug Fixes

  • Rescale on Zoom checks appropriate raster area

Export 1.15
Released in June, 2002

  • Displays version upon terminal error
Bug Fixes
  • Binary search fixed in exporting vectors
  • Export rivers finishes cleanly

Export 1.14
Released in March, 2002

  • Changed filter names -> Within CWA, etc...
  • More efficient calculation of major rivers
  • More verbose error messages in shape_file creation
  • More verbose error messages in exporting arcs and objects in general
Bug Fixes
  • Changing Vector/Point color interface issues fixed
  • Fixed filtering, and does more filtering local rather than by database

Export 1.13
Released in March, 2002

  • Linux version - ended HP-UX support
  • Support for read only color / 24-bit color
Bug Fixes
  • Handles lack of RFC layer cleaner

Export 1.12
Released in May, 2001

  • Quits if database not found
Bug Fixes
  • Sets working directory properly (current directory)
  • Fixed river attributes in shapefile format
  • Fixed exposed canvas callback which allows non HP X library displays to successfully select with mouse

Export 1.11
Released in August, 2000

  • Added keyboard zoom shortcuts

Export 1.10
Released in April, 2000

  • Added ability to export basins and other vectors in ESRI shapefile format

Export 1.07
Released in December, 1999
Bug Fixes

  • Exported basin attributes in ARC/INFO format now include forecast groups
  • Corrected formatting issues concerning the expanded basin attributes

Export 1.06
Released in November, 1999

  • Expanded basin attributes supported for exported Arc/INFO format
  • Basin AML corrected for use with expanded attributes.
  • Note that apostrophes in text fields will be replaced with spaces in the exported file to maintain Arc/INFO compatibility

Export 1.05
Released in August, 1999

  • Export to WinQPF filters basins to 1000 vertices. (Used to be 3000)
Bug Fixes
  • Selecting from list dialog bug fixed.

Export 1.04
Released in June 1999

  • Failed export cleans up after itself
  • Default export vector precision set to 6 decimal places from 4
  • Calculating major rivers is much faster
  • Filtered export optimized (slightly faster)

Export 1.03
Released in June, 1999

  • Miscellaneous GUI tweaks involving fonts
  • Exporting into WHFS will use description field if available, otherwise will use COMS5 Handbook Id
  • Support for expanded basin attributes : Elevation zone boundaries, Mean/Minimum/Maximum slope, elevation, and aspect. Basin layers will need to be opened in IHABBS in order to take advantage of this. (Otherwise warning messages will appear when the user queries or exports a basin.)
  • Query basin now has an option for "Less" or "More", where the user may view either the traditional basin attributes or the expanded version which includes the fields described above.

Export 1.02
Released in January, 1999

  • Allows user to export "by attribute". In this fashion, vector layers can be exported by their name, and basins can be exported by name, COM5 id, CWA id, or Forecast group.
  • Now checks to see if exported files will overwrite other files
  • Improved some error messaging
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes a memory leak in exporting vectors
  • Fixed a bug when drawing less than 10 outlet points

Export 1.01
Released in January, 1999

  • Along with nohrsc, can execute outside of the directory containing the executable if this directory is included in the "path" and IHABBS is an exported pathname
  • Export can use a local configuration file or one located in the directory containing the executable. Of note is that the user must have write access to the directory holding the config file
Bug Fixes
  • Fixes some minor bugs

Export 1.0
Released in December, 1998

  • First non-beta release

  • Includes viewable basin outlet points
  • Background color can be modified
  • Point layer colors can be modified
  • User may export by any polygon rather than just by CWA

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