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Western Plains Snowfall Observations
from 2011-02-24 07:00 UTC to 2011-02-25 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
HLDN12011-02-24 201.500723133MI.SW HOLDREGE,NE
GNVN12011-02-24 235.000241640GENEVA,NE
0269H_MADIS2011-02-25 052.700243907SCOTTSBLUFF 2.7 WNW, NE
2682C_MADIS2011-02-24 152.000244088TORRINGTON, WY
0264H_MADIS2011-02-24 071.000244098SCOTTSBLUFF 16.4 WNW, NE
0289H_MADIS2011-02-24 071.000243786HAY SPRINGS 9.0 ESE, NE
LNGW42011-02-24 151.000244163LINGLE 2WSW
SPCN12011-02-25 061.000241532SPENCER 5SSE
2678C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.800244314YODER 4.1 S, WY
7735S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.500245945CHEYENNE 29.0 NNW, WY
AGAN12011-02-24 230.5002443933MI.E AGATE,NE
DDEW42011-02-24 140.400244865NR JAY EM
CHDN12011-02-24 140.300243353CHADRON 3SW
GRI2011-02-25 010.300241844CENTRAL NEBRASKA REGIONAL
HRNN12011-02-24 140.300244705HARRISON,NE
4181H_MADIS2011-02-24 130.100246952CHEYENNE 17.4 WNW, WY
0265H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001244101MORRILL 5.7 SSW, NE
0330H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001241617DAVENPORT 6.0 SE, NE
1932C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.001242648DODGE CITY 2.5 NW, KS
2253H_MADIS2011-02-24 130.001242126HERRICK 8.2 SSW, SD
2681C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.001244206VETERAN 3.0 W, WY
3895C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.001244465STERLING 15 SE, CO
5243O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001242615JOHNSTOWN 4.0 WSW, NE
5339S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.001241407BARNARD 7.5 ENE, KS
5736O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001242031EMMET 0.2 SSW, NE
5775O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001241440FAIRBURY 11.4 NW, NE
5778O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001241490FAIRBURY 8.0 NNW, NE
5783O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001241476DAYKIN 1.2 SW, NE
5855C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.001246217CHEYENNE 4.0 NNW, WY
6013O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.001241683RUSKIN 3.4 W, NE
6953A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.001244911FORT COLLINS 4.2 S, CO
6978A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.001244948LOVELAND 2.4 SSE, CO
9073A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.001241506BELOIT 9.9 SSW, KS
9188A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.001241834SMITH CENTER 0.3 ESE, KS
BNGN12011-02-24 130.001241591BRUNING,NE
FRMN12011-02-24 130.001241647FAIRMONT,NE
GOVK12011-02-24 120.001242687GOVE 4W
SMCK12011-02-24 130.001241837SMITH CENTER,KS
0017C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245289NORTHGLENN 3.8 NNE, CO
0026C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245075THORNTON 7.5 ENE, CO
0027C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245299THORNTON 5.4 NNE, CO
0030C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245522WESTMINSTER 0.8 ESE, CO
0035C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245062BRIGHTON 1.7 ESE, CO
0041C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245282WESTMINSTER 3.9 S, CO
0044C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245443NORTHGLENN 0.9 SW, CO
0046C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245262THORNTON 2.1 N, CO
0059C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245407DENVER 5.7 S, CO
0060C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246575DENVER 9.4 S, CO
0080C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245656AURORA 7.6 ESE, CO
0086C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245692AURORA 4.1 S, CO
0099C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245551LITTLETON 3.1 S, CO
0106C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245469LITTLETON 1.7 SE, CO
0109H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242018HOLSTEIN 0.1 ESE, NE
0118H_MADIS2011-02-24 080.000241929NAPONEE 1.5 SW, NE
0158H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242274BURWELL 20.4 NNE, NE
0161C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243921LAS ANIMAS .57 WNW, CO
0168C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245289ERIE 4.8 SW, CO
0176C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245253ERIE 4.6 SW, CO
0184C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245361BOULDER 1.9 SE, CO
0186H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241873GRAND ISLAND 5.0 SSW, NE
0188H_MADIS2011-02-25 050.000241978CAIRO 2.5 N, NE
0203H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241755HAMPTON 0.8 ENE, NE
0207C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245325BOULDER 4.7 E, CO
0213C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245190NIWOT 1.8 SSW, CO
0225H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242979HAYES CENTER 6.2 ESE, NE
0226H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243278ELSIE 13.7 SE, NE
0227H_MADIS2011-02-24 080.000243071HAYES CENTER 0.0 WSW, NE
0230H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242979HAYES CENTER 5.1 ENE, NE
0233H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242848HAYES CENTER 11.7 WSW, NE
0238C_MADIS2011-02-25 000.000245262BOULDER 3.0 E, CO
0243C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245518BOULDER 5.4 ESE, CO
0247C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245056LONGMONT 2.1 N, CO
0251C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245000LONGMONT 2.0 SSW, CO
0253H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242822NORTH PLATTE 2.4 WNW, NE
0257H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243353MADRID 7.8 SW, NE
0260C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245249BOULDER 1.8 ESE, CO
0260H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241470COLUMBUS 5.9 SW, NE
0280H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244065MITCHELL 3.0 ENE, NE
0307H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242110LOUP CITY 2.3 W, NE
0342H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241677BYRON 0.2 ESE, NE
0378C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245397DENVER 5.2 S, CO
0382C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245262DENVER 1.8 E, CO
0385C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245505DENVER 8 SSW, CO
0385H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242067BARTLETT 9 NE, NE
0395C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245407DENVER 3.2 SSE, CO
0397C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245367DENVER 2.4 S, CO
0397H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242024BLADEN 4.4 SW, NE
0401H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241699RED CLOUD 4.3 E, NE
0406H_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241621YORK 3.3 N, NE
0412C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245423DENVER 3.2 SSE, CO
0414C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245413DENVER 5.6 W, CO
0416C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245430DENVER 5.4 SSE, CO
0432C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245397DENVER 4.7 SW, CO
0449C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245879PARKER 1.3 WNW, CO
0451C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246512CASTLE PINES 2.2 NNE, CO
0452C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246414CASTLE ROCK 6.5 SW, CO
0453C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000246407FRANKTOWN 3.5 NE, CO
0454C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246076SEDALIA 2.2 E, CO
0455C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245869LITTLETON 7.7 ESE, CO
0456C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245978HIGHLANDS RANCH 2.0 SSE, CO
0457C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246132CASTLE ROCK 3.9 NW, CO
0461C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246155PARKER 2.5 NE, CO
0466C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246335CASTLE ROCK 1.7 SSW, CO
0474C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245951HIGHLANDS RANCH 3.2 ESE, CO
0477C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246224PARKER 3.6 ESE, CO
0478C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246457CASTLE ROCK 7.3 NNW, CO
0483C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000246230PARKER, CO
0488C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246398CASTLE ROCK 8.2 NNW, CO
0532C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246952ELBERT 3.7 W, CO
0547C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246355CALHAN 3.1 N, CO
0551C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000247415COLORADO SPRINGS 18.7 N, CO
0552C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000247218MONUMENT 2.1 ENE, CO
0557C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000247247BLACK FOREST 4.5 SSW, CO
0567C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246683CALHAN 4.2 WSW, CO
0575C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245315PENROSE 1.2 ESE, CO
0579C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245413PENROSE 1.7 WNW, CO
0580C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245410CANON CITY .84 SE, CO
0582C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245512CANON CITY 1.0 NNE, CO
0588C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245479CANON CITY 3.1 NE, CO
0600C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245331CANON CITY 2.5 ENE, CO
0613C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245541CANON CITY 0.7 NNW, CO
0617H_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243642ROSWELL 3.5 WNW, NM
0682H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243389ARTESIA 4.8 SSE, NM
0707C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246785WALSENBURG 8.7 W, CO
0723C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245561DENVER 11.0 SSW, CO
0727C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245495DENVER 5.5 WSW, CO
0737H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244035TUCUMCARI 4.0 NW, NM
0738C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245545DENVER 10.3 WNW, CO
0747H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244134PORTALES 10.6 W, NM
0755C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245591CHATFIELD DAM 2 NW, CO
0801C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245381ARVADA 2.7 NNE, CO
0814C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245545LAKEWOOD 2.2 ESE, CO
0860C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245614ARVADA 3.8 W, CO
0895C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244213EADS .45 E, CO
0910C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244177BURLINGTON 0.58 NE, CO
0916C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244045BURLINGTON 8.4 NNE, CO
0920C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244419STRATTON .25 WNW, CO
0969C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245000FORT COLLINS 0.9 SE, CO
0971C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245184FORT COLLINS 3.7 SW, CO
0980C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245020TIMNATH 4.1 NNE, CO
0982C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000245036LOVELAND 1.5 N, CO
0986C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245072FORT COLLINS 2.5 NW, CO
1002C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245148FORT COLLINS 2.8 WSW, CO
1016C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245007LOVELAND 3.0 NNE, CO
1016O_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241565OSBORNE 0.4 E, KS
1066C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245341WEL 4.8 NW, CO
1089C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245210WEL 1 SE, CO
1090C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245220WEL 0.2 NW, CO
1095C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245407WEL 5.5 N, CO
1097C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245423WELLINGTON 5.5 NW, CO
1117O_MADIS2011-02-24 160.000243858LOGAN 1.5 W, NM
1125C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245240BELLVUE 1 NW, CO
1129C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245115FCL 2.5 W, CO
1132C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244993FCL 1.7 SE, CO
1133C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245072FCL 2.2 NW, CO
1140C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244934FCL 4.0 E, CO
1148C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245095FCL 2.1 SW, CO
1149C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245085FCL 2.3 NW, CO
1150C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245069FCL 3.1 NE, CO
1173C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245577BELLVUE 2.4 SSW, CO
1174C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245144FCL 3.0 SW, CO
1176C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244925FCL 5.6 E, CO
1178C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245535FCL 4.8 SW, CO
1180C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244925FCL 3.7 E, CO
1183C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245141FORT COLLINS 2.9 NW, CO
1222C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245108LOV 1.2 W, CO
1224C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245089LOV 3.4 S, CO
1231C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245095LOVELAND 4.3 SW, CO
1233C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245131LOV 1.8 NW, CO
1236C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245131LOV 4.0 W, CO
1245C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245046LOVELAND 3.4 NNE, CO
1247C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245220LOVELAND 5.1 WNW, CO
1261C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244974LOVELAND 1.9 ENE, CO
1262C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245052LOVELAND 1.1 WNW, CO
1282C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245686FORT COLLINS 6.1 ESE, CO
1283C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244944FORT COLLINS 4.8 SE, CO
1284C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244944FORT COLLINS 10 SSE, CO
1289C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244957FORT COLLINS 9.6 SE, CO
1291C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244941FORT COLLINS 4.8 SE, CO
1294C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244898FORT COLLINS 4.3 SE, CO
1295C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245030FORT COLLINS 2.8 NE, CO
1304C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245089FORT COLLINS 4.0 S, CO
1311C_MADIS2011-02-24 170.000244974FORT COLLINS 3.4 N, CO
1316S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245000LARIMER COUNTY, CO
1320C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244964LOVELAND 2.0 SSE, CO
1324C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245102LOVELAND 2.4 NNW, CO
1342C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000247146BONCARBO 1.5 WSW, CO
1345C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245269KIM 8.8 SSE, CO
1356C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000247162AGUILAR 7.2 WSW, CO
1365C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244865KARVAL 7.2 NNE, CO
1375C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245075ARRIBA 14 N, CO
1377C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244925KARVAL 9.8 WSW, CO
1387C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244003STERLING 1.8 NW, CO
1388C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244426STERLING 15WNW, CO
1486C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244245BRUSH 0.8 S, CO
1504C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244203BRUSH 5.5 NE, CO
1515C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244810LDR 9.6 N, CO
1523O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244203SNYDER 1.2 NW, CO
1531C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244101LA JUNTA 1.0 WSW, CO
1532C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244170CHERAW 1.9 W, CO
1553O_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244570BROADVIEW 2.7 N, NM
1581O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245292BOULDER 0.5 NNE, CO
1587O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244652WASHINGTON COUNTY, CO
1595R_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245010PUEBLO WEST 2.1 SE, CO
1598C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000243684HOLYOKE 4.0 E, CO
1603C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243750HOLYOKE .59 SW, CO
1609H_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243802KEYES 10.5 ESE, OK
1618C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000243694HOLYOKE 13 SE, CO
1636C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245407PUEBLO 17 W, CO
1637C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244780PUEBLO 4.3 N, CO
1640C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245069PUEBLO WEST 4.3 W, CO
1642C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244856PUEBLO 1.9 E, CO
1673R_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244042SHERIDAN LAKE 4.2 E, CO
1741C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244629LAST CHANCE 6.1 N, CO
1756C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244806WOODROW 16.8 SSE, CO
1760C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244692GREELEY 3.9 ENE, CO
1770C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244823GREELEY 4.4 W, CO
1776C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244646GREELEY 6.6 E, CO
1785C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245269HER, CO
1787C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245174NRM 21 N, CO
1790C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244790BRIGGSDALE 11 S, CO
1801C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244852EATON 4.4 ENE, CO
1806C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245699CARR 0.6 S, CO
1810C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245112FORT COLLINS 8.3 ENE, CO
1812C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244672GREELEY 1.8 N, CO
1821C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244764GREELEY 5.2 SW, CO
1825C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244908GREELEY 3.8 W, CO
1833C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245046HUDSON 4.8 WSW, CO
1841C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244961LONGMONT 8.2 ESE, CO
1844C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245082ERIE 1.6 NE, CO
1855C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245236FCL 8.2 E, CO
1859C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245102BLACK HOLLOW RESERVOIR 3.0 WSW,
1877O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000242083HAYS 1.8 NNW, KS
1883C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244232LIBERTY 5.5 NW, CO
1890C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243865VERNON 7.1 S, CO
1919C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242100HAYS 2.7 ENE, KS
1924C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242060HAYS 1.7 NW, KS
1943C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000242812INGALLS 15 WSW, KS
1944C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000242730CIMARRON 7 SE, KS
1971C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243219WINONA 3.7 SSW, KS
1978O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243258LUBBOCK 2.9 NW, TX
2006C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242159PLAINVILLE 0.4 SE, KS
2007C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242090LA CROSSE 0.3 ENE, KS
2025C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000243684GOODLAND 0.5 ENE, KS
2026C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243786GOODLAND 10 SSW, KS
2033C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243819GOODLAND 13.2 SW, KS
2035C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243763GOODLAND 10.3 WNW, KS
2132S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245459BROOMFIELD 1.7 WSW, CO
2141O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244652WIGGINS 8.5 SSE, CO
2246H_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242323DALLAS 11.8 S, SD
2338C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243133CARLSBAD 3.4 N, NM
2534C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000244698TEXLINE 0.3 WNW, TX
2550C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243701STRATFORD 0.5 ESE, TX
2566O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244383WELDONA 4.3 W, CO
2567O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243743HOLYOKE 0.4 SW, CO
2651O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245269LAFAYETTE 2.3 NW, CO
2707C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246024CHEYENNE 7.5 ENE, WY
2709C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246033CHEYENNE 3.0 NE, WY
2711C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245492BURNS 8 NNE, WY
2720C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246079CHEYENNE 5.3 NE, WY
2734C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245994CHEYENNE 2.0 E, WY
2736C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245646BURNS 6.5 WNW, WY
2824C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245420CHERRY HILLS VILLAGE 2.1 N, CO
2957O_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241535MC PHERSON 6.6 WSW, KS
2963H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244065DALHART 8.1 W, TX
3019C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243691ROSWELL 7.6 NNW, NM
3078C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246158CHEYENNE 3.5 NW, WY
3079C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246070CHEYENNE 3.4 NE, WY
3080C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246010CHEYENNE 2.0 ESE, WY
3081C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245997CHEYENNE 1.8 ESE, WY
3082C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246076CHEYENNE 1.2 SW, WY
3083C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246060CHEYENNE 1.1 ESE, WY
3084C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246115CHEYENNE 0.2 W, WY
3090C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246227SOUTH GREELEY 6.2 SW, WY
3253S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246276CASTLE ROCK 2.9 WNW, CO
3287S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000241791RUSSELL 5.8 SSE, KS
3415C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245075LOVELAND 1.8 W, CO
3655S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243192COLBY 0.2 SE, KS
3939C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242575MINNEOLA 4.1 SSE, KS
4060C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245404DENVER 2.0 SSE, CO
4140O_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242100GARFIELD 0.2 SE, KS
4177H_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000245732BURNS 6.0 WSW, WY
4182H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245797CARPENTER 11.8 WNW, WY
4184H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245522BURNS 3.5 NW, WY
4298O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245046PUEBLO WEST 5.8 WSW, CO
4350C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245236LAFAYETTE 0.6 SSW, CO
4368O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243596HOBBS 8.0 SSE, NM
4412H_MADIS2011-02-24 160.000245932AURORA 7.3 SE, CO
4679S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244367SPRINGFIELD 2.3 SE, CO
4682S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245062LONGMONT 1.4 WNW, CO
4684S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245049LONGMONT 2.3 WNW, CO
4686S_MADIS2011-02-24 160.000245141ERIE 1.7 WNW, CO
4693S_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245338DENVER 2.0 S, CO
4715S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245459WHEAT RIDGE 0.9 WSW, CO
4717S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245577LAKEWOOD 4.3 NNW, CO
4718S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244213EADS 0.3 NE, CO
4728S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245715LOVELAND 8.3 WSW, CO
4737S_MADIS2011-02-24 160.000245187LOVELAND 6.2 W, CO
4738S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244961FORT COLLINS 3.7 S, CO
4740S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245190BERTHOUD 5.0 WSW, CO
4758S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245089PUEBLO WEST 6.0 W, CO
4760S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245079PUEBLO WEST 3.1 SW, CO
4763S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243533OVID 0.1 WNW, CO
4767S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245033FREDERICK 1.1 SE, CO
4772S_MADIS2011-02-24 160.000244757GREELEY 1.5 ESE, CO
4805H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245089LOVELAND 2.3 NW, CO
4808C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241434JAMESTOWN 2.4 NW, KS
4832C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244216HILLROSE 2.5 SSW, CO
4995C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245075HENDERSON 4.1 SSW, CO
5141C_MADIS2011-02-25 040.000246762COLORADO SPRINGS 3.7 N, CO
5181O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241847AYR 3.5 NE, NE
5190O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241965HASTINGS 5.3 NNW, NE
5223O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241900ALBION 3.5 S, NE
5226O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241867PRIMROSE 0.3 N, NE
5250O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242372MILLER 0.5 SE, NE
5256O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242283ELM CREEK 2.2 WSW, NE
5293O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243202ENDERS 3.0 W, NE
5293S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242018MUNJOR 3.8 S, KS
5294O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243451IMPERIAL 7.6 S, NE
5294S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241995HAYS 2.2 S, KS
5295S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242005HAYS 1.3 SSE, KS
5297S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242175HAYS 8.9 NNE, KS
5299S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242044HAYS 2.8 WNW, KS
5303S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241847HOLYROOD 6.2 NNW, KS
5304S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241713WILSON 0.3 N, KS
5314O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243268CHAMPION 0.0 WNW, NE
5315O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243219ENDERS 1.0 NNW, NE
5324S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241378BEVERLY 4.6 S, KS
5326O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242779VALENTINE 9.5 WNW, NE
5342O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242871CODY 8.2 SSW, NE
5345O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244193GURLEY 6.0 SE, NE
5348S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241801RUSSELL 8.1 NW, KS
5349O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244278DALTON 0.4 SE, NE
5359O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244049DALTON 14.6 E, NE
5364O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244213SIDNEY 0.9 NNW, NE
5371S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242595COLLYER 0.2 S, KS
5385O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241690EDGAR 4.2 ESE, NE
5423H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245597STRASBURG 7.6 S, CO
5426H_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245489LITTLETON 0.3 SSE, CO
5432H_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245046FORT COLLINS 2.0 NW, CO
5436O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242710ANSELMO 9.2 NW, NE
5442O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242979MERNA 11.4 W, NE
5443O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242493BERWYN 4.4 NNE, NE
5461O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243917HEMINGFORD 10.1 NNE, NE
5467O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242385LEXINGTON 1.1 E, NE
5472O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242500COZAD 4.4 S, NE
5532O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243169MAX 4.4 NNE, NE
5537O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243264PARKS 6.0 NW, NE
5538C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246306WALSENBURG 1.0 WNW, CO
5541O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243278WAUNETA 6.5 S, NE
5546O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243251WAUNETA 5.8 S, NE
5554O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241568TOBIAS 2.1 WSW, NE
5562O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242182HILDRETH 4.5 SSE, NE
5567O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242231WILCOX 6.1 S, NE
5572O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242592CURTIS 0.6 W, NE
5573O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242510BARTLEY 8.5 NNW, NE
5592O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242313BEAVER CITY 3.4 W, NE
5593O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242136EDISON 0.2 W, NE
5654O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241975SCOTIA 4.0 E, NE
5661C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243117CARLSBAD 2.0 N, NM
5668C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245843CARLSBAD 33.3 WSW, NM
5670O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241913DONIPHAN 2.3 W, NE
5703C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242897GARDEN CITY 10.1 S, KS
5735O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241995ONEILL 0.6 WNW, NE
5741O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241903ONEILL 16.9 ESE, NE
5753C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244485CURRY COUNTY, NM
5772O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242011ELBA 8.0 WNW, NE
5774O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241476FAIRBURY 8.7 WSW, NE
5785O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241345FAIRBURY 4.4 SSE, NE
5796C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000246227PARKER 5.2 SSE, CO
5797C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000247260MONUMENT 2.9 N, CO
5812O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242251WILCOX 0.3 SW, NE
5821C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243773GOODLAND 12.1 NW, KS
5826O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243248OGALLALA 1.7 W, NE
5865C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245436CARPENTER 3.9 NNE, WY
5866O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241765CREIGHTON 7.4 E, NE
5902O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242828NORTH PLATTE 1.5 WNW, NE
5914O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243123PAXTON 6.1 W, NE
5921O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243084SUTHERLAND 0.9 NW, NE
5924O_MADIS2011-02-24 090.000242986SUTHERLAND 0.7 N, NE
5928O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243120SUTHERLAND 7.8 WSW, NE
5938O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242792NORTH PLATTE 1.3 NNW, NE
5947H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246335COLORADO SPRINGS 3.7 ENE, CO
5956C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244301BRUSH 7.3 SSE, CO
5971O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241768CHAPMAN 1.1 NE, NE
5976O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241834ST. LIBORY 4.0 ENE, NE
5983O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244344BAYARD 13.5 NNE, NE
5987O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000244009BROADWATER 8.4 S, NE
5992C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243360LEVANT 6.9 SSW, KS
5996O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241647GENOA 2.7 WSW, NE
5998O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241808PALMER 9.2 NE, NE
6037H_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000243310CLAUDE 17.3 SW, TX
6049C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244990PUEBLO WEST 3.6 WSW, CO
6060O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243419GRANT 0.5 NE, NE
6065O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243415GRANT 2.5 S, NE
6066O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243406MADRID 6.6 NW, NE
6072O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000243301WALLACE 8.7 WSW, NE
6084C_MADIS2011-02-24 160.000245069BERTHOUD 1.1 N, CO
6103O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241611GRESHAM 3.5 ESE, NE
6113O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241450COLUMBUS 3.7 ENE, NE
6152O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242667MCCOOK 4.6 NNW, NE
6171S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243822CARLSBAD 19.8 WNW, NM
6172S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243215CARLSBAD 1.9 NW, NM
6182O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241552TOBIAS 4.7 SSW, NE
6186O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241480DORCHESTER 2.1 NW, NE
6187S_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000244045TUCUMCARI 3.4 ENE, NM
6193S_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000246483LAS VEGAS 2.6 SE, NM
6206C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246020CHEYENNE 2.1 ESE, WY
6234C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243717AMARILLO 6.2 SW, TX
6255C_MADIS2011-02-24 120.000242592DODGE CITY 1.9 N, KS
6264O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242011ROCKVILLE 2.2 NW, NE
6325O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000242201ARCADIA 1.7 W, NE
6371C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244193LA JUNTA 1.0 S, CO
6373C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244856GALETON 1.4 SE, CO
6382O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241614WACO 3.6 E, NE
6386O_MADIS2011-02-24 070.000241657STROMSBURG 6.8 SE, NE
6450O_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241289SALINA 2.6 ENE, KS
6525C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244820PUEBLO 2.5 NNE, CO
6544S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242031GATE 9.6 N, OK
6606C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243150CARLSBAD 2.1 NNW, NM
6616C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245210BERTHOUD 5.3 WSW, CO
6634C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242736PARK 2.8 S, KS
6691A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245121THORNTON 2.3 SSE, CO
6695O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244954FORT COLLINS 2.3 N, CO
6696O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245148LOVELAND 5.0 SW, CO
6705A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245115BRIGHTON 4.0 WNW, CO
6723A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245640CENTENNIAL 4.0 W, CO
6738A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244846DEORA 10.7 SW, CO
6744A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245262BOULDER 4.7 ENE, CO
6746A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245289LAFAYETTE 2.5 NW, CO
6754C_MADIS2011-02-24 120.000242602DODGE CITY 9.1 WNW, KS
6759A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245161NIWOT 2.3 W, CO
6767A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000245404SUPERIOR 2.5 E, CO
6768A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245423BROOMFIELD 1.3 SSW, CO
6773A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244245CHEYENNE WELLS 1.6 N, CO
6775A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244295CHEYENNE WELLS 0.7 WNW, CO
6796A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245522CHERRY CREEK RESERVOIR 2.8 N, C
6812A_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000246135KIOWA 12.7 ENE, CO
6815A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246375RAMAH 4.2 WNW, CO
6838A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245961COLORADO SPRINGS 6.6 SE, CO
6845A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245397CANON CITY 0.7 SSE, CO
6882A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245574WHEAT RIDGE 2.8 WSW, CO
6887A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245430ARVADA 0.8 W, CO
6888A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245725LAKEWOOD 0.9 SSW, CO
6895A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244409STRATTON 0.1 N, CO
6930A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245184BERTHOUD 3.7 WNW, CO
6956A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245141LAPORTE 1.4 NW, CO
6957A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245075FORT COLLINS 4.6 N, CO
6962S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242106BURKE 10.5 SSE, SD
6966A_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245082LOVELAND 4.7 WSW, CO
6967O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244678PUEBLO 1.1 ENE, CO
6970A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245000FORT COLLINS 0.6 NNW, CO
6980A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245039LOVELAND 1.4 WSW, CO
6981A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244951WINDSOR 3.8 WSW, CO
6985A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245007FORT COLLINS 0.9 N, CO
7030A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244810PUEBLO 4.1 SSW, CO
7048C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000246896GLENEAGLE 0.4 WNW, CO
7049C_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000247493BLACK FOREST 3.4 NNE, CO
7084A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244826GREELEY 2.3 SE, CO
7086A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244892SEVERANCE 0.6 SW, CO
7090A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244124KIRK 6.2 E, CO
7095A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243675WRAY 4.2 NNE, CO
7179C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245679LOUISVILLE 2.6 WSW, CO
7324C_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000246010CHEYENNE 2.0 ENE, WY
7331C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244934LONGMONT 5.1 E, CO
7334S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243291LUBBOCK 6.7 SW, TX
7335S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243222LUBBOCK 0.7 SE, TX
7336S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243232LUBBOCK 5.6 S, TX
7348S_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242802MIDLAND 12.1 S, TX
7350O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000247349BLACK FOREST 2.8 SW, CO
7358O_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245715LITTLETON 6.3 NW, CO
7378S_MADIS2011-02-24 120.000243612AMARILLO 4.5 SE, TX
7533O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245112BYERS 4.9 NE, CO
7559O_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242612FORD COUNTY, KS
7605H_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245131PUEBLO COUNTY, CO
7726O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245082NIWOT 0.7 NNW, CO
7731O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244997FORT COLLINS 0.5 NNE, CO
7731S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246175CHEYENNE 5.0 W, WY
7734O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245187LOVELAND 3.1 WNW, CO
7734S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245896CHEYENNE 9.9 E, WY
7737O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244944FORT COLLINS 4.5 SSE, CO
7889S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000246519FRANKTOWN 2.1 ENE, CO
7951S_MADIS2011-02-24 150.000245499DENVER 7.8 SE, CO
8211O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000244747GREELEY 4.6 WNW, CO
8287S_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245338WELLINGTON 4.2 N, CO
8341O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243304LAKEWOOD 0.9 NE, NM
8342O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243114CARLSBAD 1.1 NNE, NM
8366O_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243238LUBBOCK 3.1 S, TX
8417O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245164ERIE 1.9 WNW, CO
8422O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245541ARVADA 3.3 NNW, CO
8524O_MADIS2011-02-24 120.000242096HAYS 5.4 SSW, KS
8874A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000241490MEDICINE LODGE 0.4 WSW, KS
8933A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242746TRAER 2.5 NNW, KS
8986A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242513DODGE CITY 1.7 SSW, KS
9010A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243389SYRACUSE 7.2 WSW, KS
9053A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000242815DIGHTON 8.2 NNW, KS
9109A_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000241726STERLING 9.6 SW, KS
9133A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241811RUSSELL 6.8 NW, KS
9138A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000241319SMOLAN 2.2 WNW, KS
9205A_MADIS2011-02-24 130.000243133COLBY 1.3 NE, KS
9395C_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000245138FORT COLLINS 3.7 WNW, CO
9605O_MADIS2011-02-24 140.000243153COLBY 2.0 ENE, KS
ALIN12011-02-24 150.000243996ALLIANCE,NE
ASHK12011-02-24 140.000242005ASHLAND
ATDK12011-02-24 120.000242864ATWOOD
ATNK12011-02-24 140.000241693ALTON 2SW
BLVK12011-02-24 140.000241552BELLEVILLE,KS
BRDK12011-02-24 130.000242123BURDETT 1NW
BRLC22011-02-24 140.000244193BURLINGTON
BROK12011-02-24 130.000241660BURR OAK 1N
BRWK12011-02-24 100.000243455BREWSTER 4W
BSSN12011-02-24 130.000245207BUSHNELL 15S
BUCK12011-02-24 120.000242408BUCKLIN
BUTN12011-02-24 120.000241804BUTTE,NE
CABN12011-02-24 130.000242385MEDICINE CREEK DAM
CAO2011-02-25 010.000244964CLAYTON ASOS
CAWK12011-02-24 100.000241493CAWKER CITY,KS
CCRN12011-02-24 130.000241781CLAY CENTER,NE
CHMN12011-02-24 140.000242129CHAMBERS,NE
CONK12011-02-24 130.000241490CONCORDIA 1W
COS2011-02-25 000.000246135COLORADO SPRINGS MUNI
CTLK12011-02-24 130.000241506COURTLAND,KS
CTYC22011-02-24 140.000245387CANON CITY,CO
CWYN12011-02-24 140.000242933CALLAWAY 8WSW
CYSW42011-02-24 140.000246125CHEYENNE WFO
DDC2011-02-24 120.000242595DODGE CITY, KS
DTNN12011-02-24 150.000244249DALTON,NE
EDSN12011-02-24 130.000242133EDISON,NE
ELGN12011-02-24 130.000241926ELGIN,NE
ELSK12011-02-24 130.000242159CEDAR BLUFF DAM
FABN12011-02-24 130.000241365FAIRBURY
FNDN12011-02-24 130.000241565FRIEND,NE
GEOK12011-02-24 140.000243714GOODLAND CITY
GLD2011-02-24 120.000243661GOODLAND,KS
GRAW42011-02-24 150.000246086CHEYENNE 7NE
GREN12011-02-24 130.000242028GREELEY,NE
GRFK12011-02-24 120.000242818GRAINFIELD
HASK12011-02-24 140.000242041HAYS EXPERIMENTAL STATION
HAYN12011-02-24 130.000243074HAYES CENTER,NE
HBRN12011-02-24 130.000241483HEBRON,NE
HEAK12011-02-24 130.000242874HEALY
HEMN12011-02-24 150.000244272HEMMINGFORD,NE
HOXK12011-02-24 120.000242756HOXIE
HWPK12011-02-24 130.000242018HAYS WATER PLANT
IMPN12011-02-24 140.000243284IMPERIAL,NE
IONK12011-02-24 130.000241545IONIA,KS
JMDC22011-02-24 150.000243766JOHN MARTIN DAM
JOEC22011-02-24 140.000244272JOES 2SE
KCCC22011-02-24 140.000244354KIT CARSON 9NNE
KMBN12011-02-24 140.000244734KIMBALL,NE
KRNN12011-02-24 130.0002421334MI.NE KEARNEY,NE
LADK12011-02-24 120.000242044LARNED
LBF2011-02-24 120.000242789NORTH PLATTE, NE
LBLK12011-02-24 130.000242871LIBERAL
LDPN12011-02-24 140.000243885LODGEPOLE NO. 2
LEXN12011-02-24 130.000242382CANADAY STEAM PLANT
LUPN12011-02-24 130.000242103LOUP CITY,NE
MCCK12011-02-24 130.000242172MCCRACKEN
MINN12011-02-24 150.000242192MINDEN,NE
MNPK12011-02-24 130.000241319MINNEAPOLIS
NOOK12011-02-24 120.000242349NORTON DAM
OBRK12011-02-24 120.000242572OBERLIN
OSCN12011-02-24 130.000241670OSCEOLA,NE
OXFN12011-02-24 130.0002422972MI.NW OXFORD,NE
PLNK12011-02-24 130.000242162PLAINVILLE,KS
PORN52011-02-25 000.000244009PORTALES,NM
PUB2011-02-25 000.000244669PUEBLO, CO
QTRK12011-02-24 120.000242684QUINTER
RIFK12011-02-24 130.000243402RICHFIELD
SKSC22011-02-24 150.000244042SHERIDAN LAKE 6E
SRRN12011-02-24 130.000241581SUPERIOR,NE
SUBK12011-02-24 230.000242894SUBLETTE 5E
TDLC22011-02-24 140.000246312TRINIDAD LAKE
ULYK12011-02-24 130.000243104ULYSSES 3NE
WALC22011-02-24 140.000246345WALSENBURG,CO
WHNC22011-02-24 140.000244665WILD HORSE 6N
WLHN12011-02-24 130.000241841WOLBACH,NE
WLLK12011-02-24 140.000243327WALLACE
WRAC22011-02-24 140.000243698WRAY
YUMC22011-02-24 140.000244131YUMA
Data last summarized at February 28 2011 03:11:45 UTC.

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