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Western Coastal Snowfall Observations
from 2022-12-05 07:00 UTC to 2022-12-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MCLC12022-12-05 16:0010.16024.000988MC CLOUD
MHSC12022-12-05 15:005.08024.0001106MT SHASTA
DUNC12022-12-05 16:004.57224.000661DUNSMUIR TREATMENT PL
MHSC12022-12-05 15:005.08048.0001106MT SHASTA
CA-SK-102022-12-05 15:002.54024.0001294DORRIS 0.2 SW, CA
HOWO32022-12-05 14:002.54024.0001405HOWARD PRAIRIE DAM
KENO32022-12-05 15:002.54024.0001257KENO
CA-TY-282022-12-05 15:001.27024.000788MAD RIVER 1.7 SW, CA
OR-KL-182022-12-05 15:001.27024.0001248KENO 0.6 SSE, OR
CA-SK-42022-12-05 15:000.25424.000902ETNA 3.9 NNW, CA
GBXO32022-12-05 16:000.00324.000787GOLD BEACH 6 NE
CA-FR-82022-12-05 15:000.00024.00057HELM 2.7 NNE, CA
CA-HM-262022-12-05 15:000.00024.000810BRIDGEVILLE 5.2 ENE, CA
CA-HM-602022-12-05 15:000.00024.00052TRINIDAD 0.2 NE, CA
CA-HM-912022-12-05 15:000.00024.000513ETTERSBURG 2.8 N, CA
CA-HM-942022-12-05 16:000.00024.00051FORTUNA 1.1 S, CA
CA-HM-942022-12-05 15:000.00024.00051FORTUNA 1.1 S, CA
CA-LK-182022-12-05 15:000.00024.000354HIDDEN VALLEY LAKE 2.7 W, CA
CA-MD-142022-12-05 15:000.00024.000278REDWOOD VALLEY 1.5 ENE, CA
CA-MD-172022-12-05 15:000.00024.000499LAYTONVILLE 1.1 SW, CA
CA-MD-422022-12-05 15:000.00024.00071ALBION 1.1 S, CA
CA-MD-452022-12-05 15:000.00024.00082MENDOCINO 0.5 NE, CA
CA-MD-452022-12-05 14:400.00024.00082MENDOCINO 0.5 NE, CA
CA-MT-32022-12-05 15:000.00024.000360LOCKWOOD 3.6 NW, CA
CA-MT-382022-12-05 16:000.00024.000206DEL MONTE FOREST 1.6 ESE, CA
CA-SB-52022-12-05 16:000.00024.00074SANTA MARIA 1.8 NE, CA
CA-SB-72022-12-05 15:000.00024.000114BUELLTON 0.7 S, CA
CA-SH-562022-12-05 15:000.00024.000205REDDING 2.8 NW, CA
CA-SJ-12022-12-05 13:000.00024.00046LINDEN 5.8 ENE, CA
CA-SJ-212022-12-05 14:210.00024.00041ESCALON 0.8 NNE, CA
CA-SK-262022-12-05 15:000.00024.000929CALLAHAN 2.3 NNW, CA
CA-SK-32022-12-05 16:000.00024.000933WEED 5.4 N, CA
CA-SL-332022-12-05 14:000.00024.000246ATASCADERO 2.3 NNE, CA
CA-SL-82022-12-05 15:000.00024.00023LOS OSOS 0.5 N, CA
CA-SM-72022-12-05 17:000.00024.00013HALF MOON BAY 0.5 SSW, CA
CA-SS-102022-12-05 15:000.00024.00033MODESTO 0.8 S, CA
CA-SS-112022-12-05 15:000.00024.00067OAKDALE 4.1 ENE, CA
CA-SS-62022-12-05 15:000.00024.00024MODESTO 4.1 NW, CA
CA-SZ-242022-12-05 15:030.00024.000280FELTON 4.5 NNE, CA
CA-SZ-282022-12-06 01:000.00024.000124SOQUEL 0.8 NE, CA
CA-TY-392022-12-05 16:000.00024.000547COVELO 14.2 NNW, CA
CA-TY-392022-12-05 15:000.00024.000547COVELO 14.2 NNW, CA
CYVO32022-12-05 16:000.00024.000212CANYONVILLE 2S
DAVC12022-12-05 16:000.00024.00017DAVIS 2 WSW EXPERIMENTAL FARM
FOJC12022-12-05 16:000.00024.000833FORT JONES RS
MFR2022-12-06 00:000.00024.000399MEDFORD, OR
MFR2022-12-05 12:000.00024.000399MEDFORD, OR
MODC12022-12-05 08:000.00024.00033MODESTO IRRIGATION DISTRICT
MRLC12022-12-05 15:300.00024.000137MARKLEY COVE
MWOO32022-12-05 08:000.00024.000396MEDFORD WEATHER OFFICE COOP
MYCO32022-12-05 16:000.00024.000233MYRTLE CREEK 1 SE
OR-CY-12022-12-05 15:000.00024.00033BROOKINGS 4.2 ENE, OR
OR-DG-32022-12-05 15:000.00024.000313DAYS CREEK 1 N, OR
OR-DG-522022-12-05 16:000.00024.000298DAYS CREEK 7.7 ESE, OR
OR-JC-1222022-12-05 15:000.00024.000501TALENT 0.6 ESE, OR
OR-JC-182022-12-05 16:000.00024.000424SHADY COVE 0.2 S, OR
OR-JC-252022-12-05 15:000.00024.000624ASHLAND 2.4 ESE, OR
OR-JC-292022-12-05 15:000.00024.000340GOLD HILL 0.2 WSW, OR
OR-JC-602022-12-05 15:000.00024.000663MEDFORD 6.6 SSW, OR
OR-JC-932022-12-05 15:000.00024.000326ROGUE RIVER 1.0 N, OR
OR-JC-972022-12-05 15:300.00024.000560JACKSONVILLE 0.5 WSW, OR
OR-JS-102022-12-05 16:300.00024.000483GRANTS PASS 6.1 SSE, OR
OR-JS-252022-12-05 15:000.00024.000334WILDERVILLE 1.0 WNW, OR
OR-JS-292022-12-05 15:000.00024.000424GRANTS PASS 5.9 WNW, OR
RIDO32022-12-06 00:000.00024.000207RIDDLE
RUCO32022-12-05 16:200.00024.000469RUCH
VISC12022-12-05 15:100.00024.000107VISALIA
WSKC12022-12-05 16:200.00048.000397WHISKEYTOWN RESERVOIR
Data last summarized at December 08 2022 04:01:37 UTC.

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