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Western Coastal Snowfall Observations
from 2013-02-06 07:00 UTC to 2013-02-07 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
0525B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00056LOS ALTOS HILLS 1.3 N, CA
1281B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00023LOS OSOS 0.5 N, CA
1534B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00054SUNNYVALE 3.6 S, CA
1542B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00067BODEGA BAY 1.0 SE, CA
1590R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:150.00024.00083SONOMA 1.9 NNW, CA
1610B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00077CHICO 1.2 NNW, CA
1633O_MADIS2013-02-06 16:300.00024.00072HANFORD 1.2 WNW, CA
1669R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00083WALNUT CREEK 1.4 SSE, CA
1814B_MADIS2013-02-06 14:300.00024.00021MARYSVILLE 5.0 N, CA
1815B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00024SUTTER 0.3 W, CA
1821R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000268BOULDER CREEK 3.0 NW, CA
1907R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000129FRESNO COUNTY, CA
1952B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00024WHEATLAND 0.1 ENE, CA
1980R_MADIS2013-02-06 13:450.00024.000106FRESNO 4.3 NNW, CA
1981R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:150.00024.0001532FRAZIER PARK 0.6 WNW, CA
1982R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00023SAN RAFAEL 3.9 NW, CA
1984R_MADIS2013-02-06 15:240.00024.000222UKIAH 4.3 S, CA
2128S_MADIS2013-02-06 08:000.00024.000120SAN BENITO COUNTY, CA
2338O_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00078MILL VALLEY 1.5 S, CA
2640S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000133CARMEL VALLEY VILLAGE 0.7 SSE,
2649O_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00021LA RIVIERA 1.0 NE, CA
2687B_MADIS2013-02-06 14:000.00024.000137REDDING 3.8 S, CA
2696B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000205CAZADERO 6.9 WNW, CA
2751B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00065CHICO 1.7 SW, CA
2950O_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.0001847PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB 0.9 SSW, CA
3270B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000122ROCKLIN 1.1 N, CA
3741B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000130MORGAN HILL 1.4 SW, CA
4209S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.0005CASTROVILLE 1.6 ENE, CA
4213S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00040CAMPBELL 2.8 N, CA
4227C_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00070SAN JUAN BAUTISTA 0.5 S, CA
4349B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.0001201MOUNT SHASTA 5.1 NW, CA
4458C_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000-1FOSTER CITY 1.3 SW, CA
4459C_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00060SAN JOSE 3.5 ENE, CA
4463C_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00032SANTA ROSA 3.1 W, CA
4596S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.0006FREMONT 2.6 ESE, CA
4603S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00057HELM 2.7 NNE, CA
4619S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000362CATHEYS VALLEY 1.2 S, CA
4622S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:300.00024.00046CARMEL VALLEY VILLAGE 5.4 WNW,
4623S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000349BIG SUR 9.5 NNW, CA
4631S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000120FOLSOM 0.6 NE, CA
4643S_MADIS2013-02-06 13:000.00024.000280FELTON 4.5 NNE, CA
4648S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000331IGO 0.2 S, CA
4657S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000777MONTAGUE 1.6 ESE, CA
4661S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000205OCCIDENTAL 2.8 SW, CA
4669S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00020DAVIS 2.7 W, CA
5033B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00070LEMOORE 0.9 ESE, CA
5343B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000138ANDERSON 1.5 WNW, CA
6214A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000165CASTRO VALLEY 0.4 NNE, CA
6215A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000107PLEASANTON 1.8 SSE, CA
6219A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00096WALLACE 0.3 NE, CA
6222A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00084MARTINEZ 0.8 SSE, CA
6225A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00079WALNUT CREEK 1.7 SSE, CA
6231A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000159LAFAYETTE 1.9 WSW, CA
6232A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000205MARTINEZ 2.2 SW, CA
6233A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00056ANTIOCH 2.2 WSW, CA
6243A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:000.00024.000119CLOVIS 2.9 N, CA
6249A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:430.00024.000177ORICK 5.9 SSW, CA
6259A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00057BAYVIEW 0.8 SE, CA
6271A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00069LEMOORE 0.3 SW, CA
6272A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00081HANFORD 3.6 N, CA
6273A_MADIS2013-02-06 23:300.00024.00072HANFORD 1.7 WNW, CA
6295A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000119SAN ANSELMO 1.2 NNW, CA
6297A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00032SAN ANSELMO 0.4 NE, CA
6299A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00034PETALUMA 10.1 W, CA
6305A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00052ELK 1.8 NNE, CA
6309A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000181UKIAH 0.6 ESE, CA
6310A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000174HOPLAND 2.4 WNW, CA
6314A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000278REDWOOD VALLEY 1.5 ENE, CA
6322A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000360LOCKWOOD 3.6 NW, CA
6324A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000337KING CITY 13.2 S, CA
6325A_MADIS2013-02-06 14:410.00024.0007CASTROVILLE 1.6 ENE, CA
6327A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000114KING CITY 2.0 SSW, CA
6328A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00088PACIFIC GROVE 1.5 SSW, CA
6338A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000107CALISTOGA 0.4 SSE, CA
6388A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00029ROSEVILLE 4.7 WNW, CA
6391A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000190PENRYN 0.4 SE, CA
6415A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00032CARMICHAEL 1.6 SW, CA
6416A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:450.00024.00032SACRAMENTO 8.0 NE, CA
6417A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:000.00024.000179FOLSOM 3.4 ESE, CA
6419A_MADIS2013-02-06 14:000.00024.00040CARMICHAEL 0.9 NE, CA
6421A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:000.00024.000112FOLSOM 1.2 SSE, CA
6425A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.0009SACRAMENTO 2.0 SE, CA
6428A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00018SACRAMENTO 4.1 NE, CA
6488A_MADIS2013-02-06 08:000.00024.00062SAN FRANCISCO 1.1 SW, CA
6489A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:000.00024.00046LINDEN 5.8 ENE, CA
6492A_MADIS2013-02-06 13:300.00024.00012STOCKTON 5.8 NNE, CA
6495A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00016TRACY 2.1 W, CA
6499A_MADIS2013-02-06 17:000.00024.00065PACIFICA 0.3 W, CA
6502A_MADIS2013-02-06 17:000.00024.00013HALF MOON BAY 0.5 SSW, CA
6509A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00021SUNNYVALE 1.9 SE, CA
6511A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000145MONTE SERENO 0.4 SSW, CA
6513A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00091SAN JOSE 4.6 NE, CA
6519A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000110SARATOGA 0.5 N, CA
6522A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00045SAN JOSE 3.0 WSW, CA
6535A_MADIS2013-02-06 14:300.00024.000521BOULDER CREEK 3.6 NE, CA
6536A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000177SCOTTS VALLEY 1.7 SW, CA
6553A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000215REDDING 7.9 NNE, CA
6554A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000188REDDING 3.7 N, CA
6561A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000189REDDING 3.6 N, CA
6566A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000187REDDING 4.1 N, CA
6573A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000933WEED 5.4 N, CA
6576A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:150.00024.00027ROHNERT PARK 1.6 WNW, CA
6579A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000402GEYSERVILLE 10.6 WNW, CA
6581A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000115SEBASTOPOL 3.7 WSW, CA
6589A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000149CALISTOGA 4.6 WNW, CA
6590A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000137SEBASTOPOL 4.5 WSW, CA
6593A_MADIS2013-02-06 14:300.00024.00015PETALUMA 1.0 N, CA
6596A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00040WINDSOR 1.4 SE, CA
6604A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00065SEBASTOPOL 2.6 SSE, CA
6609A_MADIS2013-02-06 12:000.00024.00026BODEGA BAY 4.8 NNW, CA
6617A_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00012MONTE RIO 1.6 W, CA
6637A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000309GLEN ELLEN 1.9 WNW, CA
6638A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00028ROHNERT PARK 0.9 SW, CA
6646A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00037ROHNERT PARK 0.9 ESE, CA
6649A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00054KNIGHTS FERRY 5.2 WSW, CA
6673S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000638ASHLAND 1.4 ESE, OR
6675S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:450.00024.000392CENTRAL POINT 10 N, OR
6679A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.0001610FRAZIER PARK 10.7 WSW, CA
6683A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00011DAVIS 1.2 SE, CA
6684A_MADIS2013-02-06 15:300.00024.00014DAVIS 0.8 NE, CA
6686S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000624ASHLAND 2.4 ESE, OR
6687S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:450.00024.000470CENTRAL POINT 5.7 NW, OR
6690S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000340GOLD HILL 0.2 WSW, OR
6692S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000769TALENT 2.6 S, OR
6716B_MADIS2013-02-06 14:000.00024.00049ROSEVILLE 2.4 SE, CA
6781H_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000488LOWER LAKE 4.0 SE, CA
7012B_MADIS2013-02-06 14:300.00024.000127RED BLUFF 6.0 W, CA
7018B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000369CAZADERO 5.6 W, CA
7067B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000193COTTONWOOD 7.7 SSW, CA
7130B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000242TEMPLETON 0.4 E, CA
7235B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00045MONTEREY 1.1 SSW, CA
7309B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000119CLOVIS 1.3 NE, CA
7317B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000122OROVILLE 4.6 ENE, CA
7433B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00011HALF MOON BAY 0.7 NW, CA
7481B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000214ALBION 4.0 SE, CA
7630B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000115RED BLUFF 3.2 NNW, CA
7635B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:300.00024.000153RED BLUFF 4.5 W, CA
7669B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000127RED BLUFF 2.8 N, CA
7676B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000185COTTONWOOD 6.7 SSW, CA
7729B_MADIS2013-02-07 01:000.00024.000124SOQUEL 0.8 NE, CA
7749B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00066CORNING 4.4 ENE, CA
7796B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:450.00024.000449TEMPLETON 5.5 WSW, CA
7799B_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.00067SAN FRANCISCO 3.0 W, CA
7824S_MADIS2013-02-06 16:000.00024.000204BUTTE COUNTY, CA
7860B_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000100FRESNO 2.4 NW, CA
7869C_MADIS2013-02-06 14:000.00024.00051SANTA ROSA 1.3 NW, CA
7871C_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00046WINDSOR 0.6 NNE, CA
7885S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.000136BELMONT 0.7 WSW, CA
8237H_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00053GOLETA 3.7 WNW, CA
8471S_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00043LUCAS VALLEY 0.7 SSW, CA
9515O_MADIS2013-02-06 15:000.00024.00041CONCORD 0.8 WNW, CA
MFR2013-02-07 00:000.00024.000399MEDFORD, OR
MFR2013-02-06 12:000.00024.000399MEDFORD, OR
Data last summarized at February 09 2013 21:05:42 UTC.

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