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Western Coastal Snow Depth Observations
from 2018-10-06 07:00 UTC to 2018-10-07 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MSMED_MADIS2018-10-07 06247.5006499MT. EDDY
RRMC12018-10-07 06176.0006453RED ROCK MOUNTAIN
HIGC12018-10-07 061.5005922HIGHLANDS LAKES
MDBC12018-10-07 061.5006099MIDDLE BOULDER 3 SNOW COURSE
PTFC12018-10-07 061.2006375PETERSON FLAT
SCMC12018-10-07 060.9005817SCOTT MOUNTAIN
SDFC12018-10-07 060.9006827SAND FLAT
MDCC12018-10-07 060.7006696MEDICINE LK (BUR REC) (GOES)
MUMC12018-10-07 040.7005722MUMBO BASIN RAWS
SLTC12018-10-07 060.7005712SLATE CREEK
BNKC12018-10-07 050.5006555BONANZA KING
BFLC12018-10-07 060.4805148BIG FLAT
STMC12018-10-07 060.3005299STOUTS MEADOW GOES
SHMC12018-10-07 060.0306276SHIMMY LAKE
BGCO32018-10-07 060.0005171BIGELOW CAMP
CA-HM-162018-10-06 140.000187BAYVIEW 0.8 SE, CA
CA-SM-72018-10-06 160.00043HALF MOON BAY 0.5 SSW, CA
CA-SS-12018-10-06 140.000177KNIGHTS FERRY 5.2 WSW, CA
COPC12018-10-06 150.0002680COPCO NO 1 DAM
CYVO32018-10-06 150.000689CANYONVILLE 2S
HOWO32018-10-07 060.0004682HOWARD PRAIRIE DAM
KENO32018-10-06 140.0004108KENO
KIMO32018-10-07 060.0004357KING MOUNTAIN
MFR2018-10-07 000.0001309MEDFORD, OR
MIDC12018-10-06 140.0001152MIDDLETOWN 4SE
OACC12018-10-06 150.0001988OAK KNOLL W.C.
OR-CY-12018-10-06 140.000108BROOKINGS 4.2 ENE, OR
OR-JC-182018-10-06 150.0001391SHADY COVE 0.2 S, OR
OR-JC-252018-10-06 140.0002047ASHLAND 2.4 ESE, OR
OR-JC-292018-10-06 140.0001115GOLD HILL 0.2 WSW, OR
OR-JC-972018-10-06 140.0001837JACKSONVILLE 0.5 WSW, OR
RIDO32018-10-07 020.000669RIDDLE
RUCO32018-10-06 170.0001539RUCH
SHDC12018-10-06 150.0001093SHASTA DAM
SMTC12018-10-06 070.00039SACRAMENTO 5ESE -
VISC12018-10-06 140.000351VISALIA
WASC12018-10-06 140.000325WASCO
WEAC12018-10-07 000.0002100WEAVERVILLE
YKAC12018-10-06 150.0002700YREKA
Data last summarized at October 10 2018 04:04:45 UTC.

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