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Upper Midwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-08-13 07:00 UTC to 2022-08-14 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
CLCW42022-08-14 060.2005958COLE CANYON (SNOTEL)
NEWQ82022-08-14 060.0502625NEWTON LAKE
EASQ82022-08-14 060.0403009EASTEND RESERVOIR
GAFQ82022-08-14 060.0403353GAFF DITCH NEAR MERRYFLAT
NASQ82022-08-14 060.0402982NASHLYN CANAL NEAR CONSUL
ABES22022-08-13 170.0001296ABERDEEN 3E
BLKW32022-08-13 130.000761BLACK RIVER FALLS SEWAGE
DCRI42022-08-13 210.000883DECORAH
FRSW32022-08-13 130.000945FRIENDSHIP
FSDS22022-08-13 170.0001417SIOUX FALLS NWS WFO AP
MN-BK-102022-08-13 120.0001378DETROIT LAKES 5.7 N, MN
MN-BK-62022-08-13 120.0001463LAKE PARK 6.0 S, MN
MN-BW-82022-08-13 120.0001043COMFREY 6.5 ENE, MN
MN-CS-382022-08-13 120.0001335PINE RIVER 8.4 N, MN
MN-DK-702022-08-13 140.000863EAGAN 2.0 NNW, MN
MN-GH-32022-08-13 120.000699LAKE CITY 1.2 NNW, MN
MN-HN-782022-08-13 090.000873RICHFIELD 1.9 WNW, MN
MN-IT-232022-08-13 110.0001378BOVEY 13.4 N, MN
MN-KC-102022-08-13 120.0001168INTERNATIONAL FALLS 5.1 SSW, MN
MN-MC-72022-08-13 120.0001056SILVER LAKE 1.7 N, MN
MN-NB-122022-08-13 120.0001581WORTHINGTON 0.3 WSW, MN
MN-RK-52022-08-13 120.0001499HILLS 0.2 NW, MN
MN-RM-1202022-08-13 140.000988MAPLEWOOD 5.6 SSE, MN
MN-SE-22022-08-13 120.0001171OWATONNA 0.8 E, MN
MN-SR-92022-08-13 120.0001033SARTELL 1.4 SSE, MN
MN-TD-122022-08-13 130.0001322LONG PRAIRIE 2.1 NNE, MN
MT-BH-22022-08-13 140.0002894HARDIN 0.6 ENE, MT
MT-BH-62022-08-13 130.0003278FORT SMITH 0.5 ENE, MT
MT-MH-42022-08-13 130.0003150ROUNDUP 6.2 ENE, MT
PLOW32022-08-13 120.0001079PLOVER
SD-CD-302022-08-13 130.0001791WATERTOWN 2.3 E, SD
SD-CD-322022-08-13 120.0001798WATERTOWN 2.4 E, SD
WAUI42022-08-13 120.0001283WAUKON
WI-AD-172022-08-13 120.000984FRIENDSHIP 6.4 N, WI
WI-IW-132022-08-13 130.000745ARENA 0.1 WNW, WI
WI-TR-82022-08-13 120.000823ETTRICK 4.0 WNW, WI
WSBM52022-08-13 120.000728WABASHA
WY-JN-332022-08-13 130.0004803BUFFALO 13.2 SSE, WY
WY-SH-102022-08-13 130.0003812CLEARMONT 5.1 NNE, WY
WY-SH-312022-08-13 130.0003914DAYTON 0.3 N, WY
Data last summarized at August 15 2022 16:15:23 UTC.

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