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Upper Midwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2012-12-08 07:00 UTC to 2012-12-09 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
3643B_MADIS2012-12-08 146.350540WHITE 0.4 WNW, SD
CRYM82012-12-09 065.3341873CRYSTAL LAKE
GSNN82012-12-08 133.5565831MI.NNW GARRISON,ND
KLLN82012-12-08 152.540709KILLDEER,ND
NRPS22012-12-09 052.2861880NORTH RAPID CREEK (SNOTEL)
9977C_MADIS2012-12-08 142.0831087SHERIDAN COUNTY, WY
0091H_MADIS2012-12-08 151.676623PLENTYWOOD 0.6 W, MT
BLPS22012-12-09 051.5242106BLIND PARK (SNOTEL)
ROCM82012-12-09 061.5241444ROCKY BOY
1680O_MADIS2012-12-08 131.016289BURNSVILLE 3.0 NE, MN
6957C_MADIS2012-12-08 131.016565ASTORIA 2.2 SSE, SD
DPYM82012-12-09 061.0161754DUPUYER CREEK
7664H_MADIS2012-12-08 130.635526PIERRE 2.5 NNE, SD
4975B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.533351MILBANK 0.9 NNW, SD
7892B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.533395BATH 1.0 N, SD
CLCW42012-12-09 050.5081816COLE CANYON (SNOTEL)
GGWM82012-12-08 180.508692GLASGOW WFO
TFX2012-12-08 180.5081133GREAT FALLS,MT
6440H_MADIS2012-12-08 140.483566EUREKA 0.3 SSE, SD
0162O_MADIS2012-12-08 140.4571257STILLWATER COUNTY, MT
2791C_MADIS2012-12-08 140.3301162CLEARMONT 5.1 NNE, WY
3586B_MADIS2012-12-08 150.3301282RAPID CITY 6.9 W, SD
6449B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.330385HURON 1.8 S, SD
4823C_MADIS2012-12-08 140.305742DANIELS COUNTY, MT
7113C_MADIS2012-12-08 130.279580PRESHO 13.8 NW, SD
8420S_MADIS2012-12-08 140.2791066BROADUS 9.8 W, MT
2787C_MADIS2012-12-08 140.2541312BANNER 3.5 E, WY
5982S_MADIS2012-12-08 160.2541110LAVINA 9.5 ESE, MT
9702C_MADIS2012-12-08 150.254706KILLDEER 0.6 WNW, ND
BROS22012-12-08 140.2545032MI.NE BROOKINGS,SD
SIWS22012-12-08 130.254474SISSETON 3W
1072B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.229488HARTFORD 0.5 N, SD
2221B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.229280SPRING PARK 0.2 SSE, MN
3572B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.229478GARRETSON 6.9 W, SD
7713B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.229261MENDOTA HEIGHTS 0.9 ESE, MN
1743B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.203308MADISON LAKE 4.6 NNW, MN
3778B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.203303GLENCOE 0.3 WSW, MN
6433B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.203395HURLEY 0.2 S, SD
8813S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.203296WATERTOWN 0.5 NNW, MN
9201S_MADIS2012-12-08 140.203365KENSINGTON 3.2 W, MN
0585B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.178294SAINT PETER 6.2 WSW, MN
2133B_MADIS2012-12-08 110.178266RICHFIELD 1.9 WNW, MN
3274B_MADIS2012-12-08 150.178621SAWYER 10.2 SW, ND
3887B_MADIS2012-12-08 150.178267EDEN PRAIRIE 3.1 ESE, MN
9180O_MADIS2012-12-08 130.178445SIOUX FALLS 1.9 SSW, SD
9898O_MADIS2012-12-08 130.178307LONG LAKE 0.2 WSW, MN
9910O_MADIS2012-12-08 120.178331MONTGOMERY 3.2 ENE, MN
4824C_MADIS2012-12-08 140.152830FRAZER 15.6 NNE, MT
1427R_MADIS2012-12-08 140.127245COTTAGE GROVE 0.8 NW, MN
3612B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.127487HEIMDAL 2.4 NNE, ND
4419B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.127272GOLDEN VALLEY 0.8 WSW, MN
0658B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.102338LITTLE FALLS 1.2 SW, MN
9226S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.102296WOODBURY 1.7 N, MN
9601S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.102434HOWARD 5.3 W, SD
1627R_MADIS2012-12-08 130.076357OWATONNA 0.8 E, MN
3165B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.076285ABERCROMBIE 0.2 NW, ND
6035C_MADIS2012-12-08 130.076319CHETEK 2.0 SE, WI
9880H_MADIS2012-12-08 130.076252GRAND FORKS 0.6 SW, ND
2091B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.051271HAM LAKE 3.2 SSE, MN
3193B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.051274HAM LAKE 2.2 E, MN
3276B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.051855BEACH 0.3 SSE, ND
4097H_MADIS2012-12-08 130.051372WAUSAU 1.7 ENE, WI
5694C_MADIS2012-12-08 130.025311ELLSWORTH 3.6 E, WI
5745S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.025213LAKE CITY 1.2 NNW, MN
5786S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.025391ELLENDALE 0.3 SW, MN
8667S_MADIS2012-12-08 160.025276MAPLE GROVE 1.0 NNE, MN
8826S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.025251WARREN 6.6 NW, MN
0361O_MADIS2012-12-08 140.002960ROUNDUP 6.2 ENE, MT
3394B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.002390CLAREMONT 2.5 SSE, MN
1076B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.000388GRAND RAPIDS 2.0 E, MN
2610O_MADIS2012-12-08 150.000989MELSTONE 5.7 E, MT
3097O_MADIS2012-12-08 140.000378ERSKINE 7.6 SW, MN
9165O_MADIS2012-12-08 130.000277CASS COUNTY, ND
ABES22012-12-08 180.000395ABERDEEN 3E
BMRW32012-12-08 140.000298BLOOMER
DNCN82012-12-08 150.0006642MI.SW DUNN CENTER,ND
FSCI42012-12-08 130.0003892MI.NNE FOREST CITY,IA
JIMW32012-12-08 120.000333JIM FALLS 3NW
RDWM52012-12-08 120.000202RED WING DAM 3
SCSM52012-12-08 120.000318ST CLOUD STATE
SPVW32012-12-08 140.000288SPRING VALLEY DOWNTOWN
Data last summarized at December 12 2012 03:03:00 UTC.

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