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Upper Midwest Snowfall Observations
from 2011-02-05 07:00 UTC to 2011-02-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
LEAS22011-02-06 0121.082241615SPEARFISH-10MI.SE
2211H_MADIS2011-02-05 1414.22424539WATERTOWN 7.5 NNE, SD
6769C_MADIS2011-02-05 1611.430241524LEWISTOWN 10.4 ESE, MT
HOBM82011-02-06 0110.160241249HOBSON
2269H_MADIS2011-02-05 149.652241798LEAD 5.5 SSW, SD
COUM82011-02-06 048.382241170CHOTEAU
GILW42011-02-05 236.350241381GILLETTE 4SE
GTFM82011-02-06 026.350241050GREAT FALLS 16 ST S
4163H_MADIS2011-02-05 145.588241550LOST SPRINGS 11.9 NW, WY
2725O_MADIS2011-02-05 155.334241420GILLETTE 0.5 ENE, WY
7253C_MADIS2011-02-06 025.33424749JACKSON COUNTY, SD
TFX2011-02-06 005.105241133GREAT FALLS,MT
0063H_MADIS2011-02-05 145.080241023GREAT FALLS 2.4 SW, MT
0952O_MADIS2011-02-05 145.080241295BUFFALO 1.7 E, MT
6772C_MADIS2011-02-05 145.080241061POWDER RIVER COUNTY, MT
7076C_MADIS2011-02-05 155.08024409HECLA 8.6 W, SD
GNSM82011-02-06 015.080241064GOLD BUTTE 7N
GTF2011-02-06 005.080241114GREAT FALLS AIRPORT
EKLM82011-02-06 004.318241043EKALAKA
LFKM52011-02-05 143.30224343LITTLEFORK
6961C_MADIS2011-02-05 132.54024517MOUND CITY 0.4 ENE, SD
RIDM82011-02-06 002.540241000RIDGEWAY 1 S
STNM82011-02-06 012.540241304STANFORD
0100H_MADIS2011-02-05 142.032241081DUTTON 3.3 ENE, MT
7342C_MADIS2011-02-05 142.03224851BISON 24.1 SW, SD
2322H_MADIS2011-02-05 141.778241408SILVER CITY, SD
9778C_MADIS2011-02-05 131.52424336SISSETON 10.4 ENE, SD
1332H_MADIS2011-02-05 141.27024596FLASHER 0.4 NNW, ND
1374S_MADIS2011-02-05 131.27024550LINTON 5.0 WNW, ND
7014C_MADIS2011-02-05 131.27024470SISSETON 3.8 W, SD
4197O_MADIS2011-02-05 131.01624398ABERDEEN 1.5 SSW, SD
6959C_MADIS2011-02-05 131.01624402CLAREMONT 2.4 SSE, SD
7296C_MADIS2011-02-05 131.016241063GREAT FALLS 2.5 NNW, MT
STOW42011-02-05 141.016241554STORY
7854S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.76224516MENOKEN 3.4 WSW, ND
7923S_MADIS2011-02-05 120.76224440UPHAM 7.5 NNW, ND
9209C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.76224397ABERDEEN 0.3 NE, SD
NOHM52011-02-05 130.76224429NORTHOME
6111C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.50824398ABERDEEN 1.0 NNE, SD
7302C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.50824556ROSCOE 0.3 NNW, SD
PLEM82011-02-06 000.50824840PLEVNA
INL2011-02-06 000.25424356FALLS INTERNATIONAL ARPT
4BQ2011-02-06 000.00324923BROADUS
AUW2011-02-05 120.00324368WAUSAU MUNICIPAL AIRPORT
BHRW42011-02-05 140.003241283BIG HORN
BIS2011-02-05 120.00324498BISMARCK, ND
BMRW32011-02-05 140.00324298BLOOMER
BNWM52011-02-05 130.00324373BRAINERD 7NW
BRDM82011-02-06 020.00324803BREDETTE
BYZ2011-02-06 000.00324974BILLINGS
GGW2011-02-06 000.00324694GLASGOW, MT
GRFN82011-02-06 010.00324253UNIVERSITY
HCKM52011-02-05 130.00324307HINCKLEY
HICS22011-02-06 010.003241520HILL CITY
ISN2011-02-05 120.00324587SLOULIN FIELD-INTL APT
MJQ2011-02-05 120.00324436JACKSON,MN
MORM82011-02-06 000.00324995MOORHEAD 9 NE
POGM82011-02-06 000.00324848PORT OF MORGAN
UNRS22011-02-06 000.003241031WFO RAPID CITY
0099H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.002241440BIG TIMBER 9.4 NNW, MT
1282H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00224563BISMARCK 2.4 NNW, ND
2698C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.002241334BUFFALO 7.3 NE, WY
2787C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.002241312BANNER 3.5 E, WY
4097H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00224372WAUSAU 1.7 ENE, WI
4159H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.002241123HULETT 33.5 WNW, WY
5132C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.002241177SHERIDAN 1.7 NNW, WY
5735S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00224373BRAINERD 6.9 NW, MN
5983S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.002241193ROUNDUP 8.8 S, MT
6976S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.002241027RAPID CITY 2.4 WNW, SD
8205S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00224348AMERY 6.5 NNW, WI
8206S_MADIS2011-02-06 020.002241357CAMPBELL COUNTY, WY
9880H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00224252GRAND FORKS 0.6 SW, ND
9897O_MADIS2011-02-06 050.00224278NEW HOPE 1.9 S, MN
0106H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024987BILLINGS 7.4 SW, MT
0107H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024965BILLINGS 5.4 ENE, MT
0108H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241080BILLINGS 9.5 ENE, MT
0162O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241257STILLWATER COUNTY, MT
0255O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241038YELLOWSTONE COUNTY, MT
0908R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024414UNDERWOOD 7.6 NNE, MN
0958O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024480NEW ROCKFORD 8.6 WNW, ND
1045R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024277SAINT PAUL 3.3 WNW, MN
1276O_MADIS2011-02-05 120.00024344BIRD ISLAND 9.0 NNE, MN
1282O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241247BIG TIMBER 0.5 E, MT
1296H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024274WEST FARGO 3.8 SSE, ND
1299H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024272FARGO 3.0 NE, ND
1333R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024319SAINT CLOUD 4.7 W, MN
1409O_MADIS2011-02-05 120.00024248PORTAGE 5.7 WSW, WI
1427R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024245COTTAGE GROVE 0.8 NW, MN
1460O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024641GLENDIVE 2.2 W, MT
1545O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024278INVER GROVE HEIGHTS 1.3 ENE, MN
1627R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024357OWATONNA 0.8 E, MN
1628R_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024288AFTON 4.0 S, MN
1629R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024273WOODBURY 3.8 NE, MN
1680O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024289BURNSVILLE 3.0 NE, MN
1689R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024278CHISAGO COUNTY, MN
1691R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024291MINNETRISTA 1.5 SSE, MN
1846R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024278EDEN PRAIRIE 3.3 WSW, MN
1878O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024275FOREST LAKE 2.8 SSW, MN
1932R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024278ANOKA COUNTY, MN
2100O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241206COLUMBUS 7.5 E, MT
2184H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024496WHITE LAKE 10.9 S, SD
2191H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024393WARNER 3.4 SE, SD
2203H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024866NEWELL 2.8 ENE, SD
2204H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024878NEWELL 3.7 SW, SD
2227H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024551CLEAR LAKE 0.6 SSW, SD
2312H_MADIS2011-02-05 120.00024488HARTFORD 0.5 N, SD
2331H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024893BOX ELDER 6.2 ESE, SD
2333H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241085RAPID CITY 3.3 SSW, SD
2346H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024718LEMMON 11.2 SW, SD
2358H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024442MARION 0.5 NE, SD
2588O_MADIS2011-02-05 110.00024267NEW ULM 0.8 NW, MN
2592O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024290LITTLE CANADA 0.9 WSW, MN
2610O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024989MELSTONE 5.7 E, MT
2611O_MADIS2011-02-05 180.00024673GLASGOW 0.9 ESE, MT
2659C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241535GLENROCK 1.4 SW, WY
2677O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024204WINONA 3.8 SE, MN
2754O_MADIS2011-02-06 000.00024282ISANTI 5.4 S, MN
2785C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241135SHERIDAN 1.0 N, WY
2790C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241130WYARNO 9 NNE, WY
2791C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241162CLEARMONT 5.1 NNE, WY
3097O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024378ERSKINE 7.6 SW, MN
3102O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024885HARDIN 0.4 SW, MT
3307S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000241182ROUNDUP 8.1 SE, MT
3344S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024386CLAYTON 0.7 SE, WI
3669S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241171COLUMBUS 4.8 NNW, MT
4077H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024341GAYS MILLS 6.1 SE, WI
4095H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024219ONALASKA 1.6 NW, WI
4270O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024946BELLE FOURCHE 5.3 NE, SD
4823C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024742DANIELS COUNTY, MT
4990C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024661VALLEY COUNTY, MT
5045O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024555HAMILL 1.7 SW, SD
5694C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024311ELLSWORTH 3.6 E, WI
5727S_MADIS2011-02-05 120.00024404PILLAGER 5.1 N, MN
5729S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024313MONTEVIDEO 0.4 SSW, MN
5731S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024415HAWLEY 9.1 SSE, MN
5737S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024294ROSEMOUNT 3.3 WNW, MN
5745S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024213LAKE CITY 1.2 NNW, MN
5747S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024293EDINA 1.3 SW, MN
5754S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024270MINNEAPOLIS 3.8 SSW, MN
5765S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024333TWIN VALLEY 0.1 NE, MN
5772S_MADIS2011-02-05 120.00024281ROSEVILLE 2.1 NW, MN
5773S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024301MAPLEWOOD 3.5 SE, MN
5775S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024328DANUBE 0.3 SE, MN
5786S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024391ELLENDALE 0.3 SW, MN
5789S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024302MARINE ON SAINT CROIX 3.5 NW, M
5794S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024287KENT 0.2 SW, MN
5797S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024292SAINT MICHAEL 1.3 E, MN
5937C_MADIS2011-02-05 220.00024332STEVENS POINT 0.9 SSW, WI
5966S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024765SCOBEY 1.2 ENE, MT
5973S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241112RYEGATE 0.3 E, MT
6000S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024640GLASGOW 4.3 NW, MT
6001S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241006BILLINGS 5.1 S, MT
6035C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024319CHETEK 2.0 SE, WI
6097C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024625NASHUA 8.3 SSW, MT
6114C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024956RAPID CITY 5.0 ESE, SD
6451S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024270HARWOOD 0.5 W, ND
6453S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024372BUFFALO 0.1 E, ND
6557C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024948BAKER 24.7 SSE, MT
6767C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024824BAKER 18.6 NNW, MT
6956S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024496GANN VALLEY 7.8 WNW, SD
6957C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024565ASTORIA 2.2 SSE, SD
6971S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024439SIOUX FALLS 3.9 SW, SD
6982C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024548KENNEBEC 6.2 SSE, SD
7027C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024481HARTFORD 6.4 S, SD
7030C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000241056PENNINGTON COUNTY, SD
7078C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241314CUSTER 10.2 E, SD
7127C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024466SIOUX FALLS 3.4 ESE, SD
7129C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241189RAPID CITY 5.4 SW, SD
7169C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024507BROOKINGS 0.2 SSW, SD
7219C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024479MONTROSE 5.8 NW, SD
7299C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024515BRUCE 4.1 NE, SD
7339C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024681PHILIP 0.4 ENE, SD
7664O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024545MURDO 11.8 S, SD
7698S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024274RIVER FALLS 1.2 SSW, WI
7699S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024319DRESSER 6.1 ESE, WI
7717S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024317WISCONSIN RAPIDS 4.6 SSE, WI
7718S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024314PITTSVILLE 0.1 NE, WI
7720S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241580ROLLING HILLS 21.9 NNE, WY
8123S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241090PIEDMONT 1.0 NW, SD
8864A_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024259DECORAH 7.9 ENE, IA
9165O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024277CASS COUNTY, ND
9630O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241252REED POINT 8.6 WSW, MT
9702C_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024706KILLDEER 0.6 WNW, ND
9756O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024274CLAY COUNTY, MN
9760O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024354MARSHALL 0.6 S, MN
9764O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024379FERGUS FALLS 0.9 NNE, MN
9766O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024289PRIOR LAKE 2.0 W, MN
9767O_MADIS2011-02-05 110.00024298SHERBURNE COUNTY, MN
9768O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024315RICE 1.5 WSW, MN
9898O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024307LONG LAKE 0.2 WSW, MN
9903O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024459SLAYTON 9.7 NNE, MN
9905O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.00024315ROCHESTER 3.9 ESE, MN
9910O_MADIS2011-02-05 120.00024331MONTGOMERY 3.2 ENE, MN
9977C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241087SHERIDAN COUNTY, WY
ARX2011-02-05 130.00024388LA CROSSE, WI
BALW32011-02-05 130.00024334BALDWIN
CHKM52011-02-05 120.00024277CHASKA 2NW
DCYW32011-02-05 140.00024346DANCY-1 NE
FIRM52011-02-05 130.00024361FAIRMONT
FORM52011-02-05 130.00024285FOREST LAKE 5NE
FSD2011-02-05 120.00024440SIOUX FALLS, SD
FTMS22011-02-06 010.000241015FORT MEADE
HAMM52011-02-05 140.00024302HAMBURG
HCSM52011-02-05 130.00024328HUTCHINSON 1 W
HON2011-02-05 120.00024386HURON REGIONAL AIRPORT
HOSS22011-02-05 230.000241081HOT SPRINGS
HSTM52011-02-05 120.00024208HASTINGS LOCK AND DAM 2
INTS22011-02-06 000.00024737BADLANDS PARK HDQ
JIMW32011-02-05 130.00024333JIM FALLS 3NW
JORM52011-02-05 120.00024271JORDAN 1SW
LNGM52011-02-05 120.00024415LONG PRAIRIE
LSAM52011-02-05 120.00024223LOWER ST ANTHONY FALLS
LYV2011-02-05 120.00024433LUVERNE,MN
MLCM52011-02-05 140.00024323MILACA
MLRM52011-02-05 130.00024360MELROSE
MPXM52011-02-05 120.00024287CHANHASSEN WSFO
MRAM52011-02-05 130.00024306KNIFE RVR NR MORA MN
MSP2011-02-05 120.00024242MINNEAPOLIS-ST PAUL INTL AP
MVDM52011-02-05 130.00024305MONTEVIDEO 1SW
MWM2011-02-05 120.00024425WINDOM MUNI AP
NMAM52011-02-05 130.00024308NORTH MANKATO
NUMM52011-02-05 140.00024279NEW ULM 3SE
PITW32011-02-05 130.00024311PITTSVILLE-WWTP
PQN2011-02-05 120.00024518PIPESTONE,MN
RAP2011-02-05 120.00024964RAPID CITY REGIONAL AP
RBGW32011-02-05 140.00024273REEDSBURG
RCEM52011-02-05 130.00024323RICE
RDBW32011-02-05 140.00024279REEDSBURG 1NNE
RDWM52011-02-05 120.00024202RED WING DAM 3
REWM52011-02-05 110.00024312REDWOOD FALLS
ROBW32011-02-05 140.00024296ROBERTS
SACW32011-02-05 130.00024226SAUK CITY
SPVW32011-02-05 140.00024288SPRING VALLEY DOWNTOWN
STC2011-02-05 120.00024309ST. CLOUD REGIONAL AIRPORT
STPW32011-02-05 140.00024328STEVENS POINT
TKC2011-02-05 120.00024406TRACY,MN
WDEW32011-02-05 130.00024287WISCONSIN DELLS,WI
WIRW32011-02-05 130.00024306WIS RAPIDS GRAND AV B
WMRM52011-02-05 120.00024349WILLMAR 2N
WRPW32011-02-05 130.00024313WATER PURIFICATION PLANT
WUNW32011-02-05 140.00024376WAUSAU-NORTHEAST
Y56W32011-02-05 130.00024349MOSINEE-2 SW-HAM
Y71W32011-02-05 130.00024360MOSINEE-2 N-HAM
Y92W32011-02-05 130.00024348JUNCTION CITY -4S
ZBRM52011-02-05 130.00024293ZUMBROTA
Data last summarized at February 09 2011 01:09:29 UTC.

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