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Upper Midwest Snow Depth Observations
from 2024-02-20 07:00 UTC to 2024-02-21 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
CRYM82024-02-21 0660.9601873CRYSTAL LAKE
NRPS22024-02-21 0640.6401880NORTH RAPID CREEK (SNOTEL)
BLPS22024-02-21 0630.4802106BLIND PARK (SNOTEL)
DPYM82024-02-21 0622.8601754DUPUYER CREEK
CLCW42024-02-21 0620.3201816COLE CANYON (SNOTEL)
ROCM82024-02-21 0620.3201444ROCKY BOY
MT-CC-172024-02-20 1417.7801236FAIRFIELD 6.0 ESE, MT
MT-TN-62024-02-20 1417.7801188FAIRFIELD 5.0 NNE, MT
MT-TN-72024-02-20 1417.7801179FAIRFIELD 5.6 NE, MT
COUM82024-02-21 0215.2401170CHOTEAU
GLDM52024-02-20 1515.240312GAYLORD
TERM82024-02-20 1515.240683TERRY
ASNM82024-02-20 1512.700810FORT ASSINNIBOINE
BWNM52024-02-20 1412.700312BROWNTON WWTP
CHEM82024-02-20 1612.700956CHESTER
CNKM82024-02-20 1212.700732CHINOOK
SD-LY-262024-02-20 1312.700546RELIANCE 4.2 ENE, SD
TNRM82024-02-20 2312.700905TURNER 11 N
MT-LY-42024-02-20 1410.668906CHESTER 10.5 S, MT
AYES22024-02-20 1210.160623HAYES 6E
COSM82024-02-20 1510.1601107COLUMBUS
HON2024-02-20 1210.160386HURON RGNL ARPT
HONS22024-02-20 1210.160391SNOW PAID FOR KHON
LNGN82024-02-20 1410.160496EXPERIMENTAL FARM
MN-HN-1282024-02-20 1310.160272ROBBINSDALE 0.6 SSE, MN
MVEM82024-02-21 0110.1601641MELVILLE 4W
RLWM52024-02-20 1410.160391CAMP NORRIS DNR
RYDM82024-02-20 1310.160874RUDYARD 19S
SMIM82024-02-20 2310.160838ST. MARIE
STOW42024-02-20 1610.1601554STORY
WI-SC-762024-02-20 1410.160311ROBERTS 3.3 NW, WI
WRUM52024-02-21 0410.160338WARROAD 4W
MT-BH-62024-02-20 148.890999FORT SMITH 0.5 ENE, MT
SD-HG-102024-02-20 138.890435PIERRE 1.3 S, SD
SD-LW-62024-02-20 148.8901798LEAD 5.5 SSW, SD
MN-BU-622024-02-20 138.382313MADISON LAKE 2.5 WNW, MN
CIKM82024-02-20 147.620956CHINOOK 11S
DSMS22024-02-21 027.620522HURON-33MI.E
ELMS22024-02-20 147.620817ELM SPRINGS 3ESE
FTBM82024-02-20 157.620807FORT BENTON
GGW2024-02-21 007.620694GLASGOW, MT
GGWM82024-02-21 067.620695GLASGOW WFO
HTNM82024-02-21 027.6201506HARLOWTON 11NW
HVR2024-02-20 187.620784HAVRE AP ASOS
HYTS22024-02-20 147.620509HAYTI 1W
IFSM52024-02-20 127.620361INTL FALLS SNOW
INL2024-02-21 007.620356FALLS INTL ARPT
KNEM82024-02-20 137.6201009BRADY 27 ENE (THE KNEES)
LOMM82024-02-20 147.620787LOMA 1 WNW
MN-HN-2392024-02-20 137.620262MINNEAPOLIS 4.7 SSW, MN
MN-RM-542024-02-20 137.620247SAINT PAUL 5.1 SW, MN
MN-RM-562024-02-20 137.620280ROSEVILLE 1.6 NW, MN
MNOW32024-02-20 137.620253CEDAR FALLS HYDRO PLANT
MT-MH-172024-02-20 147.6201071ROUNDUP 7.4 SSE, MT
MT-VL-22024-02-20 137.620661GLASGOW 0.3 N, MT
MT-YS-142024-02-20 157.620965BILLINGS 4.5 NE, MT
RAPS22024-02-20 147.6201453PACTOLA DAM
RDYM82024-02-20 147.620912RUDYARD 21N
STIM52024-02-20 147.620274STILLWATER 2SW
TFX2024-02-20 077.6201130GREAT FALLS,MT
MN-KC-92024-02-20 126.604339INTERNATIONAL FALLS 0.6 NW, MN
MN-HN-2672024-02-20 136.350253MINNEAPOLIS 2.5 SE, MN
MN-HN-4312024-02-20 146.350299MINNETONKA 1.1 W, MN
MN-RM-1202024-02-20 156.350301MAPLEWOOD 5.6 SSE, MN
SD-BK-92024-02-20 136.350515BRUCE 4.1 NE, SD
WI-DN-32024-02-20 136.350271MENOMONIE 0.9 SSE, WI
ATY2024-02-20 125.080527WATERTOWN MUNI ARPT
BALW32024-02-20 135.080331BALDWIN
BMRW32024-02-20 145.080302BLOOMER
CAKS22024-02-20 125.080553CLARK NO2
CANM52024-02-20 145.080370CANBY
DPRS22024-02-20 155.080729DUPREE 15SSE
DVNM82024-02-20 155.0801012DUNKIRK 19NNE
ELKM52024-02-20 135.080270ELK RIVER
ELRW32024-02-21 065.080265EAU CLAIRE 3SW
FLTM82024-02-21 015.0801002FLATWILLOW 4ENE
FORM52024-02-20 135.080273FOREST LAKE 5NE
GLAM82024-02-20 155.080655GLASGOW 14 NW
GSSM82024-02-21 015.0801061GRASS RANGE
GTF2024-02-21 065.0801114GREAT FALLS ARPT
HSTM52024-02-20 115.080208HASTINGS DAM 2
KIMM52024-02-20 125.080354KIMBALL 3N
KRLS22024-02-20 145.080652KIRLEY 6N
LEAS22024-02-20 165.0801615SPEARFISH-10MI.SE
LFDN82024-02-20 125.080488LANSFORD,ND
MIAM52024-02-21 005.080308MILAN 1NW
MN-AA-1752024-02-20 145.080279EAST BETHEL 1.2 E, MN
MN-AA-762024-02-20 135.080272NOWTHEN 2.9 SSE, MN
MN-CV-222024-02-20 135.080306VICTORIA 1.6 WSW, MN
MN-CV-832024-02-20 135.080285CHASKA 2.0 ENE, MN
MN-GH-282024-02-20 145.080273CANNON FALLS 0.5 SE, MN
MN-HN-1102024-02-20 135.080254EDINA 1.9 SSE, MN
MN-HN-192024-02-20 135.080293EDINA 1.3 SW, MN
MN-LW-32024-02-20 145.080349BAUDETTE 14.3 SSW, MN
MN-MC-362024-02-20 135.080298LESTER PRAIRIE 0.4 W, MN
MN-RM-152024-02-20 125.080281ROSEVILLE 2.1 NW, MN
MN-RM-1662024-02-20 135.080280SHOREVIEW 1.4 ESE, MN
MN-SC-22024-02-20 135.080289PRIOR LAKE 2.0 W, MN
MN-SC-492024-02-20 135.080294NEW PRAGUE 1.0 NNW, MN
MN-SC-732024-02-20 135.080343ELKO NEW MARKET 1.2 W, MN
MN-SH-102024-02-20 135.080298BIG LAKE 5.6 NNE, MN
MN-SR-482024-02-20 135.080324SAINT AUGUSTA 2.1 S, MN
MN-WR-252024-02-20 135.080288SAINT MICHAEL 2.0 ENE, MN
MNHMOECS2024-02-20 125.080281HAZELTINE 1.9 NE
MPXM52024-02-21 065.080287CHANHASSEN WSFO
MT-CS-112024-02-20 145.080818ISMAY 3.4 NE, MT
MWDM52024-02-20 135.080275MAPLEWOOD
PIR2024-02-20 125.080522PIERRE MUNI ARPT
PRSS22024-02-20 135.080463PIERRE CAPITOL
RVFW32024-02-20 115.080285RIVER FALLS
SCOM82024-02-21 015.080724SCOBEY 4 NW
SD-BK-22024-02-20 135.080565ASTORIA 2.2 SSE, SD
SD-CD-302024-02-20 145.080546WATERTOWN 2.3 E, SD
SD-ST-62024-02-20 135.080433FORT PIERRE 0.5 SE, SD
SNRM82024-02-20 145.0801100SUN RIVER 4 S
WATS22024-02-20 125.080543WATERTOWN COOP
WI-BR-22024-02-20 135.080319CHETEK 2.0 SE, WI
WI-CH-72024-02-20 135.080296CHIPPEWA FALLS 1.2 E, WI
WI-PC-52024-02-20 135.080274RIVER FALLS 1.2 SSW, WI
WI-PK-422024-02-20 135.080347DEER PARK 3.6 NNW, WI
WSPS22024-02-20 135.080523WESSINGTON SPRINGS
WUNW32024-02-20 125.080376WAUSAU-NORTHEAST
WY-CK-182024-02-20 155.0801316BEULAH 6.1 SW, WY
MN-HN-312024-02-20 163.810276MAPLE GROVE 1.0 NNE, MN
MN-HN-3782024-02-20 143.810307PLYMOUTH 2.6 W, MN
MN-SR-242024-02-20 133.810348PAYNESVILLE 1.9 SSW, MN
ND-BT-112024-02-20 143.810679BOTTINEAU 6.4 ENE, ND
WI-DA-622024-02-20 133.810309WAUNAKEE 4.9 W, WI
WI-MT-242024-02-20 143.810367WAUSAU 2.4 W, WI
WY-WS-102024-02-20 143.8101154NEWCASTLE 13.0 SSW, WY
MN-AA-1612024-02-20 133.556267ANDOVER 1.7 SSE, MN
BHRW42024-02-20 152.5401283BIG HORN
BROS22024-02-20 142.540503BROOKINGS,SD
BWPM82024-02-20 162.540950BILLINGS WATER PLANT
BYNM82024-02-20 132.5401231BYNUM 4 SSE
CLGM52024-02-21 002.540373COLLEGEVILLE ST JOHN
CWDS22024-02-20 142.540724COTTONWOOD 2E
DOLS22024-02-20 142.540410DOLAND
FAUS22024-02-20 142.540480REDFIELD
FEDM52024-02-20 142.540400LEECH LAKE DAM
FTMS22024-02-21 012.5401015FORT MEADE
GNDM82024-02-20 142.540631GLENDIVE
HDNM82024-02-21 002.540886HARDIN
HICS22024-02-20 142.5401520HILL CITY
IMLW42024-02-20 152.5401186IML-AIR SCIENCE
INDM52024-02-20 142.540355INDUS,MN
JIMW32024-02-20 122.540326JIM FALLS 3NW
JORM52024-02-20 112.540271JORDAN 1SSW
KLLN82024-02-20 152.540709KILLDEER,ND
LBRM52024-02-20 142.540302LAKE BRONSON DAM
LCHM52024-02-20 142.540343LITCHFIELD
LKWM52024-02-20 142.540505LAKE WILSON
MADM52024-02-20 142.540325MADISON WWTP
MLBS22024-02-20 132.540346MILBANK
MN-AA-1692024-02-20 132.540273OAK GROVE 2.7 SSW, MN
MN-CG-162024-02-20 122.540277NORTH BRANCH 1.3 NNW, MN
MN-DK-1042024-02-20 132.540257HASTINGS 1.6 NW, MN
MN-DK-532024-02-20 142.540283LAKEVILLE 3.8 ENE, MN
MN-HN-302024-02-20 132.540284PLYMOUTH 2.4 ENE, MN
MN-HN-62024-02-20 132.540307LONG LAKE 0.2 WSW, MN
MN-IS-182024-02-20 142.540289BRAHAM 0.7 SW, MN
MN-PK-152024-02-20 132.540364MENTOR 2.5 SSW, MN
MN-RC-12024-02-20 122.540331MONTGOMERY 3.2 ENE, MN
MN-RC-782024-02-20 132.540278NORTHFIELD 0.4 SSW, MN
MN-RM-2032024-02-20 132.540240SAINT PAUL 1.1 SW, MN
MN-SR-292024-02-20 132.540373ALBANY 3.8 S, MN
MN-WG-742024-02-20 132.540324OAKDALE 0.4 S, MN
MN-WR-1292024-02-20 132.540325MAPLE LAKE 0.5 SSW, MN
MN-YM-102024-02-20 132.540341SAINT LEO 0.1 N, MN
MNG0GYSN2024-02-20 122.540328LONSDALE 1.1 SSW
MVLS22024-02-21 012.540677MILESVILLE 5NE
NCLW42024-02-20 162.5401321NEWCASTLE
ND-DN-22024-02-20 152.540706KILLDEER 0.6 WNW, ND
PBAN82024-02-20 122.540234SITE 1-3MI.N
PLEM82024-02-21 012.540840PLEVNA
PLOW32024-02-20 132.540329PLOVER
ROBW32024-02-20 142.540295ROBERTS WWTP
RWGM52024-02-20 142.540204RED WING
RYGM82024-02-20 142.5401322RYEGATE 18 NNW
SAOM82024-02-20 132.540664SACO 1 NNW
SBRM82024-02-20 152.540918HUNTLEY EXPERIMENT STN
SD-BK-72024-02-20 132.540507BROOKINGS 0.2 SSW, SD
SD-MD-322024-02-20 142.540978PIEDMONT 4.6 E, SD
SD-PN-432024-02-20 142.5401133RAPID CITY 3.9 S, SD
SD-PN-872024-02-20 152.5401283RAPID CITY 9.5 WNW, SD
TURS22024-02-20 132.540407TURTON
UMNM52024-02-20 142.540291UNIVERSITY OF MN ST. PAUL
WI-EC-232024-02-20 142.540280EAU CLAIRE 3.7 S, WI
WIRW32024-02-20 132.540306WIS RAPIDS GRAND AV B
WY-WS-52024-02-20 152.5401341NEWCASTLE 0.8 ESE, WY
SD-BK-432024-02-20 131.778496BROOKINGS 1.0 S, SD
MN-CG-742024-02-20 141.270244RUSH CITY 4.1 E, MN
MN-CG-752024-02-20 131.270283CHISAGO CITY 0.4 SSE, MN
MN-IT-392024-02-20 131.270420BOVEY 3.5 S, MN
MN-IT-472024-02-20 141.270426MARCELL 0.7 NNW, MN
MT-SW-52024-02-20 141.2701037PARK CITY 0.5 S, MT
SD-FR-212024-02-20 141.2701069EDGEMONT 0.4 W, SD
SD-PN-562024-02-20 141.2701313RAPID CITY 9.6 WNW, SD
SD-PN-782024-02-20 141.270991RAPID CITY 2.2 SE, SD
WI-DN-172024-02-20 131.270296MENOMONIE 3.3 SE, WI
WI-EC-262024-02-20 131.270245EAU CLAIRE 1.0 SW, WI
WY-SH-182024-02-20 141.2701087SHERIDAN 13.8 NNE, WY
WY-SH-232024-02-20 141.2701229SHERIDAN 3.4 SSW, WY
WY-SH-142024-02-20 151.0161177SHERIDAN 1.7 NW, WY
MN-BM-142024-02-20 140.254436SOLWAY 2.1 S, MN
ALBM52024-02-20 140.003372ALBERT LEA 3 SE
BOWN82024-02-20 140.003902BOWMAN,ND
BYZ2024-02-20 070.003974BILLINGS, MT
CMBS22024-02-20 140.003391JAMES RIVER AT
CRLM52024-02-20 140.003376CROSS LAKE DAM
CVLN82024-02-20 130.003272CAVALIER,ND
EKLM82024-02-21 000.0031043EKALAKA
FPKM82024-02-20 230.003634FORT PECK POWER PLANT
GFK2024-02-21 000.003256GRAND FORKS INTL ARPT
GLWM52024-02-20 130.003430GLENWOOD 1N
HOWS22024-02-20 140.003477HOWARD
JACS22024-02-20 140.003465SIOUX FALLS 5.5SE FSD ARPT
LNGM52024-02-20 120.003415LONG PRAIRIE
MAXN82024-02-20 140.003642MAX,ND
MEMW32024-02-20 130.003237MENOMONIE
MN-BW-82024-02-20 130.003318COMFREY 6.5 ENE, MN
MN-GH-42024-02-20 130.003325NERSTRAND 4.2 E, MN
MN-RM-632024-02-20 130.003287NORTH SAINT PAUL 1.0 NW, MN
MN-SE-22024-02-20 130.003357OWATONNA 0.8 E, MN
NELW32024-02-20 130.003331NEILLSVILLE 3ESE
NHPM52024-02-21 040.003278NEW HOPE
NWSN82024-02-20 150.003662NEW SALEM,ND
OTRW32024-02-20 130.003292ONTARIO 3E
PMTS22024-02-20 070.0031091PIEDMONT
RCEM52024-02-20 130.003323RICE
RIDM82024-02-21 010.0031000RIDGEWAY 1 S
SCSM52024-02-20 120.003318ST CLOUD STATE
SMTS22024-02-20 230.003598SUMMIT 1 W
STC2024-02-21 000.003309ST. CLOUD RGNL ARPT
SWEI42024-02-20 120.003351SWEA CITY,IA
THRM52024-02-20 230.003383THORHULT,MN
UNRS22024-02-21 000.0031031WFO RAPID CITY
VQAW32024-02-20 130.003392VIROQUA
WDOM52024-02-20 140.003419WINDOM
WI-DN-52024-02-20 130.003299ELK MOUND 1.3 NE, WI
WI-PT-82024-02-20 110.003349RUDOLPH 2.1 NNE, WI
WI-WD-22024-02-20 130.003317WISCONSIN RAPIDS 4.6 SSE, WI
WNDS22024-02-20 200.0031281WIND CAVE
WUDS22024-02-20 150.003653WOOD
MN-BK-102024-02-20 130.002420DETROIT LAKES 5.7 N, MN
MN-BK-62024-02-20 130.002446LAKE PARK 6.0 S, MN
MN-CS-382024-02-20 130.002407PINE RIVER 8.4 N, MN
MN-CY-202024-02-20 130.002339HAWLEY 5.2 WNW, MN
MN-HN-52024-02-21 040.002278NEW HOPE 1.9 S, MN
MN-IS-452024-02-20 140.002291STANCHFIELD 2.8 WNW, MN
MN-IT-232024-02-20 130.002420BOVEY 13.4 N, MN
MN-IT-382024-02-20 130.002404COLERAINE 0.7 S, MN
MN-IT-72024-02-20 120.002416GRAND RAPIDS 6.2 SSW, MN
MN-IT-802024-02-20 130.002419NORTHOME 8.4 ESE, MN
MN-KB-172024-02-20 130.002295MORA 2.5 S, MN
MN-PS-62024-02-20 120.002480EDGERTON 0.2 WSW, MN
MN-RM-22024-02-21 060.002299NORTH SAINT PAUL 1.0 NNW, MN
MN-SE-202024-02-20 130.002368OWATONNA 1.6 E, MN
MN-WN-242024-02-20 130.002278LA CRESCENT 4.0 NNW, MN
MT-YS-442024-02-20 210.0021023BILLINGS 5.3 SSE, MT
ND-BH-342024-02-20 130.002531BISMARCK 1.3 WNW, ND
ND-CS-252024-02-20 140.002276FARGO 2.1 N, ND
SD-CS-392024-02-20 150.0021046HERMOSA 4.9 NNE, SD
SD-DY-172024-02-20 130.002566WEBSTER 9.8 NNE, SD
SD-HY-82024-02-20 130.002534HOLABIRD 8.5 N, SD
SD-MD-12024-02-20 140.002884BOX ELDER 8.0 NNE, SD
SD-MH-12024-02-20 130.002471SIOUX FALLS 5.0 SE ARPT, SD
SD-MH-202024-02-20 130.002466SIOUX FALLS 3.4 ESE, SD
SD-PN-22024-02-20 140.0021056RAPID CITY 3.4 WNW, SD
SD-PN-632024-02-20 140.0021305RAPID CITY 8.4 W, SD
WI-CB-52024-02-20 130.002290PORTAGE 7.2 SW, WI
WI-CK-32024-02-21 010.002408COLBY 5.9 WSW, WI
WI-MN-92024-02-20 130.002342WARRENS 4.7 WSW, WI
WI-SK-272024-02-20 130.002341HILLPOINT 1.5 SSW, WI
8D32024-02-21 000.000353SISSETON MUNI AP
ABES22024-02-21 060.000395ABERDEEN 3E
ABR2024-02-21 000.000396ABERDEEN, SD
ACYS22024-02-20 150.000513ACADEMY,SD
AGSW32024-02-20 140.000289AUGUSTA RANGER STATION
ALMW32024-02-20 140.000206ALMA DAM 4
ALTM52024-02-20 140.000255ALTURA 5W
ALXS22024-02-20 130.000412MITCHELL 13MI.ESE
ANVS22024-02-20 180.000451ANDOVER NO. 2
ARTM52024-02-21 000.000336ARTICHOKE LAKE 1 E
ARX2024-02-21 060.000388LA CROSSE, WI
AUW2024-02-20 120.000368WAUSAU MUNI ARPT
BAAW32024-02-20 170.000249BARABOO WWTP
BAUM52024-02-20 210.000329BAUDETTE,MN
BDBM82024-02-21 010.000844BRANDENBERG
BDDM82024-02-21 010.0001092BIDDLE 8SW
BGTM82024-02-21 020.0001254BIG TIMBER
BHRM82024-02-20 150.0001105YELLOWTAIL DAM
BIS2024-02-21 000.000498BISMARCK, ND
BKNM82024-02-20 140.000719BROCKTON 20 S
BKYM82024-02-21 000.000801BROCKWAY 3 WSW
BLKW32024-02-20 140.000232BLACK RIVER FALLS SEWAGE
BRAM52024-02-20 130.000351BRAINERD
BRDM82024-02-21 050.000702BREDETTE
BRGS22024-02-20 140.000437MITCHELL-29MI.ESE
BRIS22024-02-20 130.000412BRITTON
BRKN82024-02-21 060.000499WFO-BISMARCK
BTHM52024-02-20 140.000335BLUE EARTH 1S
BTWM82024-02-21 000.000977BELLTOWER
CBRS22024-02-20 130.000519CHAMBERLAIN,SD
CETN82024-02-21 060.000598CENTER,ND
CHPW32024-02-20 140.000248CHIPPEWA FALLS
CIRM82024-02-21 000.000752CIRCLE
CLDM52024-02-20 120.000344CALEDONIA
CNNS22024-02-20 130.000402CANTON
CSLM52024-02-20 140.000405CASS LAKE,MN
CTNW32024-02-20 140.000284CASHTON 3NNW
CUSS22024-02-20 200.0001694CUSTER
DCRI42024-02-21 000.000269DECORAH
DLLW32024-02-20 130.000253WISCONSIN DELLS WWTP
DRDW32024-02-20 140.000215DURAND
DUPS22024-02-20 230.000725DUPREE
DWSM52024-02-20 130.000317DAWSON
DYTW42024-02-20 120.0001202DAYTON
E0729_MADIS2024-02-21 060.000375EW0729 ROCHESTER
EGNM52024-02-20 130.000330ELGIN 2SSW
ELMI42024-02-20 130.000359ELMA IOWA
EMTS22024-02-20 130.0001065EDGEMONT
EPTW32024-02-20 110.000353EAU PLEINE TENDER
FAR2024-02-21 000.000271HECTOR INTL ARPT
FBTM52024-02-20 130.000294FARIBAULT
FDRN82024-02-21 060.000275FARGO 3S
FLAS22024-02-20 120.000474BROOKINGS-22MI.SSE
FRSW32024-02-20 130.000288FRIENDSHIP
FSD2024-02-20 120.000431SIOUX FALLS, SD
FSDS22024-02-21 060.000432SIOUX FALLS NWS WFO AP
FSYM82024-02-21 050.000767FORSYTH
GENW32024-02-20 130.000190GENOA DAM 8
GEOM52024-02-21 000.000269GEORGETOWN,MN
GILW42024-02-20 230.0001381GILLETTE 4SE
GLLM52024-02-20 140.000373GULL LAKE DAM
GLRM52024-02-21 060.000346GLACIAL RIDGE
GMDM52024-02-20 110.000405GRAND MEADOW
GRFN82024-02-21 060.000253UNIVERSITY
GRGS22024-02-20 130.000656WINNER 24MI.SE
HANW32024-02-20 130.000339HANCOCK EXP FARM
HARS22024-02-20 150.0001055HARDING-3MI.SE
HKHM52024-02-20 120.000200HOKAH WWTP
HLBW32024-02-20 130.000315HILLSBORO 2SW
HLMM82024-02-20 140.000820HARLEM 20S
HMNW32024-02-20 130.000217HOLMEN 2S
HMRS22024-02-21 010.000578HIGHMORE
HOKM52024-02-20 130.000219HOKAH 4NW
HSMM82024-02-20 150.000943HYSHAM 25 SSE
HYSM82024-02-20 150.000808HYSHAM
INEM82024-02-20 130.000861INGOMAR 14 NE
INTS22024-02-20 230.000737BADLANDS PARK HDQ
IPSS22024-02-21 020.000469IPSWICH
ITAM52024-02-20 130.000444UNIV. OF MINN.
KCEW42024-02-20 140.0001423KAYCEE - COOP
KYLS22024-02-20 140.000898KYLE
LAFW32024-02-20 130.000243LA FARGE
LCFW32024-02-20 130.000204LA CROSSE 4NNW
LCRM52024-02-20 140.000197LA CRESCENT DAM 7
LEMS22024-02-21 000.000781LEMMON
LISN82024-02-20 130.000332LISBON,ND
LNDM82024-02-21 010.000821LINDSAY
LSE2024-02-21 000.000196LA CROSSE MUNI ARPT
LYNW32024-02-20 140.000186LYNXVILLE DAM 9
MABM52024-02-20 120.000338MABEL
MATW32024-02-20 130.000297MATHER 3NW
MAUW32024-02-20 140.000265MAUSTON 1SE
MBG2024-02-21 000.000513MOBRIDGE MUNI AP
MCGS22024-02-20 140.000625MCLAUGHLIN 2 SW
MCIS22024-02-21 020.000661MCINTOSH 6SE
MCLN82024-02-20 150.000325MC LEOD,ND
MCLS22024-02-21 040.000401MITCHELL
MDLS22024-02-21 010.000569MIDLAND
MFDW32024-02-20 130.000381MARSHFIELD EXP FARM
MFI2024-02-20 120.000383MARSHFIELD MUNI ARPT
MHE2024-02-20 120.000395MITCHELL MUNI ARPT
MLAM82024-02-20 220.000684MALTA
MLCM52024-02-20 130.000323MILACA
MMLM52024-02-20 140.000348DIVERSION
MN-BK-152024-02-20 130.000416LAKE PARK 9.9 S, MN
MN-BN-132024-02-20 130.000315RICE 3.6 E, MN
MN-CW-222024-02-20 130.000349FORT RIPLEY 0.8 N, MN
MN-CW-442024-02-20 140.000380CROSBY 1.1 SW, MN
MN-CY-12024-02-20 130.000274MOORHEAD 2.0 N, MN
MN-DK-1882024-02-20 130.000294FARMINGTON 1.7 NNW, MN
MN-FM-102024-02-20 140.000327WYKOFF 3.1 NW, MN
MN-GH-452024-02-20 130.000301ZUMBROTA 0.6 E, MN
MN-HS-152024-02-20 140.000204LA CRESCENT 6.8 WSW, MN
MN-IT-172024-02-20 130.000401GRAND RAPIDS 6.1 N, MN
MN-MR-132024-02-20 130.000376LITTLE FALLS 8.0 NE, MN
MN-MR-252024-02-20 130.000382LITTLE FALLS 9.3 WNW, MN
MN-MR-42024-02-20 130.000338LITTLE FALLS 1.2 SW, MN
MN-MT-62024-02-20 130.000359FAIRMONT 0.7 E, MN
MN-OL-182024-02-20 140.000375ROCHESTER 2.6 NE, MN
MN-RC-382024-02-20 130.000315FARIBAULT 1.6 S, MN
MN-RK-52024-02-20 130.000457HILLS 0.2 NW, MN
MN-SV-42024-02-20 130.000337DONNELLY 2.9 NW, MN
MN-TD-122024-02-20 140.000403LONG PRAIRIE 2.1 NNE, MN
MN-WK-52024-02-20 130.000286WOLVERTON 1.1 ENE, MN
MN-WN-212024-02-20 140.000200WINONA 2.0 ESE, MN
MN0HS1SL2024-02-20 130.000290NORTH SAINT PAUL 1.6 NW
MNBDUIOM2024-02-20 110.000404GRAND MEADOW 0.7 ENE
MNE9SLWI2024-02-20 130.000320LEAVENWORTH 5.4 S
MNEY8CTB2024-02-20 140.000211MIDLAND JUNCTION 2.2 ENE
MONS22024-02-20 150.000466MONTROSE
MORM82024-02-21 010.000995MOORHEAD 9 NE
MRFS22024-02-20 150.000536MADISON,SD
MRNS22024-02-20 140.000804OPAL
MRTS22024-02-20 130.0001000MARTIN
MSCM52024-02-20 140.000201MINNESOTA CITY
MSNS22024-02-20 140.000849MISSION 14S
MT-SW-22024-02-20 140.0001257COLUMBUS 7.2 E, MT
MWTW42024-02-20 140.0001483MIDWEST - COOP
ND-GG-32024-02-20 120.000437COOPERSTOWN 0.4 WNW, ND
ND-SM-122024-02-20 130.000450MONTPELIER 3.3 ESE, ND
NOHM52024-02-20 130.000429NORTHOME
NYMM52024-02-20 130.000430NEW YORK MILLS
ORLS22024-02-20 140.000909ORAL
OTTM52024-02-20 120.000399OTTERTAIL,MN
OWAM52024-02-20 140.000349OWATONNA
PITW32024-02-20 130.000311PITTSVILLE-WWTP
PKGM52024-02-20 140.000390POKEGANA LK DAM
PLTS22024-02-21 000.000494PLATTE,SD
PMPM82024-02-20 140.0001059POMPEYS PILLAR 18 N
POGM82024-02-20 220.000848PORT OF MORGAN
POLS22024-02-21 010.000500POLLOCK
POWM82024-02-21 010.000852POWDERVILLE 8 NNE
PRPM52024-02-20 130.000438PARK RAPIDS 2NW
PTNM52024-02-20 140.000284PRESTON
RACS22024-02-20 130.0001062RAPID CITY 4NW
RBDW42024-02-21 000.0001184REDBIRD
RBGW32024-02-20 140.000266REEDSBURG
RCRW32024-02-20 130.000250RICHLAND CENTER 4N
RILW32024-02-20 150.000332RICE LAKE
RKRI42024-02-20 140.000409ROCK RAPIDS,IA
RLAM82024-02-20 140.0001034ROUNDUP 15SW
ROCW42024-02-20 140.0001337ROCHELLE 3E
ROSS22024-02-20 180.000559ROSCOE
RSRM52024-02-20 130.000386ROCHESTER AP 2NE
RST2024-02-21 000.000391ROCHESTER INTL ARPT
RUDM52024-02-20 130.000218RUSHFORD
SACW32024-02-20 130.000227SAUK CITY WWTP
SANI42024-02-20 120.000350ST ANSGAR
SAUW32024-02-20 210.000370WAUSAU WSAW TV
SBNM52024-02-20 150.000280SABIN
SBNW32024-02-20 130.000312STEUBEN 4SE
SCRW32024-02-20 130.000219ST CROIX FALLS
SD-BL-102024-02-20 130.000497CHAMBERLAIN 7.5 SSW, SD
SD-LN-322024-02-20 130.000454SIOUX FALLS 3.6 SSE, SD
SD-MD-92024-02-20 150.000803FAITH 36.3 W, SD
SD-MH-1132024-02-20 130.000475GARRETSON 5.5 W, SD
SD-MH-82024-02-20 140.000481HARTFORD 6.4 S, SD
SD-TP-72024-02-20 140.000555HAMILL 1.7 SW, SD
SDYM52024-02-20 140.000381DAM
SDYM82024-02-20 230.000592SIDNEY
SHRM52024-02-20 140.000404SHERBURN 3WSW
SIDM82024-02-20 130.000581SIDNEY 2 S
SIPM82024-02-21 000.000857SIMPSON 6 N - WILDHORSE
SLBM82024-02-20 160.0001001SHELBY
SPCW32024-02-20 130.000394SPENCER-WWTP
SPES22024-02-20 160.0001108SPEARFISH
SPGM52024-02-20 130.000399SPRING VALLEY
SPRI42024-02-20 130.000448SPIRIT LAKE
SSSS22024-02-21 040.000353MILBANK-36MI.NW
STPW32024-02-20 130.000328STEVENS POINT
STRW32024-02-20 130.000375STRATFORD 1NW
TCYM52024-02-20 140.000425TRACY,MN
THLM52024-02-20 130.000229THEILMAN 1SSW
TLKS22024-02-21 000.000666TIMBER LAKE
TREW32024-02-20 140.000195DAM 6
UNDN82024-02-20 140.000616UNDERWOOD,ND
VADM52024-02-20 200.000268VADNAIS LAKE
WAUI42024-02-20 140.000389WAUKON
WELM52024-02-20 140.000343WELLS
WHTM52024-02-20 140.000308WHEATON
WI-JK-42024-02-20 130.000254MELROSE 3.6 W, WI
WI-LC-12024-02-20 130.000226WEST SALEM 0.7 W, WI
WI-VR-102024-02-20 140.000221STODDARD 1.5 NE, WI
WI-WD-72024-02-20 130.000298NEKOOSA 3.7 SSW, WI
WIDM52024-02-20 140.000199WINONA DAM 5A
WINS22024-02-20 130.000591WINNER
WLFM82024-02-20 230.000639WOLF POINT
WNBM52024-02-20 130.000405DAM
WNNM52024-02-20 140.000323WINNEBAGO
WPTS22024-02-20 130.000417WESTPORT 2 NW
WRNM52024-02-20 130.000477WORTHINGTON 2 NNE
WSLW32024-02-20 130.000228WEST SALEM
WTSM52024-02-20 120.000291WATSON 1 NE
WY-JN-332024-02-20 140.0001464BUFFALO 13.2 SSE, WY
Y262024-02-20 130.000505MOBRIDGE,SD
ZRTM82024-02-20 140.0001230ZORTMAN
Data last summarized at February 28 2024 07:04:06 UTC.

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