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Southwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2023-05-30 07:00 UTC to 2023-05-31 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
PRVC22023-05-31 0533.7009951PARK RESERVOIR
BGFU12023-05-31 0529.10010371BIG FLAT
GBMU12023-05-31 0512.2001003011K10 - G.B.R.C. MEADOWS
HNHU12023-05-31 0611.300969511K05 - HUNTINGTON-HORSESHOE
MDVU12023-05-31 0610.5009882MIDWAY VALLEY
MTBU12023-05-31 0510.400985611K12 - MT. BALDY R.S. SNOW COURSE
FRLU12023-05-31 067.9009633FARNSWORTH LAKE
GDBU12023-05-31 064.40010128GOLD BASIN
SEEU12023-05-31 053.5009915SEELEY CREEK
MESC22023-05-31 062.50010164MESA LAKES
CLCU12023-05-31 051.0009026CLEAR CREEK #1
CRKU12023-05-31 061.0007894CLEAR CREEK #2
REFU12023-05-31 010.900733311K36 - REE'S FLAT SNOW COURSE
BRHU12023-05-31 060.7001004312M14 - BRIAN HEAD SNOW COURSE
BUFU12023-05-30 230.7009429BUCK FLAT
JCRU12023-05-31 030.5009744JONES CORRAL
OVRC22023-05-30 200.4009944OVERLAND RES.
SCDN52023-05-31 030.4009131SILVER CREEK DIVIDE
CSPU12023-05-31 050.30010062CLAYTON SPRINGS
SURU12023-05-31 020.3008179SUU RANCH
THIU12023-05-31 050.300908511K35 - THISTLE FLAT
BFTU12023-05-31 050.2009446BLACK FLAT-U.M. CK
GBZU12023-05-31 050.200815611K11 - G.B.R.C. HEADQUARTERS SW
HRSU12023-05-31 060.2008875HARRIS FLAT
MCDU12023-05-31 060.2008714MAMMOTH-COTTONWOOD
SFFU12023-05-31 060.20010033SUNFLOWER FLAT
YKEU12023-05-31 050.200895712M11 - YANKEE RESERVOIR
DCPU12023-05-31 010.1009239DILL'S CAMP
HBEA32023-05-31 050.1007667HEBER
KLBU12023-05-31 060.1009203KOLOB
LMLU12023-05-31 060.1008835LASAL MOUNTAIN-LOWER
LVJU12023-05-31 060.1007484LONG VALLEY JCT
MCKN52023-05-31 060.1009265MCKNIGHT CABIN
PKLU12023-05-31 020.1009042PICKLE KEG
RPRU12023-05-31 050.1009016RED PINE RIDGE
AGUU12023-05-31 060.0008894AGUA CANYON
AZ-CN-1542023-05-30 140.0006440FLAGSTAFF 10.5 E, AZ
AZ-CN-1782023-05-30 140.0006732FLAGSTAFF 7.7 NE, AZ
AZ-NV-422023-05-30 140.0006598SHOW LOW 4.2 S, AZ
AZ-NV-532023-05-30 140.0006407SHOW LOW 3.8 W, AZ
BKBA32023-05-30 210.0007375BAKER BUTTE
BLDA32023-05-31 060.0009226BALDY
CA-LA-12023-05-30 150.000515GLENDALE 2.4 WSW, CA
CA-SD-1972023-05-30 160.000676ESCONDIDO 0.5 SSE, CA
CHAN52023-05-30 170.0008363CHAMITA
CO-ME-1002023-05-30 100.0004692GRAND JUNCTION 3.7 SSE, CO
CO-MT-642023-05-30 130.0006027MONTROSE 4.5 SSE, CO
CO-MT-92023-05-30 140.0005741MONTROSE 4.0 NW, CO
EWCU12023-05-30 150.0008379EAST WILLOW CREEK
FRDN52023-05-30 150.0008074FRISCO DIVIDE
GOOU12023-05-30 230.0007959GOOSEBERRY R.S.
GOUU12023-05-31 060.0008392GOOSEBERRY RS UP
HNMA32023-05-31 010.0009078HANNAGAN MEADOWS
KMNU12023-05-31 010.0009124KIMBERLY MINE
LKTN52023-05-30 150.0008540LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN
MVYU12023-05-31 060.0008747MERCHANT VALLEY
NM-BR-1832023-05-30 130.0006804SANDIA PARK 3.6 ESE, NM
NM-BR-2392023-05-30 130.0005394ALBUQUERQUE 5.0 ESE, NM
NM-BR-2662023-05-30 130.0006896EDGEWOOD 11.4 SSW, NM
NM-BR-3652023-05-30 130.0005912ALBUQUERQUE 7.4 ENE, NM
NM-CT-72023-05-30 130.0007575DATIL 2.0 W, NM
NM-SF-142023-05-30 130.0006768SANTA FE 9.6 S, NM
NM-SF-1502023-05-30 140.0006736ELDORADO AT SANTA FE 0.5 E, NM
NM-SN-1242023-05-30 130.0005236RIO RANCHO 3.5 SSW, NM
NM-SN-1362023-05-30 130.0005587RIO RANCHO 5.4 NNE, NM
NM-SR-702023-05-30 140.0005121TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES 22.9 N, NM
NM-VL-552023-05-30 120.0004846LOS LUNAS 0.4 ESE, NM
PCKU12023-05-31 060.0006155PINE CREEK
PGLU12023-05-31 060.000847112M07 - PANGUITCH LAKE
RWDU12023-05-31 050.0008593ROCKWOOD GS
SGNN52023-05-30 170.0008409SIGNAL PEAK
SQUU12023-05-30 170.000896712L05 - SQUAW SPRINGS SNOW COURSE
TLNU12023-05-31 050.0008750TIMBERLINE
UT-GR-52023-05-30 140.0003996MOAB 1.3 NW, UT
WCTA32023-05-31 050.0007940WILDCAT
WFLU12023-05-30 160.0009170WEBSTER FLAT
WSTU12023-05-30 180.0009665WIDTSOE #3
XSCA32023-05-31 000.0009787SNOWSLIDE CANYON
Data last summarized at June 03 2023 17:02:09 UTC.

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