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Southwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-07-04 07:00 UTC to 2022-07-05 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
LMLU12022-07-05 067.8742693LASAL MOUNTAIN-LOWER
REFU12022-07-05 013.810223511K36 - REE'S FLAT SNOW COURSE
GOUU12022-07-05 063.5562558GOOSEBERRY RS UP
FRLU12022-07-05 062.5402936FARNSWORTH LAKE
GOOU12022-07-05 062.5402426GOOSEBERRY R.S.
BUCU12022-07-05 062.0322744BUCKBOARD FLAT
BGFU12022-07-05 021.5243161BIG FLAT
WSTU12022-07-05 061.2702946WIDTSOE #3
FLSU12022-07-05 041.016269411L03 - FISH LAKE
PRVC22022-07-05 061.0163033PARK RESERVOIR
JCRU12022-07-05 060.7622970JONES CORRAL
CLCU12022-07-04 230.5082751CLEAR CREEK #1
MVYU12022-07-05 040.5082666MERCHANT VALLEY
RPRN52022-07-05 060.5082572RICE PARK
RPRU12022-07-05 060.5082748RED PINE RIDGE
BKBA32022-07-04 230.2542248BAKER BUTTE
BRHU12022-07-05 060.254306112M14 - BRIAN HEAD SNOW COURSE
CSPU12022-07-05 060.2543067CLAYTON SPRINGS
GDBU12022-07-05 060.2543087GOLD BASIN
MCKN52022-07-05 010.2542824MCKNIGHT CABIN
AZ-CN-202022-07-04 130.0002220WILLIAMS 3.3 SSE, AZ
AZ-NV-422022-07-04 140.0002011SHOW LOW 4.2 S, AZ
AZ-NV-532022-07-04 140.0001953SHOW LOW 3.8 W, AZ
BFTU12022-07-05 060.0002879BLACK FLAT-U.M. CK
BLDA32022-07-05 060.0002812BALDY
BVRA32022-07-04 170.0002821BEAVER SPRING
BXCU12022-07-05 020.0003013BOX CREEK
CNDA32022-07-04 150.0002574CORONADO TRAIL
CO-GF-732022-07-04 130.0002115GLENWOOD SPRINGS 7.2 S, CO
CO-MT-92022-07-04 140.0001750MONTROSE 4.0 NW, CO
CO-MZ-772022-07-04 130.0002274MANCOS 6.7 ESE, CO
CO-SM-82022-07-04 130.0001666SLICK ROCK 1.3 N, CO
EWCU12022-07-04 150.0002554EAST WILLOW CREEK
FRDN52022-07-05 060.0002461FRISCO DIVIDE
FRVA32022-07-05 060.0002254FORT VALLEY
LVJU12022-07-04 180.0002281LONG VALLEY JCT
MESC22022-07-04 150.0003098MESA LAKES
NM-BR-2392022-07-04 130.0001644ALBUQUERQUE 5.0 ESE, NM
NM-BR-2662022-07-04 130.0002102EDGEWOOD 11.4 SSW, NM
NM-BR-3342022-07-04 140.0001674ALBUQUERQUE 8.1 NW, NM
NM-BR-3652022-07-04 130.0001802ALBUQUERQUE 7.4 ENE, NM
NM-CT-72022-07-04 130.0002309DATIL 2.0 W, NM
NM-OT-442022-07-04 120.0001852LA LUZ 5.8 ENE, NM
NM-OT-562022-07-04 130.0002647CLOUDCROFT 2.3 S, NM
NM-OT-822022-07-04 220.0002801SUNSPOT 0.2 SSW, NM
NM-SF-1022022-07-04 130.0001899SANTA FE 15.7 SSW, NM
NM-SF-1152022-07-04 130.0002122SANTA FE 1.1 S, NM
NM-SF-142022-07-04 120.0002063SANTA FE 9.6 S, NM
NM-SF-1502022-07-04 140.0002053ELDORADO AT SANTA FE 0.5 E, NM
NM-SN-1362022-07-04 130.0001703RIO RANCHO 5.4 NNE, NM
NM-SN-172022-07-04 130.0001594RIO RANCHO 2.4 ENE, NM
NM-VL-552022-07-04 120.0001477LOS LUNAS 0.4 ESE, NM
NUTA32022-07-05 060.0002624NUTRIOSO
PGLU12022-07-05 060.000258212M07 - PANGUITCH LAKE
SCDN52022-07-05 060.0002783SILVER CREEK DIVIDE
SGNN52022-07-04 210.0002563SIGNAL PEAK
UT-GR-52022-07-04 140.0001218MOAB 1.3 NW, UT
WCTN52022-07-05 040.000276508N03 - WHISKEY CREEK
WHLA32022-07-04 180.0002197WHITE HORSE LAKE
WKMA32022-07-04 150.0002162WORKMAN CREEK
XSCA32022-07-04 180.0002983SNOWSLIDE CANYON
Data last summarized at July 05 2022 13:00:43 UTC.

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