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Southwest Snowfall Observations
from 2011-02-05 07:00 UTC to 2011-02-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
ATBC22011-02-06 021.000245699ALTERNBERN COOP
0620C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.500245423RIFLE .96 NNW, CO
0635C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.500245463RIFLE 3.2 ENE, CO
RIEC22011-02-05 140.500245443RIFLE 3ENE
2857C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.300246280MEEKER 1.9 WSW, CO
4691S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.300246132PAONIA 2.1 SSE, CO
CODC22011-02-05 140.300246857CRAWFORD 4NNE
7349C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.200248054MESA 5.7 SSE, CO
BKCC22011-02-05 150.200248179BLACK CANYON OF THE GUNNISON
CBRC22011-02-05 150.200246024COLLBRAN 2SW
0371C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.001246309CEDAREDGE 4.0 ESE, CO
1241O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247192CRAWFORD 4.3 SW, CO
1430C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246030COLLBRAN 0.2 ESE, CO
4754S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001247644RIDGWAY 3.3 NNW, CO
5948H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001248379CIMARRON 11.2 S, CO
6786A_MADIS2011-02-06 010.001246352HOTCHKISS 5.1 WNW, CO
7011A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001246936MONTROSE 7.3 ENE, CO
LASU12011-02-06 020.001246978LA SAL-2MI.SE
SPFU12011-02-06 010.001244764SPANISH FORK POWER HOUSE
0120O_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244760GRAND JUNCTION 1.0 E, CO
0212O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245233FORT DAVIS 6.3 WNW, TX
0363O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245745SILVER CITY 3.5 S, NM
0366C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245039DELTA 2.3 ENE, CO
0382S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246821WILLIAMS 0.4 NW, AZ
0388S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024902GOODYEAR 5.9 WSW, AZ
0389S_MADIS2011-02-06 040.000241657WITTMANN 4.6 SW, AZ
0404S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241916MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ
0411S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246325NAVAJO COUNTY, AZ
0414S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241732APACHE JUNCTION 3.5 ESE, AZ
0418S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243383YAVAPAI COUNTY, AZ
0440C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246604DOVE CREEK 12.4 SSW, CO
0581H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246975TIJERAS 3.7 N, NM
0584H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244974ALBUQUERQUE 1.8 NNW, NM
0594H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245026NORTH VALLEY 0.8 E, NM
0602H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245243ALBUQUERQUE 3.2 SSE, NM
0607H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245965ALBUQUERQUE 7.3 E, NM
0611H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246161ALBUQUERQUE 8.4 ENE, NM
0615H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245407ALBUQUERQUE 4.1 E, NM
0631H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243904LAS CRUCES 2.2 W, NM
0634H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243970LAS CRUCES 1.6 WNW, NM
0641S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241188MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ
0644S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000241450PHOENIX 12.8 N, AZ
0646S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245259NAVAJO COUNTY, AZ
0647S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247208PINETOP-LAKESIDE 4.0 ESE, AZ
0649S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245141YAVAPAI COUNTY, AZ
0662H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244088LAS CRUCES 5.8 SSE, NM
0664H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244170LAS CRUCES 2.6 NNW, NM
0673H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244419LAS CRUCES 5.7 NE, NM
0675H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244124LAS CRUCES 2.9 SSE, NM
0687H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246165SILVER CITY 2.7 NNW, NM
0690H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245935SILVER CITY 13.4 WSW, NM
0694H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244665CLIFF 5.7 NE, NM
0695H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246263SILVER CITY 2.6 NNW, NM
0706H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244354DEMING 15.5 WSW, NM
0709H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244278DEMING 7.8 S, NM
0724H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248940CLOUDCROFT 0.4 ESE, NM
0726H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000249190SUNSPOT 0.07N, NM
0730H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248684CLOUDCROFT 2.3 S, NM
0742H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000247792CHAMA 11.8 SSE, NM
0758H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245371RIO RANCHO 5.6 NE, NM
0759H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245023CORRALES 1.6 ENE, NM
0762H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000246096PLACITAS 2.1 SE, NM
0765H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245755FARMINGTON 10.1 N, NM
0766H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245276FARMINGTON 3.4 WSW, NM
0773H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246821SANTA FE 1.3 WSW, NM
0791H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244875BOSQUE FARMS 1.0 N, NM
0945C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247470DURANGO 4.1 WSW, CO
0954O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247575DATIL 2.0 W, NM
0955C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247451DURANGO 5.4 W, CO
0956C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246578DURANGO .35 E, CO
0957O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247480DATIL 0.8 S, NM
0959C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246926BAYFIELD 0.6 WSW, CO
0960C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246657HESPERUS 13.3 SSW, CO
0962C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246683DURANGO 0.8 NNW, CO
1162O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244852HEREFORD 8.4 W, AZ
1204O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242320CLARK COUNTY, NV
1255S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246939FLAGSTAFF 3.4 NE, AZ
1257S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244879PAYSON 6.3 NNE, AZ
1266S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241253SUN CITY WEST 1.2 NE, AZ
1270S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241191CHANDLER 6.7 SSW, AZ
1279S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000241296GILBERT 3.6 ENE, AZ
1281S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241227PHOENIX 9.5 SE, AZ
1283S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242674MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ
1288S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245725NAVAJO COUNTY, AZ
1289S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242920GREEN VALLEY 4.8 NW, AZ
1290S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242569TUCSON 9.6 SW, AZ
1294S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241591APACHE JUNCTION 2.5 WSW, AZ
1297S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241526FLORENCE 9.1 NW, AZ
1300S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244980PRESCOTT 16.2 NNW, AZ
1360S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245984PINON 0.6 S, NM
1404C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244728GRAND JUNCTION 8NNW, CO
1405C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244675FRUITA 4.5 NNE, CO
1410C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244665GRAND JUNCTION 2.7 SSE, CO
1418C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244633MACK 5 NW, CO
1425C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244662GRAND JUNCTION 2.4 W, CO
1446C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247034MANCOS 3.8 WNW, CO
1456C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247106DOLORES 4.8 ENE, CO
1457C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245646CORTEZ 7.7 W, CO
1460C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246168CORTEZ 1.2 SW, CO
1468C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245876MONTROSE 1.2 ESE, CO
1475C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245817MONTROSE 1.2 WSW, CO
1477C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246063MONTROSE 2.9 ESE, CO
1479C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246184MONTROSE 6.4 S, CO
1512O_MADIS2011-02-05 120.000241234PHOENIX 6.3 ENE, AZ
1539R_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244793CUCHILLO 0.3 NW, NM
1563R_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244537MOAB 3.3 SE, UT
1564R_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244147MOAB 0.7 ESE, UT
1579O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242910ORO VALLEY 4.0 NNW, AZ
1580O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000243061MARANA 19.4 NNE, AZ
1582R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241194TEMPE 1.0 WSW, AZ
1627O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242999TUCSON 11.9 SE, AZ
1668R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241470CASA GRANDE 5.7 SE, AZ
1693C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247664NORWOOD 4.1 ESE, CO
1727R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241243CHANDLER 5.7 SSE, AZ
1735R_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241604CANYON COUNTRY 2.6 E, CA
1826O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245643LINCOLN COUNTY, NM
1890R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244577COCHISE COUNTY, AZ
1891R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242884GRAHAM COUNTY, AZ
1896R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241257MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ
1898R_MADIS2011-02-05 120.000242923TUCSON 10.3 SE, AZ
1903R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000243117AMADO 1.65 N, AZ
1905O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000243031TERLINGUA 3.4 NNW, TX
1910R_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244587SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY, CA
1940R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244528DEMING 28.5 W, NM
1941R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244311DEMING 7.7 SSW, NM
1962R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242848PIMA 0.7 ESE, AZ
1965R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000241214GILBERT 2.4 NW, AZ
1967R_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024554TOPOCK 3.3 NNW, AZ
1973R_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000242369TUCSON 9.5 WNW, AZ
1987R_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024299ANAHEIM 4.9 ENE, CA
1990R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243127MORONGO VALLEY 2.3 NE, CA
2033O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245157RIO RANCHO 3.3 ENE, NM
2049R_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246014SILVER CITY 0.3 WNW, NM
2051R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245010CORRALES 1.1 SSE, NM
2086S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244567SIERRA VISTA 4.8 SE, AZ
2093S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246880FLAGSTAFF 3.5 E, AZ
2094S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000247283WILLIAMS 3.3 SSE, AZ
2095S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000247316FLAGSTAFF 6.8 NW, AZ
2096S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241207CHANDLER 2.0 N, AZ
2097S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024991PHOENIX 6.7 WSW, AZ
2104S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241184GLENDALE 4.1 N, AZ
2106S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241217PEORIA 7.2 NNW, AZ
2110S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241325SURPRISE 6.3 WNW, AZ
2114S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242828GOLDEN VALLEY 2.6 WNW, AZ
2116S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246260SHOW LOW 6.5 WNW, AZ
2164O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246995CEDAR CREST 2.6 N, NM
2178C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246883TIJERAS 4.2 NE, NM
2183C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246102ALBUQUERQUE 8.0 ENE, NM
2185C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245272ALBUQUERQUE 3.4 SE, NM
2189C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245945ALBUQUERQUE 8 NE, NM
2199C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000247113TIJERAS 5.0 E, NM
2202C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245650ALBUQUERQUE 6.0 ENE, NM
2203C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245187ALBUQUERQUE 2.1 SE, NM
2205C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245486ALBUQUERQUE 4.6 E, NM
2206C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245203ALBUQUERQUE 5.9 WNW, NM
2207C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245236ALBUQUERQUE 2.4 E, NM
2210C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245938ALBUQUERQUE 8.1 ESE, NM
2212C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246260ALBUQUERQUE 9.0 ENE, NM
2216C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246348TIJERAS 1.0 SSW, NM
2217C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244934ALBUQUERQUE 7.7 SW, NM
2233C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246558MILAN 2.2 N, NM
2246C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244183LAS CRUCES 2.3 SSE, NM
2247C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243907LAS CRUCES 4.5 WNW, NM
2249C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243960DONA ANA 0.7 SE, NM
2251C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244140LAS CRUCES 3.0 SSE, NM
2261C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244377LAS CRUCES 3.9 NNE, NM
2272C_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244026MESILLA 2.2 WSW, NM
2275C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244052HATCH 6.9 ESE, NM
2276C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244131HATCH 7.2 ESE, NM
2279C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244216LAS CRUCES 1.5 NNW, NM
2280C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243973LAS CRUCES 6.3 W, NM
2294C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000244337LAS CRUCES 3.1 N, NM
2301C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243881LAS CRUCES 4.5 SW, NM
2313C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244078LAS CRUCES 6.1 SSE, NM
2319C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243747ANTHONY 8.2 SSW, NM
2326C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243885LAS CRUCES 4.2 SSW, NM
2339C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245932SILVER CITY 3.4 SW, NM
2360C_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000244551DEMING 8.6 SE, NM
2375C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000244383DEMING 12 WSW, NM
2379C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246673GALLUP 8.1 NNW, NM
2380C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000248904CLOUDCROFT 1.8 SW, NM
2385C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244511ALAMOGORDO 2.1 SE, NM
2391C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246581CLOUDCROFT 5.4 W, NM
2393C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244514ALAMOGORDO 2.1 ENE, NM
2395C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246621CLOUDCROFT 16 ESE, NM
2420C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245269RIO RANCHO 1.9 SE, NM
2431C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245226PLACITAS 3.4 W, NM
2432C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245230RIO RANCHO 2.4 ENE, NM
2433C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245016CORRALES 0.8 ESE, NM
2445C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246004AZTEC 9.2 NE, NM
2485C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244852LOS LUNAS 2.8 SE, NM
2526O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245774ALBUQUERQUE 6.4 ENE, NM
2559O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241509PHOENIX 11.6 N, AZ
2642S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024394LA JOLLA 2.2 NE, CA
2728O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242943APPLE VALLEY 1.9 N, CA
2731O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024751POWAY 3.3 NNW, CA
2807O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243684SEDONA 9.0 WSW, AZ
2948O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244459SEDONA 1.4 W, AZ
3004H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243930EL PASO 3.3 NNE, TX
3027C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000248839CLOUDCROFT 4.0 E, NM
3071O_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000241470SAN DIEGO COUNTRY ESTATES 1.5 W
3234S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241257SCOTTSDALE 1.0 SW, AZ
3235S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024968GOODYEAR 2.9 W, AZ
3240S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241903APACHE JUNCTION 3.2 N, AZ
3241S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244131NOGALES 8.9 NNE, AZ
3249S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024466LEMON GROVE 1.8 WNW, CA
3252S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245492ECKERT 1.1 SW, CO
3487H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247178BOULDER 1.3 NNW, UT
3528H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000245456VERNAL 1.5 WSW, UT
3627S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242487ORO VALLEY 1.3 W, AZ
3630S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242720TUCSON 11.1 ENE, AZ
3631S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242992PIMA COUNTY, AZ
3632S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242283PIMA COUNTY, AZ
3633S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242201TUCSON 18.6 WNW, AZ
3634S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242369PIMA COUNTY, AZ
3636S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243205PINAL COUNTY, AZ
3641C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244180LAS CRUCES 3.9 NNW, NM
3904C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244895SOUTH VALLEY 3.8 SSW, NM
3907C_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244190LAS CRUCES 6.9 N, NM
4034C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243855MESILLA 2.3 E, NM
4049C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244068LAS CRUCES 4.3 SSE, NM
4197S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244633SIERRA VISTA 4.9 SE, AZ
4198S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244577SIERRA VISTA 1.4 E, AZ
4203S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243035GREEN VALLEY 2.7 SW, AZ
4204S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242904TUCSON 10.5 ESE, AZ
4205S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243501COTTONWOOD 1.4 WSW, AZ
4210S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.0002489NEWPORT BEACH 3.1 ESE, CA
4300O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247093NORWOOD 1.4 W, CO
4349C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244229LAS CRUCES 2.6 SE, NM
4355C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244186LAS CRUCES 7.7 WSW, NM
4487S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244590SIERRA VISTA 4.1 SE, AZ
4488S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244564SIERRA VISTA 7.2 SE, AZ
4497S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241168PHOENIX 4.7 ENE, AZ
4517S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242461TUCSON 9.9 NNW, AZ
4521S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242625TUCSON 8.5 NE, AZ
4525S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243058ORO VALLEY 5.8 N, AZ
4527S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242740ORO VALLEY 2.1 NNW, AZ
4531S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242703TUCSON 11.7 ENE, AZ
4533S_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000242618TUCSON 4.9 E, AZ
4535S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242461TUCSON 1.3 NW, AZ
4536S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242326TUCSON 5.0 NNW, AZ
4551S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242533ORO VALLEY 0.4 NW, AZ
4556S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241496CASA GRANDE 7.1 N, AZ
4560S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243258TUBAC 0.7 WNW, AZ
4563S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245417PRESCOTT 4.4 ENE, AZ
4567S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245591PRESCOTT 3.9 NW, AZ
4568S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245364PRESCOTT 2.4 NNE, AZ
4615S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024659ARCADIA 2.1 NNE, CA
4634S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243570HESPERIA 3.9 SW, CA
4635S_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000243494PINON HILLS 3.5 N, CA
4666S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024853SIMI VALLEY 1.0 NW, CA
4749S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246407MONTROSE 5.6 SW, CO
4750S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246033MONTROSE 3.4 SSE, CO
4751S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245928MONTROSE 1.6 E, CO
4BL2011-02-06 030.000246024BLANDING,UT
4HV2011-02-05 130.000244334HANKSVILLE
5647C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242444LAS VEGAS 7.8 SW, NV
5754C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246444SILVER CITY 3.4 N, NM
5755C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244239HIDALGO COUNTY, NM
5836C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245315PARADISE HILLS 0.6 NW, NM
5837C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244085LAS CRUCES 5.8 SSE, NM
5838C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246660SILVER CITY 6.1 N, NM
6007S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000242917HENDERSON 7.6 SW, NV
6009S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242362LAS VEGAS 7.9 S, NV
6161S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247490QUEMADO 14.1 NE, NM
6168S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243865LAS CRUCES 5.4 S, NM
6169S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244465LAS CRUCES 6.0 NE, NM
6179S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244268DEMING 4.6 E, NM
6181S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244121ALAMOGORDO 7.0 S, NM
6190S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245692RIO RANCHO 3.5 W, NM
6211S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246214MCINTOSH 4.1 SW, NM
6272C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242979LAS VEGAS 6.3 WSW, NV
6282A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024515GLENDALE 2.4 WSW, CA
6288A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024896WOODLAND HILLS 2.6 WNW, CA
6289A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024682MONTE NIDO 0.2 SSW, CA
6290A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024656SHERMAN OAKS 1.7 ENE, CA
6291A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024174WHITTIER 2.9 WNW, CA
6292A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024131REDONDO BEACH 2.6 S, CA
6362C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245358GRANT COUNTY, NM
6374A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241424SILVERADO 1.0 ESE, CA
6400A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241345DESERT HOT SPRINGS 3.0 NW, CA
6401A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241709HEMET 4.1 ENE, CA
6412A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241644PERRIS 8.3 NW, CA
6413A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242523BEAUMONT 2.5 NW, CA
6414A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024843RIVERSIDE 3.8 NW, CA
6438A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242871APPLE VALLEY 2.6 SSW, CA
6446A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242949APPLE VALLEY 2.6 SE, CA
6451A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243409JOSHUA TREE 2.0 S, CA
6452A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024656SAN MARCOS 2.5 ENE, CA
6455A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024266OCEANSIDE 4.0 NE, CA
6458A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024233ENCINITAS 1.5 E, CA
6459A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241476ESCONDIDO 4.7 NW, CA
6463A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241204POWAY 1.0 NE, CA
6464A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242740JAMUL 11.0 ESE, CA
6465A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024794BORREGO SPRINGS 2.4 WSW, CA
6466A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024522SAN DIEGO 6.1 W, CA
6469A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024554CHULA VISTA 4.1 E, CA
6470A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.0002459OCEANSIDE 2.0 N, CA
6473A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024456POWAY 3.5 SW, CA
6475A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.00024236CHULA VISTA 0.9 SSW, CA
6476A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241106PAUMA VALLEY 1.7 SE, CA
6479A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024459SANTEE 0.8 W, CA
6480A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024243SAN DIEGO 3.7 E, CA
6481A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024499LA JOLLA 2.1 SE, CA
6483A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024381SAN DIEGO 3.2 WNW, CA
6648C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244577TULAROSA 1.0 E, NM
6678A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024722THOUSAND OAKS 2.1 WSW, CA
6682A_MADIS2011-02-05 160.0002452VENTURA 0.5 WNW, CA
6726A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247080PAGOSA SPRINGS 7.3 WSW, CO
6771H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241293SUN CITY WEST 1.9 NNE, AZ
6772H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241453MESA 8.4 ESE, AZ
6774H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241562MESA 8.1 E, AZ
6777C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246076LA LUZ 5.8 ENE, NM
6783A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245699HOTCHKISS 4.7 W, CO
6907A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246581DURANGO 0.7 NNE, CO
6908A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000247008BAYFIELD 0.3 N, CO
7005A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246201CORTEZ 2.3 NW, CO
7008A_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245295OLATHE 3.2 NNE, CO
7192C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244521ALAMOGORDO 8.8 N, NM
7495S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245171ROOSEVELT 0.2 WSW, UT
7502S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000247149MONTICELLO 0.9 W, UT
7512H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244324HEREFORD 2.8 NW, AZ
7513H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244633SIERRA VISTA 0.4 ESE, AZ
7515H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243658SAN SIMON 2.6 S, AZ
7517H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241316MESA 0.6 NNW, AZ
7517S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243865SPRINGDALE 0.6 SW, UT
7520H_MADIS2011-02-05 120.000241453SCOTTSDALE 5.2 S, AZ
7520S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244767ROCKVILLE 5.1 SW, UT
7521H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241115MARICOPA COUNTY, AZ
7524H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241158PHOENIX 4.2 NE, AZ
7529H_MADIS2011-02-06 020.000242533TUCSON 11.7 NNW, AZ
7532H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242539TUCSON 1.4 N, AZ
7536H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242923TUCSON 8.3 ESE, AZ
7537H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243409VAIL 8.3 SW, AZ
7538H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243005THREE POINTS 2.9 S, AZ
7561H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242986ORO VALLEY 2.7 N, AZ
7567H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242408PICTURE ROCKS 4.3 ESE, AZ
7573H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242477FLOWING WELLS 6.4 NNW, AZ
7575H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242313FLOWING WELLS 3.9 W, AZ
7577H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242470TUCSON 2.5 WNW, AZ
7586H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242470VALENCIA WEST 2.1 NNW, AZ
7594H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000243875NOGALES 1.0 NNE, AZ
7600H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024486RANCHO BERNARDO 1SE, CA
7756S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000242356CALIFORNIA CITY 8.9 WSW, CA
7820O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244311LAS CRUCES 3.1 N, NM
8089O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000246762EDGEWOOD 6.4 N, NM
8145S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244623GRAND JUNCTION 1.1 SSW, CO
8164H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244121BENSON 2.5 WSW, AZ
8166H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242559SCOTTSDALE 2.3 NE, AZ
8167H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241952CAVE CREEK 2.9 SSW, AZ
8168H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241368SCOTTSDALE 8.8 SW, AZ
8171H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241975FOUNTAIN HILLS 2.1 NNW, AZ
8172H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241194PHOENIX 6.7 NNW, AZ
8173H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241263SUN CITY WEST 1.0 W, AZ
8174H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241299PHOENIX 7.2 NNE, AZ
8177H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241181TEMPE 3.3 S, AZ
8180H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241030LITCHFIELD PARK 1.1 E, AZ
8183H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241102PHOENIX 4.9 S, AZ
8185H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024909BUCKEYE 7.8 SE, AZ
8188H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241237MESA 3.2 WSW, AZ
8189H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242274SCOTTSDALE 5.3 NNW, AZ
8190H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241138GLENDALE 3.5 S, AZ
8191H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241201CHANDLER 0.7 E, AZ
8200H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241355PHOENIX 7.4 NE, AZ
8201H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241385PARADISE VALLEY 1.9 NW, AZ
8207H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241184GLENDALE 1.2 ESE, AZ
8209H_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000241535SURPRISE 7.0 NNE, AZ
8211H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241348MESA 1.3 NNE, AZ
8212H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241345GILBERT 7.1 SE, AZ
8213H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241289KOMATKE 5.0 E, AZ
8214H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241273SCOTTSDALE 7.8 SSW, AZ
8220H_MADIS2011-02-06 000.000242313TUCSON 8.0 NW, AZ
8221H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242464TUCSON 5.5 NNE, AZ
8225H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242644TUCSON 8.3 NE, AZ
8228H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242346TUCSON 6.3 WNW, AZ
8799O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244016LAS CRUCES 5.0 SSE, NM
9026H_MADIS2011-02-06 040.000246893FLAGSTAFF 7.8 SSW, AZ
9028H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241224GILBERT 3.8 NW, AZ
9035H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241470PHOENIX 9.2 NE, AZ
9045H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241194GLENDALE 2.8 NNW, AZ
9046H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241198PEORIA 4.9 SSE, AZ
9047H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241263MESA 1.5 SSW, AZ
9051H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241949ANTHEM 2.5 NW, AZ
9054H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241191SUN CITY 1.2 NNW, AZ
9062H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241125LAVEEN 3.0 SE, AZ
9064H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241427SCOTTSDALE 4.0 NW, AZ
9069H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241562FOUNTAIN HILLS 2.9 SSE, AZ
9075H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243481GOLDEN VALLEY 10.1 N, AZ
9081H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242979ORO VALLEY 2.8 NNE, AZ
9086H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000243159PIMA COUNTY, AZ
9089H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241467QUEEN CREEK 5.1 SE, AZ
9090H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241762APACHE JUNCTION 5.3 ESE, AZ
9092H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241768PINAL COUNTY, AZ
9093H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244390SEDONA 0.7 W, AZ
9136H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241703HENDERSON 4.7 NE, NV
9518O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024981MISSION VIEJO 1.6 ENE, CA
9522O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024423VISTA 2.3 NNW, CA
9679O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244698MOAB 3.7 ESE, UT
9680O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244094MOAB 0.3 ENE, UT
9718O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.00024387YUMA 13.8 ESE, AZ
9772H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241181TEMPE 2.4 S, AZ
9778H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241053LITCHFIELD PARK 0.6 NNE, AZ
9782H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241273PHOENIX 11.5 NNW, AZ
9784H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241175PHOENIX 5.6 N, AZ
9786O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000246093CIRCLEVILLE 0.7 W, UT
9799H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241322PHOENIX 8.0 NNE, AZ
9801H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241932CAVE CREEK 1.0 WSW, AZ
9802H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241260GLENDALE 6.9 N, AZ
9803O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241188TEMPE 2.7 S, AZ
9804H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241437PEORIA 10.3 N, AZ
9807O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241483CASA GRANDE 6.5 NNW, AZ
9812H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241522QUEEN CREEK 4.7 SSE, AZ
9813H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241171MARICOPA 0.8 SSE, AZ
9814O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.00024741EL CAJON 2.3 S, CA
9816H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245167ASH FORK 4.9 SW, AZ
9966O_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000241207MESA 4.3 SW, AZ
9967O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000241257MESA 1.6 ENE, AZ
ABQ2011-02-05 120.000245322ALBUQUERQUE, NM
ALMU12011-02-05 150.000246381ALTAMONT
AMYC12011-02-05 130.00024650AMBOY
ANPU12011-02-05 160.000244111ARCHES NP HQS COOP
BARC12011-02-05 130.000242408BARSTOW FIRE STATION
BDDA32011-02-05 140.000243970BAGDAD
BFBU12011-02-05 150.000243816BULLFROG BASIN
BKEC12011-02-05 130.00024994BAKER
BLFU12011-02-06 010.000244334MONTICELLO,UT
BOWA32011-02-05 140.000243766BOWIE
CATA32011-02-05 150.000242671CATALINA STATE PARK
CDPU12011-02-05 130.000246781CEDAR POINT
CHNA32011-02-05 150.000245561CANYON DE CHELLY
CNDU12011-02-05 150.000245069CANYONLANDS-THE NEEDLES
CNMC22011-02-05 150.000245771COLORADO NATIONAL COOP
CNYU12011-02-05 160.000245883CANYONLAND-THE NECK
COLA32011-02-05 120.000245007COLORADO CITY
CRNN52011-02-05 140.000246864CORONA,NM
CTZC22011-02-05 150.000246188CORTEZ COOP & UPPER COLORADO SITE
DLTC22011-02-05 150.000245030DELTA 3E
DMRA32011-02-05 150.00024439640MI.ENE KINGMAN,AZ
DOVC22011-02-05 140.000246883DOVE CREEK
DSNU12011-02-06 020.000245545DUCHESNE
E332011-02-05 230.000247782Y MOTEL
FERU12011-02-05 150.000245932FERRON COOPAB
FGZ2011-02-05 150.000247156FLAGSTAFF, AZ
FLG2011-02-05 120.000247005FLAGSTAFF AP
FLGA32011-02-05 150.000247375FORT VALLEY
FTAC22011-02-05 140.000244524FRUITA COOP
FTMA32011-02-05 140.000242841FORT THOMAS 2 SW
GCNA32011-02-05 150.000246798GRAND CANYON NP 2
GDPC22011-02-05 150.00024633517MI.W GLADE PARK,CO
GJT2011-02-06 030.000244843GRAND JUNCTION, CO
GLWN52011-02-05 230.000245108GLENWOOD,NM
GLWN52011-02-05 230.000125108GLENWOOD,NM
GOBU12011-02-05 150.000244954GOBLIN VALLEY STATE PARK COOP
GTWC22011-02-06 010.000244606GATEWAY COOP
HAFU12011-02-05 150.000246060HAMS FLAT RS
HELU12011-02-05 120.000246086HELPER CARBON UP&L
HOVU12011-02-05 150.000245243HOVENWEEP NM
IGCC22011-02-05 140.000246562IGNACIO SPOTTER
JENU12011-02-06 010.000244760JENSEN COOP
JSTC12011-02-05 130.000242566JOSHUA TREE
JSVC12011-02-05 130.000243163JOHNSON VALLEY
KITA32011-02-05 150.000246729KITT PEAK
KODU12011-02-05 230.000245833KODACHROME BASIN PARK
LAUN22011-02-05 130.00024614LAUGHLIN,NV
LEVU12011-02-06 000.000245315LEVAN
LLUN52011-02-05 150.000244843LOS LUNAS AG SCIENCE CENTER
LOAU12011-02-05 150.000247100LOA
MEXU12011-02-05 140.00024422920MI.WSW BLUFF,UT
MLLC12011-02-05 130.000245994MITCHELL CAVERNS PARK HDQTS
MNYA32011-02-05 140.000247402MCNARY 2N
MOAU12011-02-05 230.000244068MOAB RADIO COOP
MRYN52011-02-05 140.000246217BORIARTY
MSDC22011-02-05 140.000245833MASSADONA
MTIU12011-02-06 010.000245758MANTI
MVCC12011-02-05 130.000243130MORONGO VALLEY NORTH
MXHU12011-02-06 010.000245308MEXICAN HAT 10NNW
NBMU12011-02-05 150.000246535NATURAL BRIDGES
PAGU12011-02-05 150.000246617PANGUITCH
PARC22011-02-05 140.000245584PARADOX
PASC12011-02-05 130.000244806MOUNTAIN PASS 1SE
PIPA32011-02-05 120.000244902MATIONAL MONUMENT
PRDA32011-02-05 140.000242575SAN CARLOS RESERVOIR
PSTA32011-02-05 140.000245515PRESCOTT
PTFA32011-02-05 150.000245407PETRIFIED FOREST NP
RIFU12011-02-06 000.000245289RICHFIELD RADIO KSVC
RNGC22011-02-05 140.000245289RANGELY
ROOA32011-02-05 150.000242388ROOSEVELT
ROSU12011-02-06 000.000245013RADIO STATION KNEU
SCIA32011-02-05 160.000246972SUNSET CRATER NATL MON
SGUA32011-02-05 160.000243087SAGUARO NATIONAL PARK
SOW2011-02-05 150.000246427SHOW LOW
TNMA32011-02-05 150.000243402TUZIGOOT
VEF2011-02-05 130.000242297LAS VEGAS, NV
WALA32011-02-05 160.000246575WALNUT CANYON N.M.
WILA32011-02-05 150.000244160WILCOX
WPTA32011-02-05 160.000244803WUPATKI NM
WVSC12011-02-05 130.000241375TWENTYNINE PALMS 12E - WONDER VALLEY
WVYC12011-02-05 130.000241286AMBOY ROAD EAST
YMSC12011-02-05 130.000243448YUCCA MESA
YUVC12011-02-05 130.000243255YUCCA VALLEY
Data last summarized at February 09 2011 01:09:29 UTC.

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