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Southern Great Lakes Snowfall Observations
from 2010-01-30 07:00 UTC to 2010-01-31 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
1118O_MADIS2010-01-30 1510.16024262PHELPS 6.2 S, NY
3318S_MADIS2010-01-30 138.89024120KENT 1.0 S, NY
9163O_MADIS2010-01-30 126.35024159WALWORTH 1.7 SW, NY
ROC2010-01-30 125.08024163GREATER ROCHESTER INTL
SKAN62010-01-30 135.08024265SKANEATELES
8281H_MADIS2010-01-30 134.82624263MARCELLUS 2.3 NNE, NY
AUBN62010-01-30 124.82624234AUBURN
2185S_MADIS2010-01-31 054.57224130WEBSTER 3.2 W, NY
9041C_MADIS2010-01-30 123.81024115VILLAGE GREEN 2.6 ESE, NY
CHLN62010-01-30 123.30224117CHARLOTTE
SUVN62010-01-30 123.30224178SUNY ESF SYRACUSE
0889H_MADIS2010-01-30 123.04824133ROCHESTER 5.0 WNW, NY
0914H_MADIS2010-01-30 122.79424167PHELPS 4.4 NW, NY
1941H_MADIS2010-01-30 122.79424368ERIE 5.7 SSE, PA
9037C_MADIS2010-01-30 122.79424199DE WITT 1.4 WSW, NY
0805H_MADIS2010-01-30 102.54024432RANDOLPH 2.4 E, NY
0882H_MADIS2010-01-30 122.54024140ROCHESTER 6.6 E, NY
0916H_MADIS2010-01-30 112.54024145OSWEGO 5.0 ESE, NY
5517H_MADIS2010-01-30 132.54024158LOCKPORT 0.8 NE, NY
8984C_MADIS2010-01-30 122.54024161CAYUGA 3.2 ESE, NY
LOWP12010-01-30 122.54024404LOWVILLE
41.8600_080.80002010-01-30 131.01612213ASHTABULA 3S (CLE141)
0809H_MADIS2010-01-30 121.77824321AUBURN 8.3 SSE, NY
41.9300_080.30002010-01-30 121.77824331FRANKLIN CTR (CLE020)
MVIN62010-01-30 131.52424422MAYVILLE
0924H_MADIS2010-01-30 131.27024102MINETTO 0.1 SE, NY
2188S_MADIS2010-01-30 141.27024146BROCKPORT 1.5 ENE, NY
2706S_MADIS2010-01-30 131.27024151ONONDAGA COUNTY, NY
9025C_MADIS2010-01-30 121.27024120BRIDGEPORT 5.4 ESE, NY
BWTN62010-01-30 121.27024111BREWERTON LOCK 23
9850C_MADIS2010-01-30 121.01624174NORTH TONAWANDA 1.0 NNE, NY
42.0500_080.14002010-01-30 130.50812302MILLCREEK TWP. (CLE0145)
0817H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.76224408FREWSBURG 4.3 SSE, NY
7914O_MADIS2010-01-30 110.76224190LOCKPORT 1.1 ENE, NY
9022C_MADIS2010-01-30 120.76224138CANASTOTA 0.9 S, NY
AVON62010-01-30 120.76224165GENESEE R NR - ROCHESTER
MEAP12010-01-30 120.76224360WOODCOCK RSVR
0811H_MADIS2010-01-30 110.50824124MARTVILLE 4.0 SSE, NY
2187S_MADIS2010-01-31 010.50824114WEBSTER 2.5 NE, NY
3170C_MADIS2010-01-30 140.50824119BREWERTON 1.5 ESE, NY
3314S_MADIS2010-01-30 120.50824182WILLIAMSVILLE 4.1 N, NY
42.0800_080.18002010-01-30 120.50824221ERIE AIRPORT (CLE010)
8044O_MADIS2010-01-30 130.5082499WEBSTER 4.4 WNW, NY
9019C_MADIS2010-01-30 120.50824134ONEIDA 0.7 NNE, NY
GENN62010-01-30 130.508242123MI.W GENEVA,NY
1640R_MADIS2010-01-30 110.25424175TONAWANDA 3.1 NE, NY
9159H_MADIS2010-01-30 110.25424188KENMORE 0.3 ESE, NY
SBOP12010-01-30 120.254243193MI.WNW SPRINGBORO,PA
BUF2010-01-30 120.00324214BUFFALO, NY
FRKN62010-01-30 130.0032448418MI.N OLEAN,NY
NALN62010-01-30 120.003245852MI.SW NEW ALBION,NY
PRGN62010-01-30 120.00324373PERRYSBURG
0831H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224185TONAWANDA 0.5 ENE, NY
0832H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224253ELMA 3.5 NE, NY
0839H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224282EAST AURORA 0.1 ENE, NY
0842H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224185WEST SENECA 1.9 W, NY
0874H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224471DANSVILLE 3.6 WSW, NY
0898H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224193LOCKPORT 2.8 ENE, NY
1364H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224215ASHTABULA 2.1 E, OH
1406H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00224328CHAGRIN FALLS 0.7 E, OH
1437H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224381MONTVILLE 1.2 SSE, OH
1464H_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00224234PAINESVILLE 3.8 SSW, OH
1484H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00224232OBERLIN 2.8 E, OH
1506H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224345BRUNSWICK 0.5 NE, OH
1533H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224338STREETSBORO 2.1 SSW, OH
2703S_MADIS2010-01-31 000.00224204WEST SENECA 0.9 E, NY
2704S_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00224222ERIE COUNTY, NY
4766O_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224216WILLIAMSVILLE 2.7 E, NY
4872H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00224342SAEGERTOWN 0.6 WNW, PA
6477O_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00224229NORTH EAST 1.2 WNW, PA
7426O_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00224151MEDINA 0.5 N, NY
9047C_MADIS2010-01-30 110.00224117PHOENIX 2.9 SE, NY
0836H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024244HAMBURG 0.4 WSW, NY
0860H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024135THERESA 2.8 S, NY
0863H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024124WATERTOWN 1.3 WNW, NY
0866H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024190BLACK RIVER 1.0 E, NY
0878H_MADIS2010-01-30 110.00024100HAMLIN 1.1 WSW, NY
0906H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024121DURHAMVILLE 3.5 NNW, NY
1368S_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024447GLENWOOD 1.5 SE, NY
1393H_MADIS2010-01-30 110.00024389SALEM 1.0 NNE, OH
1402H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024258RICHMOND HEIGHTS 0.4 NNE, OH
1436H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024334SOUTH RUSSELL 2.0 W, OH
1468H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024326KIRTLAND 0.9 SW, OH
1481H_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024286WELLINGTON 5.5 SW, OH
1482H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024181SHEFFIELD LAKE 0.5 E, OH
1505H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024368WADSWORTH 4.7 WNW, OH
1526H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024334KENT 2.0 E, OH
1530H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024342RAVENNA 1.4 ESE, OH
1534H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024361HIRAM 0.4 N, OH
1535H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024319KENT 3.6 NE, OH
1545R_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024287NORTH ROYALTON 0.3 SW, OH
1559H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024352AKRON 3.1 E, OH
1560H_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024313MACEDONIA 1.2 WNW, OH
1561H_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024314MACEDONIA 0.7 NNW, OH
1562H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024302CUYAHOGA FALLS 1.1 ESE, OH
1566H_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024302KINSMAN 4.3 SW, OH
2059R_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024326MEDINA 0.6 NNE, OH
2702S_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024311EAST AURORA 1.0 ESE, NY
4544O_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024299CLINTON 3.2 ESE, OH
5328C_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024264ERIE 5.6 SW, PA
7425O_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024233WEST SENECA 2.4 SE, NY
8090O_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024288ERIE COUNTY, NY
8688O_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024472COLDEN 1.4 NNW, NY
9053C_MADIS2010-01-30 110.00024190LACONA 3.6 SSE, NY
9137C_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024180ERIE COUNTY, NY
9930O_MADIS2010-01-30 120.00024257ORCHARD PARK 1.2 SW, NY
BERO12010-01-30 120.00024332BERLIN LAKE DAM
BRCO12010-01-30 120.00024330UNKNOWN
BVLP12010-01-30 120.00024384BLOOMING VALLEY,PA
CHSO12010-01-30 120.00024338CHESTERLAND
CIPO12010-01-30 120.000243582MI.N WESTFIELD CENTER
HIRO12010-01-30 140.00024391HIRAM,OH
JONN62010-01-30 120.00024271GENESSEE R NR @ JONES BRIDGE
MAXO12010-01-30 120.00024364UNKNOWN
MECO12010-01-30 120.00024293UNKNOWN
MOSO12010-01-30 120.00024294DAM
NWCP12010-01-30 120.00024245NEW CASTLE
RAVO12010-01-30 120.00024336WATER PLANT
SOUO12010-01-30 120.00024278UNKNOWN
STWO12010-01-30 120.00024341MONROE FALLS
WOOO12010-01-30 130.00024307EXPERIMENT STN
WRNO12010-01-30 120.00024277LARC R GATE ON THE MAHENING R
Data last summarized at February 03 2010 03:12:28 UTC.

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