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Southern Great Lakes Snow Depth Observations
from 2024-06-23 07:00 UTC to 2024-06-24 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
ABNN62024-06-23 220.000144ALBION
ARCN62024-06-23 120.000437ARCADE
ATAN62024-06-23 100.000408ATTICA 7 SW
AUBN62024-06-23 100.000234AUBURN
AVON62024-06-23 130.000165AVON
BERO12024-06-23 110.000292BERLIN LAKE DAM
BRKN62024-06-23 130.000155BROCKPORT
BRSN62024-06-23 110.000290BRISTOL HARBOUR
BTVN62024-06-23 190.000275BATAVIA
BUF2024-06-24 000.000216BUFFALO, NY
BWTN62024-06-23 110.000111BREWERTON LOCK 23
CAK2024-06-23 120.000366AKRON-CANTON RGNL ARPT
CHRO12024-06-23 120.000348CHARDON,OH
CLE2024-06-23 120.000233CLEVELAND, OH
CODN62024-06-23 110.000473COLDEN
DKKN62024-06-23 120.000196DUNKIRK 1S
DNVN62024-06-23 120.000199DANSVILLE
FUTN62024-06-23 110.000112FULTON
GTBN62024-06-23 120.000205FORT DRUM COOP
IAGN62024-06-23 110.000174NIAGARA FALLS
JSTN62024-06-23 110.000383JAMESTOWN 4 ENE
KRWO12024-06-23 110.000311KIRWAN DAM
KUKN62024-06-23 110.00088LAKESIDE
LAFN62024-06-23 110.000138LA FARGEVILLE
LENN62024-06-23 110.000110LEWISTON
LERN62024-06-23 120.000275LE ROY 1E
LKVN62024-06-23 120.000197LAKE VIEW
LTVN62024-06-23 110.000496LITTLE VALLEY
MACN62024-06-23 110.000143MACEDON
MEDN62024-06-23 110.000166MEDINA
MFD2024-06-23 120.000391LAHM MUNI ARPT
MMRN62024-06-23 120.000268MOUNT MORRIS 2 W
MXON62024-06-23 110.000128MEXICO
NTON62024-06-23 110.000174NORTH TONAWANDA
NY-CQ-222024-06-23 090.000211FREDONIA 0.8 WNW, NY
NY-CQ-412024-06-23 110.000434MAYVILLE 0.2 ESE, NY
NY-CQ-422024-06-23 100.000410DEWITTVILLE 1.0 SSE, NY
NY-CQ-92024-06-23 120.000196DUNKIRK 0.7 SW, NY
NY-ER-1022024-06-23 120.000216CHEEKTOWAGA 2.7 NE, NY
NY-ER-1662024-06-23 110.000495BOSTON 2.5 NE, NY
NY-ER-542024-06-23 120.000179EAST AMHERST 1.2 WNW, NY
NY-ER-562024-06-23 110.000472COLDEN 1.4 NNW, NY
NY-ER-592024-06-23 100.000188KENMORE 0.3 ESE, NY
NY-ER-632024-06-23 120.000447GLENWOOD 1.5 SE, NY
NY-ER-772024-06-23 120.000527COLDEN 2.4 ENE, NY
NY-MR-152024-06-24 040.000156BROCKPORT 0.6 WNW, NY
NY-MR-212024-06-23 110.000170PITTSFORD 4.0 SSE, NY
NY-MR-652024-06-23 120.000178SCOTTSVILLE 0.4 NW, NY
NY-MR-892024-06-23 130.000163ROCHESTER 5.7 W, NY
NY-NG-22024-06-23 110.000174NORTH TONAWANDA 1.0 NNE, NY
NY-OG-102024-06-23 090.000235CAMILLUS 1.0 W, NY
NY-OS-152024-06-23 120.000102MINETTO 0.1 SE, NY
NY-OS-382024-06-23 110.000128MEXICO COOP, NY
NY-WN-182024-06-23 110.000160MACEDON 2.6 ESE, NY
NY-WN-62024-06-23 120.000149PALMYRA 1.6 NW, NY
OBEO12024-06-23 120.000248OBERLIN,OH
OH-AS-22024-06-23 110.000359ASHLAND 3.9 SW, OH
OH-CY-162024-06-24 040.000335PARMA 1.8 SE, OH
OH-CY-392024-06-23 120.000217WESTLAKE 0.5 SSW, OH
OH-GG-72024-06-23 120.000357MIDDLEFIELD 0.6 NE, OH
OH-LK-252024-06-23 110.000185WILLOUGHBY 3.2 N, OH
OH-LR-252024-06-23 110.000214NORTH RIDGEVILLE 2.5 NE, OH
OH-LR-82024-06-23 110.000218ELYRIA 0.4 SE, OH
OH-MD-22024-06-23 110.000345BRUNSWICK 0.5 NE, OH
OH-SM-392024-06-23 110.000371TALLMADGE 0.8 NNE, OH
OH-SM-52024-06-23 110.000302CUYAHOGA FALLS 1.1 ESE, OH
OH-TR-42024-06-23 110.000280NEWTON FALLS 0.6 N, OH
OSWN62024-06-23 210.000102OSWEGO
PENN62024-06-23 110.000177PENDLETON 1 NE
PLMN62024-06-23 100.000139PALERMO 2SSE
PRGN62024-06-23 110.000373PERRYSBURG
PULN62024-06-23 100.000120PULASKI
PVLN62024-06-23 110.000355PAVILION 2
RUHN62024-06-23 100.000466RUSHFORD
SBOP12024-06-23 110.000310SPRINGBORO
SDSN62024-06-23 110.000143SODUS
SGVN62024-06-23 110.000513SPRINGVILLE
SILN62024-06-23 120.000185SILVER CREEK
STWO12024-06-23 110.000341MONROE FALLS
SVSN62024-06-23 110.000452SILVER SPRINGS 3N
WBSN62024-06-24 000.000111WEBSTER 2 NE
WLSN62024-06-23 110.000349WALES
WRSN62024-06-23 110.000564WARSAW 6 SW
WYON62024-06-23 110.000481WYOMING 3W
YGTN62024-06-23 230.00094YOUNGSTOWN
Data last summarized at June 30 2024 12:03:59 UTC.

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