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Southern Appalachia Snowfall Observations
from 2008-12-17 07:00 UTC to 2008-12-18 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
WCHV22008-12-17 130.10024712WINCHESTER,VA
0847O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000243304CRESTON 2.8 SW, NC
0871O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000241752SURGOINSVILLE 5.6 NNE, TN
2329O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000242133COVINGTON 4.1 E, VA
4282C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000243990WAYNESVILLE 2.7 W, NC
6308C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024833HARRIMAN 4.5 SW, TN
7170O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024659RESACA 2.8 WSW, GA
7314C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241010MASCOT 1.4 NNE, TN
7429C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000241893RADFORD 0.9 WNW, VA
7648C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241391MORRISTOWN 1.5 NW, TN
8350O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000242152BREVARD 0.7 NNE, NC
8479O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243389LINVILLE FALLS 0.5 NW, NC
8743C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000242989SPARTA 3.5 SSW, NC
8745C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243314FLAT SPRINGS 1.2 E, NC
8747C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000242192WEAVERVILLE 4.7 NNW, NC
8748C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000242487BUNCOMBE COUNTY, NC
8775C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000242503TRANSYLVANIA COUNTY, NC
9314C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000243369BOONE 0.6 N, NC
9771C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000243140BAKERSVILLE 2.5 SE, NC
9939C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243465WAYNESVILLE 4.7 NW, NC
9940C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000242454EAST FLAT ROCK 2.1 W, NC
9947C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243606BLOWING ROCK 2.2 NE, NC
ABIV22008-12-17 130.000241926ABINGDON 3S
ALDW22008-12-17 120.000241555ALDERSON,WV
ALTG12008-12-17 120.00024889ATLANTA BOLTON
BCHN72008-12-17 120.000245059FRED'S STORE
BCKW22008-12-17 120.000242356V A HOSPITAL
BELN72008-12-17 120.000243730BANNER ELK
BGBK22008-12-17 130.000244114BIG BLACK
BGIV22008-12-17 120.000245746MI.SE HOLCOMBS ROCK,VA
BLGN72008-12-17 120.0002438421MI.NW BLOWING ROCK,NC
BLUW22008-12-17 120.000241378BLUESTONE DAM
BOON72008-12-17 120.000243461BOONE,NC
BUCV22008-12-17 120.000241010BUCHANAN,VA
CLWV22008-12-18 050.000171814CLINTWOOD,VA
CRBV22008-12-17 120.0002421001MI.SE CHRISTIANBURG,VA
CSPK22008-12-17 120.000241749CLOSPLINT,KY
GDMV22008-12-17 130.000241768GATHRIGHT DAM
GRUV22008-12-17 120.000242156GRUNDY,VA
KGST12008-12-17 130.00024758KINGSTON,TN
LENN72008-12-17 130.000241148LENOIR
LRYV22008-12-17 150.0002413945MI.E LURAY,VA
LSPN72008-12-17 130.000242943STATION NAME TRANSOU
LURV22008-12-17 150.000243553BIG MEADOWS
LWBW22008-12-17 120.0002421462MI.SSW LEWISBURG,WV
LXGV22008-12-17 120.00024922LID 1178/1179 - MAVRY R. AT H20 PLANT
MCTG12008-12-17 130.000243451MOUNTAIN CITY 2SW
MRX2008-12-18 050.000241345KNOXVILLE/TRI-CITIES, TN
PENV22008-12-17 120.000241378PENNINGTON,VA
PSKV22008-12-17 120.000241932PULASKI,VA
RADV22008-12-17 130.000241896RADFORD,VA
RCLV22008-12-17 120.000241939MIDDLE CREEK
TROV22008-12-17 120.0002427133MI.SSE TROUT DALE,VA
TZET12008-12-17 120.000241266SEWAGE PLANT
WATN72008-12-18 050.000241755WATERVILLE POWER PLANT CO-OP
WYTV22008-12-17 120.0002420901MI.S WYTHEVILLE,VA
Data last summarized at December 21 2008 03:19:04 UTC.

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