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Southern Appalachia Snow Depth Observations
from 2012-12-08 07:00 UTC to 2012-12-09 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
0997H_MADIS2012-12-08 130.000911SPARTA 3.5 SSW, NC
1008H_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000758ASHEVILLE 5.7 NNW, NC
1582B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000654ASHEVILLE 1.2 NNW, NC
1972B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000698RONCEVERTE 4.0 SE, WV
3234O_MADIS2012-12-08 130.000351OCONEE COUNTY, SC
3642H_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000819INDEPENDENCE 2.2 E, VA
3644H_MADIS2012-12-09 050.000717MUSTOE 1.2 SW, VA
3740B_MADIS2012-12-08 140.0001017BLOWING ROCK 1.6 SSE, NC
3891B_MADIS2012-12-08 130.000672ASHEVILLE 3.8 E, NC
6308C_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000228HARRIMAN 4.5 SW, TN
6328S_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000679ARDEN 2.9 WNW, NC
6848B_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000781WEAVERVILLE 5.6 E, NC
7429C_MADIS2012-12-08 110.000577RADFORD 0.9 WNW, VA
7537S_MADIS2012-12-08 130.000403COVINGTON 4.1 E, VA
7544S_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000779GALAX 6.1 N, VA
7691A_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000678DILLARD 0.7 NNW, GA
9311C_MADIS2012-12-08 120.0001145BLOWING ROCK 4.4 NE, NC
9314C_MADIS2012-12-08 130.0001027BOONE 0.6 N, NC
9773C_MADIS2012-12-08 120.000992WATAUGA COUNTY, NC
9939C_MADIS2012-12-08 120.0001056WAYNESVILLE 4.7 NW, NC
ABIV22012-12-09 030.000587ABINGDON 3S
ALDW22012-12-08 120.000469ALDERSON
ALTG12012-12-08 130.000280ATLANTA BOLTON
BBGV22012-12-08 120.000653BLACKSBURG NWSO
BCKW22012-12-08 120.000718V A HOSPITAL
BEDV22012-12-08 120.000372BEDFORD 4 NW
BGIV22012-12-08 120.000289HOLCOMB ROCK
BLFW22012-12-08 120.000766BLUEFIELD
BLUW22012-12-08 120.000422BLUESTONE LAKE
BOON72012-12-08 110.0001029BOONE 1SE
BUCV22012-12-08 130.000268BUCHANAN
BURV22012-12-08 120.000949BURKES GARDEN
BUVV22012-12-08 120.000250BUENA VISTA
CFPV22012-12-08 120.000380COVINGTON FILTER PLANT
COHV22012-12-08 120.000776COPPER HILL
CRBV22012-12-08 130.000651CHRISTIANSBURG
DALV22012-12-08 120.000406DALE ENTERPRISE COOP
ERWT12012-12-08 120.0005011MI.W ERWIN,TN
FSTW22012-12-08 120.000932FROST 3NE
GAAV22012-12-08 120.000720GALAX WATER PLANT
GDMV22012-12-08 120.000541GATHRIGHT DAM
GLAV22012-12-08 120.000229GLASGOW 1 SE
GRUV22012-12-08 120.000319GRUNDY
GTLT12012-12-08 110.0004522MI.SW GATLINBURG,TN
HTSN72012-12-08 120.000403FRENCH BROAD @ HOT SPRINGS
JASG12012-12-08 120.000449JASPER
JHNT12012-12-08 120.000493JOHNSON CITY
LBOV22012-12-08 120.000661WATER TREATMENT PLANT
LKMT12012-12-08 130.000647WITHIN CITY LIMITS
LRYV22012-12-08 150.000357LURAY 5E COOP
LSPN72012-12-08 120.000873TRANSOU
LWBW22012-12-08 120.000698LEWISBURG 3 N
LXGV22012-12-08 120.000332LEXINGTON
MABG12012-12-08 120.000306MABLETON
MILV22012-12-08 110.000737MILL GAP COOP
MRX2012-12-09 050.000410KNOXVILLE/TRI-CITIES, TN
MTAN72012-12-08 120.000331MOUNT AIRY 2 W
MTLT12012-12-08 120.00019345MI.SE GATLINBURG,TN
NFGT12012-12-08 130.0001551NEW FOUND GAP
NORV22012-12-08 120.000812NORA 4 SSE
NPTT12012-12-09 050.0003151MI.NW NEWPORT,TN
NWBN72012-12-08 120.000341NORTH WILKESBORO
NWCV22012-12-08 120.000497NEW CASTLE
PDLV22012-12-08 120.000323PEDLAR DAM
PICS12012-12-08 120.000325PICKENS
PRIW22012-12-08 120.000734PRINCETON
RADV22012-12-08 120.000550RADFORD 3N
RGRT12012-12-08 140.0004161MI.NE ROGERSVILLE,TN
ROAV22012-12-08 120.000349ROANOKE 8 N
SNOW22012-12-08 110.0001447SNOWSHOE
STEG12012-12-08 120.000491SAUTEE 3WSW
TNST12012-12-08 120.000587TOWNSEND 5S
TROV22012-12-08 100.000869TROUTDALE 3 SSE
TZET12012-12-08 120.000386SEWAGE PLANT
WLKN72012-12-08 130.000328W. KERR SCOTT RESERVOIR
WSTV22012-12-08 120.000190WINCHESTER 7SE COOP
WSUW22012-12-08 120.000600WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS
WYTV22012-12-08 110.000658WYTHEVILLE 1 S
Data last summarized at December 12 2012 03:02:57 UTC.

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