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South Snowfall Observations
from 2008-12-17 07:00 UTC to 2008-12-18 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
FRST22008-12-17 130.00124745FRISCO,TX
0100O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024522ST. CLAIR COUNTY, AL
0111O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024335HOLT 11.4 SSE, AL
0123O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426CAPE CANAVERAL 0.6 ESE, FL
0131O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000247SEBASTIAN 1.4 NNE, FL
0140O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024112ZEPHYRHILLS WEST 2.2 SW, FL
0142O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002479PALM HARBOR 3.4 SE, FL
0143O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002492LADY LAKE 5.0 W, FL
0224O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241558MASON 0.8 SSE, TX
0232O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024449EMORY 5.6 ENE, TX
0240O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024328BRENHAM 7.2 SW, TX
0272O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024866HORSESHOE BAY 1.1 WSW, TX
0287O_MADIS2008-12-17 170.00024266DOTHAN 1.8 WNW, AL
0317O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024108GAINESVILLE 8.1 SW, FL
0319O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002446ORANGE PARK 3.0 WNW, FL
0324O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.0002430NICEVILLE 4.5 SE, FL
0325O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.0002439SHALIMAR 1.0 N, FL
0331O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002449LONGWOOD 2.3 WNW, FL
0332O_MADIS2008-12-17 110.000243EDGEWATER 2.4 N, FL
0393O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241158GRANITE SHOALS 4.6 NNE, TX
0395O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024417YOAKUM 6.2 WNW, TX
0401O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241650LEAKEY 1.5 ENE, TX
0402O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024725GEORGETOWN 2.5 NE, TX
0436O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002423DESTIN 1.0 E, FL
0517O_MADIS2008-12-17 220.0002423JACKSONVILLE BEACH 4.4 WNW, FL
0519O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430SUN CITY CENTER 2.2 SW, FL
0520O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002459LUTZ 2.2 SSE, FL
0521O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002466NICEVILLE 3.4 ESE, FL
0529O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002413SEMINOLE 1.1 SSE, FL
0631O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241194SAN SABA 7.3 ENE, TX
0709O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426VERO BEACH SOUTH 10.0 W, FL
0719O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024226DE FUNIAK SPRINGS 12.5 NW, FL
0786O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002495FOLEY 0.5 ESE, AL
0788O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024449CLIO 0.2 SSW, AL
0791O_MADIS2008-12-18 010.00024400NEW BROCKTON 4.2 NE, AL
0810O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430ROCKLEDGE 1.1 WSW, FL
0814O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002410SUNRISE 1.3 N, FL
0817O_MADIS2008-12-17 170.00024200CRESTVIEW 1.9 SE, FL
0818O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024207CRESTVIEW 2.8 NNW, FL
0898O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241391CAMP WOOD 5.02 SSE, TX
0945O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430BRANDON 2.6 SW, FL
0946O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002439MANATEE COUNTY, FL
1044O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241152DEL RIO 5.7 NW, TX
1079O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024161SEBRING 3.1 W, FL
1287O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024420LAREDO 2.4 S, TX
1298O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002449JACKSONVILLE 8.8 E, FL
1306O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002420SARASOTA SPRINGS 0.9 SE, FL
1307O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002420VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL
1684O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024190MOBILE 7.4 W, AL
1765O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002439PALM SHORES 4.3 NNW, FL
1770O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002436JACKSONVILLE BEACH 4.5 W, FL
1772O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002475BASSVILLE PARK 1.0 NE, FL
1780O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002459WELAKA 4.9 N, FL
1783O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002469LIVE OAK 9.1 NW, FL
1914O_MADIS2008-12-17 060.0002416PORT VINCENT 4.4 W, LA
1917O_MADIS2008-12-17 220.0002413GONZALES 4.0 S, LA
1933O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002443BATON ROUGE 3.5 E, LA
1937O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002433SHENANDOAH 2.1 W, LA
1952O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000247VILLAGE ST. GEORGE 3.2 S, LA
2293O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024778CELINA 7.3 NE, TX
2305O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000242041KERRVILLE 7.5 N, TX
2306O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000242024HARPER 1.4 S, TX
2319O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241736KERRVILLE 2.6 SSW, TX
2327O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000241211ELECTRA 0.1 SE, TX
2356O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024174JASPER 5.5 S, FL
2372O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002420ABITA SPRINGS 0.8 WSW, LA
2416O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024177GAINESVILLE 3.8 W, FL
2431O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024381EL CENIZO 2.5 NNE, TX
2432O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024407EL CENIZO 8.8 E, TX
2433O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024466LAREDO 2.7 N, TX
2455O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002456TALLAHASSEE 6.1 E, FL
2476O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024118NATCHITOCHES 0.9 NE, LA
2552C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024932AUSTIN 7.5 N, TX
2554C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024804GEORGETOWN 1.2 W, TX
2583O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002495FROSTPROOF 3.1 ENE, FL
2637O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024735PLANO 2.5 WSW, TX
2647O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.0002498BONIFAY 7.1 N, FL
2648O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024118WESTVILLE 12.7 N, FL
2652O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024171TALLAHASSEE 8.3 N, FL
2656O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002426ST. MARKS 9.2 W, FL
2694O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024157TALLAHASSEE 3.5 N, FL
2700O_MADIS2008-12-17 160.0002410BAY PINES 1.5 E, FL
2733O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024171BOSSIER CITY 6.7 NNW, LA
2800O_MADIS2008-12-17 100.00024486WACO 4.2 SE, TX
2825O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024177MONTICELLO 3.6 WSW, FL
2827O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024135TALLAHASSEE 3.1 NW, FL
2881O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002430CALALLEN 3.5 SSE, TX
2882O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430CORPUS CHRISTI 3.6 W, TX
2916O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002430CORPUS CHRISTI 3.2 SSW, TX
2934O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024213MONTICELLO 9.8 SW, FL
2937O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024157TALLAHASSEE 14.2 NE, FL
2943O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002410ENGLEWOOD 2.0 NNW, FL
2944O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024915NEWNAN 7.5 NE, GA
2945O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024210HAHIRA 3.6 SE, GA
3003O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.0002413NORTH CHARLESTON 2.9 WNW, SC
3025O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002466BISHOP 0.9 ENE, TX
3028O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024853LAGO VISTA 1.4 SSW, TX
3032O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024722ROUND ROCK 1.0 S, TX
3033O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024817GEORGETOWN 1.9 SSW, TX
3034O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024928CEDAR PARK 1.0 ESE, TX
3061O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024144OCOEE 0.5 SSW, FL
3087O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002413CHARLESTON 6.4 NW, SC
3152O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002413BLUFFTON 2.3 NNE, SC
3165O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002416MCCLELLANVILLE 0.2 ESE, SC
3204O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024614CELINA 4.4 WSW, TX
3213O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024902OAK HILL 1.1 WSW, TX
3214O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024689AUSTIN 4.2 NW, TX
3215C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002436RIO HONDO 9.4 NE, TX
3215O_MADIS2008-12-17 210.00024741SUNSET VALLEY 2.0 SW, TX
3218O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024889BRUSHY CREEK 2.4 SW, TX
3241O_MADIS2008-12-17 100.0002475LAKE COUNTY, FL
3296O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.0002466EDNA 4.6 SSE, TX
3298O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241161BRACKETTVILLE 1.2 SW, TX
3357O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002452BLUFFTON 6.2 WNW, SC
3387C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024705SANGER 1.8 WSW, TX
3393C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024633LORENA 5.5 NW, TX
3471C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024341TIFTON 5.5 E, GA
3536O_MADIS2008-12-18 000.000242014WELLINGTON 0.7 SSE, TX
3540O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241785INGRAM 2.7 W, TX
3611O_MADIS2008-12-17 110.0002443JACKSONVILLE 7.3 SW, FL
3616O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024135HAINES CITY 3.3 SSW, FL
3718C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.0002439DONALDSONVILLE 4.5 SW, LA
3725O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002489REEVESVILLE 1.0 SSE, SC
3755O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000241240HORSESHOE BAY 2.7 S, TX
3822O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024761CROWLEY 0.4 S, TX
3825C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002492LADY LAKE 1.2 W, FL
3847C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024180DAISY 3.4 NNE, GA
3852O_MADIS2008-12-17 180.00024177KEYSTONE HEIGHTS 9.1 NE, FL
3853O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002443FRUIT COVE 6.1 N, FL
3982O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.0002433NORTH CHARLESTON 2.6 NW, SC
4025O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024850HORSESHOE BAY 1.9 NNW, TX
4050O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002443OKALOOSA COUNTY, FL
4053O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024157BELLVILLE 2.8 N, GA
4100O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000247PORT CHARLOTTE 6.4 W, FL
4102O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024125LAKE PLACID 3.8 W, FL
4115O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024495DANVILLE 3.3 W, GA
4118C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002420VERO BEACH 11.4 NW, FL
4151O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002420GRAY 0.5 ENE, LA
4208O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024486PALESTINE 1.8 E, TX
4213O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024417OAKWOOD 5.2 WSW, TX
4214O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024807SAGINAW 1.5 WNW, TX
4243C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000247NEW SMYRNA BEACH 2.9 SW, FL
4266O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002466BLUFFTON 2.4 NNW, SC
4305O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002416RICHMOND HILL 0.5 NE, GA
4313O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024417MARTINEZ 0.7 WSW, GA
4447O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024860ARDMORE 9.8 SSW, OK
4475O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002466LUTZ 4.2 WNW, FL
4478O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002420WILMINGTON ISLAND 1.7 NNE, GA
4487C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002426CORPUS CHRISTI 4.1 SW, TX
4529O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241037BUCHANAN DAM 4.4 NNE, TX
4546O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024276BARBOUR COUNTY, AL
4594O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002433JACKSONVILLE 3.8 ESE, FL
4595O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002479BROOKRIDGE 2.2 WSW, FL
4675O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002489WASHINGTON COUNTY, FL
4724O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024233CRESTVIEW 13.1 ENE, FL
4736O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024344WRIGHTSVILLE 0.3 N, GA
4738O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024121AUGUSTA 2.3 E, GA
4828C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024102MISSION BEND 1.4 N, TX
4835O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024866TANGLEWOOD FOREST 3.5 NW, TX
4872O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024220DUBLIN 6.3 SW, GA
4875O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024157MANOR 2.1 SE, GA
4894O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024951LEANDER 2.5 ESE, TX
4908O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241115BRACKETTVILLE 0.8 S, TX
4910O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241224SAN SABA 0.4 E, TX
4978O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024443GILMER 6.1 W, TX
4979O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024568LAREDO 18.4 NE, TX
5070O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024246DOUGLAS 2.5 WSW, GA
5079O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024325RENTZ 8.7 SE, GA
5085O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024256COOLIDGE 3.2 SSW, GA
5132O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241099BRACKETTVILLE 5.8 ESE, TX
5171O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024180LAKE PARK 2.8 W, GA
5172O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002459DARIEN 4.2 NNE, GA
5475C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241745SANTA ANNA 0.5 E, TX
5585C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024558MARTINDALE 1.7 NNW, TX
6025C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002452BROWNSVILLE 6.4 SE, TX
6026C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024561SHADY SHORES 3.9 N, TX
6188C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002439CAMERON COUNTY, TX
6398O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024472ROCKWALL 2.6 NNW, TX
6413O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024285COCHRAN 4.9 S, GA
6417O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024295MOULTRIE 6.2 SW, GA
6435O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024449AMERICUS 0.4 SE, GA
6437O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024335TIFTON 5.6 N, GA
6438O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024344TIFTON 1.4 ENE, GA
6493O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024279GOLIAD 11.5 N, TX
6499O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024758EDGECLIFF 3.2 W, TX
6542O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024361MILLEDGEVILLE 6.5 SSE, GA
6561O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024413SYLVESTER 5.5 WSW, GA
6609C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000242198INGRAM 14.2 NW, TX
6619O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024715KYLE 2.3 NE, TX
6621O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000242100MERKEL 5.8 SW, TX
6758O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241119BRACKETTVILLE 2.0 W, TX
6759O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241125BRACKETTVILLE 1.9 W, TX
6760O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241115BRACKETTVILLE 3.6 W, TX
6815C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024187VICTORIA 13.6 WNW, TX
6816C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024436BURTON 6.9 SSW, TX
6906C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024719ROUND ROCK 3.6 ENE, TX
6914C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241352FAIR OAKS RANCH 2.2 NNW, TX
7009C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024715EL INDIO 19.7 SSE, TX
7020O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024663NEW BRAUNFELS 1.4 E, TX
7152C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002439BROWNSVILLE 4.1 E, TX
7163O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024184OCALA 2.8 SSE, FL
7165O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430NORTH PORT 1.2 NNW, FL
7236C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024305LA JOYA 11.1 N, TX
7319C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000241640LEAKEY 0.8 N, TX
7369O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002439SPRING HILL 2.4 NW, FL
7382O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024226LAKELAND 7.2 NNW, GA
7418O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024344STARKVILLE 0.8 SW, MS
7424C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024820GEORGETOWN 5.5 NNW, TX
7550O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002498DE LAND 5.7 NW, FL
7561O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002423GONZALES 3.7 N, LA
7614O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002430CORPUS CHRISTI 4.3 WSW, TX
7697O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002436WAKULLA COUNTY, FL
7713O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.000241063ANDICE 1.6 SW, TX
7802C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241243DRIPPING SPRINGS 4.3 E, TX
7892O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243METAIRIE 1.7 NW, LA
7952O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024141LAKELAND 5.3 WNW, FL
7955C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000242356ROCKSPRINGS 5.4 NW, TX
7994O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024344MERIDIAN 3.2 NW, MS
8064C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002443CORPUS CHRISTI 8.0 WNW, TX
8092O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024361EUFAULA 1.3 SSW, AL
8099O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024223BROOKSVILLE 1.2 E, FL
8100O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024131LAKE PLACID 5.4 S, FL
8102O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024128LAKELAND 6.9 SW, FL
8103O_MADIS2008-12-17 110.00024180FROSTPROOF 4.6 SW, FL
8183O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024689CHAPARROSA RANCH, TX
8184O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024735HWY 57 FARM, TX
8185O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024712PALOMO LODGE, TX
8186O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024656PESCADO, TX
8187O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024719SOUTH BIG WILLIAMS, TX
8188O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024735VAT, TX
8189O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024630YOUNDBLOOD, TX
8190O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024679MCNALLY, TX
8192O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024666GALAN, TX
8193O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024663BEEF HOLLOW FARM, TX
8194O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024630SOUTH FLOWING WELLS, TX
8195O_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024722TRIANGLE, TX
8265C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241693VANDERPOOL 1.4 SE, TX
8278C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024833BUDA 4.6 WNW, TX
8279C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241037JACKSBORO 12.4 NW, TX
8279O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024108TALLAHASSEE 6.1 SE, FL
8280O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002495THE VILLAGES 2.6 NW, FL
8281O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024105THE VILLAGES 2.7 NNW, FL
8282C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241499COMFORT 11.5 ENE, TX
8284C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024758MOODY 4.0 E, TX
8285C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000242103CAMP WOOD 7.3 NE, TX
8288C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024778WEST LAKE HILLS 2.4 NNW, TX
8288O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024328PRIDGEN 1.5 NE, GA
8293C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024732AUSTIN 2.9 NE, TX
8300C_MADIS2008-12-18 010.000241047LEANDER 1.6 NW, TX
8301C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024906BRUSHY CREEK 2.3 SW, TX
8323O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024390MERIDIAN 7.7 NNW, MS
8387O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024174LEON COUNTY, FL
8429O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002439GREEN COVE SPRINGS 6.8 SSE, FL
8430O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002433CLEWISTON 21.1 SSW, FL
8433O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002479ST. CLOUD 0.1 WNW, FL
8437O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002439SARASOTA 4.9 SE, FL
8439C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024794MARBLE FALLS 2.7 SE, TX
8497O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241135BRACKETTVILLE 6.0 NW, TX
8500O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024135EL CAMPO 1.0 NW, TX
8519O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024164SEBRING 3.2 W, FL
8558C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241230DRIPPING SPRINGS 5.2 E, TX
8561C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241398GOLDTHWAITE 5.1 WNW, TX
8564C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024735LAGO VISTA 3.7 ESE, TX
8569O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002436JACKSONVILLE 11.4 ESE, FL
8592C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241047PERRIN 3.0 ENE, TX
8594O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024308MERIDIAN 2.9 SW, MS
8622O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024614FAIRVIEW 1.5 ESE, TX
8635O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241870ABILENE 7.9 S, TX
8647O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024515NORTH AUGUSTA 3.3 N, SC
8662O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024860PEACHTREE CITY 1.1 ESE, GA
8692O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002433MELBOURNE 8.2 NW, FL
8694O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024154JENNINGS 5.8 WSW, FL
8699C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024755EAGLE PASS 7.9 SSE, TX
8732O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024358MERIDIAN 3.5 NW, MS
8772O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241001ANDERSON MILL 1.4 NW, TX
8816C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241243JOHNSON CITY 0.8 WNW, TX
8822O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024289DOTHAN 5.0 W, AL
8826O_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002492DUVAL COUNTY, FL
8855O_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024315STARKVILLE 7.2 SW, MS
8919O_MADIS2008-12-17 150.00024535TAYLOR 6.4 E, TX
8935C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241148BUCHANAN DAM 5.6 NE, TX
8938C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.000241463CALLAHAN COUNTY, TX
9221C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024837MARBLE FALLS 0.7 NW, TX
9222C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024938SPICEWOOD 4.4 NW, TX
9223C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024728SPICEWOOD 1.4 SE, TX
9224C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002446PORT LAVACA 0.9 NW, TX
9228C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024161GOLIAD 2.4 SE, TX
9230C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241312DRIPPING SPRINGS 8.4 W, TX
9259C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024246QUINCY 6.0 SW, FL
9260C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002443HERNANDO COUNTY, FL
9261C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002466HERNANDO COUNTY, FL
9263C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002469PLANT CITY 6.4 NW, FL
9271C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002430NICEVILLE 3.6 SE, FL
9272C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002485OKALOOSA COUNTY, FL
9277C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243SARASOTA 3.1 ESE, FL
9279C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002469WILDWOOD 6.9 NNE, FL
9280C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002420VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL
9330C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002469BAY CITY 1.0 NE, TX
9344C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024105HIGHLANDS COUNTY, FL
9345C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002479BRANDON 3.8 E, FL
9351C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430PORT CHARLOTTE 2.9 NE, FL
9352C_MADIS2008-12-17 110.000247PUNTA GORDA 1.0 NNW, FL
9353C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243PUNTA GORDA 9.6 S, FL
9355C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002449GREEN COVE SPRINGS 6.2 N, FL
9357C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002492BLOOMINGDALE 3.2 NE, FL
9358C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002462TAMPA 10.8 NW, FL
9359C_MADIS2008-12-17 100.0002436RIVERVIEW 3.3 ESE, FL
9362C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002436TAMPA 5.1 S, FL
9366C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000247LONGBOAT KEY 1.4 NW, FL
9369C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426LARGO 2.2 ESE, FL
9373C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002433SARASOTA COUNTY, FL
9375C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426SARASOTA COUNTY, FL
9389C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002452TALLAHASSEE 10.8 SE, FL
9401C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002436PALM BAY 2.6 SSE, FL
9402C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002443MIMS 7.5 NNW, FL
9409C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024125INVERNESS 1.6 WSW, FL
9414C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002443NORTH NAPLES 4.8 NNE, FL
9426C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002459BLOOMINGDALE 0.8 ESE, FL
9430C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002443BRANDON 2.1 SSW, FL
9431C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024151PLANT CITY 3.4 E, FL
9432C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002479SUN CITY CENTER 1.0 NE, FL
9435C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002439LEHIGH ACRES 4.2 WSW, FL
9445C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002485BRONSON 3.0 SE, FL
9448C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002489BELLEVIEW 6.0 SSE, FL
9449C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002495LADY LAKE 4.8 WNW, FL
9452C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426LINDGREN ACRES 0.5 WSW, FL
9457C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002416CUDJOE KEY 0.9 SSW, FL
9459C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002426ISLAMORADA 7.8 SW, FL
9474C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002433SOUTH PASADENA 1.0 NE, FL
9476C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000243REDINGTON SHORES 0.3 SE, FL
9481C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002439ST. PETERSBURG 2.3 SSW, FL
9482C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024141AUBURNDALE 3.0 SSW, FL
9493C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002436LAKE SARASOTA 4.0 ESE, FL
9496C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000247EDGEWATER 3.3 SE, FL
9498C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002456DE LEON SPRINGS 0.4 SE, FL
9499C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002452MIRAMAR BEACH 9.5 ESE, FL
9559C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002498VICTORIA 1.3 E, TX
9564C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002413MICCO 4.5 NW, FL
9567C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002443JACKSONVILLE 7.5 E, FL
9576C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002443GIBSONTON 1.5 SE, FL
9579C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002416PALMETTO 1.2 W, FL
9587C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002413ENGLEWOOD 2.5 WNW, FL
9588C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426GULF GATE ESTATES 1.0 S, FL
9597C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024187AVON PARK 0.6 NW, FL
9599C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002472CARROLLWOOD 1.7 SE, FL
9600C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002482LUTZ 2.1 NE, FL
9602C_MADIS2008-12-17 100.0002449WEST PARK 0.4 S, FL
9603C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002479TAMPA 6.5 NNE, FL
9608C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024177CRESTVIEW 3.0 NE, FL
9612C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002492ZEPHYRHILLS 3.8 WSW, FL
9616C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002423ST. PETERSBURG 3.9 N, FL
9621C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024148DUNDEE 0.3 NW, FL
9626C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024144INWOOD 3.9 SSW, FL
9643C_MADIS2008-12-17 110.000241532BOERNE 2.0 WNW, TX
9644C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024154BROOKSVILLE 5.5 SE, FL
9662C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024135MACCLENNY 2.5 S, FL
9664C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002433MALABAR 2.9 NNW, FL
9666C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002420MELBOURNE BEACH 3.9 SSE, FL
9671C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002410ROTONDA 0.8 WNW, FL
9673C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002459CRYSTAL RIVER 5.2 NNE, FL
9675C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002413JACKSONVILLE 5.9 SW, FL
9685C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024161GONZALEZ 2.5 NNW, FL
9687C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002472TRENTON 8.0 ENE, FL
9691C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002452WEEKI WACHEE 3.0 N, FL
9693C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024108BLOOMINGDALE 7.6 ESE, FL
9694C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002472LUTZ 3.2 W, FL
9696C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002436TAMPA 4.4 SSW, FL
9700C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002475UNIVERSITY WEST 2.0 WNW, FL
9703C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024249MONTICELLO 0.2 ESE, FL
9705C_MADIS2008-12-17 150.0002420NORTH FORT MYERS 3.8 NE, FL
9707C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024138TALLAHASSEE 1.3 SW, FL
9708C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002430ELLENTON 6.9 E, FL
9718C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002436MARY ESTHER 0.4 WNW, FL
9725C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024203DADE CITY 4.7 WNW, FL
9731C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002466CLEARWATER 2.2 S, FL
9733C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.000247PALM HARBOR 0.5 NW, FL
9736C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024233LAKELAND HIGHLANDS 0.3 SE, FL
9738C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024154POLK COUNTY, FL
9739C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024148INTERLACHEN 10.4 NNE, FL
9743C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002420VENICE 0.7 SW, FL
9750C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002426ORMOND BEACH 3.5 SE, FL
9788C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024774SELMA 0.6 WSW, TX
9834C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.000241637LEAKEY 0.7 N, TX
9836C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024866ANDERSON MILL 2.2 S, TX
9840C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024689SUNSET VALLEY 0.7 SE, TX
9841C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024840UVALDE 0.8 N, TX
9864C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024719PFLUGERVILLE 0.6 ENE, TX
9866C_MADIS2008-12-17 140.00024151BROOKER 6.6 SSE, FL
9867C_MADIS2008-12-17 110.0002413LAKESIDE 2.9 S, FL
9870C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002420NEPTUNE BEACH 0.5 NNW, FL
9874C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002456BRANDON 2.7 N, FL
9875C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.0002449RUSKIN 1.8 ESE, FL
9890C_MADIS2008-12-17 110.00024190KEYSTONE HEIGHTS 7.6 ENE, FL
9893C_MADIS2008-12-17 120.00024135SEBRING 3.9 SSW, FL
9894C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002452BLOOMINGDALE 3.3 ENE, FL
9904C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.0002475POINCIANA PLACE 2.6 NNW, FL
9907C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024112ZEPHYRHILLS 3.4 NNW, FL
9957C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024440BASTROP 3.5 SE, TX
9965C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024794GRANBURY 7.6 SSE, TX
9969C_MADIS2008-12-17 130.00024817BRIARCLIFF 1.9 E, TX
ACHF12008-12-17 130.00024148ARCHBOLD BIO STN
AGHT22008-12-17 130.00024915AUSTIN GREAT HILLS,TX
ALXL12008-12-17 130.0002485POWER PLANT
ARCL12008-12-17 130.00024404ARCADIA
ASHA42008-12-17 130.00024341ASHDOWN 4SSE
ASHL12008-12-17 140.00024200ASHLAND
ATAT22008-12-17 130.00024351ATLANTA
AVET22008-12-17 130.00024410AVERY 5NNW
AVPF12008-12-17 130.000241642MI.W AVON PARK,FL
BHMT22008-12-17 130.00024344BRENHAM,TX
BKLL12008-12-17 130.00024207TOLEDO BEND LAKE
BNVL12008-12-18 060.000242823MI.NE BIENVILLE,LA
BSSL12008-12-17 130.00024157RED RIVER RESEARCH STATION
BTNL12008-12-17 140.00024226BENTON 5E
CALA42008-12-17 130.0002475CALION LOCK AND DAM
CAMG12008-12-17 120.000241743MI.S CAMILLA,GA
CLEM62008-12-17 130.00024135CLEVELAND COOP
CRPT22008-12-17 150.0002443CORPUS CHRISTI NWS
CTHT22008-12-17 130.00024325CARTHAGE
CURT22008-12-17 130.00024200CUERO,TX
DDET22008-12-17 130.000241053LAKE DIVERSION - WICHITA RVR
DQEA42008-12-17 130.00024472DEQUEEN
DTNL12008-12-17 130.00024171SHREVEPORT DOWNTOWN
DVLT22008-12-17 130.00024617DIALVILLE 2W
ELCL12008-12-17 130.00024157BLANCHARD
FTGF12008-12-18 000.0002412812MI.WSW FORT GREEN,FL
GBOL12008-12-17 130.00024177SHREVEPORT GILMER BAYOU
GECL12008-12-17 130.00024177GRAND ECORE
GGGT22008-12-17 140.00024407LONGVIEW 11SE
GHRT22008-12-17 140.000241772GUTHRIE,TX
GILT22008-12-17 130.00024443GILMER 4WNW
GLST22008-12-17 130.0002420GALVESTON,TX
GRDO22008-12-17 130.00024909GRADY
GVAA12008-12-17 130.00024131GENEVA NO. 2
HLRT22008-12-17 130.00024499HOLLY LAKE RANCH
HLST22008-12-17 130.00024420HALLSVILLE 1W
HMRL12008-12-17 140.00024354HOMER 3SSW
HMVG12008-12-17 110.00024190HOMERVILLE 5N
HNNL12008-12-17 130.00024125HANNA 4SSE
HNWT22008-12-17 130.00024528HENDERSON 6NW
HOPA42008-12-17 130.00024377HOPE 3NE
HOSO22008-12-17 130.0002416275MI.E HOLLIS,OK
HTGF12008-12-17 100.0002443HASTINGS 4NE
ICHL12008-12-17 140.00024164NATCHITOCHES #2
JBOL12008-12-17 130.00024289JONESBORO #2
JFRT22008-12-17 130.00024203JEFFERSON,TX
JKVT22008-12-17 130.00024535JACKSONVILLE
JNVT22008-12-17 130.00024256JONESVILLE
KGST22008-12-17 150.0002485KINGSVILLE,TX
KILL12008-12-17 130.00024TICKFAW R. @ KILLIAN, LA
KVLL12008-12-17 130.00024236KEITHVILLE
LCOL12008-12-17 140.00024226CADDO LAKE AT MOORINGSPORT 1N
LGAT22008-12-17 130.00024335LA GRANGE
LHPT22008-12-17 140.000242208NR LAKE ALLEN HENRY
LIX2008-12-17 120.0002443NEW ORLEANS/BATON ROUGE, LA
LLBT22008-12-17 140.0002498VILLAGE CREEK STATE PARK
LNFT22008-12-17 140.00024315LUFKIN #2
LNVT22008-12-17 130.00024381LONGVIEW #2
MADO22008-12-17 130.00024771MADILL
MANL12008-12-17 140.00024344MANSFIELD
MAUT22008-12-17 140.00024299MAUD
MINL12008-12-17 130.00024194MINDEN
MLLT22008-12-17 140.00024344MARSHALL
MPLT22008-12-17 130.00024387MOUNT PLEASANT
MRTO22008-12-17 130.00024748MARIETTA
MTGT22008-12-17 120.000240MATAGORDA,TX
MTVT22008-12-17 130.00024459MOUNT VERNON
MWOA42008-12-17 130.00024338MILLWOOD DAM
NBOT22008-12-17 140.00024351NEW BOSTON
NNNG12008-12-17 130.000249194MI.NE NEWNAN,GA
NSUT22008-12-17 130.00024515NEW SUMMERFIELD 2W
NSVA42008-12-17 130.00024371NASHVILLE
OLLL12008-12-17 140.00024157OLLA
OSPF12008-12-17 130.00024118ORANGE SPRINGS 2SSW
PLCF12008-12-17 210.00024135PLANT CITY,FL
PLNL12008-12-17 130.00024302PLAIN DEALING,LA
PLST22008-12-17 140.00024374PLEASANTON #2
PRDG12008-12-17 110.00024302PRIDGEN
PUTT22008-12-17 130.000241627PUTNAM,TX
RHNT22008-12-17 130.000241417RHINELAND
SAIL12008-12-17 140.00024315SAILES FIRE TOWER
STMA42008-12-17 130.00024299STAMPS
TLRT22008-12-17 130.00024574TAYLOR 1NW
TLYL12008-12-17 120.00024154TAYLORTOWN,LA
TLYT22008-12-18 010.00024512TYLER
TSCT22008-12-17 130.0002415813MI.W TRUSCOTT,TX
VFDT22008-12-17 140.000241125MI.N VICTORIA,TX
WAST22008-12-17 140.00024180STATE PARK
WAVT22008-12-17 130.000242119WATER VALLEY,TX
WFOL12008-12-18 060.00024285SHREVEPORT WFO
WWDT22008-12-17 130.00024141WILDWOOD,TX
Data last summarized at December 21 2008 03:19:03 UTC.

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