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South Snow Depth Observations
from 2022-08-11 07:00 UTC to 2022-08-12 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
AGHT22022-08-11 120.000889AUSTIN GREAT HILLS
AGST22022-08-11 130.0003048AG STATION CO-OP
AL-MY-72022-08-11 120.000328MONTGOMERY 2.2 NE, AL
ALXL12022-08-11 110.00085POWER PLANT
ANTA42022-08-11 120.000299ANTOINE 1 SW
AR-CN-62022-08-11 120.000210HAMPTON 0.3 W, AR
ARCL12022-08-11 120.000404ARCADIA
ASPT22022-08-11 120.0001749ASPERMONT
ATAT22022-08-11 120.000351ATLANTA
AVET22022-08-11 120.000410AVERY 5NNW
BLDA12022-08-11 090.000210BANKHEAD LOCK AND DAM
BNLS12022-08-11 120.000269BARNWELL 5 ENE
BVDT22022-08-11 130.000397BENAVIDES,TX
CALA42022-08-11 120.000112CALION LOCK AND DAM
CDAT22022-08-11 120.0001883CHILDRESS USDA
CHHT22022-08-11 130.0001775CHILDRESS 7NW
CLEM62022-08-11 120.000135CLEVELAND COOP
CLYA12022-08-11 130.000463CLAYTON,AL
COLL12022-08-11 100.00095COLUMBIA L&D
CPRT22022-08-11 110.00030CHAPMAN RANCH,TX
CRAT22022-08-11 130.0002546CRANE CO-OP
CROT22022-08-11 110.000295SAN MIQUEL RIVER
CRPT22022-08-12 050.00043CORPUS CHRISTI NWS
CRVT22022-08-11 130.0002110CHRISTOVAL 3SSW
CTHT22022-08-11 120.000325CARTHAGE
CWLT22022-08-11 120.0001512CROWELL,TX
CXDT22022-08-11 140.0001939CHILDRSS CO-OP SITE
DIAT22022-08-11 140.000305DIANA 2 W
DLDA12022-08-11 110.00098LOCK AND DAM
DOBT22022-08-11 120.0001716DOBSON 5S
DOWT22022-08-12 050.00013FREEPORT,TX
DQEA42022-08-11 120.000472DEQUEEN
DRKA42022-08-11 180.000525DIERKS
EDET22022-08-11 130.0002057EDEN
EDIT22022-08-11 120.000112EDINBURG CO-OP
ELCL12022-08-11 130.000157BLANCHARD
FELA42022-08-11 100.00075FELSENTHAL LOCK AND DAM
FIST22022-08-11 120.0001194FISCHERS STORE
FKAT22022-08-11 130.00021620.7MI N. OF PO AT FORT MCKAVETT.TX
FL-BW-1672022-08-11 110.00016DEERFIELD BEACH 1.7 E, FL
FL-DV-1242022-08-11 120.00036JACKSONVILLE 7.8 SW, FL
FL-MN-162022-08-11 110.0003KEY WEST 1.3 ENE, FL
FL-MT-372022-08-11 110.00036STUART 5.9 SSE, FL
FL-OS-362022-08-11 110.00075ST. CLOUD 8.0 E, FL
FL-SJ-282022-08-11 110.00043ST. AUGUSTINE 3.4 SW, FL
FRST22022-08-11 110.000745FRISCO,TX
FWDT22022-08-12 050.000650FWD WFO ALERT
GA-SV-72022-08-11 110.000105SYLVANIA 5.5 ENE, GA
GA-TH-42022-08-11 100.000253THOMASVILLE 5.1 ESE, GA
GGGT22022-08-11 130.000407LONGVIEW 11SE
GHRT22022-08-11 130.0001765GUTHRIE
GNTS12022-08-11 100.000325GRANITEVILLE 1.2 NE
HHLS12022-08-11 110.00089HOLLY HILL
HLST22022-08-11 100.000420HALLSVILLE 1W
HNNL12022-08-11 120.000131HANNA 4SSE
HOPA42022-08-11 130.000377HOPE 3NE
HOUM62022-08-11 120.000315HOUSTON,MS
HRPT22022-08-11 130.0002119HARPER 3ENE
HTBM62022-08-11 120.000230HATTIESBURG 3SW
HTGF12022-08-11 090.00043HASTINGS 4NE
ICHL12022-08-11 130.000164NATCHITOCHES #2
IDAO22022-08-11 130.000486IDABEL
JAYT22022-08-11 130.0002021JAYTON,TX
JCNT22022-08-11 130.0001755S. LLANO RVR STATE PARK OUTSIDE
JCYT22022-08-11 130.0001145JOHNSON CITY 2N
JKVT22022-08-11 120.000535JACKSONVILLE
JNVT22022-08-11 120.000256JONESVILLE
KGST22022-08-11 130.00085KINGSVILLE,TX
KITG12022-08-11 120.000315KITE
KVLL12022-08-11 120.000236KEITHVILLE
LA-NT-22022-08-11 130.000138NATCHITOCHES 0.9 NE, LA
LAET22022-08-11 120.000568LINDALE 3 NE
LANT22022-08-11 120.000417LOS ANGELES,TX
LEWA42022-08-11 120.000341LEWISVILLE
LFKT22022-08-11 130.000397LAKE FORK RESERVOIR
LHPT22022-08-11 130.0002290LAKE ALLEN HENRY
LLBT22022-08-11 130.00098LUMBERTON
LNFT22022-08-11 120.000315LUFKIN #2
LNVT22022-08-11 130.000381LONGVIEW #2
LRET22022-08-12 050.000479LAREDO,TX
LVWT22022-08-11 120.000322LONGVIEW
MADO22022-08-11 110.000794MADILL
MCCT22022-08-11 130.0002444MCCAMEY CO-OP
MCDG12022-08-11 120.000682MCDONOUGH
MLLT22022-08-11 130.000312MARSHALL
MNLT22022-08-11 110.000459MINEOLA
MS-HD-322022-08-11 120.000358JACKSON 2.8 E, MS
MS-OK-262022-08-11 120.000328STARKVILLE 3.0 WSW, MS
MS-RN-422022-08-11 120.000299FLOWOOD 1.5 E, MS
MTVT22022-08-11 120.000459MOUNT VERNON
NBOT22022-08-11 130.000351NEW BOSTON
NBWT22022-08-11 130.000633NEW BRAUNFELS WFO
NSUT22022-08-11 140.000515NEW SUMMERFIELD 2W
NSVA42022-08-11 120.000371NASHVILLE
NXNT22022-08-11 130.000348NIXON
ONEA12022-08-12 020.000886ONEONTA,AL
PDCT22022-08-11 120.0001729PADUCAH 7E
PDUT22022-08-11 110.0001860PADUCAH 15S
PLST22022-08-11 130.000364PLEASANTON
PRDG12022-08-11 100.000302PRIDGEN
PTCT22022-08-11 120.00056POINT COMFORT,TX
PUTT22022-08-11 120.0001627PUTNAM,TX
ROBT22022-08-11 130.00089ROBSTOWN,TX
RRAL12022-08-11 110.00046RED RIVER L&D NO.1 HW
RSCT22022-08-11 130.0002395ROSCOE
SBAT22022-08-11 120.000951SABINAL
SC-AK-752022-08-11 110.000312GRANITEVILLE 1.2 NE, SC
SC-BF-22022-08-11 110.0007HILTON HEAD ISLAND 4.0 N, SC
SC-BK-862022-08-11 110.00072HUGER 7.7 S, SC
SIST22022-08-11 120.0001329SISTERDALE 2SE
SMCT22022-08-11 130.0001004CANYON DAM
STAA42022-08-11 130.000279CANE CRK STATE PARK
TASF12022-08-11 110.00046TALLAHASSEE,FL
TCLA12022-08-11 110.000128HOLT LOCK AND DAM
TLRT22022-08-11 120.000574TAYLOR 1NW
TLYL12022-08-11 120.000154TAYLORTOWN,LA
TSPT22022-08-11 120.0002267SPUR,TX
TX-BXR-3892022-08-11 130.000978HELOTES 9.2 SW, TX
TX-BZS-1272022-08-11 120.000272COLLEGE STATION 2.0 E, TX
TX-CLL-602022-08-11 120.000554LAVON 0.7 NNW, TX
TX-CML-1982022-08-11 120.0001280BULVERDE 1.3 NNE, TX
TX-CML-2572022-08-11 110.0001270SPRING BRANCH 2.4 SSW, TX
TX-CML-32022-08-11 120.000853NEW BRAUNFELS 3.1 WNW, TX
TX-CMR-1272022-08-11 120.00020LAGUNA VISTA 1.8 NW, TX
TX-DA-1052022-08-11 120.000492SACHSE 1.4 ESE, TX
TX-GV-762022-08-12 060.00036DICKINSON 1.7 ENE, TX
TX-HRR-932022-08-11 120.00036PASADENA 4.4 WNW, TX
TX-HSK-32022-08-11 120.0001696RULE 0.5 NW, TX
TX-HYS-1882022-08-11 120.000778SAN MARCOS 3.7 N, TX
TX-MCL-692022-08-11 120.000663WOODWAY 1.0 E, TX
TX-MNG-862022-08-11 120.000171MONTGOMERY 12.0 SE, TX
TX-TG-772022-08-11 120.0001732MILES 6.4 SSE, TX
TX-TN-1222022-08-11 130.000682NORTH RICHLAND HILLS 2.3 NNE, TX
TX-TR-122022-08-11 120.000141SPURGER 6.2 S, TX
TX-TR-182022-08-11 130.000262CHESTER 1.1 ESE, TX
TX-TR-212022-08-11 120.000243WOODVILLE 7.4 ENE (MCCONNELL), TX
TX-TR-222022-08-11 130.000312WOODVILLE 5.3 WSW (SMITH), TX
TX-TR-232022-08-11 130.000157FRED 0.3 S, TX
TX-TV-12022-08-11 120.000889AUSTIN 10.0 NNW(GRTHILLS), TX
TX-TV-3952022-08-11 140.000610AUSTIN 1.6 E, TX
TX-UV-302022-08-11 120.000948SABINAL 0.5 NNE, TX
TX-WK-312022-08-11 140.000404HUNTSVILLE 4.7 S, TX
VGNT22022-08-11 130.000148LAKE LIVINGSTON TRA COOP
WFOL12022-08-12 050.000285SHREVEPORT WFO
WFOT22022-08-11 130.0001893SAN ANGELO WFO
WNGT22022-08-11 130.0002011WINGATE
Data last summarized at August 13 2022 17:16:45 UTC.

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