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Sierra Nevada Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2009-10-09 07:00 UTC to 2009-10-10 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MELC12009-10-09 1116.0022290MEADOW LK SNOW COURSE
TYNC12009-10-10 0614.4023478UPPER TYNDALL CREEK
MMUC12009-10-10 068.0523006MITCHELL MEADOW
MULC12009-10-10 063.0732447MUD LAKE
RBPC12009-10-10 061.8031610ROBBS POWERHOUSE
RUBC12009-10-10 061.2702302RUBICON #2
BLAC12009-10-10 061.0162438BLUE LAKES
STXC12009-10-10 060.8133170STATE LAKES
BKLC12009-10-10 060.6101759BUCKS LAKE
BSKC12009-10-10 060.5082494BURNSIDE LAKE
EBTC12009-10-10 060.5082643EBBETTS PASS
SLIC12009-10-09 110.5083030SLIDE CANYON
SRAC12009-10-10 060.5082676SONORA PASS
WEMC12009-10-10 060.3052751WET MEADOW
CSSC12009-10-10 060.2542103CSS LAB
CXSC12009-10-10 060.2542598CARSON PASS
HGNC12009-10-10 060.2542438HAGAN'S MEADOW
LVTC12009-10-10 060.2542194LEAVITT MEADOWS
MNPC12009-10-10 060.2542537MONITOR PASS
THOC12009-10-10 060.2542070TAHOE CITY CROSS
CPLC12009-10-10 060.1272441CAPLES LAKE (GOES)
SILC12009-10-10 060.1022195SILVER LAKE (GOES)
LLSC12009-10-10 060.0512522LAKE LOIS
5789C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.0001464GARDNERVILLE 0.7 SE, NV
6265A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.0001422INYOKERN 9.4 WSW, CA
6301A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000938MARIPOSA 3.7 NNW, CA
APHC12009-10-09 110.0002322ALPHA
BCBC12009-10-09 110.0003137BLACKCAP BASIN GOES
BGPC12009-10-09 110.0003048BIG PINE CREEK
BIMC12009-10-09 110.0002339BIG MEADOWS
BLCC12009-10-09 110.0002198BLOODS CREEK
BLSC12009-10-09 110.0001975BLACK SPRINGS
BLUC12009-10-09 110.0001609BLUE CANYON ALERT
BMWN22009-10-10 040.0002515BIG MEADOW
CBTC12009-10-09 110.0003309CRABTREE MEADOW
CHMC12009-10-09 110.0002228CHILKOOT MEADOW
CPSC12009-10-09 110.000247620L11 - CAPLES LAKES, CA (NEAR CPLC1)
CRLC12009-10-09 110.0003642CHARLOTTE LAKE
CVMC12009-10-09 110.0002547CASA VIEJA MEADOWS
CWDC12009-10-09 110.0003113COTTONWOOD LAKES
ECOC12009-10-09 150.0002332ECHO PEAK
FLFC12009-10-10 060.0001908FALLEN LEAF
FOIC12009-10-09 110.0002300FORNI RIDGE
FRTC12009-10-09 110.0001585FOUR TREES
FRWC12009-10-09 110.0003092FAREWELL GAP SNOW COURSE
GDLC12009-10-09 110.0002114GOLD LAKE
GFRC12009-10-09 110.0001951GIANT FOREST SNOW COURSE
GINC12009-10-09 110.0002173GIN FLAT
GKSC12009-10-09 110.0001722GREEK STORE
GNLC12009-10-09 110.0002568GIANELLI
GRMC12009-10-09 110.0002409GREEN MTN
GRZC12009-10-09 110.0002110GRIZZLY RIDGE
GVYC12009-10-09 110.0002094GRAVEYARD MEADOW
HMGC12009-10-09 110.0001981HUMBUG
HNTC12009-10-09 110.0002153HUNTINGTON LAKE
HORC12009-10-10 060.0002624HORSE MEADOW
HRFC12009-10-09 110.0001747HARKNESS FLAT SNOW COURSE
HRSC12009-10-09 110.0002624HORSE MEADOWS
HYSC12009-10-09 110.0002089HUYSINK
ICKC12009-10-10 020.0001961INDEPENDENCE CREEK
ICPC12009-10-10 060.0002135INDEPENDENCE CAMP
ILKC12009-10-10 060.0002576INDEPENDENCE LAKE
JEMC12009-10-09 110.0003333GEM PASS
KIBC12009-10-09 110.0002034LOWER KIBBIE
KRKC12009-10-09 110.0002140KETTLE ROCK
LPPC12009-10-10 060.000193LAKE KAWEAH POOL
MAMC12009-10-09 110.0002866MAMMOTH PASS
MITC12009-10-09 110.0003018MITCHELL MEADOWS
PLPC12009-10-09 110.0002090PILOT PEAK
POLC12009-10-09 110.0001586ROBBS PEAK PWR HSE
PSCC12009-10-09 110.0002942PASCOES
QUAC12009-10-09 110.0002214QUAKING ASPEN
RBSC12009-10-09 110.0001818ROBBS SADDLE
RELC12009-10-09 110.0002483LOWER RELIEF VALLEY
RKKC12009-10-09 110.0003017ROCK CK SNOW COURSE
RTLC12009-10-09 110.0001855RATTLE SNAKE
SAWC12009-10-09 110.0003129SAWMILL
SCEC12009-10-09 110.0002671SCHNEIDER
SDWC12009-10-10 010.0002853SUMMIT MEADOW
SLMC12009-10-09 110.0002359ELSTANISLAUS MEADOW (GOES)
SNWC12009-10-09 110.0001819SNOW MOUNTAIN
SODC12009-10-09 110.0002115SODA SPRINGS 1E
SOUC12009-10-09 110.0002960S. LAKE
SQWC12009-10-09 220.0002427SQUAW VALLEY G.C.
STZC12009-10-10 060.0003157STATE LAKES SNOW SENSOR
TMRC12009-10-09 110.0002332TAMARACK SUMMIT
TUMC12009-10-09 110.0002634TUOLUMNE MEADOWS,CA
TUNC12009-10-09 110.0002808TUNNEL
TYLC12009-10-09 110.0002500TENAYA LK SNOW COURSE
UBCC12009-10-09 110.0002968UPPER BURNT CORRAL MEADOW
UTYC12009-10-10 060.0003484UPPER TYNDALL CK
VGAC12009-10-10 050.0002876VIRGINIA LAKES RIDGE
VNVC12009-10-09 110.0002058VAN VLECKV_REMARKS=
WCKC12009-10-10 060.0002783WEST WOODCHUCK MEADOW
WRDC12009-10-10 040.0002069WARD CREEK #3
WTMC12009-10-10 060.0002733WET MEADOWS
WWEC12009-10-10 060.0002774WEST WOODCHUCK MEADOW
WWRC12009-10-09 110.0002452WHITE WOLF RAWS
Data last summarized at October 13 2009 02:14:08 UTC.

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