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Sierra Nevada Snowfall Observations
from 2020-11-20 07:00 UTC to 2020-11-21 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
BOCC12020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001700BOCA
CA-AM-112020-11-20 15:000.00024.000413JACKSON 0.8 SSE, CA
CA-AM-132020-11-20 15:000.00024.000269AMADOR CITY 1.0 W, CA
CA-AM-152020-11-20 15:000.00024.000793PINE GROVE 0.5 SSW, CA
CA-AM-162020-11-20 15:000.00024.000365SUTTER CREEK 0.4 NNW, CA
CA-ED-102020-11-20 16:000.00024.000620PLACERVILLE 0.9 NE, CA
CA-ED-172020-11-20 15:000.00024.000880CAMINO 2.0 WSW, CA
CA-ED-272020-11-20 15:000.00024.000782PLACERVILLE 6.6 ESE, CA
CA-ED-292020-11-20 15:450.00024.000509COOL 2.0 ENE, CA
CA-ED-32020-11-20 15:000.00024.000526PLACERVILLE 3.7 SW, CA
CA-ED-92020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001946TAHOMA .5 S, CA
CA-KN-12020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001317INYOKERN 9.4 WSW, CA
CA-KN-132020-11-20 16:000.00024.000932ONYX 2.8 ENE, CA
CA-KN-262020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001050WALKER BASIN 0.9 E, CA
CA-KN-312020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001187TEHACHAPI 3.4 WNW, CA
CA-KN-312020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001187TEHACHAPI 3.4 WNW, CA
CA-MA-122020-11-20 15:000.00024.000778OAKHURST 1.4 SSE, CA
CA-MA-162020-11-20 15:000.00024.000738OAKHURST 0.9 SSE, CA
CA-MA-22020-11-20 14:000.00024.000555RAYMOND 6.8 NE, CA
CA-MA-32020-11-20 16:000.00024.000487YOSEMITE LAKES 4.7 S, CA
CA-MA-32020-11-20 15:000.00024.000487YOSEMITE LAKES 4.7 S, CA
CA-MA-42020-11-20 15:000.00024.000873AHWAHNEE 2.5 NNW, CA
CA-MA-72020-11-20 16:000.00024.000819COARSEGOLD 1.4 SE, CA
CA-MA-72020-11-20 15:000.00024.000819COARSEGOLD 1.4 SE, CA
CA-MP-12020-11-20 15:000.00024.000900MARIPOSA 3.7 NNW, CA
CA-NV-12020-11-20 15:000.00024.000745NEVADA CITY 3.4 NNW, CA
CA-NV-142020-11-20 15:000.00024.000489LAKE OF THE PINES 1.0 WSW, CA
CA-NV-222020-11-20 14:000.00024.000620NEVADA CITY 5.4 W, CA
CA-NV-412020-11-20 15:000.00024.000972NEVADA CITY 1.7 SSE, CA
CA-NV-472020-11-20 14:330.00024.0001811TRUCKEE 5.9 ENE, CA
CA-NV-512020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001977TRUCKEE 1.6 N, CA
CA-NV-522020-11-20 16:000.00024.000769GRASS VALLEY 0.4 SE, CA
CA-PC-12020-11-20 15:000.00024.0002109SODA SPRINGS 1.5 SSW, CA
CA-PC-132020-11-20 15:000.00024.000253NEWCASTLE 1.6 SSE, CA
CA-PC-242020-11-20 15:000.00024.000602APPLEGATE 0.5 SE, CA
CA-PC-372020-11-20 15:000.00024.000438AUBURN 4.8 N, CA
CA-PM-22020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001356MEADOW VALLEY 5.6 WSW, CA
CA-PM-92020-11-20 17:000.00024.0001510BECKWOURTH 3.3 E, CA
CA-SH-62020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001221SHINGLETOWN 5.3 ENE, CA
CA-TL-112020-11-20 15:000.00024.000317THREE RIVERS 1.7 NE, CA
CA-TM-52020-11-20 15:000.00024.000894TUOLUMNE CITY 2.0 N, CA
CA-YB-12020-11-20 16:000.00024.000630CHALLENGE-BROWNSVILLE 1.3 WSW, CA
CAIC12020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001294LORAINE 5 NNE
CRCN22020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001427CARSON CITY
DAGN22020-11-20 16:000.00024.0002268DAGGET PASS
GRAC12020-11-20 15:000.00024.000712GRASS VALLEY NO. 2
INVN22020-11-20 16:570.00024.0001936INCLINE VILLAGE
LDGC12020-11-20 16:000.00024.0002051LODGEPOLE COOP STATION
MALC12020-11-20 15:000.00024.0002381MAMMOTH LAKES R.S.
MINN22020-11-20 14:000.00024.0001441MINDEN
NMDC12020-11-20 16:000.00024.000346NEW MELONES DAM HDQ
NV-CC-212020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001440CARSON CITY 2.1 NW, NV
NV-DG-112020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001492GARDNERVILLE 3.9 S, NV
NV-DG-22020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001465MINDEN 6.0 NNE, NV
NV-DG-202020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001578WELLINGTON 6.4 W, NV
NV-DG-232020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001456GARDNERVILLE 5.7 W, NV
NV-DG-242020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001632GARDNERVILLE 6.3 WSW, NV
NV-WH-1152020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001481RENO 3.4 WSW, NV
NV-WH-1332020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001463RENO 1.7 WSW, NV
NV-WH-1672020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001495RENO 3.5 SSW, NV
NV-WH-192020-11-20 14:000.00024.0001495RENO 9.0 W, NV
NV-WH-252020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001562RENO 3.9 W, NV
NV-WH-352020-11-20 14:150.00024.0001486RENO 4.5 S, NV
NV-WH-742020-11-20 18:000.00024.0001438RENO 5.6 WSW, NV
NVDC12020-11-20 20:000.00024.000860NEVADA CITY
PRAC12020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001480PORTOLA
RNO2020-11-21 00:000.00024.0001344RENO AIRPORT
RNO2020-11-20 18:000.00024.0001344RENO AIRPORT
RNO2020-11-20 12:000.00024.0001344RENO AIRPORT
SRLC12020-11-20 14:490.00024.000485SUTTER HILL CDF
TAAC12020-11-20 15:000.00024.0001946TAHOMA, CA
TAHC12020-11-20 16:000.00024.0001899TAHOE CITY
TRK2020-11-20 14:000.00024.0001794TRUCKEE AIRPORT
TVL2020-11-20 12:000.00024.0001912SOUTH LAKE TAHOE AP
VERC12020-11-20 16:050.00024.0001654VERDI 2W
Data last summarized at November 24 2020 01:04:32 UTC.

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