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Sierra Nevada Snowfall Observations
from 2009-10-09 07:00 UTC to 2009-10-10 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
0433H_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241407RENO 3.3 SSW, NV
2008O_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241454RENO 0.3 NNW, NV
5659C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241402RENO 2.4 SSW, NV
5789C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241464GARDNERVILLE 0.7 SE, NV
6106C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241562RENO 3.9 W, NV
6216A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024929VOLCANO 5.4 NE, CA
6221A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024920MURPHYS 2.8 ENE, CA
6239A_MADIS2009-10-09 150.00024409CAMERON PARK 0.9 SE, CA
6240A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024772FAIR PLAY 2.8 ESE, CA
6246A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024501TOLLHOUSE 6.2 SSE, CA
6273C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000241497RENO 9.0 W, NV
6301A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024938MARIPOSA 3.7 NNW, CA
6318A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242131LEE VINING 5.9 NW, CA
6342A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024643NEVADA CITY 3.4 NNW, CA
6344A_MADIS2009-10-09 150.000242100KINGVALE 1.3 WSW, CA
6345A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024788GRASS VALLEY 5.5 ESE, CA
6357A_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024621ALTA SIERRA 0.4 WSW, CA
6360A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024453LAKE OF THE PINES 1.3 NNW, CA
6363A_MADIS2009-10-09 130.00024603NEVADA CITY 5.4 W, CA
6365A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024769GRASS VALLEY 0.6 NNW, CA
6368A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024779GRASS VALLEY 0.5 NNW, CA
6393A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024470AUBURN 3.1 N, CA
6394A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.00024249NEWCASTLE 1.6 SSE, CA
6408C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241465MINDEN 6.0 NNE, NV
6409C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241474MINDEN 4.2 WSW, NV
6417C_MADIS2009-10-09 160.000241465RENO 4.5 S, NV
6549A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241196SHINGLETOWN 5.3 ENE, CA
6677A_MADIS2009-10-09 150.00024480THREE RIVERS 3.5 NE, CA
6949C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000241420CARSON CITY 1.3 NW, NV
BOCC12009-10-09 150.000241700BOCA
BPTC12009-10-09 150.000241977BRIDGEPORT
CRCN22009-10-10 000.000241427CARSON CITY
DAGN22009-10-10 000.000242268DAGGET PASS
GLBN22009-10-10 000.000241945GLENBROOK
GNNC12009-10-09 150.00024965GLENNVILLE
GRGC12009-10-09 150.000242029GRANT GROVE
LDGC12009-10-09 180.000242051LODGEPOLE
LEVC12009-10-09 160.000242071LEE VINING
MALC12009-10-10 000.000242381MAMMOTH LAKES R.S.
MINC12009-10-09 150.000241496MINERAL
MINN22009-10-09 150.000241435MINDEN
MNZC12009-10-09 150.000241759MANZANITA LAKE
PRAC12009-10-09 150.000241480PORTOLA
Q672009-10-10 000.000241902TAHOE CG STN
RNO2009-10-10 000.000241344RENO AIRPORT
TAHC12009-10-09 150.000241899TAHOE CITY
TRK2009-10-10 000.000241794TRUCKEE AIRPORT
Data last summarized at October 13 2009 02:14:31 UTC.

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