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Northwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-06-28 07:00 UTC to 2022-06-29 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
SWCW12022-06-29 0643.6004491SWIFT CREEK
MTHO32022-06-29 0622.6005410MT HOOD TEST SITE
HRPW12022-06-29 0619.3006503HARTS PASS
CPPW12022-06-29 062.9403353COOPER PASS
BEDO32022-06-29 061.8005545IRISH TAYLOR
REDO32022-06-29 060.8004416RED HILL
BHBMN_MADIS2022-06-29 060.7104777BRENDA MINE
BMNQ22022-06-29 060.6704757BRENDA MINE SNOW PILLOW
SVNW12022-06-29 060.3003993STEVENS PASS
HLMO32022-06-29 040.2004908HOLLAND MEADOWS
NCLO32022-06-29 040.2004934NEW CRESCENT LAKE
SCFO32022-06-29 030.2004275SALT CREEK FALLS
LOHW12022-06-29 050.1005112LOST HORSE
PCRW12022-06-28 220.1004629PARK CREEK RIDGE
CLKO32022-06-29 060.0003878CLEAR LAKE
DIAO32022-06-29 040.0005328DIAMOND LAKE
HKSW12022-06-29 000.0002251HUCKLEBERRY CREEK
LVN11_MADIS2022-06-29 060.0001178LEAVENWORTH
OR-BN-1082022-06-28 150.000522MONROE 1.4 W, OR
OR-BN-222022-06-28 150.000387CORVALLIS 6.7 N, OR
OR-CC-1152022-06-28 140.000623HAPPY VALLEY 1.4 WNW, OR
OR-CC-662022-06-28 140.000610HAPPY VALLEY 1.7 ESE, OR
OR-CC-882022-06-28 140.000666WEST LINN 0.7 NW, OR
OR-CC-972022-06-28 140.000187LAKE OSWEGO 2.1 SW, OR
OR-HR-102022-06-28 160.000509HOOD RIVER 0.8 SSW, OR
OR-LA-1262022-06-28 150.000404COBURG 0.3 W, OR
OR-LA-652022-06-28 140.0001152SPRINGFIELD 6.4 E, OR
OR-LC-362022-06-28 150.000174WALDPORT 2.1 S, OR
OR-LN-162022-06-28 140.000358LEBANON 1.4 SSW, OR
OR-LN-422022-06-28 140.000240ALBANY 1.1 SSE, OR
OR-LN-622022-06-28 140.000495SCIO 7.3 SSE, OR
OR-LN-952022-06-28 160.000217ALBANY 1.8 WNW, OR
OR-MN-162022-06-28 140.0001119STAYTON 6 ENE, OR
OR-PK-422022-06-28 140.000157SALEM 2.5 WNW, OR
OR-WS-602022-06-28 150.000141BEAVERTON 5.6 SSW, OR
OR-WS-72022-06-28 140.000269RALEIGH HILLS 0.8 WSW, OR
OR-YM-12022-06-28 160.000738GASTON 3.2 SW, OR
PVRO32022-06-28 200.0003468PEAVINE RIDGE
SMPW12022-06-29 060.0003894STAMPEDE PASS
SMTO32022-06-29 020.0003245SMITH RIDGE
SSSO32022-06-28 150.0005407SUN PASS
WA-CH-282022-06-28 140.0001191PESHASTIN 0.7 NE, WA
WA-CK-152022-06-28 140.000167VANCOUVER 2.1 NW, WA
WA-CM-642022-06-28 150.000400SEQUIM 2.9 SE, WA
WA-CM-732022-06-28 140.000679SEQUIM 2.8 SSE, WA
WA-KP-32022-06-28 140.000207BREMERTON 1.8 NE, WA
WA-TH-442022-06-28 140.000200OLYMPIA 1.0 ENE, WA
WA-WC-352022-06-28 150.00092LYNDEN 1.0 SW, WA
WA-WC-702022-06-28 140.000915GLACIER 0.1 SW, WA
WA-WC-822022-06-29 030.000548BELLINGHAM 2.5 S, WA
Data last summarized at June 30 2022 17:01:07 UTC.

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