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Northwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-11-23 07:00 UTC to 2022-11-24 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
EPSW12022-11-24 0639.370160021A07 - EASY PASS AM
BRTW12022-11-24 0623.6221781BROWN TOP
LYLW12022-11-24 0623.3681986LYMAN LAKE
AFSW12022-11-24 0620.8281570PARADISE
MNOW12022-11-24 0619.8121504MF NOOKSACK
HRPW12022-11-24 0618.7961982HARTS PASS
MRSW12022-11-24 0617.7801650MORSE LAKE
CAYW12022-11-24 0616.2561635CAYUSE PASS
MRTW12022-11-24 0614.7321082MARTEN RIDGE
SWCW12022-11-24 0614.7321369SWIFT CREEK
COPW12022-11-24 0614.4781772CORRAL PASS
PGPW12022-11-24 0612.7001772PIGTAIL PEAK
MTHO32022-11-24 0611.9381649MT HOOD TEST SITE
BLKQ22022-11-24 0611.6081898BLACKWALL PEAK SNOW PILLOW
OMWW12022-11-24 0611.4301227OLALLIE MEADOWS
THBW12022-11-24 0611.1761307THUNDER BASIN
SMLO32022-11-24 0610.9221720SUMMIT LAKE
BKSO32022-11-24 0610.6681445BEAR GRASS
PTHW12022-11-24 0610.6681371POTATO HILL
WCSW12022-11-24 0610.6681231WELLS CREEK
SHPW12022-11-24 0610.4141221SHEEP CANYON
BMNQ22022-11-24 0610.2111450BRENDA MINE SNOW PILLOW
PINW12022-11-24 0610.1601360PINTO ROCK
MRBW12022-11-24 069.6521065JUNE LAKE
RAIW12022-11-24 069.6521505RAINY PASS
PCRW12022-11-24 069.1441411PARK CREEK RIDGE
SVMO32022-11-24 069.1441746SEVENMILE MARSH
WHSW12022-11-24 069.1441526WATERHOLE
SVNW12022-11-24 068.8901217STEVENS PASS
SASW12022-11-24 068.6361328SASSE RIDGE
CSTO32022-11-24 068.3821558CASCADE SUMMIT
PPRW12022-11-24 068.3821103POPE RIDGE
SAMW12022-11-24 068.3821365SALMON MEADOWS
CPPW12022-11-24 068.2301022COOPER PASS
LPSW12022-11-24 068.1281222LONE PINE
MTCW12022-11-24 068.1281203MOUNT CRAG
SMPW12022-11-24 067.6201187STAMPEDE PASS
ANSO32022-11-24 067.3661838ANNIE SPRINGS
APSW12022-11-24 067.3661065ALPINE MEADOWS
FISW12022-11-24 067.3661063FISH LAKE
MKZO32022-11-24 067.3661460MCKENZIE
TRIW12022-11-24 067.366879TRINITY SNOTEL
BLAO32022-11-24 067.1121128BLAZED ALDER
SPLW12022-11-24 067.1121310SURPRISE LAKES
GRLW12022-11-24 066.8581803GREEN LAKE
LOHW12022-11-24 066.8581558LOST HORSE
NCLO32022-11-24 066.8581504NEW CRESCENT LAKE
TKSW12022-11-24 066.858917TINKHAM CREEK
BVPW12022-11-24 066.6041113BEAVER PASS
GRCW12022-11-24 066.6041646GROUSE CAMP
RORO32022-11-24 066.6041514ROARING RIVER
SWSW12022-11-24 066.3501201SWAMP CREEK
BKHW12022-11-24 066.0961412BUCKINGHORSE
BMPW12022-11-24 066.0961428BUMPING RIDGE
MUKW12022-11-24 066.0961360MUCKAMUCK
NFRO32022-11-24 065.842944NORTH FORK
CSCO32022-11-24 065.5881824COLD SPRINGS CAMP
LMDO32022-11-24 065.5881230LITTLE MEADOWS
SCFO32022-11-24 065.5881303SALT CREEK FALLS
TEBW12022-11-24 065.5881040MT TEBO SNOTEL
UPWW12022-11-24 065.5881341UPPER WHEELER
WHPW12022-11-24 065.5881362WHITE PASS E.S.
SSSO32022-11-24 065.3341648SUN PASS
TRGW12022-11-24 065.3341666TROUGH
HOPO32022-11-24 065.0801466HOGG PASS
MUDO32022-11-24 065.0801250MUD RIDGE
SKTW12022-11-24 065.0801155SKATE CREEK
TCMO32022-11-24 065.0801748THREE CREEKS MEADOW
SPMW12022-11-24 064.8261043SPENCER MEADOW
BPAW12022-11-24 064.5721294BLEWETT PASS
MPSW12022-11-24 064.572975MEADOWS PASS
FRLO32022-11-24 064.3181829FOURMILE LAKE
BCDO32022-11-24 064.0641616BILLIE CREEK DIVIDE
ELSW12022-11-24 064.064932ELBOW LAKE
KUSW12022-11-24 064.0641020SKOOKUM CREEK
SAWW12022-11-24 044.0641416SAWMILL RIDGE
DGSW12022-11-24 063.8101215DUNGENESS
SAJO32022-11-24 063.5561144SANTIAM JUNCTION
FISO32022-11-24 063.3021435FISH LK.
RXSW12022-11-24 062.7941151REX RIVER
WA-OK-372022-11-23 152.794463TWISP 2.3 SE, WA
GRPO32022-11-24 062.5401021GREENPOINT
HLMO32022-11-24 062.5401496HOLLAND MEADOWS
JOJO32022-11-24 062.5401072JUMP OFF JOE
DIAO32022-11-24 062.2861624DIAMOND LAKE
CLLO32022-11-24 062.0321047CLACKAMAS LAKE
PVRO32022-11-24 062.0321057PEAVINE RIDGE
LAKW12022-11-24 061.7781196LYNN LAKE
BUSW12022-11-24 061.5241268BURNT MOUNTAIN
HKSW12022-11-24 061.524686HUCKLEBERRY CREEK
MRFO32022-11-24 061.524823MARION FORKS
PPCW12022-11-24 061.524657PEPPER CREEK
SMTO32022-11-23 231.524989SMITH RIDGE
WA-CH-222022-11-23 151.524484ENTIAT 12.2 NW, WA
CLKO32022-11-24 061.0161182CLEAR LAKE
CUMW12022-11-24 061.016998COUGAR MOUNTAIN
DALO32022-11-23 231.0161110DALY LAKE
MHSW12022-11-23 200.762969MOWICH
SECO32022-11-23 150.762628SEINE CREEK
WA-CH-112022-11-23 150.610212WENATCHEE 0.6 N, WA
MGSW12022-11-24 050.508877MOUNT GARDNER
SDMO32022-11-24 060.508960SADDLE MOUNTAIN
SFBO32022-11-24 060.508823SOUTH FORK BULL RUN
CLJW12022-11-23 230.254763CALAMITY
RROO32022-11-23 220.254822RAILROAD OVERPASS
LVN11_MADIS2022-11-24 060.000359LEAVENWORTH
MWDO32022-11-24 060.00072MILLER WOODS
OR-BN-1082022-11-23 170.000159MONROE 1.4 W, OR
OR-BN-1602022-11-23 160.00083CORVALLIS 0.8 W, OR
OR-BN-222022-11-23 170.000118CORVALLIS 6.7 N, OR
OR-CB-102022-11-23 150.000231VERNONIA 5.4 WNW, OR
OR-CC-1152022-11-23 150.000190HAPPY VALLEY 1.4 WNW, OR
OR-CC-662022-11-23 150.000186HAPPY VALLEY 1.7 ESE, OR
OR-CC-882022-11-23 150.000203WEST LINN 0.7 NW, OR
OR-HR-102022-11-23 150.000155HOOD RIVER 0.8 SSW, OR
OR-LA-1262022-11-23 160.000123COBURG 0.3 W, OR
OR-LA-2382022-11-23 150.000178MARCOLA 1.7 NE, OR
OR-LA-652022-11-23 150.000351SPRINGFIELD 6.4 E, OR
OR-LC-362022-11-23 160.00053WALDPORT 2.1 S, OR
OR-LN-12022-11-23 150.000129LEBANON 4.8 E, OR
OR-LN-162022-11-23 150.000109LEBANON 1.4 SSW, OR
OR-LN-422022-11-23 150.00073ALBANY 1.1 SSE, OR
OR-LN-622022-11-23 150.000151SCIO 7.3 SSE, OR
OR-LN-952022-11-23 170.00066ALBANY 1.8 WNW, OR
OR-MN-162022-11-23 150.000341STAYTON 6 ENE, OR
OR-MN-442022-11-23 170.000153SALEM 3.6 SSW, OR
OR-PK-312022-11-23 140.000110MONMOUTH 6.3 S, OR
OR-PK-422022-11-23 150.00048SALEM 2.5 WNW, OR
OR-WS-1242022-11-23 150.00058CORNELIUS 5.2 SSE, OR
OR-WS-1532022-11-23 160.00088BEAVERTON 2.4 SSW, OR
OR-WS-602022-11-23 160.00043BEAVERTON 5.6 SSW, OR
OR-WS-72022-11-23 150.00082RALEIGH HILLS 0.8 WSW, OR
OR-YM-12022-11-23 180.000225GASTON 3.2 SW, OR
WA-CK-152022-11-23 150.00051VANCOUVER 2.1 NW, WA
WA-CM-642022-11-23 160.000122SEQUIM 2.9 SE, WA
WA-CM-732022-11-23 150.000207SEQUIM 2.8 SSE, WA
WA-IS-452022-11-23 150.0009OAK HARBOR 4.7 E, WA
WA-IS-462022-11-23 160.00081OAK HARBOR 4.2 NNE, WA
WA-KP-32022-11-23 150.00063BREMERTON 1.8 NE, WA
WA-WC-702022-11-23 150.000279GLACIER 0.1 SW, WA
WA-WC-822022-11-24 040.000167BELLINGHAM 2.5 S, WA
Data last summarized at November 25 2022 17:01:18 UTC.

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