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Northwest Snowfall Observations
from 2024-05-20 07:00 UTC to 2024-05-21 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
ASFW12024-05-20 17:100.00024.0001643RAINIER PARADISE RANGER STN
BLLW12024-05-20 23:000.00024.0002BELLINGHAM 3SSW
BOMO32024-05-20 14:000.00024.00010BONNEVILLE DAM
CEDW12024-05-20 15:000.00024.000487CEDAR LAKE
CGWO32024-05-20 15:000.00024.000390COUGAR DAM
CRLO32024-05-20 15:000.00024.0001981CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK HQ
CWBO32024-05-20 15:000.00024.000165CORVALLIS WATER BUREAU
CZKO32024-05-20 14:220.00024.00041CASCADE LOCKS
DRNO32024-05-20 14:000.00024.00088DRAIN
EUG2024-05-21 00:000.00024.000108EUGENE-MAHLON SWEET FIELD
EUG2024-05-20 12:000.00024.000108EUGENE-MAHLON SWEET FIELD
FLOO32024-05-21 00:000.00024.00024FLORENCE #2
FORW12024-05-20 23:000.00024.000117FORKS 1E
FSTO32024-05-20 11:000.00024.000169FOSTER DAM
HDWO32024-05-20 07:000.00024.000230HEADWORKS PORTLAND WATER BUREAU
LMLO32024-05-20 15:000.00024.0001249LEMOLO LAKE 3 NNW
LOSO32024-05-20 13:000.00024.000478LOST CREEK DAM
LPWO32024-05-20 14:000.00024.000234LOOKOUT POINT DAM
MEWW12024-05-20 14:000.00024.00076MERWIN DAM
NPTO32024-05-20 14:000.00024.0000NEWPORT
NWMW12024-05-20 13:000.00024.000160NEWHALEM,WA
OLEO32024-05-20 15:000.00024.0001476ODELL LAKE-EAST
OR-BN-1002024-05-20 15:000.00024.00089MONROE 0.5 SE, OR
OR-BN-1082024-05-20 15:000.00024.000159MONROE 1.4 W, OR
OR-BN-1082024-05-20 14:000.00024.000159MONROE 1.4 W, OR
OR-BN-132024-05-20 14:000.00024.000241BLODGETT 1 N, OR
OR-BN-132024-05-20 13:450.00024.000241BLODGETT 1 N, OR
OR-BN-1592024-05-20 14:000.00024.000115CORVALLIS 7.7 NNE, OR
OR-BN-222024-05-20 14:000.00024.000118CORVALLIS 6.7 N, OR
OR-BN-322024-05-20 15:000.00024.00073CORVALLIS 1.9 SSE, OR
OR-BN-322024-05-20 14:000.00024.00073CORVALLIS 1.9 SSE, OR
OR-BN-362024-05-20 14:000.00024.00073NORTH ALBANY 2.7 NW, OR
OR-BN-532024-05-20 14:000.00024.000104ALBANY 3.1 NNW, OR
OR-BN-852024-05-20 15:000.00024.00073CORVALLIS 2.7 SSE, OR
OR-BN-852024-05-20 14:000.00024.00073CORVALLIS 2.7 SSE, OR
OR-CB-102024-05-20 14:000.00024.000231VERNONIA 5.4 WNW, OR
OR-CB-232024-05-20 14:000.00024.000225VERNONIA 7.2 SW, OR
OR-CB-92024-05-20 15:000.00024.00029WARREN 0.4 SW, OR
OR-CB-92024-05-20 14:000.00024.00029WARREN 0.4 SW, OR
OR-CC-1152024-05-20 14:000.00024.000190HAPPY VALLEY 1.4 WNW, OR
OR-CC-1192024-05-20 14:000.00024.00027MILWAUKIE 1.2 S, OR
OR-CC-1252024-05-20 14:000.00024.000100CLACKAMAS 2.1 ENE, OR
OR-CC-642024-05-20 15:000.00024.000426MOUNT HOOD VILLAGE 1.7 ESE, OR
OR-CC-642024-05-20 14:000.00024.000426MOUNT HOOD VILLAGE 1.7 ESE, OR
OR-CC-672024-05-20 14:000.00024.000305MOLALLA 7.5 S, OR
OR-CC-812024-05-20 16:000.00024.000164BORING 0.6 WSW, OR
OR-CC-882024-05-20 14:000.00024.000203WEST LINN 0.7 NW, OR
OR-CS-112024-05-20 14:300.00024.00060BANDON 7.1 NNE, OR
OR-CS-142024-05-20 14:000.00024.00080COOS BAY 1.7 WNW, OR
OR-CS-222024-05-20 14:000.00024.00044COOS BAY 0.5 SE, OR
OR-CS-242024-05-20 14:000.00024.00024BANDON 0.9 E, OR
OR-CS-262024-05-20 14:000.00024.00027COOS BAY 0.2 W, OR
OR-CS-292024-05-20 14:170.00024.00061NORTH BEND 6.5 NNE, OR
OR-CS-302024-05-20 14:000.00024.00024BANDON 3.4 S, OR
OR-CS-352024-05-20 06:590.00024.00024NORTH BEND 0.9 WNW, OR
OR-CS-372024-05-20 14:000.00024.00022COOS BAY 6.5 SE, OR
OR-CS-72024-05-20 14:000.00024.00057COOS BAY 1 NNW, OR
OR-CT-242024-05-20 13:000.00024.00045ARCH CAPE 2.0 S, OR
OR-DG-102024-05-20 13:190.00024.000345GLIDE 1.1 SE, OR
OR-DG-122024-05-20 14:000.00024.000493IDLEYLD PARK 4 ESE, OR
OR-DG-272024-05-20 15:000.00024.000143OAKLAND 0.1 NNE, OR
OR-DG-302024-05-20 15:000.00024.000136ROSEBURG 4.6 NNW, OR
OR-DG-332024-05-20 14:000.00024.000132ROSEBURG 1.2 WNW, OR
OR-DG-472024-05-20 14:000.00024.000160DILLARD 0.3 N, OR
OR-DG-482024-05-20 14:000.00024.000203ROSEBURG 9.9 NE, OR
OR-DG-492024-05-20 15:000.00024.000158SUTHERLIN 0.1 ESE, OR
OR-DG-572024-05-20 15:000.00024.000257SUTHERLIN 2.0 ESE, OR
OR-DG-632024-05-20 14:000.00024.000167ROSEBURG 7.3 WNW, OR
OR-DG-702024-05-20 15:000.00024.000144ROSEBURG 0.5 ESE, OR
OR-DS-352024-05-20 13:000.00024.000990SISTERS 2.0 WNW, OR
OR-HR-102024-05-20 14:000.00024.000155HOOD RIVER 0.8 SSW, OR
OR-HR-102024-05-20 13:340.00024.000155HOOD RIVER 0.8 SSW, OR
OR-HR-72024-05-20 16:000.00024.000160HOOD RIVER 0.8 SW, OR
OR-HR-82024-05-20 15:000.00024.000150HOOD RIVER 1.1 SSE, OR
OR-HR-82024-05-20 14:000.00024.000150HOOD RIVER 1.1 SSE, OR
OR-JC-1002024-05-20 13:300.00024.000525EAGLE POINT 6.4 SSE, OR
OR-JC-1272024-05-20 14:000.00024.000686SHADY COVE 4.8 ESE, OR
OR-JC-1282024-05-20 14:000.00024.000775BUTTE FALLS 0.1 W, OR
OR-JC-742024-05-20 14:000.00024.000676BUTTE FALLS 4.5 NNW, OR
OR-JC-832024-05-20 15:000.00024.000602MEDFORD 2.7 E, OR
OR-JC-982024-05-20 15:000.00024.000452EAGLE POINT 2.8 ENE, OR
OR-LA-1142024-05-20 15:000.00024.000250COTTAGE GROVE 2.6 E, OR
OR-LA-1222024-05-20 14:000.00024.000151SPRINGFIELD 1.5 SE, OR
OR-LA-1222024-05-20 13:000.00024.000151SPRINGFIELD 1.5 SE, OR
OR-LA-1272024-05-20 14:000.00024.000161SPRINGFIELD 3.9 E, OR
OR-LA-1292024-05-20 15:000.00024.000137SPRINGFIELD 2.1 NW, OR
OR-LA-132024-05-20 14:210.00024.000120EUGENE 3.2 N, OR
OR-LA-132024-05-20 14:000.00024.000120EUGENE 3.2 N, OR
OR-LA-1302024-05-20 15:000.00024.000421MCKENZIE BRIDGE 1 N, OR
OR-LA-1302024-05-20 14:000.00024.000421MCKENZIE BRIDGE 1 N, OR
OR-LA-1322024-05-20 15:000.00024.00070SWISSHOME 4.2 ESE, OR
OR-LA-1322024-05-20 14:000.00024.00070SWISSHOME 4.2 ESE, OR
OR-LA-1672024-05-20 14:000.00024.000260COTTAGE GROVE 7.0 SSE, OR
OR-LA-1672024-05-20 13:310.00024.000260COTTAGE GROVE 7.0 SSE, OR
OR-LA-1792024-05-20 14:000.00024.000123EUGENE 2.1 NNW, OR
OR-LA-1802024-05-20 14:000.00024.000137SPRINGFIELD 2.8 SW, OR
OR-LA-1982024-05-20 14:000.00024.000251EUGENE 2.4 S, OR
OR-LA-2092024-05-20 14:370.00024.000132EUGENE 1.0 SE, OR
OR-LA-2092024-05-20 14:000.00024.000132EUGENE 1.0 SE, OR
OR-LA-2142024-05-20 14:000.00024.000186EUGENE 3.1 SE, OR
OR-LA-2202024-05-20 14:000.00024.00021FLORENCE 1.5 NNE, OR
OR-LA-2222024-05-20 15:000.00024.000129EUGENE 1.8 NNE, OR
OR-LA-2222024-05-20 14:000.00024.000129EUGENE 1.8 NNE, OR
OR-LA-2382024-05-20 14:000.00024.000178MARCOLA 1.7 NE, OR
OR-LA-2382024-05-20 13:450.00024.000178MARCOLA 1.7 NE, OR
OR-LA-242024-05-20 14:000.00024.000205PLEASANT HILL 3 SE, OR
OR-LA-2492024-05-20 15:000.00024.000152EUGENE 3.2 SSE, OR
OR-LA-2492024-05-20 14:000.00024.000152EUGENE 3.2 SSE, OR
OR-LA-2532024-05-20 14:000.00024.000129EUGENE 2.4 ENE, OR
OR-LA-32024-05-20 14:000.00024.00022FLORENCE 1.8 NW, OR
OR-LA-32024-05-20 13:000.00024.00022FLORENCE 1.8 NW, OR
OR-LA-382024-05-20 14:000.00024.000192SPRINGFIELD 8.3 NNE, OR
OR-LA-382024-05-20 13:580.00024.000192SPRINGFIELD 8.3 NNE, OR
OR-LA-542024-05-20 15:500.00024.000322EUGENE 3 SW, OR
OR-LA-542024-05-20 14:000.00024.000322EUGENE 3 SW, OR
OR-LA-552024-05-20 15:000.00024.000121COBURG 1.4 NNW, OR
OR-LA-552024-05-20 14:000.00024.000121COBURG 1.4 NNW, OR
OR-LA-652024-05-20 14:000.00024.000351SPRINGFIELD 6.4 E, OR
OR-LA-662024-05-20 14:000.00024.000141SPRINGFIELD 1.8 WNW, OR
OR-LA-682024-05-20 14:000.00024.000279COTTAGE GROVE 6.8 SSE, OR
OR-LA-762024-05-20 14:000.00024.00021FLORENCE 0.9 NW, OR
OR-LA-872024-05-20 14:000.00024.000260EUGENE 4.0 SE, OR
OR-LA-932024-05-20 14:000.00024.000400LOWELL 0.7 ENE, OR
OR-LA-972024-05-20 14:200.00024.000163EUGENE 4 SSE, OR
OR-LA-972024-05-20 14:000.00024.000163EUGENE 4 SSE, OR
OR-LC-12024-05-20 14:000.00024.00031NEWPORT 5.1 N, OR
OR-LC-152024-05-20 15:000.00024.00020WALDPORT 1.0 ESE, OR
OR-LC-292024-05-20 14:000.00024.00032NEWPORT 1.1 NNW, OR
OR-LC-402024-05-20 14:000.00024.00043SEAL ROCK 0.6 ESE, OR
OR-LC-412024-05-20 15:000.00024.00030SEAL ROCK 1.8 S, OR
OR-LC-412024-05-20 14:000.00024.00030SEAL ROCK 1.8 S, OR
OR-LC-442024-05-20 14:000.00024.00045NEWPORT 4.4 N, OR
OR-LC-462024-05-20 15:510.00024.00034LINCOLN CITY 1.0 SSW, OR
OR-LC-462024-05-20 14:000.00024.00034LINCOLN CITY 1.0 SSW, OR
OR-LN-12024-05-20 14:000.00024.000129LEBANON 4.8 E, OR
OR-LN-1032024-05-20 14:000.00024.00070ALBANY 4.4 WSW, OR
OR-LN-122024-05-20 14:000.00024.000512LYONS 1.6 SSW, OR
OR-LN-162024-05-20 14:000.00024.000109LEBANON 1.4 SSW, OR
OR-LN-162024-05-20 13:190.00024.000109LEBANON 1.4 SSW, OR
OR-LN-32024-05-20 15:000.00024.00069ALBANY 0.5 SE, OR
OR-LN-32024-05-20 14:000.00024.00069ALBANY 0.5 SE, OR
OR-LN-42024-05-20 14:000.00024.00080SCIO 4.2 SW, OR
OR-LN-442024-05-20 14:000.00024.00069ALBANY 0.7 NE, OR
OR-LN-472024-05-20 14:250.00024.00073ALBANY 2.1 S, OR
OR-LN-622024-05-20 14:000.00024.000151SCIO 7.3 SSE, OR
OR-LN-622024-05-20 13:000.00024.000151SCIO 7.3 SSE, OR
OR-LN-652024-05-20 15:000.00024.000244LEBANON 11.3 ESE, OR
OR-LN-652024-05-20 14:000.00024.000244LEBANON 11.3 ESE, OR
OR-LN-682024-05-20 15:300.00024.000201SWEET HOME 2.2 E, OR
OR-LN-72024-05-20 15:000.00024.000174SWEET HOME 5.0 SW, OR
OR-LN-702024-05-20 14:000.00024.000102LEBANON 5.1 NE, OR
OR-LN-752024-05-20 14:000.00024.000315GATES 1.4 SW, OR
OR-LN-82024-05-20 14:000.00024.000125BROWNSVILLE 3.0 NW, OR
OR-LN-82024-05-20 13:340.00024.000125BROWNSVILLE 3.0 NW, OR
OR-LN-812024-05-20 16:000.00024.00095HARRISBURG 0.4 SSE, OR
OR-LN-902024-05-20 14:000.00024.00071TANGENT 1.3 N, OR
OR-LN-902024-05-20 12:530.00024.00071TANGENT 1.3 N, OR
OR-LN-922024-05-20 15:000.00024.000223SWEET HOME 2.1 WNW, OR
OR-LN-922024-05-20 14:000.00024.000223SWEET HOME 2.1 WNW, OR
OR-LN-952024-05-20 16:000.00024.00066ALBANY 1.8 WNW, OR
OR-MN-162024-05-20 14:000.00024.000341STAYTON 6 ENE, OR
OR-MN-262024-05-20 14:000.00024.00095TURNER 6.6 S, OR
OR-MN-472024-05-20 15:000.00024.000250MILL CITY 0.8 W, OR
OR-MN-492024-05-20 15:000.00024.000205MEHAMA 0.7 ESE, OR
OR-MN-492024-05-20 14:000.00024.000205MEHAMA 0.7 ESE, OR
OR-MN-502024-05-20 15:000.00024.00060SALEM 4.0 NE, OR
OR-MN-782024-05-20 15:000.00024.00066SALEM 1.9 ENE, OR
OR-MN-972024-05-20 14:000.00024.00059JEFFERSON 6.8 NW, OR
OR-MT-1262024-05-20 14:000.00024.00015PORTLAND 6.9 E, OR
OR-MT-1282024-05-20 14:000.00024.000183PORTLAND 5.2 SSW, OR
OR-MT-1282024-05-20 13:150.00024.000183PORTLAND 5.2 SSW, OR
OR-MT-1312024-05-20 14:300.00024.00068PORTLAND 3.9 E, OR
OR-MT-1432024-05-20 16:300.00024.00059PORTLAND 1.8 SE, OR
OR-MT-1442024-05-20 14:000.00024.00064PORTLAND 2.1 NE, OR
OR-MT-1452024-05-20 14:000.00024.00064PORTLAND 1.2 ENE, OR
OR-MT-1502024-05-20 15:000.00024.00074PORTLAND 2.5 E, OR
OR-MT-162024-05-20 16:250.00024.000397SANDY 6.6 NNE, OR
OR-MT-242024-05-20 15:300.00024.000140RALEIGH HILLS 2.1 ESE, OR
OR-MT-242024-05-20 14:000.00024.000140RALEIGH HILLS 2.1 ESE, OR
OR-MT-332024-05-20 14:000.00024.00051PORTLAND 0.8 ENE, OR
OR-MT-332024-05-20 13:000.00024.00051PORTLAND 0.8 ENE, OR
OR-MT-822024-05-20 14:000.00024.00087PORTLAND 5.2 ESE, OR
OR-PK-132024-05-20 14:250.00024.00052INDEPENDENCE 5.2 SE, OR
OR-PK-132024-05-20 14:000.00024.00052INDEPENDENCE 5.2 SE, OR
OR-PK-312024-05-20 13:300.00024.000110MONMOUTH 6.3 S, OR
OR-PK-422024-05-20 14:000.00024.00048SALEM 2.5 WNW, OR
OR-TL-62024-05-20 16:300.00024.00070TILLAMOOK 6.9 SSE, OR
OR-WS-1242024-05-20 14:000.00024.00058CORNELIUS 5.2 SSE, OR
OR-WS-1532024-05-20 15:000.00024.00088BEAVERTON 2.4 SSW, OR
OR-WS-1532024-05-20 14:000.00024.00088BEAVERTON 2.4 SSW, OR
OR-WS-312024-05-21 06:000.00024.00087BEAVERTON 0.7 SSE, OR
OR-WS-602024-05-20 15:000.00024.00043BEAVERTON 5.6 SSW, OR
OR-WS-602024-05-20 14:000.00024.00043BEAVERTON 5.6 SSW, OR
OR-WS-72024-05-20 14:000.00024.00082RALEIGH HILLS 0.8 WSW, OR
OR-WS-752024-05-20 16:000.00024.00049HILLSBORO 1.3 SSE, OR
OR-WS-752024-05-20 14:000.00024.00049HILLSBORO 1.3 SSE, OR
OR-WS-972024-05-20 15:000.00024.00057HILLSBORO 3.0 WNW, OR
OR-YM-12024-05-20 17:000.00024.000225GASTON 3.2 SW, OR
PDX2024-05-21 00:000.00024.0005PORTLAND INTL ARPT
PDX2024-05-20 12:000.00024.0005PORTLAND INTL ARPT
PGWO32024-05-21 00:000.00024.00044KGW-TV
PLNW12024-05-20 17:000.00024.000564PLAIN
PLNW12024-05-20 16:000.00024.000564PLAIN
PQR2024-05-20 07:000.00024.0006PORTLAND, OR
PQRO32024-05-21 00:000.00024.0005WFO PORTLAND ROOFTOP WEATHER
PQRO32024-05-20 12:000.00024.0005WFO PORTLAND ROOFTOP WEATHER
PRSO32024-05-20 21:400.00072.000757PROSPECT 2 SW
PRSO32024-05-20 21:400.00024.000757PROSPECT 2 SW
ROSW12024-05-20 14:150.00024.000389ROSS DAM
ROSW12024-05-20 13:000.00024.000389ROSS DAM
STEW12024-05-20 16:000.00024.000389STEHEKIN 4NW
STEW12024-05-20 15:000.00024.000389STEHEKIN 4NW
SWWW12024-05-20 15:000.00024.000201COUGAR 6 E
TKFO32024-05-21 02:000.00024.000631TOKETEE FALLS
TLTW12024-05-20 15:550.00024.000614TOLT SOUTH FORK RESERVOIR
TLTW12024-05-20 15:000.00024.000614TOLT SOUTH FORK RESERVOIR
UBKW12024-05-20 14:000.00024.000212UPPER BAKER DAM
WA-CH-112024-05-20 13:580.00024.000212WENATCHEE 0.6 N, WA
WA-CH-132024-05-20 14:550.00024.000274WENATCHEE 1.0 WSW, WA
WA-CH-332024-05-20 14:000.00024.000571LEAVENWORTH 12.4 N, WA
WA-CH-42024-05-20 14:310.00024.000225MALAGA 0.4 WSW, WA
WA-CH-512024-05-20 13:540.00024.000319WENATCHEE 1.5 WSW, WA
WA-CK-212024-05-20 13:000.00024.00078VANCOUVER 1.9 NE, WA
WA-CK-672024-05-20 14:000.00024.000250LA CENTER 4.8 NE, WA
WA-CK-722024-05-20 14:000.00024.00060LA CENTER 0.5 WNW, WA
WA-CM-132024-05-20 16:000.00024.000266PORT ANGELES 8.1 SSW, WA
WA-CM-262024-05-20 14:000.00024.000114PORT ANGELES 6.7 SSE, WA
WA-CM-322024-05-20 14:000.00024.000192PORT ANGELES 10.1 SE, WA
WA-CM-362024-05-20 14:000.00024.000195PORT ANGELES 10.5 SE, WA
WA-CM-42024-05-20 13:520.00024.00039FORKS 6.9 WSW, WA
WA-CM-462024-05-20 16:000.00024.000322PORT ANGELES 12.0 SSE, WA
WA-CM-642024-05-20 14:450.00024.000122SEQUIM 2.9 SE, WA
WA-CM-712024-05-20 15:000.00024.000203PORT ANGELES 9.0 SW, WA
WA-CM-722024-05-20 14:000.00024.00024SEQUIM 3.7 NNW, WA
WA-CM-732024-05-20 14:000.00024.000207SEQUIM 2.8 SSE, WA
WA-CM-762024-05-20 14:000.00024.00048SEQUIM 5.1 NW, WA
WA-CW-82024-05-20 14:000.00024.000132KELSO 2.5 NNE, WA
WA-DG-232024-05-20 14:300.00024.000281EAST WENATCHEE 1.3 SE, WA
WA-GH-472024-05-20 14:000.00024.00064QUINAULT 2.2 NE, WA
WA-IS-352024-05-20 13:300.00024.00022COUPEVILLE 2.8 WNW, WA
WA-IS-382024-05-20 14:000.00024.000150FREELAND 2.5 ENE, WA
WA-IS-402024-05-20 16:000.00024.00087FREELAND 1.2 ESE, WA
WA-IS-442024-05-20 14:000.00024.00088LANGLEY 0.8 S, WA
WA-IS-452024-05-20 14:000.00024.0009OAK HARBOR 4.7 E, WA
WA-IS-462024-05-20 15:000.00024.00081OAK HARBOR 4.2 NNE, WA
WA-IS-52024-05-20 13:100.00024.00027FREELAND 2.1 W, WA
WA-IS-522024-05-20 14:150.00024.00065CAMANO ISLAND 7.6 SE, WA
WA-JF-162024-05-20 15:300.00024.000165PORT TOWNSEND 9.9 SSW, WA
WA-JF-212024-05-20 15:000.00024.00056PORT TOWNSEND 0.6 SE, WA
WA-JF-32024-05-20 14:000.00024.000148CHIMACUM 1.8 SW, WA
WA-JF-442024-05-20 14:000.00024.00076PORT TOWNSEND 3.9 SW, WA
WA-JF-452024-05-20 14:000.00024.00084PORT TOWNSEND 4.2 S, WA
WA-JF-52024-05-20 14:000.00024.00047PORT TOWNSEND 4.6 S, WA
WA-JF-542024-05-20 15:000.00024.000152PORT LUDLOW 1.7 SSE, WA
WA-JF-622024-05-20 15:150.00024.00080PORT TOWNSEND 1.2 WSW, WA
WA-JF-642024-05-20 14:210.00024.00062PORT LUDLOW 0.3 NW, WA
WA-KG-1432024-05-20 14:000.00024.000260NORTH BEND 5.4 ESE, WA
WA-KG-2252024-05-20 15:000.00024.000123SEATTLE 2.1 ESE, WA
WA-KG-2342024-05-20 14:000.00024.00012MATTHEWS BEACH 0.4 NW, WA
WA-KG-2372024-05-20 14:000.00024.000107FEDERAL WAY 0.9 W, WA
WA-KG-2382024-05-20 15:000.00024.00088SEATTLE 5.0 NE, WA
WA-KG-2392024-05-20 15:060.00024.00054SEATTLE 3.9 N, WA
WA-KG-2402024-05-21 02:000.00024.000137SAMMAMISH 3.0 ESE, WA
WA-KG-2482024-05-20 14:000.00024.000122FEDERAL WAY 2.5 SE, WA
WA-KG-2532024-05-20 15:000.00024.000137RENTON 2.7 NE, WA
WA-KG-2632024-05-20 15:000.00024.00012LAKE FOREST PARK 0.8 SSE, WA
WA-KG-2722024-05-20 16:000.00024.00081SEATTLE 4.9 SE, WA
WA-KG-2842024-05-20 13:150.00024.00086ISSAQUAH 0.5 SSW, WA
WA-KG-2852024-05-20 14:000.00024.000132WOODINVILLE 3.3 ESE, WA
WA-KG-2942024-05-20 15:000.00024.00031SEATTLE 4.0 NNW, WA
WA-KG-2982024-05-20 13:390.00024.000163MAPLE VALLEY 1.5 S, WA
WA-KG-32024-05-20 14:000.00024.00049LAKE FOREST PARK 0.4 W, WA
WA-KG-3082024-05-20 16:190.00024.000142LEA HILL 3.7 E, WA
WA-KG-3132024-05-20 14:000.00024.00080SEATTLE 4.5 NNW, WA
WA-KG-332024-05-21 02:000.00024.000106SHERIDAN BEACH 3.7 S, WA
WA-KG-352024-05-20 15:450.00024.00074WOODINVILLE 1.7 SE, WA
WA-KG-412024-05-20 13:030.00024.000131RENTON 3.6 SSE, WA
WA-KG-52024-05-20 14:000.00024.00029MERCER ISLAND 1.5 NW, WA
WA-KG-512024-05-20 14:000.00024.00078KENMORE 0.9 WNW, WA
WA-KG-612024-05-20 14:000.00024.000142REDMOND 3.7 N, WA
WA-KG-722024-05-20 15:000.00024.0007SEATTLE 4.2 SW, WA
WA-KG-762024-05-20 13:000.00024.000152LAKELAND NORTH 0.5 ENE, WA
WA-KG-812024-05-20 13:000.00024.00066RENTON 0.5 SSW, WA
WA-KG-882024-05-20 14:000.00024.00051FEDERAL WAY 2.5 NNE, WA
WA-KG-92024-05-20 14:000.00024.000150KENT 2.9 ENE, WA
WA-KL-162024-05-20 14:000.00024.000254WHITE SALMON 1.4 NW, WA
WA-KL-62024-05-20 14:000.00024.000249WHITE SALMON 0.7 WNW, WA
WA-KL-72024-05-20 14:000.00024.000597TROUT LAKE 0.8 SSW, WA
WA-KP-262024-05-20 14:000.00024.00038KINGSTON 1.7 WNW, WA
WA-KP-32024-05-20 14:080.00024.00063BREMERTON 1.8 NE, WA
WA-KP-442024-05-20 14:500.00024.00041HANSVILLE 1.8 SE, WA
WA-KP-452024-05-20 14:000.00024.00014PORT ORCHARD 4.5 E, WA
WA-KP-472024-05-20 15:000.00024.000106POULSBO 3.7 NNW, WA
WA-KP-532024-05-20 13:000.00024.00076POULSBO 4.8 N, WA
WA-KP-562024-05-20 14:000.00024.00078WINSLOW 3.8 N, WA
WA-KP-62024-05-20 14:000.00024.00011BAINBRIDGE ISLAND 2.6 NNW, WA
WA-KP-612024-05-20 20:000.00024.00068SUQUAMISH 1.5 ENE, WA
WA-KP-622024-05-20 14:000.00024.000104SEABECK 0.9 S, WA
WA-KP-642024-05-20 14:000.00024.00044BREMERTON 2.9 ENE, WA
WA-KP-682024-05-20 15:300.00024.00081PORT ORCHARD 6.3 ESE, WA
WA-KP-722024-05-20 15:000.00024.00091WINSLOW 3.0 SW, WA
WA-KP-782024-05-20 14:000.00024.000135BREMERTON 6.7 WNW, WA
WA-KP-82024-05-20 16:000.00024.00088INDIANOLA 0.7 SSE, WA
WA-KP-802024-05-20 17:300.00024.00036PORT ORCHARD 5.5 E, WA
WA-KP-822024-05-20 14:000.00024.000104PORT ORCHARD 5.6 SE, WA
WA-LW-292024-05-20 14:000.00024.000109CHEHALIS 0.0 N, WA
WA-OK-162024-05-20 14:000.00024.000990WINTHROP 6.8 NNW, WA
WA-OK-392024-05-20 15:000.00024.000789WINTHROP 9.2 NW, WA
WA-PC-62024-05-20 15:000.00024.00012OCEAN PARK 2.2 N, WA
WA-PR-1012024-05-20 13:000.00024.00043LAKEBAY 1.6 NNW, WA
WA-PR-1032024-05-20 12:000.00024.000571EATONVILLE 4.8 SSE, WA
WA-PR-1042024-05-20 14:000.00024.00011PUYALLUP 1.4 WNW, WA
WA-PR-1052024-05-20 14:000.00024.000118UNIVERSITY PLACE 0.8 S, WA
WA-PR-202024-05-20 15:000.00024.000134PUYALLUP 2.1 ESE, WA
WA-PR-452024-05-20 13:100.00024.000103TACOMA 1.1 NW, WA
WA-PR-712024-05-20 14:000.00024.00054GIG HARBOR 4.3 S, WA
WA-PR-872024-05-20 17:000.00024.00042LAKEBAY 1.4 SE, WA
WA-PR-932024-05-20 14:560.00024.000228TEHALEH 0.2 SW, WA
WA-PR-982024-05-20 14:450.00024.00068LAKEWOOD 2.4 N, WA
WA-SG-232024-05-20 15:000.00024.0005MOUNT VERNON 3.4 W, WA
WA-SG-302024-05-20 15:000.00024.00036ANACORTES 3.0 N, WA
WA-SG-372024-05-20 14:000.00024.00060ANACORTES 1.7 WNW, WA
WA-SG-402024-05-20 13:300.00024.0002BOW 0.1 SSE, WA
WA-SG-602024-05-20 15:000.00024.00044BOW 5.4 W, WA
WA-SJ-12024-05-20 15:000.00024.00017FRIDAY HARBOR 6.3 SSE, WA
WA-SJ-102024-05-20 14:000.00024.000152FRIDAY HARBOR 4.6 WNW, WA
WA-SJ-132024-05-20 16:000.00024.00028FRIDAY HARBOR 6.0 W, WA
WA-SJ-162024-05-20 15:000.00024.00019FRIDAY HARBOR 4.0 SSW, WA
WA-SJ-282024-05-20 12:500.00024.00041LOPEZ ISLAND 3.9 NNE, WA
WA-SJ-32024-05-20 14:000.00024.00030ORCAS 0.7 NNW, WA
WA-SJ-402024-05-20 15:000.00024.000120FRIDAY HARBOR 2.6 WNW, WA
WA-SJ-432024-05-20 15:000.00024.0006BLAKELY ISLAND 1.7 NNW, WA
WA-SJ-502024-05-20 15:000.00024.00039LOPEZ ISLAND 4.7 SSE, WA
WA-SJ-532024-05-20 14:000.00024.00064LOPEZ ISLAND 2.0 ESE, WA
WA-SJ-82024-05-20 14:000.00024.00045FRIDAY HARBOR 6.2 WNW, WA
WA-SM-62024-05-20 14:150.00024.000378UNDERWOOD 2.1 W, WA
WA-SM-62024-05-20 14:000.00024.000378UNDERWOOD 2.1 W, WA
WA-SN-1012024-05-20 14:000.00024.00042MONROE 1.8 NW, WA
WA-SN-1052024-05-20 15:000.00024.000121DARRINGTON 6.6 WNW, WA
WA-SN-1092024-05-20 14:000.00024.000146EVERETT 6.6 SSE, WA
WA-SN-1112024-05-20 14:000.00024.000149SNOHOMISH 8.4 SSE, WA
WA-SN-122024-05-20 13:000.00024.00094BOTHELL 4.9 NNW, WA
WA-SN-1312024-05-20 15:000.00024.00038EVERETT 3.1 N, WA
WA-SN-202024-05-20 13:000.00024.00077EVERETT 1.0 S, WA
WA-SN-212024-05-20 14:000.00024.000134BRIER 0.7 WSW, WA
WA-SN-272024-05-20 14:300.00024.00034EVERETT 2.4 NNW, WA
WA-SN-42024-05-20 14:000.00024.00032EVERETT 2.0 N, WA
WA-SN-902024-05-20 14:000.00024.000107MUKILTEO 1.1 S, WA
WA-SN-922024-05-20 15:000.00024.000102EVERETT 5.5 SSE, WA
WA-SN-972024-05-20 14:000.00024.000126WEALLUP LAKE 1.9 WNW, WA
WA-TH-12024-05-20 13:000.00024.00052OLYMPIA 1.3 S, WA
WA-TH-402024-05-20 14:000.00024.000189OLYMPIA 8.5 WSW, WA
WA-TH-532024-05-20 14:000.00024.00064LACEY 1.9 ENE, WA
WA-TH-642024-05-20 14:000.00024.00056LACEY 2.1 E, WA
WA-TH-682024-05-20 15:000.00024.00061OLYMPIA 3.8 SE, WA
WA-TH-702024-05-20 15:000.00024.00037OLYMPIA 5.0 NE, WA
WA-WC-202024-05-20 15:000.00024.00062BELLINGHAM 9.3 NE, WA
WA-WC-472024-05-20 13:000.00024.00048BELLINGHAM 9.6 NE, WA
WA-WC-642024-05-20 14:000.00024.000177BELLINGHAM 3.0 SSE, WA
WA-WC-702024-05-20 14:000.00024.000279GLACIER 0.1 SW, WA
WA-WC-732024-05-20 14:000.00024.000178BELLINGHAM 5.4 ESE, WA
WA-WC-762024-05-20 14:200.00024.000151BELLINGHAM 0.8 SE, WA
WA-WC-792024-05-20 16:000.00024.00035LYNDEN 1.5 ENE, WA
WA-WC-82024-05-20 14:000.00024.000108FERNDALE 2.1 NW, WA
WA-WC-822024-05-20 14:300.00024.000167BELLINGHAM 2.5 S, WA
Data last summarized at May 27 2024 16:03:33 UTC.

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