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Northwest Snowfall Observations
from 2010-01-30 07:00 UTC to 2010-01-31 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
HLDW12010-01-30 164.100243219HOLDEN VILLAGE
ASFW12010-01-30 162.000245390RAINIER PARADISE RANGER STN
CRLO32010-01-30 191.500246516CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK HQ
GOVO32010-01-30 171.000244012GOVERNMENT CAMP
9205O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.400241923TROUT LAKE 1.2 NW, WA
MZAW12010-01-30 180.300242185MAZAMA
OLEO32010-01-30 170.200244859ODELL LAKE-EAST
1759H_MADIS2010-01-30 160.001241601PARKDALE 3.5 NE, OR
3734H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.001241873LEAVENWORTH 12.4 N, WA
ESTW12010-01-30 200.001242208EASTON
GLEW12010-01-30 170.001241913GLENWOOD #2
PLNW12010-01-31 040.001241919PLAIN
1001O_MADIS2010-01-30 170.00024226LINN COUNTY, OR
1010O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024269RALEIGH HILLS 0.8 WSW, OR
1073O_MADIS2010-01-30 160.00024738GASTON 3.2 SW, OR
1133O_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024289PHILOMATH 1.9 WSW, OR
1167O_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024400EUGENE 3.2 NNE, OR
1173O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024915SPRINGFIELD 10.0 NNE, OR
1186O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024607TROUTDALE 5.0 E, OR
1213O_MADIS2010-01-30 180.00024509SPRINGFIELD 2.8 W, OR
1214O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024217BEAVERTON 2 WNW, OR
1249O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024833EUGENE 2.5 SW, OR
1252O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024410VENETA 2.5 N, OR
1255O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024463SPRINGFIELD 1.8 WNW, OR
1262O_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024505SALEM 3 SW, OR
1350O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024791BLODGETT 1 N, OR
1404O_MADIS2010-01-30 160.000242333PROSPECT 2 SW, OR
1407S_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024318ROCKPORT 6.5 W, WA
1421O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024410EUGENE 2.4 NNE, OR
1452O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.000241152SPRINGFIELD 6.4 E, OR
1718R_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024587CLARK COUNTY, WA
1773H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.0002469FLORENCE 0.9 NW, OR
1816H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.000241119STAYTON 6 ENE, OR
1821H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024650SALEM 5 SE, OR
1859H_MADIS2010-01-30 160.00024272TUALATIN 0.6 SSE, OR
2094O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024256CORVALLIS 2.7 SSW, OR
2111O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024240NORTH ALBANY 2.7 NW, OR
2117O_MADIS2010-01-30 170.000241299RHODODENDRON 3.8 NW, OR
2137O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.000241132GLIDE 1.1 SE, OR
2174O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024456EUGENE 1.3 SSW, OR
2183O_MADIS2010-01-30 170.00024404COBURG 0.3 W, OR
2193O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024358LEBANON 1.4 SSW, OR
2194O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024719SWEET HOME 2.0 NE, OR
2211O_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024348PORTLAND 7 SW, OR
2222O_MADIS2010-01-30 130.00024325DALLAS 0.3 NE, OR
2223O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024335SHERIDAN 4.6 SSW, OR
2237O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024154MCMINNVILLE 1.5 N, OR
2238O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024197YAMHILL 1.1 NNW, OR
2388O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024482ROSEBURG 3.8 SSW, OR
2507O_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024466WALTON 4 SW, OR
2716S_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024108ASTORIA 11.6 E, OR
3715H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024794WENATCHEE 0.4 S, WA
3721H_MADIS2010-01-30 180.00024899WENATCHEE 1.0 WSW, WA
3732H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.000241404WENATCHEE 4.5 S, WA
3752H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024846EAST WENATCHEE 1.2 N, WA
3802H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024528RENTON 3.2 E, WA
3830H_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024430RENTON 3.6 SSE, WA
3856H_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024400COVINGTON 1.1 NE, WA
3938H_MADIS2010-01-30 170.00024118FRIDAY HARBOR 2.8 S, WA
3991H_MADIS2010-01-30 170.00024105OLYMPIA 4.1 ENE, WA
4439C_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024171LOPEZ ISLAND 2.2 WSW, WA
4481C_MADIS2010-01-30 140.00024154CANBY 0.2 N, OR
6472O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024758VERNONIA 5.4 WNW, OR
6504O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.0002443ANACORTES 4.9 S, WA
6644O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024381MOUNT VERNON 1.1 E, WA
6647O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024105SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA
6781O_MADIS2010-01-30 160.00024249PORT LUDLOW 1.1 SSE, WA
6831O_MADIS2010-01-30 170.00024289INDIANOLA 0.7 SSE, WA
6839O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024764ONALASKA 2.8 NE, WA
6889O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024364BELLINGHAM 1.5 SW, WA
6925O_MADIS2010-01-30 170.00024285CASCADE PARK EAST 0.2 ENE, WA
7048O_MADIS2010-01-31 000.00024125OLALLA 1.4 WNW, WA
7050O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024466SEABECK 3.8 SW, WA
8354O_MADIS2010-01-30 070.00024285BEAVERTON 0.7 SSE, OR
8751O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.00024978SWEET HOME 2.0 NE, OR
8785O_MADIS2010-01-30 150.0002495WHATCOM COUNTY, WA
BDNO32010-01-30 170.0002430BANDON 2 NNE
BOMO32010-01-30 170.0002433BONNEVILLE DAM
CHQO32010-01-30 210.000244180CHILOQUIN 12 NW
CNCW12010-01-30 160.00024180CONCRETE PPL FISH STN
CTGO32010-01-30 160.00024656COTTAGE GROVE 1NNE
DIAW12010-01-30 160.00024889DIABLO DAM
DRNO32010-01-30 160.00024892DRAIN
ELTO32010-01-30 160.00024138ELKTON 1SW
FOGO32010-01-30 160.00024177FOREST GROVE
HSTW12010-01-30 170.00024682HOH RANGER STATION
IPKO32010-01-31 010.000241083IDLEYLD PARK 4 NE
KCZK2010-01-30 170.00024394CASCADE LOCKS STATE
KNTW12010-01-31 010.0002423KENT
LABO32010-01-30 160.00024574LACOMB 3 NNE
LEBO32010-01-31 000.00024348LEBANON
LMLO32010-01-30 180.000244268LEMOLO LAKE 3NNW
LOOO32010-01-30 160.00024614LOOKINGGLASS,OR
LOSO32010-01-30 160.000241785LOST CREEK DAM
MAWW12010-01-30 140.00024804MAYFIELD POWER PLANT
MNFO32010-01-30 160.000242497MARION FORKS FISH HATCHERY
NWMW12010-01-30 160.00024525V_REMARKS=
OKDO32010-01-30 160.00024430OAKLAND,OR
PALW12010-01-30 160.00024912PALMER 3 ESE
PQR2010-01-30 080.0002420WFO PORTLAND
PRSO32010-01-31 010.000242484PROSPECT 2 SW
RLGW12010-01-30 160.000242782LONGMIRE RAINER NPS
TKFO32010-01-31 030.000242051TOKETEE FALLS
TLTW12010-01-30 140.000242014TOLT SOUTH FORK RESERVOIR
UBKW12010-01-30 150.00024696UPPER BAKER DAM
WENW12010-01-30 160.00024696WENATCHEE
WINO32010-01-30 160.00024463WINCHESTER
Data last summarized at February 03 2010 03:12:24 UTC.

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