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Northwest Snow Depth Observations
from 2024-03-02 07:00 UTC to 2024-03-03 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
STS40_MADIS2024-03-03 05279.3993980STEVENS PASS - SCHMIDT HAUS
LYLW12024-03-03 06254.9996516LYMAN LAKE
AFSW12024-03-03 06236.0005151PARADISE
EPSW12024-03-03 06223.000524921A07 - EASY PASS AM
STS48_MADIS2024-03-03 06214.5004820STEVENS PASS - GRACE LAKES
CL003_MADIS2024-03-03 05210.5006365LAGOON
HRPW12024-03-03 06209.0006503HARTS PASS
REDO32024-03-03 06208.0004416RED HILL
SVNW12024-03-03 06205.0003993STEVENS PASS
SHPW12024-03-03 06197.0004006SHEEP CANYON
ELSW12024-03-03 05196.0003058ELBOW LAKE
SASW12024-03-03 06195.0004357SASSE RIDGE
BVPW12024-03-03 06193.0003652BEAVER PASS
PTHW12024-03-03 06189.0004498POTATO HILL
SAWW12024-03-03 06189.0004646SAWMILL RIDGE
ASFW12024-03-02 16186.0005390RAINIER PARADISE RANGER STN
CLJW12024-03-03 06176.0002503CALAMITY
WCSW12024-03-03 06176.0004039WELLS CREEK
MGSW12024-03-03 06174.0002877MOUNT GARDNER
BUSW12024-03-03 06163.0004160BURNT MOUNTAIN
PVC54_MADIS2024-03-03 06161.7005390PARADISE
CLKO32024-03-03 05153.0003878CLEAR LAKE
FISW12024-03-03 05153.0003488FISH LAKE
TIM59_MADIS2024-03-03 06140.6005889TIMBERLINE LODGE
SWCW12024-03-03 06137.0004491SWIFT CREEK
JOJO32024-03-03 06135.0003517JUMP OFF JOE
MTHO32024-03-03 06132.0005410MT HOOD TEST SITE
MHM54_MADIS2024-03-03 06131.0005390MT. HOOD MEADOWS BASE
CRLO32024-03-02 16129.0006499CRATER LAKE NATIONAL PARK HQ
WCM50_MADIS2024-03-03 06128.9005062WHITE CHUCK MOUNTAIN
MRSW12024-03-03 06120.0005413MORSE LAKE
MTB42_MADIS2024-03-03 06116.1004239MT. BAKER - HEATHER MEADOWS
WPS58_MADIS2024-03-03 06112.9005807WHITE PASS UPPER
ALP44_MADIS2024-03-03 06109.6004360ALPENTAL MID-MOUNTAIN
TOKO32024-03-03 04109.0003251TOKETEE AIRSTRIP
CAYW12024-03-03 06108.0005364CAYUSE PASS
PGPW12024-03-03 06108.0005814PIGTAIL PEAK
ANSO32024-03-03 06107.0006030ANNIE SPRINGS
BEDO32024-03-03 06106.0005545IRISH TAYLOR
SMPW12024-03-03 06106.0003894STAMPEDE PASS
BKHW12024-03-03 06105.0004633BUCKINGHORSE
BKSO32024-03-03 06104.0004741BEAR GRASS
SMLO32024-03-03 06103.0005643SUMMIT LAKE
MKZO32024-03-03 06102.0004790MCKENZIE
SPLW12024-03-03 06101.0004298SURPRISE LAKES
FFMO32024-03-03 0698.0005961FIFTEENMILE SNOTEL
CSTO32024-03-03 0697.0005112CASCADE SUMMIT
SVMO32024-03-03 0696.0005728SEVENMILE MARSH
BRTW12024-03-03 0595.0005843BROWN TOP
MNOW12024-03-03 0490.0004934MF NOOKSACK
MRBW12024-03-03 0487.0003494JUNE LAKE
FRLO32024-03-03 0685.0006001FOURMILE LAKE
GRN62_MADIS2024-03-03 0685.0006214CRYSTAL - GREEN VALLEY
OMWW12024-03-03 0682.0004026OLALLIE MEADOWS
HDBTB_MADIS2024-03-03 0680.3005052HOODOO BUTTE - SNOW
BLAO32024-03-03 0677.0003701BLAZED ALDER
PCRW12024-03-03 0677.0004629PARK CREEK RIDGE
COPW12024-03-03 0676.0005814CORRAL PASS
LPSW12024-03-03 0676.0004009LONE PINE
BCDO32024-03-03 0674.0005302BILLIE CREEK DIVIDE
CSCO32024-03-03 0674.0005984COLD SPRINGS CAMP
BMPW12024-03-03 0671.0004685BUMPING RIDGE
MUDO32024-03-03 0671.0004101MUD RIDGE
PINW12024-03-03 0671.0004462PINTO ROCK
HOPO32024-03-03 0670.0004810HOGG PASS
GRLW12024-03-03 0669.0005915GREEN LAKE
LMDO32024-03-03 0669.0004035LITTLE MEADOWS
RORO32024-03-03 0569.0004967ROARING RIVER
APSW12024-03-03 0668.0003494ALPINE MEADOWS
GVT50_MADIS2024-03-03 0667.2504990SKIBOWL SUMMIT
CMT46_MADIS2024-03-03 0665.9404646CRYSTAL BASE
CPPW12024-03-03 0664.3703353COOPER PASS
HUR53_MADIS2024-03-03 0663.5905253HURRICANE RIDGE
NFRO32024-03-03 0662.0003097NORTH FORK
SKTW12024-03-03 0661.0003789SKATE CREEK
TRIW12024-03-03 0660.0002884TRINITY SNOTEL
RAIW12024-03-03 0659.0004938RAINY PASS
SCFO32024-03-03 0659.0004275SALT CREEK FALLS
WHPW12024-03-03 0659.0004469WHITE PASS E.S.
SSSO32024-03-03 0658.0005407SUN PASS
WHSW12024-03-03 0656.0005007WATERHOLE
RXSW12024-03-03 0655.0003776REX RIVER
NCLO32024-03-03 0653.0004934NEW CRESCENT LAKE
ESS38_MADIS2024-03-03 0552.8503789SNOQUALMIE PASS - EAST SHED
HLMO32024-03-03 0652.0004908HOLLAND MEADOWS
LMLO32024-03-03 0052.0004098LEMOLO LAKE 3 NNW
MTCW12024-03-03 0652.0003947MOUNT CRAG
BLKQ22024-03-03 0651.1806227BLACKWALL PEAK SNOW PILLOW
BT042_MADIS2024-03-03 0650.7905591PENNASK SUMMIT
GOVO32024-03-02 1449.0004012GOVERNMENT CAMP
SPMW12024-03-03 0649.0003422SPENCER MEADOW
BT017_MADIS2024-03-03 0648.8205259FOUNDATION MINES
THBW12024-03-03 0648.0004288THUNDER BASIN
GRCW12024-03-03 0647.0005400GROUSE CAMP
HLDW12024-03-02 1647.0003222HOLDEN VILLAGE
CLLO32024-03-03 0644.0003435CLACKAMAS LAKE
KUSW12024-03-03 0644.0003346SKOOKUM CREEK
LOHW12024-03-03 0644.0005112LOST HORSE
SAJO32024-03-03 0544.0003753SANTIAM JUNCTION
TKSW12024-03-03 0644.0003009TINKHAM CREEK
PVRO32024-03-03 0641.0003468PEAVINE RIDGE
TCMO32024-03-03 0639.0005735THREE CREEKS MEADOW
TRGW12024-03-03 0639.0005466TROUGH
BRN27_MADIS2024-03-03 0638.8002694BERNE
BPAW12024-03-03 0638.0004245BLEWETT PASS
BT018_MADIS2024-03-03 0636.2204403ALLISON PASS
OLEO32024-03-02 1736.0004843ODELL LAKE-EAST
UPWW12024-03-03 0636.0004400UPPER WHEELER
FISO32024-03-03 0634.0004708FISH LK.
TEBW12024-03-03 0632.0003412MT TEBO SNOTEL
DIAO32024-03-03 0631.0005328DIAMOND LAKE
LAKW12024-03-03 0631.0003924LYNN LAKE
PPRW12024-03-03 0631.0003619POPE RIDGE
SFBO32024-03-03 0630.0002700SOUTH FORK BULL RUN
MRFO32024-03-03 0629.0002700MARION FORKS
SAMW12024-03-03 0628.0004478SALMON MEADOWS
SDMO32024-03-03 0628.0003150SADDLE MOUNTAIN
BE072_MADIS2024-03-03 0627.9504705TROUT CREEK WEST
BLT41_MADIS2024-03-03 0627.8204101BLEWETT PASS
BT026_MADIS2024-03-03 0627.1705725APEX ROADSIDE
DALO32024-03-03 0626.0003642DALY LAKE
PPCW12024-03-03 0625.0002156PEPPER CREEK
SWSW12024-03-03 0624.0003940SWAMP CREEK
LKWW12024-03-02 1417.0001942LAKE WENATCHEE STATE PARK
SMTO32024-03-03 0616.0003245SMITH RIDGE
MUKW12024-03-03 0615.0004462MUCKAMUCK
RLGW12024-03-02 1614.0002782LONGMIRE RAINER NPS
SECO32024-03-03 0614.0002060SEINE CREEK
WA-KL-72024-03-02 1513.0001959TROUT LAKE 0.8 SSW, WA
CUMW12024-03-03 0612.0003274COUGAR MOUNTAIN
RROO32024-03-03 0612.0002697RAILROAD OVERPASS
MZAW12024-03-02 1710.0002119MAZAMA
TKFO32024-03-03 0310.0002070TOKETEE FALLS
OR-JC-1282024-03-02 158.0002543BUTTE FALLS 0.1 W, OR
DGSW12024-03-03 067.0003986DUNGENESS
ESTW12024-03-02 166.0002208EASTON
HKSW12024-03-03 065.0002251HUCKLEBERRY CREEK
MHSW12024-03-03 065.0003179MOWICH
STEW12024-03-02 165.0001276STEHEKIN 4NW
BT027_MADIS2024-03-03 064.7202684RED BLUFFS
OR-DS-352024-03-02 144.0003248SISTERS 2.0 WNW, OR
OR-JC-1002024-03-02 144.0001722EAGLE POINT 6.4 SSE, OR
OR-MT-162024-03-02 174.0001302SANDY 6.6 NNE, OR
OR-WS-1332024-03-02 164.000919TIMBER 0.3 NNE, OR
TLTW12024-03-02 174.0002014TOLT SOUTH FORK RESERVOIR
OR-LA-542024-03-02 153.5001056EUGENE 3 SW, OR
OR-LA-1912024-03-02 153.000466JUNCTION CITY 8.6 SW, OR
OR-LN-122024-03-02 153.0001680LYONS 1.6 SSW, OR
PLNW12024-03-02 173.0001850PLAIN
UBKW12024-03-02 143.000696UPPER BAKER DAM
BMNQ22024-03-03 062.9904757BRENDA MINE SNOW PILLOW
OR-BN-332024-03-02 162.500843PHILOMATH 7.0 NNW, OR
OR-BN-1292024-03-02 162.300495CORVALLIS 1.5 NW, OR
OR-BN-132024-03-02 152.300791BLODGETT 1 N, OR
OR-DG-102024-03-02 152.3001132GLIDE 1.1 SE, OR
OR-YM-322024-03-02 152.300587AMITY 3.2 ENE, OR
WA-LW-152024-03-02 152.2001457MINERAL 0.2 S, WA
DIAW12024-03-02 142.000889DIABLO DAM
DIDW12024-03-02 142.000909DIABLO RESERVOIR
DTTO32024-03-02 132.0001217DETROIT DAM
HSKO32024-03-02 162.000748HASKINS DAM
OR-DG-222024-03-02 152.000853OAKLAND 4.5 W, OR
WA-TH-402024-03-02 152.000620OLYMPIA 8.5 WSW, WA
WA-WC-702024-03-02 152.000915GLACIER 0.1 SW, WA
OR-BN-1422024-03-02 161.500620PHILOMATH 7.5 SW, OR
OR-DG-122024-03-02 161.5001617IDLEYLD PARK 4 ESE, OR
OR-MN-162024-03-02 151.5001119STAYTON 6 ENE, OR
WA-CH-222024-03-02 151.5001588ENTIAT 12.2 NW, WA
WA-OK-342024-03-02 151.5002303TWISP 9.3 W, WA
OR-LA-682024-03-02 161.100915COTTAGE GROVE 6.8 SSE, OR
ENTW12024-03-02 151.0001020ENTIAT FISH HATCHERY
HZOW12024-03-03 061.0001693HOZOMEEN CAMP
MWDO32024-03-03 061.000236MILLER WOODS
NWMW12024-03-02 141.000525NEWHALEM,WA
OR-BN-1012024-03-02 161.000449CORVALLIS 1.5 NNW, OR
OR-BN-1662024-03-02 171.000203ALSEA 6.2 WSW, OR
OR-BN-22024-03-02 151.000299ALBANY 3.6 NW, OR
OR-BN-282024-03-02 151.000374PHILOMATH 1.1 E, OR
OR-CB-102024-03-02 151.000758VERNONIA 5.4 WNW, OR
OR-JC-982024-03-02 161.0001483EAGLE POINT 2.8 ENE, OR
OR-LA-652024-03-02 151.0001152SPRINGFIELD 6.4 E, OR
OR-LN-982024-03-02 151.000892MILL CITY 0.6 ESE, OR
OR-WS-1662024-03-02 151.000364NORTH PLAINS 3.3 NNE, OR
OR-YM-12024-03-02 191.000738GASTON 3.2 SW, OR
OR-YM-382024-03-02 161.000259MCMINNVILLE 2.5 W, OR
WA-GH-472024-03-02 151.000210QUINAULT 2.2 NE, WA
OR-BN-1722024-03-02 150.900646BLODGETT 3.2 NNW, OR
OR-CC-1062024-03-02 150.8001457MOUNT HOOD VILLAGE 0.6 NNE, OR
OR-LA-2002024-03-02 150.700344JUNCTION CITY 7.3 WNW, OR
OR-BN-72024-03-02 160.600492CORVALLIS 1.5 NW, OR
OR-BN-322024-03-02 160.500240CORVALLIS 1.9 SSE, OR
OR-BN-362024-03-02 150.500240NORTH ALBANY 2.7 NW, OR
OR-BN-852024-03-02 160.500240CORVALLIS 2.7 SSE, OR
OR-CB-372024-03-02 150.500755RAINIER 1.9 WSW, OR
OR-CC-1152024-03-02 150.500623HAPPY VALLEY 1.4 WNW, OR
OR-CC-662024-03-02 150.500610HAPPY VALLEY 1.7 ESE, OR
OR-CC-672024-03-02 150.5001001MOLALLA 7.5 S, OR
OR-LA-2322024-03-02 150.500246DEADWOOD 0.3 E, OR
OR-LN-32024-03-02 160.500226ALBANY 0.5 SE, OR
OR-LN-422024-03-02 150.500240ALBANY 1.1 SSE, OR
OR-LN-62024-03-02 160.500643SWEET HOME 1.0 ESE, OR
OR-MN-82024-03-02 160.500505SALEM 3.7 SSW, OR
OR-YM-82024-03-02 150.500390GRAND RONDE 3.5 NW, OR
WA-OK-112024-03-02 150.5001857WINTHROP 3.5 WNW, WA
OR-BN-182024-03-02 160.400217CORVALLIS 2.5 NE, OR
OR-LA-2382024-03-02 150.400584MARCOLA 1.7 NE, OR
OR-LA-972024-03-02 150.300535EUGENE 4 SSE, OR
OR-LN-992024-03-02 160.300397BROWNSVILLE 0.3 WNW, OR
OR-MT-992024-03-02 160.300495PORTLAND 5.8 S, OR
OR-YM-52024-03-02 150.300154MCMINNVILLE 0.6 W, OR
OR-LA-1862024-03-02 160.200509EUGENE 2.7 ESE, OR
OR-LA-2492024-03-02 160.200499EUGENE 3.2 SSE, OR
OR-DG-472024-03-02 150.100525DILLARD 0.3 N, OR
WA-CH-512024-03-02 150.1001047WENATCHEE 1.5 WSW, WA
WA-SM-62024-03-02 160.1001240UNDERWOOD 2.1 W, WA
CLNW12024-03-02 160.0011201CHELAN
LOSO32024-03-02 140.0011568LOST CREEK DAM
MLAO32024-03-02 160.001663MOLALLA 7 NE
OKRO32024-03-02 150.0011266OAKRIDGE FISH HATCHERY
OR-LA-242024-03-02 150.001673PLEASANT HILL 3 SE, OR
OR-LN-952024-03-02 190.001217ALBANY 1.8 WNW, OR
OR-MT-202024-03-02 150.001413TROUTDALE 4.2 ESE, OR
OR-PK-512024-03-02 150.001154SALEM 1.4 NNW, OR
ROSW12024-03-02 140.0011276ROSS DAM
WA-CH-132024-03-02 160.001899WENATCHEE 1.0 WSW, WA
WA-CK-172024-03-02 170.001541BRUSH PRAIRIE 4.7 ENE, WA
WA-CK-562024-03-02 160.001699YACOLT 0.3 SE, WA
WA-CM-462024-03-02 170.0011056PORT ANGELES 12.0 SSE, WA
WA-DG-32024-03-02 150.001846EAST WENATCHEE 1.2 N, WA
WA-KG-1432024-03-02 150.001853NORTH BEND 5.4 ESE, WA
WA-LW-42024-03-02 160.001764ONALASKA 2.8 NE, WA
WA-WC-632024-03-02 160.001702DEMING 7.0 SE, WA
BF143_MADIS2024-03-03 060.0003845ALLISON PASS
BLLW12024-03-03 000.0007BELLINGHAM 3SSW
BOMO32024-03-02 150.00033BONNEVILLE DAM
BT013_MADIS2024-03-03 060.000377BRADNER ROAD
CGWO32024-03-02 160.0001280COUGAR DAM
CNCW12024-03-02 160.000180CONCRETE PPL FISH STN
CWBO32024-03-02 160.000541CORVALLIS WATER BUREAU
CZKO32024-03-02 150.000135CASCADE LOCKS
DLCO32024-03-02 150.000167DILLEY 1MI.S
DRNO32024-03-02 170.000289DRAIN
ELTO32024-03-02 160.000138ELKTON 1SW
FLOO32024-03-03 000.00079FLORENCE #2
FORW12024-03-03 000.000384FORKS 1E
FSTO32024-03-02 130.000554FOSTER DAM
LPWO32024-03-02 150.000768LOOKOUT POINT DAM
LVN11_MADIS2024-03-03 060.0001178LEAVENWORTH
MEWW12024-03-02 190.000249MERWIN DAM
MNRW12024-03-03 040.000128MONROE
OHAW12024-03-03 060.0002024RANIER OHANAPECOSH
OR-BN-222024-03-02 170.000387CORVALLIS 6.7 N, OR
OR-BN-302024-03-02 150.000482MONROE 5.7 WNW, OR
OR-CB-92024-03-02 160.00095WARREN 0.4 SW, OR
OR-CC-882024-03-02 150.000666WEST LINN 0.7 NW, OR
OR-CC-932024-03-02 160.000472SANDY 1.4 NE, OR
OR-CS-262024-03-02 150.00089COOS BAY 0.2 W, OR
OR-LA-762024-03-02 150.00069FLORENCE 0.9 NW, OR
OR-LN-162024-03-02 150.000358LEBANON 1.4 SSW, OR
OR-LN-622024-03-02 150.000495SCIO 7.3 SSE, OR
OR-MT-1262024-03-02 150.00049PORTLAND 6.9 E, OR
OR-MT-332024-03-02 150.000167PORTLAND 0.8 ENE, OR
OR-PK-312024-03-02 140.000361MONMOUTH 6.3 S, OR
OR-PK-422024-03-02 150.000157SALEM 2.5 WNW, OR
OR-WS-1242024-03-02 140.000190CORNELIUS 5.2 SSE, OR
OR-WS-1532024-03-02 160.000289BEAVERTON 2.4 SSW, OR
OR-WS-312024-03-02 070.000285BEAVERTON 0.7 SSE, OR
OR-WS-602024-03-02 160.000141BEAVERTON 5.6 SSW, OR
OR-WS-752024-03-02 070.000161HILLSBORO 1.3 SSE, OR
PDX2024-03-03 000.00016PORTLAND INTL ARPT
PGWO32024-03-03 000.000144KGW-TV
PQR2024-03-02 080.00020PORTLAND, OR
PSBW12024-03-02 140.000249POULSBO 1NW
WA-CK-722024-03-02 150.000197LA CENTER 0.5 WNW, WA
WA-CM-132024-03-02 170.000873PORT ANGELES 8.1 SSW, WA
WA-CM-642024-03-02 160.000400SEQUIM 2.9 SE, WA
WA-CM-732024-03-02 160.000679SEQUIM 2.8 SSE, WA
WA-CW-82024-03-02 150.000433KELSO 2.5 NNE, WA
WA-DG-202024-03-02 150.000778EAST WENATCHEE 1.5 SSE, WA
WA-IS-402024-03-02 170.000285FREELAND 1.2 ESE, WA
WA-IS-452024-03-02 150.00030OAK HARBOR 4.7 E, WA
WA-IS-462024-03-02 160.000266OAK HARBOR 4.2 NNE, WA
WA-KG-2252024-03-02 160.000404SEATTLE 2.1 ESE, WA
WA-KG-332024-03-03 030.000348SHERIDAN BEACH 3.7 S, WA
WA-KG-412024-03-02 150.000430RENTON 3.6 SSE, WA
WA-KG-52024-03-02 150.00095MERCER ISLAND 1.5 NW, WA
WA-KP-262024-03-02 150.000125KINGSTON 1.7 WNW, WA
WA-LW-252024-03-02 150.000823ONALASKA 6.2 NE, WA
WA-PR-542024-03-02 150.000282GIG HARBOR 1.6 W, WA
WA-SG-12024-03-02 150.00052ANACORTES 4.9 S, WA
WA-SG-232024-03-02 160.00016MOUNT VERNON 3.4 W, WA
WA-SG-402024-03-02 150.0007BOW 0.1 SSE, WA
WA-SJ-442024-03-02 150.000194LOPEZ ISLAND 1.2 SW, WA
WA-SN-1202024-03-02 150.000377ARLINGTON 1.2 SE, WA
WA-SN-582024-03-02 160.000440MILL CREEK 1.8 NE, WA
WA-TH-642024-03-02 160.000184LACEY 2.1 E, WA
WA-WC-472024-03-02 140.000157BELLINGHAM 9.6 NE, WA
WA-WC-642024-03-02 150.000581BELLINGHAM 3.0 SSE, WA
WA-WC-752024-03-02 150.000384BELLINGHAM 1.3 S, WA
WA-WC-762024-03-02 160.000495BELLINGHAM 0.8 SE, WA
WA-WC-812024-03-02 160.000741SUMAS 3.6 ESE, WA
WA-WK-12024-03-02 160.00030GRAYS RIVER 0.9 SSE, WA
WNPW12024-03-02 230.0001755WINTHROP 1 WSW
Data last summarized at March 08 2024 16:03:12 UTC.

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