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Northern Rockies Snowfall Observations
from 2015-04-01 07:00 UTC to 2015-04-02 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MT-GN-82015-04-01 13:003.10024.0005184BOZEMAN 4.4 S, MT
MT-GN-112015-04-01 13:001.60024.0004931BOZEMAN 1.5 SSE, MT
ENSM82015-04-01 15:001.00024.0004954ENNIS
GARM82015-04-01 23:001.00024.0005243GARDINER
ID-VL-12015-04-01 14:000.50024.0004898MCCALL 9.3 SSE, ID
MT-MD-32015-04-01 13:000.20024.0005407SHERIDAN 1.4 ENE, MT
GRNM82015-04-01 14:000.10024.0005981GRANT 5SE
BZEM82015-04-01 22:000.00124.0004931BOZEMAN MONTANA STATE UNIV
BZN2015-04-02 00:000.00124.0004426BOZEMAN GALLATIN FIELD AIRPORT
HERM82015-04-02 00:000.00124.0002293HERON 2NW
ID-VL-22015-04-01 16:000.00124.0004747YELLOW PINE 0.2 SSW, ID
LRGM82015-04-01 14:000.00124.0004547LIVINGSTON RAIN GAGE - F&P
MT-DL-12015-04-01 13:000.00124.0005781ANACONDA 7.4 NW, MT
MT-RV-72015-04-01 13:000.00124.0004275CORVALLIS 4.2 ENE, MT
WA-FY-82015-04-01 14:000.00124.0003294KETTLE FALLS 10.2 NW, WA
BDDW12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0001834BOUNDARY DAM
BOUM82015-04-01 22:000.00024.0004885BOULDER
BYVI12015-04-01 16:000.00024.0002087BAYVIEW MODEL BASIN
CAN-BC-42015-04-01 15:000.00024.0001831WESTBANK 4.6 NNE, CA
CAN-BC-52015-04-01 13:300.00024.0001604COLDSTREAM 2.0 W, CA
CAN-BC-92015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001926ARMSTRONG 8.8 NNW, CAN
CQV2015-04-02 02:000.00024.0001627COLVILLE
GPI2015-04-02 00:000.00024.0002956KALISPELL GLACIER AP
GPI2015-04-01 12:000.00024.0002956KALISPELL GLACIER AP
HAMM82015-04-01 13:000.00024.0003556HAMILTON
HLN2015-04-02 00:000.00024.0003825HELENA AP ASOS
HLN2015-04-01 18:000.0006.0003825HELENA AP ASOS
HLN2015-04-01 12:000.00024.0003825HELENA AP ASOS
HLN2015-04-01 12:000.0006.0003825HELENA AP ASOS
ID-BD-42015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002293MOYIE SPRINGS 1.0 SSW, ID
ID-BR-152015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002159PRIEST RIVER 11.6 SSE, ID
ID-BS-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.0003415GARDEN VALLEY 2.7 NW, ID
ID-BW-32015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002415ST. MARIES 2.8 S, ID
ID-ID-62015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001644LUCILE 1.2 NNE, ID
ID-KT-12015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002552SPIRIT LAKE 3.6 E, ID
ID-KT-122015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002533COEUR D'ALENE 6.6 SSW, ID
ID-KT-32015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002444ATHOL 1.5 ENE, ID
ID-LM-12015-04-01 13:000.00024.0003983SALMON 0.2 NNW, ID
KLGI12015-04-01 17:000.00024.0002375KELLOGG
LIBM82015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002165LIBBY DAM (BASE)
MGZM82015-04-02 00:400.00024.0004944MILLEGAN 14SE
MSO2015-04-02 00:000.00024.0003192MISSOULA, MT
MSO2015-04-01 12:000.00024.0003192MISSOULA, MT
MT-FH-122015-04-01 13:000.00024.0004088MARION 1.1 SE, MT
MT-FH-162015-04-01 13:000.00024.0003028BIGFORK 3.2 ENE, MT
MT-FH-22015-04-01 14:000.00024.0003255KALISPELL 10.1 SW, MT
MT-FH-42015-04-01 14:000.00024.0003045WHITEFISH 0.8 ESE, MT
MT-JF-12015-04-01 14:000.00024.0004895BOULDER 0.3 E, MT
MT-LC-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.0004062HELENA 10.6 N, MT
MT-MS-162015-04-01 13:000.00024.0004039SEELEY LAKE 0.3 ESE, MT
MT-PK-12015-04-01 13:000.00024.0004534LIVINGSTON 2.3 SSW, MT
MT-RV-82015-04-01 13:000.00024.0003586HAMILTON 1.2 SSE, MT
MT-SN-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002585THOMPSON FALLS 9.3 NW, MT
NHPW12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0001453NORTHPORT
NHRM82015-04-01 23:150.00024.0004964NEIHART 7NW
PHIM82015-04-01 20:000.00024.0005243PHILIPSBURG RS
PRDI12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002546PRICHARD 3 ESE
REPW12015-04-02 02:000.00024.0002615REPUBLIC
S722015-04-01 16:060.00024.0002365SAINT MARIES 1W
WA-FY-12015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002920REPUBLIC 4.2 N, WA
WA-OK-22015-04-01 14:000.00024.0003064TONASKET 7.0 E, WA
WA-OK-52015-04-01 12:000.00024.000974OROVILLE 1.2 NNW, WA
WA-PO-12015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002585ELK 5.6 NE, WA
WA-PO-92015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002552NEWPORT 5.5 W, WA
WA-SP-142015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002116DEER PARK 2.1 WSW, WA
WA-SP-322015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001949DEER PARK 3.7 NE, WA
WA-SP-362015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002110ELK 2.6 WNW, WA
WA-ST-12015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002310CLAYTON 2.6 SW, WA
WA-ST-52015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002060NORTHPORT 8.3 SE, WA
WILM82015-04-02 00:000.00024.0005860WILSALL 8 ENE
Data last summarized at April 03 2015 04:01:17 UTC.

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