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Northern Rockies Snowfall Observations
from 2009-10-09 07:00 UTC to 2009-10-10 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
5745C_MADIS2009-10-09 1310.000244370EVARO .74 NNW, MT
5125C_MADIS2009-10-09 137.500242933ARLEE 16.7 WNW, MT
5198C_MADIS2009-10-09 156.300244229EVARO 2.7 NNE, MT
GTLM82009-10-09 156.000246381GEORGETOWN LAKE - 7 GABLES
MGZM82009-10-10 016.000244944MILLEGAN 14SE
1988O_MADIS2009-10-09 135.500245869PHILIPSBURG 10.3 SSW, MT
6770C_MADIS2009-10-09 145.000242717CHARLO 4.9 S, MT
6998O_MADIS2009-10-09 135.000243028KALISPELL 1.7 NW, MT
5270C_MADIS2009-10-09 144.700243235KALISPELL 10.1 SW, MT
0068H_MADIS2009-10-09 124.500243993MARION 1.1 SE, MT
ANAM82009-10-09 234.300245282ANACONDA
NHRM82009-10-09 234.200244964NEIHART 7NW
BGSM82009-10-09 234.000246617BIG SKY 2 WNW
GPI2009-10-10 004.000242956KALISPELL GLACIER AP
CSEM82009-10-09 233.600244491CASCADE 20 SSE
4949O_MADIS2009-10-09 133.500245781ANACONDA 7.4 NW, MT
BTEM82009-10-09 143.500245528BUTTE SOUTH
PSNM82009-10-09 223.200243068POLSON
5307C_MADIS2009-10-09 143.000242602EUREKA 4.3 NW, MT
6558C_MADIS2009-10-09 143.000243061ARLEE, MT
LRGM82009-10-09 143.00024LIVINGSTON RAIN GAGE - F&P
SELM82009-10-09 213.000244032SEELEY LAKE RS
6640C_MADIS2009-10-09 132.900242930POLSON .5 E, MT
HAMM82009-10-09 132.500243556HAMILTON
7167C_MADIS2009-10-09 142.400244403CORVALLIS 4.2 ENE, MT
3DU2009-10-09 232.300244124DRUMMOND AVIATION
MSAM82009-10-10 062.300243425MISSOULA 2 NE
5124C_MADIS2009-10-09 142.200244236HAMILTON 8.8 SSW, MT
SLAM82009-10-09 172.100245164SULA 14 NE
5199C_MADIS2009-10-09 122.000244534LIVINGSTON 2.3 SSW, MT
5994C_MADIS2009-10-09 132.000243533MISSOULA 4.9 N, MT
KERM82009-10-09 232.000242772POLSON KERR DAM
LBMM82009-10-09 232.000242205LIBBY
SULM82009-10-10 002.000244557SULA 3 ENE
5828C_MADIS2009-10-09 151.900243409MISSOULA 2.8 NE, MT
BZEM82009-10-09 221.800244931BOZEMAN MONTANA STATE UNIV
LYBM82009-10-09 231.800243465LIBBY 32 SSE
6642C_MADIS2009-10-09 131.500243127MISSOULA 4.4 W, MT
8866O_MADIS2009-10-09 141.500244006OVANDO 2.9 SW, MT
WGSM82009-10-09 221.500245092WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS #2
LIBM82009-10-09 141.200242165LIBBY DAM (BASE)
1112O_MADIS2009-10-09 131.000242602SANDERS COUNTY, MT
ABTM82009-10-09 141.000243051ALBERTON
BOUM82009-10-09 221.000244885BOULDER
MSO2009-10-10 001.000243192MISSOULA, MT
MSOM82009-10-10 061.000243209MISSOULA 6 NW WFO
WISM82009-10-09 231.000246047WISDOM
WYGM82009-10-09 151.000246677WEST YELLOWSTONE GATEWAY
0066H_MADIS2009-10-09 120.900243107COLUMBIA FALLS .9 WNW, MT
6877C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.900245075WILSALL 0.3 NW, MT
0071H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.800243077BIGFORK 3.2 ENE, MT
ENSM82009-10-09 150.800244954ENNIS
5126C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.700242635LIBBY 28.0 SSW, MT
5909C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.700243432FLORENCE 3.7 SE, MT
1329O_MADIS2009-10-09 140.500244505DEER LODGE 0.9 NNE, MT
1989O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.500242014TROY 0.8 NNW, MT
0078H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.300244334HELENA 10.6 N, MT
GBBI12009-10-09 150.300244472GIBBONSVILLE
MRTM82009-10-10 000.300244800MARTINSDALE 3 NNW
6996O_MADIS2009-10-09 130.200244852TOWNSEND 11.5 E, MT
PLBM82009-10-09 140.200243540POLEBRIDGE 1 N
YAKM82009-10-10 050.200243087YAAK 9NNE
7764A_MADIS2009-10-09 120.100242425CLARK FORK 3.5 SE, ID
KLGI12009-10-09 180.100242612KELLOGG
WRPM82009-10-09 140.100244216ROGERS PASS 9 NNE
5825C_MADIS2009-10-09 130.001243045WHITEFISH 0.8 ESE, MT
9855H_MADIS2009-10-09 150.001243009EUREKA 7.8 ESE, MT
FOTM82009-10-09 140.001244039FORTINE 2 NE
GARM82009-10-10 000.001245243GARDINER
HERM82009-10-10 000.001242293HERON 2NW
HLN2009-10-10 000.001243825HELENA AP ASOS
LHSM82009-10-09 140.001244154LOLO HOT SPRINGS
POWI12009-10-09 140.001243419POWELL
REDI12009-10-09 150.001244367RED RIVER RS
SUPM82009-10-09 220.001242710SUPERIOR
SWLM82009-10-09 140.001243110SWAN LAKE
WGLM82009-10-09 220.001243219WEST GLACIER
1600O_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000241929INCHELIUM 2.5 SE, WA
3767H_MADIS2009-10-09 150.000241604KELLER 1.5 NNW, WA
3910H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000241047OROVILLE 1.2 NNW, WA
3911H_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242395TONASKET 7.4 NE, WA
3917H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000242493ELK 5.6 NE, WA
3919H_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242365NEWPORT 0.4 W, WA
3924H_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242608NEWPORT 5.5 W, WA
3979H_MADIS2009-10-09 160.000242126DEER PARK 2.1 WSW, WA
3987H_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000242198COLVILLE 5.6 SE, WA
7132O_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000243064TONASKET 7.0 E, WA
7759A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000243025ST. MARIES 2.8 S, ID
7765A_MADIS2009-10-09 150.000242060SAGLE 1.8 NNE, ID
7775A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242188SANDPOINT 6.9 NNE, ID
7784A_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000245433ARCO 1.5 NW, ID
7804A_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000242520SPIRIT LAKE 3.6 E, ID
7805A_MADIS2009-10-09 150.000242182POST FALLS 2.1 NNW, ID
7806A_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242388ATHOL 1.5 ENE, ID
7807A_MADIS2009-10-09 150.000242753COEUR D'ALENE 5.1 ESE, ID
7815A_MADIS2009-10-09 130.000243993SALMON 0.2 NNW, ID
8035C_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000242224RATHDRUM 1.4 SSW, ID
8253H_MADIS2009-10-09 140.000244915MCCALL 9.3 SSE, ID
8505O_MADIS2009-10-09 160.000243261COLVILLE 24.4 NE, WA
9201O_MADIS2009-10-09 170.000242001REPUBLIC 13.6 S, WA
9202O_MADIS2009-10-09 150.000242562REPUBLIC 8.4 NNE, WA
BFSM82009-10-09 220.000242887BIG FORK 13 S
BYVI12009-10-09 180.000242306BAYVIEW MODEL BASIN
KETI12009-10-09 140.000245879KETCHUM RS
LLFM82009-10-09 130.000244186LOGAN LANDFILL
MAYI12009-10-09 130.000245049MAY 2SSE
NHPW12009-10-09 180.000241309NORTHPORT
PIRI12009-10-09 140.000243061PIERCE
S722009-10-09 180.000242365SAINT MARIES 1W
Data last summarized at October 13 2009 02:14:29 UTC.

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