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Northern Rockies Snowfall Observations
from 2007-12-28 07:00 UTC to 2007-12-29 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
CQV2007-12-29 0219.30424494COLVILLE
GVYI12007-12-29 0014.73224938GARDEN VALLEY
LINM82007-12-28 2111.430241399LINCOLN RANGER STATION
SPTI12007-12-28 1810.66824645SANDPOINT EXP STATION
DVCM82007-12-28 168.890241322DEVIL CREEK
JVEM82007-12-28 198.890241219JAVA EAST
BONI12007-12-29 037.87424545BONNERS FERRY
CNAW12007-12-28 167.62024742CHRISTINA LAKE BC
HQSI12007-12-28 167.62024976HEADQUARTERS
5739C_MADIS2007-12-28 136.85824921EVERGREEN 10.7 SE, MT
NHPW12007-12-28 186.60424417NORTHPORT
DBSI12007-12-29 006.350241670DUBOIS EXPERIMENT STATION
6361C_MADIS2007-12-28 135.84224703SANDERS COUNTY, MT
PIRI12007-12-28 155.33424933PIERCE
5825C_MADIS2007-12-28 155.08024WHITEFISH 0.8 ESE, MT
BDDW12007-12-28 185.08024751BOUNDARY DAM
SELM82007-12-29 005.080241229SEELEY LAKE RS
WHFM82007-12-28 155.08024945WHITEFISH
8831C_MADIS2007-12-28 134.06424COLUMBIA FALLS .9 WNW, MT
S722007-12-28 184.06424847SAINT MARIES 1W
CASI12007-12-28 153.810241489CASCADE 1 NW
LYBM82007-12-29 003.556241056LIBBY 32 SSE
HLYI12007-12-28 163.048241623HAILEY
5126C_MADIS2007-12-28 142.79424LIBBY 28.0 SSW, MT
BGSM82007-12-29 002.540242017BIG SKY 2 WNW
COWI12007-12-28 182.54024645COEUR D'ALENE
DIXI12007-12-28 172.540241715DIXIE
GBVI12007-12-28 162.540241431GIBBONSVILLE NO. 2
SHPI12007-12-29 002.540241044SHOUP
WYGM82007-12-28 152.540242035WEST YELLOWSTONE GATEWAY
5198C_MADIS2007-12-28 142.03224ARLEE 6.8 S, MT
RRHI12007-12-28 182.032241524RED RIVER HOT SPRINGS
YAKM82007-12-29 062.03224941YAAK 9NNE
5270C_MADIS2007-12-28 141.27024KALISPELL 10.1 SW, MT
9516C_MADIS2007-12-28 131.27024MARION 0.9 SW, MT
GPI2007-12-29 001.27024901GLACIER PARK INTL AIRPORT
THOM82007-12-29 001.27024721THOMPSON FALLS PH
MSOM82007-12-28 071.01624978MISSOULA 6 NW WFO
PLBM82007-12-28 150.762241079POLEBRIDGE 1 N
1112O_MADIS2007-12-28 150.50824SANDERS COUNTY, MT
CLIM82007-12-29 050.508241084CLINTON 6 SE
KLGI12007-12-28 180.25424796KELLOGG
5124C_MADIS2007-12-28 140.02524HAMILTON 8.8 SSW, MT
6640C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.02524893POLSON .5 E, MT
ANAM82007-12-29 000.003241610ANACONDA
GEOM82007-12-28 150.003241977GEORGETOWN LAKE
PSNM82007-12-29 000.00324935POLSON
5199C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.000241382LIVINGSTON 2.3 SSW, MT
5827C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.000241076MISSOULA 2.7 S, MT
5909C_MADIS2007-12-29 010.00024FLORENCE 3.7 SE, MT
5994C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.000241077MISSOULA 4.9 N, MT
6520C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.00024LIVINGSTON 0.4 SSW, MT
6558C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.00024ARLEE, MT
6770C_MADIS2007-12-28 140.00024828CHARLO 4.9 S, MT
6877C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.000241547WILSALL 0.3 NW, MT
6939C_MADIS2007-12-28 130.000241555BOZEMAN 3.6 S, MT
7167C_MADIS2007-12-28 140.00024CORVALLIS 4.2 ENE, MT
BOUM82007-12-28 230.000241489BOULDER
BZEM82007-12-28 230.000241503BOZEMAN MONTANA STATE UNIV
CSEM82007-12-29 000.000241369CASCADE 20 SSE
ENSM82007-12-28 160.000241505ENNIS
HAMM82007-12-28 140.000241084HAMILTON
HLN2007-12-28 120.000241166HELENA AP ASOS
LDRI12007-12-28 150.000241815LEADORE NO. 2
LIBM82007-12-28 120.00024660LIBBY DAM BASE
MAYI12007-12-28 120.000241539MAY 2SSE
NHRM82007-12-29 030.000241513NEIHART 7NW
SUPM82007-12-28 230.00024826SUPERIOR
WRPM82007-12-28 120.000241285ROGERS PASS 9 NNE
Data last summarized at January 01 2008 03:28:14 UTC.

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