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Northern Great Lakes Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-06-26 07:00 UTC to 2022-06-27 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
7420Z_MADIS2022-06-26 120.000256WAUKESHA 2.2 S, WI
8281Z_MADIS2022-06-26 130.000356TWO HARBORS 7.0 W, MN
APXM42022-06-27 040.000445GAYLORD 9SSW
IL-CK-3362022-06-26 130.000189EVANSTON 0.8 ESE, IL
IL-DP-1012022-06-26 120.000218AURORA 3.8 SE, IL
IL-KN-1212022-06-26 120.000239GENEVA 1.3 NW, IL
IL-KN-782022-06-26 120.000221GENEVA 1.3 SSW, IL
IL-MCH-1032022-06-26 120.000321HARVARD 4.4 NNE, IL
IL-MCH-432022-06-26 070.000258ALGONQUIN 0.7 N, IL
IN-AL-12022-06-26 110.000249FORT WAYNE 4.1 NE, IN
IN-AL-1072022-06-26 130.000245FORT WAYNE 5.0 ENE, IN
IN-AL-512022-06-26 110.000248FORT WAYNE 2.6 NE, IN
IN-EL-392022-06-26 110.000266GOSHEN 3.0 WSW, IN
IN-PT-632022-06-26 140.000255VALPARAISO 1.8 NW, IN
IN-SJ-742022-06-26 120.000265SOUTH BEND 3.3 SE, IN
IWXI32022-06-26 180.000289NORTHERN INDIANA WFO
JACW32022-06-26 110.000271JACKSON
LNOW32022-06-26 120.000526LAND O LAKES
LOTI22022-06-26 180.000198ROMEOVILLE WFO
MI-CT-12022-06-26 110.000253LAINGSBURG 5.0 SW, MI
MI-CX-72022-06-26 120.000196EAST JORDAN 2.1 NNW, MI
MI-GL-42022-06-26 130.000322GLADWIN 10.4 NNW, MI
MI-IC-32022-06-26 120.000179EAST TAWAS 0.8 WSW, MI
MI-IH-452022-06-26 120.000255LANSING 1.0 ENE, MI
MI-IH-472022-06-26 110.000250EDGEMONT PARK 0.7 NNE, MI
MI-IS-92022-06-27 040.000241MOUNT PLEASANT 1.0 SSW, MI
MI-JC-132022-06-26 110.000326HANOVER 3.8 W, MI
MI-KN-1062022-06-26 110.000247LOWELL 5.5 N, MI
MI-KN-142022-06-26 120.000187GRANDVILLE 1.3 WSW, MI
MI-KN-432022-06-26 110.000240CALEDONIA 4.4 WNW, MI
MI-LV-262022-06-26 120.000272FENTON 6.2 WSW, MI
MI-MR-162022-06-26 110.000205OTTAWA LAKE 1.4 SSW, MI
MI-OC-22022-06-26 120.000231MONTAGUE 8.1 NW, MI
MI-ON-42022-06-26 120.000214ONTONAGON 1.8 ESE, MI
MI-OW-22022-06-26 100.000190HOLLAND 3.9 NNE, MI
MI-OW-592022-06-26 100.000199COOPERSVILLE 0.7 NNE, MI
MI-VB-132022-06-26 110.000232PAW PAW 2.0 NE, MI
MN-SL-1082022-06-26 100.000430IRON JUNCTION 3.4 NNW, MN
MN-SL-1152022-06-26 130.000424COTTON 5.7 ESE, MN
MN6EOWBR2022-06-26 120.000432WOLF 1.6 NW
MOUW32022-06-26 120.000284MOUNTAIN 1 SW
SAGM42022-06-26 120.000184SAGINAW #3
TOGM52022-06-26 140.000393CELINA 2E
WI-BY-12022-06-26 120.000215BAYFIELD 8.8 N, WI
WI-DA-872022-06-26 110.000258DUNKIRK 0.1 NW, WI
WI-DD-272022-06-26 120.000318BROWNSVILLE 1.0 NNW, WI
WI-GL-42022-06-26 120.000271GREEN LAKE 0.8 E, WI
WI-KN-282022-06-26 120.000218PLEASANT PRAIRIE 1.4 ESE, WI
WI-MW-432022-06-26 110.000208BROWN DEER 0.8 NW, WI
WI-MW-682022-06-26 120.000236GREENFIELD 0.7 SW, WI
WI-PR-22022-06-26 110.000481BUTTERNUT 5.9 SW, WI
WI-RC-32022-06-26 120.000218RACINE 2.3 WSW, WI
WI-RC-82022-06-26 120.000246WIND LAKE 0.4 W, WI
WI-SW-52022-06-26 120.000279PULASKI 3.7 W, WI
WI-VL-92022-06-26 120.000528LAND O' LAKES 11.7 W, WI
WI-WK-162022-06-26 120.000242MUSKEGO 1.0 W, WI
WI-WK-852022-06-26 130.000254BROOKFIELD 2.5 WNW, WI
WI-WS-52022-06-26 110.000273JACKSON 0.2 WSW, WI
WI-WW-122022-06-26 100.000310ELKHORN 0.4 ESE, WI
ZNOM42022-06-27 000.000297NORWAY
Data last summarized at June 29 2022 11:07:29 UTC.

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