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Northeast Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2024-04-11 07:00 UTC to 2024-04-12 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
ME-FR-222024-04-11 131.778205FARMINGTON 4.8 NNW, ME
ME-YK-672024-04-11 110.002102CORNISH 5.6 ESE, ME
CAN-NB-492024-04-11 100.00023MILLTOWN 1.1 NNE, CAN
CAN-NB-52024-04-11 110.0008OAK POINT 0.9 SSW, CA
CAN-NB-72024-04-11 100.00043CHAMCOOK 6.1 NNW, CAN
CAN-NB-972024-04-11 110.000122NEW MARYLAND 0.6 NW, CAN
CT-FR-232024-04-11 120.000152SHELTON 1.3 W, CT
CT-FR-92024-04-11 110.000126BROOKFIELD 3.3 SSE, CT
CT-HR-1162024-04-11 110.000114MANCHESTER 2.2 NE, CT
CT-HR-572024-04-11 100.00045SUFFIELD DEPOT 3.3 NNE, CT
CT-LT-342024-04-11 110.000144WOODBURY CENTER 1.5 SSW, CT
CT-NH-432024-04-11 110.00079WALLINGFORD CENTER 3.3 NNW, CT
CT-NH-452024-04-11 100.000162NAUGATUCK 1.7 NNE, CT
CT-NL-212024-04-11 110.00058GRISWOLD 0.9 N, CT
CT-NL-292024-04-11 100.00054EAST LYME 0.5 SW, CT
CT-NL-322024-04-11 090.0007NIANTIC 1.1 SW, CT
CT-NL-402024-04-11 110.00022PAWCATUCK 1.8 SSE, CT
CT-NL-62024-04-11 110.00019NEW LONDON 1.0 NNW, CT
CT-TL-182024-04-11 110.000202HEBRON 5.3 NW, CT
CT-TL-22024-04-11 090.000242STAFFORDVILLE 0.4 NNW, CT
CT-TL-272024-04-11 110.000156WILLINGTON 2.7 SE, CT
CT-TL-502024-04-11 110.000103VERNON 1.6 N, CT
CT-WN-262024-04-11 110.000183DANIELSON 3.2 ESE, CT
MA-BA-122024-04-11 140.00017ORLEANS 1.1 E, MA
MA-BA-22024-04-11 110.00019FALMOUTH 3.1 NNW, MA
MA-BA-32024-04-11 110.0002FALMOUTH 3.0 E, MA
MA-BA-572024-04-11 110.0006FALMOUTH 5.7 N, MA
MA-BA-722024-04-11 120.00020YARMOUTH 2.0 S, MA
MA-BE-212024-04-11 110.000301CHESHIRE 0.5 NNW, MA
MA-BR-302024-04-11 110.00039TAUNTON 3.9 N, MA
MA-BR-612024-04-11 070.00068MANSFIELD 2.4 ENE, MA
MA-ES-122024-04-11 110.00027BOXFORD 2.4 S, MA
MA-ES-412024-04-11 130.00016DANVERS 0.8 ESE, MA
MA-ES-642024-04-11 110.00025NEWBURYPORT 0.4 NNW, MA
MA-ES-712024-04-11 110.00028DANVERS 2.5 NNE, MA
MA-FR-102024-04-11 120.000172CONWAY 0.9 SW, MA
MA-FR-312024-04-11 110.000240COLRAIN 3.7 WNW, MA
MA-FR-462024-04-11 110.000185CONWAY 1.2 E, MA
MA-HD-302024-04-11 120.00079HAMPDEN 2.0 NW, MA
MA-HD-332024-04-11 110.00038AGAWAM 1.1 SSW, MA
MA-HS-452024-04-11 110.000189WESTHAMPTON 0.4 WNW, MA
MA-HS-72024-04-11 120.000428PLAINFIELD 2.2 SW, MA
MA-MD-1042024-04-11 110.00075LITTLETON 2.8 NNW, MA
MA-MD-1192024-04-11 110.00021WATERTOWN 1.1 W, MA
MA-MD-122024-04-11 110.00067ACTON 1.3 SW, MA
MA-MD-1252024-04-11 110.00038TEWKSBURY 3.6 SSE, MA
MA-MD-1262024-04-11 110.00035MELROSE 0.5 NE, MA
MA-MD-1782024-04-11 110.00062FRAMINGHAM 2.0 NNE, MA
MA-MD-512024-04-11 100.00070MAYNARD 0.7 ESE, MA
MA-MD-622024-04-11 120.00043CHELMSFORD 1.2 E, MA
MA-NF-12024-04-11 110.00068NORWOOD 1.3 NW, MA
MA-NF-542024-04-11 120.00037QUINCY 1.2 W, MA
MA-NF-732024-04-11 110.00069FOXBOROUGH 3.1 E, MA
MA-NF-872024-04-11 110.00063WALPOLE 3.8 N, MA
MA-PL-152024-04-11 090.00049ABINGTON 1.2 NNE, MA
MA-PL-222024-04-11 110.00029EAST BRIDGEWATER 0.3 WSW, MA
MA-PL-552024-04-11 100.00040CARVER 2.3 E, MA
MA-PL-602024-04-11 120.00037ABINGTON 1.7 ESE, MA
MA-PL-612024-04-11 090.00030MIDDLEBOROUGH 3.5 SSE, MA
MA-WR-412024-04-11 130.000239AUBURN 2.6 SW, MA
MA-WR-542024-04-11 110.000303BARRE 1.4 NNE, MA
MA-WR-752024-04-11 110.000220WARREN 2.4 WSW, MA
MA-WR-882024-04-11 110.000278LEICESTER 2.5 WSW, MA
ME-AN-432024-04-11 110.00059LISBON 0.6 S, ME
ME-CM-1432024-04-11 110.00039PORTLAND 5.4 NW, ME
ME-FR-262024-04-11 120.000199FARMINGTON 3.9 N, ME
ME-KB-552024-04-11 100.00067MANCHESTER 0.5 NE, ME
ME-KX-102024-04-11 110.00054UNION 2.1 NNE, ME
ME-SM-32024-04-11 110.000117PALMYRA 3.5 NW, ME
ME-WS-312024-04-11 110.00022EASTPORT 1.4 ESE, ME
MIDM32024-04-11 110.00032MIDDLETON
NH-CH-212024-04-11 100.000153KEENE 2.0 SE, NH
NH-HL-962024-04-11 110.000104MANCHESTER 0.6 S, NH
NH-MR-252024-04-12 040.000212CHICHESTER 2.7 SSW, NH
NH-MR-452024-04-11 110.000199NORTHFIELD 2.8 E, NH
NH-MR-632024-04-11 110.000234SUTTON MILLS 0.1 ENE, NH
NH-MR-702024-04-11 100.000377NEW LONDON 0.8 S, NH
NH-MR-712024-04-11 110.000109CONCORD 2.3 E, NH
NH-RC-1012024-04-11 120.00079EPPING 2.0 NNE, NH
NH-RC-792024-04-11 120.000148NOTTINGHAM 1.2 S, NH
NY-AB-212024-04-11 120.00079NWS ALBANY, NY
NY-AB-232024-04-11 110.00077ALBANY 0.7 SW, NY
NY-CB-152024-04-11 110.000188ANCRAMDALE 0.2 N, NY
NY-CB-162024-04-11 110.000103VALATIE 2.9 N, NY
NY-DL-322024-04-11 110.000614DELHI 6.6 WNW, NY
NY-DT-122024-04-11 110.000193LAGRANGEVILLE 3.4 NE, NY
NY-DT-242024-04-11 110.00066RED HOOK 1.2 NNE, NY
NY-JF-302024-04-11 110.000239WEST CARTHAGE 0.3 ENE, NY
NY-NS-342024-04-11 120.0008WANTAGH 0.3 ESE, NY
NY-NS-662024-04-11 120.00055MANHASSET HILLS 0.2 NNE, NY
NY-OD-22024-04-11 120.000329POINT ROCK 0.6 SE, NY
NY-RN-202024-04-11 110.000139TROY 2.1 NNE, NY
NY-SC-272024-04-11 110.000116NISKAYUNA 2.9 SSE, NY
NY-SF-1032024-04-12 040.00023RIDGE 1.8 SE, NY
NY-SF-1142024-04-11 110.00010FISHERS ISLAND 0.5 NE, NY
NY-SF-1272024-04-11 090.00032RIDGE 1.5 SE, NY
NY-SF-162024-04-11 110.00012NORTHPORT 1.6 NNE, NY
NY-SL-62024-04-11 110.000174HANNAWA FALLS 0.1 SW, NY
NY-ST-412024-04-11 120.000291PAINTED POST 0.7 SSE, NY
NY-TM-32024-04-11 110.000198ITHACA 1.1 SE, NY
NY-UL-282024-04-11 110.000279KERHONKSON 3.7 N, NY
NY-UL-292024-04-11 110.00098HIGHLAND 0.2 SW, NY
NY-UL-312024-04-11 110.00052HURLEY 2.2 S, NY
NY-UL-462024-04-11 110.000141PINE BUSH 3.3 N, NY
NY-WC-182024-04-11 120.000124ARMONK 0.3 SE, NY
NY-WC-62024-04-11 110.000164SOUTH SALEM 2.1 NW, NY
PA-LZ-242024-04-11 110.000171FORTY FORT 0.4 NNE, PA
PA-MN-162024-04-11 120.000579MOUNT POCONO 0.7 N, PA
PA-MN-232024-04-11 110.000600TOBYHANNA 0.7 ESE, PA
RI-KN-142024-04-11 110.000165GREENE 1.4 E, RI
RI-KN-22024-04-11 110.00012EAST GREENWICH 2.3 ESE, RI
RI-KN-452024-04-11 110.00033EAST GREENWICH 2.8 NE, RI
RI-KN-592024-04-11 120.00083COVENTRY 1.2 SW, RI
RI-NW-172024-04-11 110.00047TIVERTON 4.4 SSE, RI
RI-NW-182024-04-11 110.00022JAMESTOWN 0.3 SSE, RI
RI-NW-322024-04-11 120.0004PORTSMOUTH 5.2 SSE, RI
RI-NW-72024-04-11 110.00023LITTLE COMPTON 0.6 E, RI
RI-PR-1062024-04-11 120.00040VALLEY FALLS 1.1 W, RI
RI-PR-282024-04-11 110.00082NORTH SMITHFIELD 0.7 SE, RI
RI-PR-512024-04-11 100.00081NORTH SMITHFIELD 0.6 S, RI
RI-PR-822024-04-11 110.00052PROVIDENCE 1.6 NNW, RI
RI-WS-372024-04-11 110.00058KINGSTON 2.4 SW, RI
RI-WS-422024-04-11 110.000116RICHMOND 4.6 NNE, RI
RI-WS-472024-04-11 110.00042WESTERLY 0.8 WNW, RI
SBRM32024-04-11 110.000213SOUTHBRIDGE
TMSC32024-04-11 120.000142THOMASTON DAM
VT-CH-472024-04-11 120.000111SOUTH BURLINGTON 2.6 SSW, VT
VT-CL-142024-04-11 120.000320LYNDONVILLE 1.1 W, VT
VT-CL-472024-04-11 110.000212ST. JOHNSBURY 0.4 N, VT
VT-FR-212024-04-11 130.000122FAIRFAX 4.9 WNW, VT
VT-RT-12024-04-11 100.000209WEST RUTLAND 1.2 N, VT
VT-RT-132024-04-11 120.000167WEST RUTLAND 0.9 SSE, VT
Data last summarized at April 15 2024 16:02:15 UTC.

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