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Northeast Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2024-02-26 07:00 UTC to 2024-02-27 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
DXVN32024-02-26 126.2001604DIXVILLE NOTCH/HALFWAY UP
HGHN62024-02-26 126.2001811HIGHMARKET
MOSN32024-02-26 126.0001942MOOSE FALLS
RGLM12024-02-26 126.0001867LONG POND UWP
RGYM12024-02-26 125.9001588LITTLE MAGALLOWAY RIVER
GFTM12024-02-26 125.7001578GRAFTON NOTCH
GKBN32024-02-26 125.6004360GRAY KNOB
HLRM12024-02-26 125.3002346HEIGHT OF LAND/ROUTE 17
ESDN32024-02-26 125.100735EAST SANDWICH
NH-CR-262024-02-26 115.100751CENTER SANDWICH 4.9 E, NH
SELN32024-02-26 125.1001785SECOND CONNECTICUT LAKE
CHYN62024-02-26 125.0001762CHARLEY LAKE
OQSM12024-02-26 124.90021036 MILES SOUTH OF OQUOSSOC
PLRM12024-02-26 124.800791PLEASANT RIVER
UPNM12024-02-26 124.8001808UPTON
PTKN32024-02-26 124.7001217PONTOOK DAM
SRSN62024-02-26 124.7001765SEARS POND SNOW
WRSM12024-02-26 124.7001516WEST RICHARDSON
DRMM12024-02-26 124.5002028DEER MOUNTAIN
FNLN32024-02-26 124.5001519FIRST CONNECTICUT LAKE
OTTM12024-02-26 124.5001644OTTER BROOK
AZSM12024-02-26 124.4001496AZISCOHOS DAM
BKMN62024-02-26 124.4002575BAKERS MILLS
MSNN62024-02-26 124.4001939MASON LAKE
ME-FR-222024-02-26 144.380673FARMINGTON 4.8 NNW, ME
JSRN62024-02-26 124.3001736JERRY SAVARIE ROAD
UPTM12024-02-26 124.20017451 1/2 MILES EAST OF RICHARDSON POND
MLLN32024-02-26 124.1001719MILL MOUNTAIN
OQUM12024-02-26 124.10018113 MILES SOUTH OQUOSSOC
PSXN62024-02-26 124.0001660PISECO
SKRN62024-02-26 124.0001699SHAKER PLACE
SHLN32024-02-26 123.900741SHELBURNE
HGMN62024-02-26 123.8001857HIGHMARKET
WTLN62024-02-26 123.8001804WHITAKER LAKE
ADVM12024-02-26 123.700719ANDOVER
GFNN62024-02-26 123.7001621GRIFFIN
INDN62024-02-26 123.7001650INDIAN LAKE
LWYN62024-02-26 123.7001683LEWEY LAKE
ARIN62024-02-26 123.6001713ARIETTA
CPHN62024-02-26 123.6001486COPENHAGEN SNOW
FRYM12024-02-26 123.600584FRYE
STTM12024-02-26 123.6001736STRATTON ROAD
DGPM12024-02-26 123.5001670DODGE POND
ERON32024-02-26 123.5001329BROWN OWL
GLDM12024-02-26 123.500837GILEAD
LCKM12024-02-26 123.500922LOCKE MILLS
SCWM12024-02-26 123.5001145SCREWAUGER
VT-BN-122024-02-26 213.4302260STAMFORD 5.0 NNE, VT
BONN62024-02-26 123.4001699BOONVILLE SNOW
ME-FR-262024-02-26 133.310653FARMINGTON 3.9 N, ME
LVMM12024-02-26 123.300410BRETTUNS MILLS
NH-CS-192024-02-26 123.2701722CARROLL 4.6 NE, NH
EMLN62024-02-26 123.2001824ELM LAKE
HGHM12024-02-26 123.2002320HOUGHTON
LPSN62024-02-26 123.2001818LAKE PLEASANT
RXNM12024-02-26 123.2001129ROXBURY NOTCH
BBKN32024-02-26 123.1001198BOG BROOK
SUNM12024-02-26 123.100722SUNDAY RIVER
CTNM12024-02-26 123.000387CANTON
MMSN62024-02-26 123.0001827MCCAULEY MOUNTAIN
SABN62024-02-26 123.0001739SABAEL
CAN-NB-972024-02-26 122.950400NEW MARYLAND 0.6 NW, CAN
DXMM12024-02-26 122.900735DIXMONT
BMON62024-02-26 122.8001827BIG MOOSE 3SE
CRTM12024-02-26 122.800436CARTHAGE
GILM12024-02-26 122.800709WILD RIVER AT GILEAD
LLIN62024-02-26 122.8001929LIMEKILN LAKE RD NR INLET
PCRN62024-02-26 122.8001526PETERS CORNERS
TWCN62024-02-26 122.8002208TWITCHELL
HTFM12024-02-26 122.700732HARTFORD
WSDN62024-02-26 122.7001217WEST DAY
ME-OX-262024-02-26 122.500587OXFORD 5.3 SW, ME
NRMM12024-02-26 122.500633NORTH RUMFORD
OLDN62024-02-26 122.5001703OLD FORGE
OTFM12024-02-26 122.500561OTISFIELD
EDHN62024-02-26 122.4001398EDINBURGH HILL
MA-HS-72024-02-26 132.3201404PLAINFIELD 2.2 SW, MA
DAIN62024-02-26 122.2001247DALY CREEK
WHLN62024-02-26 122.2001575WHITE LAKE
VT-OL-12024-02-26 122.1701076WESTFIELD 0.7 WNW, VT
CAN-NB-82024-02-26 131.980367KESWICK RIDGE 2.3 SSE, CAN
GRNN32024-02-26 121.9001483PINKHAM NOTCH-HALFWAY UP
SRSM12024-02-26 121.900289SEARSMONT
CNKN62024-02-26 121.700869CONKLINGVILLE DAM
AGTM12024-02-26 121.600243AUGUSTA 4SE
BCVN62024-02-26 121.6001283BATCHELLERVILLE
FMEM12024-02-26 121.500463FRYEBURG MESA SN
JKBM12024-02-26 121.5001460JACKMAN B SNOW COURSE
TURN62024-02-26 121.5001273TURIN
SPAM12024-02-26 121.400453SOUTH PARIS
101M12024-02-26 121.300699AMHERST
HWKN62024-02-26 121.1001178HAWKINSVILLE
JFFM12024-02-26 121.100207JEFFERSON
USRN32024-02-26 121.1001506US ROUTE 2/VETERANS CLUB
MCKN62024-02-26 121.0001578MOOSE RIVER
NH-MR-682024-02-26 120.970413CONTOOCOOK 0.6 NW, NH
NH-GR-12024-02-26 120.890525BRISTOL 0.4 SSE, NH
PA-CB-332024-02-26 120.8701854LAKE HARMONY 2.4 WNW, PA
NY-LW-122024-02-26 110.8301250CHASES LAKE COOP, NY
111M12024-02-26 120.800328BEDDINGTON
GFDN62024-02-26 120.8001309CHASES LAKE
GNWM12024-02-26 120.800259GRAY/NWS
GYX2024-02-26 120.800384PORTLAND, ME
KENM12024-02-26 120.800108KENDUSKEAG STREAM
TPSM12024-02-26 120.800148TOPSHAM
CT-MD-382024-02-26 110.780492MIDDLEFIELD 1.4 W, CT
ME-AN-432024-02-26 120.730194LISBON 0.6 S, ME
NH-CS-72024-02-26 110.670866LANCASTER 0.5 N, NH
MA-FR-172024-02-26 130.460945BUCKLAND 1.8 ESE, MA
NH-RC-792024-02-26 130.270486NOTTINGHAM 1.2 S, NH
RI-PR-1212024-02-26 120.250673GREENVILLE 6.7 WSW, RI
ME-WL-312024-02-26 140.020187UNITY 0.3 SE, ME
CT-HR-1162024-02-26 120.001374MANCHESTER 2.2 NE, CT
CT-NL-402024-02-26 120.00172PAWCATUCK 1.8 SSE, CT
LVLN62024-02-26 120.001761LOWVILLE SNOW
MA-ES-122024-02-26 120.00189BOXFORD 2.4 S, MA
MA-FR-132024-02-26 120.001728CONWAY 2.9 NW, MA
MA-PL-612024-02-26 110.00198MIDDLEBOROUGH 3.5 SSE, MA
MA-WR-882024-02-26 120.001912LEICESTER 2.5 WSW, MA
ME-LN-12024-02-26 120.00192NEWCASTLE 2.1 SW, ME
ME-LN-132024-02-26 120.001203WALDOBORO 1.5 NNE, ME
NH-MR-712024-02-26 120.001358CONCORD 2.3 E, NH
RI-PR-1352024-02-26 120.001459PASCOAG 0.5 SSW, RI
RI-WS-992024-02-26 130.001184HOPE VALLEY 1.1 NW, RI
VT-RT-12024-02-26 110.001686WEST RUTLAND 1.2 N, VT
AHRM32024-02-26 120.000154AMHERST
BGMN62024-02-27 050.0001575BINGHAMTON
BSKN62024-02-26 120.000505BUSKIRK
CT-FR-252024-02-26 120.000240NORWALK 2.9 NNW, CT
CT-FR-92024-02-26 120.000413BROOKFIELD 3.3 SSE, CT
CT-HR-572024-02-26 110.000148SUFFIELD DEPOT 3.3 NNE, CT
CT-NH-452024-02-26 110.000531NAUGATUCK 1.7 NNE, CT
CT-NL-192024-02-26 120.00030MYSTIC 0.9 W, CT
CT-NL-212024-02-26 120.000190GRISWOLD 0.9 N, CT
CT-NL-292024-02-26 110.000177EAST LYME 0.5 SW, CT
CT-NL-322024-02-26 090.00023NIANTIC 1.1 SW, CT
CT-NL-462024-02-26 120.000200MYSTIC 3.4 NW, CT
CT-NL-62024-02-26 150.00062NEW LONDON 1.0 NNW, CT
CT-WN-82024-02-26 110.000417MOOSUP 1.7 NE, CT
EDBN62024-02-26 120.000856DEANSBORO SNOW SITE
EDIN62024-02-26 120.0001788EDINBURGH
EDRN62024-02-26 120.0001332DERUYTER
EFAN62024-02-26 120.0001332FABIUS RTE 80
EFBN62024-02-26 120.0001266FABIUS RTE 91
EFFN62024-02-26 120.0001690SPAFFORD
EGHN62024-02-26 120.0001690GLEN HAVEN RD
EHDN62024-02-26 120.0001545SHEDS
EIHN62024-02-26 120.0001909EIGHTH LAKE
EKLN62024-02-26 120.000528KIRKLAND SNOW SITE
EMVN62024-02-26 120.000725MUNNSVILLE
ENEN62024-02-26 120.0001499NELSON
ENFN62024-02-26 120.0001467NELSON 2
ENHN62024-02-26 120.0001529NEW HOPE
ENSN62024-02-26 120.0001014SCHOOL #10 SNOW SITE
ENWN62024-02-26 120.0001427NEW WOODSTOCK
EOAN62024-02-26 120.000856ONATIVIA
EOFN62024-02-26 120.0001184ORISKANY FALLS SNOW SITE
EONN62024-02-26 120.000505ONEIDA
EOTN62024-02-26 120.000863OTISCO VALLEY
EPBN62024-02-26 120.0001306PETERBORO
EPVN62024-02-26 120.0001355PLEASANT VALLEY
EPWN62024-02-26 120.0001243PRATTS HOLLOW
EPYN62024-02-26 120.0001654POMPEY
ERGN62024-02-26 120.000804RICE GROVE
FRAM32024-02-26 120.000262FRANKLIN
MA-BA-112024-02-26 120.00023EAST FALMOUTH 1.4 ESE, MA
MA-BA-122024-02-26 140.00056ORLEANS 1.1 E, MA
MA-BA-172024-02-26 120.00049EAST FALMOUTH 1.2 WNW, MA
MA-BA-22024-02-26 120.00062FALMOUTH 3.1 NNW, MA
MA-BA-32024-02-26 120.0007FALMOUTH 3.0 E, MA
MA-BA-722024-02-26 130.00066YARMOUTH 2.0 S, MA
MA-BE-212024-02-26 120.000988CHESHIRE 0.5 NNW, MA
MA-BR-302024-02-26 120.000128TAUNTON 3.9 N, MA
MA-BR-612024-02-26 100.000223MANSFIELD 2.4 ENE, MA
MA-ES-252024-02-26 120.00095GLOUCESTER 4.3 N, MA
MA-ES-412024-02-26 140.00052DANVERS 0.8 ESE, MA
MA-ES-992024-02-26 140.00049BEVERLY 1.3 ENE, MA
MA-FR-102024-02-26 130.000564CONWAY 0.9 SW, MA
MA-FR-462024-02-26 120.000607CONWAY 1.2 E, MA
MA-HD-302024-02-26 130.000259HAMPDEN 2.0 NW, MA
MA-HS-452024-02-26 120.000620WESTHAMPTON 0.4 WNW, MA
MA-MD-1042024-02-26 120.000246LITTLETON 2.8 NNW, MA
MA-MD-1192024-02-26 120.00069WATERTOWN 1.1 W, MA
MA-MD-122024-02-26 120.000220ACTON 1.3 SW, MA
MA-MD-1252024-02-26 120.000125TEWKSBURY 3.6 SSE, MA
MA-MD-1262024-02-26 120.000115MELROSE 0.5 NE, MA
MA-MD-1782024-02-26 120.000203FRAMINGHAM 2.0 NNE, MA
MA-MD-422024-02-26 120.000289HOLLISTON 0.8 S, MA
MA-MD-442024-02-26 120.00046MEDFORD 1.2 W, MA
MA-MD-512024-02-26 120.000230MAYNARD 0.7 ESE, MA
MA-MD-622024-02-26 130.000141CHELMSFORD 1.2 E, MA
MA-NF-12024-02-26 120.000223NORWOOD 1.3 NW, MA
MA-NF-542024-02-26 120.000121QUINCY 1.2 W, MA
MA-NF-872024-02-26 120.000207WALPOLE 3.8 N, MA
MA-PL-152024-02-26 100.000161ABINGTON 1.2 NNE, MA
MA-PL-552024-02-26 110.000131CARVER 2.3 E, MA
MA-PL-602024-02-26 130.000121ABINGTON 1.7 ESE, MA
MA-WR-542024-02-26 120.000994BARRE 1.4 NNE, MA
ME-WS-102024-02-26 120.00066PEMBROKE 5.4 SSE, ME
ME-WS-312024-02-26 120.00072EASTPORT 1.4 ESE, ME
NH-HL-962024-02-26 130.000341MANCHESTER 0.6 S, NH
NH-ST-402024-02-26 090.000295BARRINGTON 3.2 E, NH
NY-AB-212024-02-26 120.000259NWS ALBANY, NY
NY-AB-232024-02-26 120.000253ALBANY 0.7 SW, NY
NY-AB-722024-02-26 130.000335COLONIE 3.6 WNW, NY
NY-CB-152024-02-26 120.000617ANCRAMDALE 0.2 N, NY
NY-CB-162024-02-26 120.000338VALATIE 2.9 N, NY
NY-DT-242024-02-26 120.000217RED HOOK 1.2 NNE, NY
NY-DT-352024-02-26 120.000390PLEASANT VALLEY 1.7 S, NY
NY-JF-302024-02-26 120.000784WEST CARTHAGE 0.3 ENE, NY
NY-NS-342024-02-26 130.00026WANTAGH 0.3 ESE, NY
NY-NS-662024-02-26 130.000180MANHASSET HILLS 0.2 NNE, NY
NY-OD-192024-02-26 120.000722NEW HARTFORD 0.8 S, NY
NY-RN-202024-02-26 120.000456TROY 2.1 NNE, NY
NY-SC-272024-02-26 120.000381NISKAYUNA 2.9 SSE, NY
NY-SF-1032024-02-27 050.00075RIDGE 1.8 SE, NY
NY-SF-1142024-02-26 120.00033FISHERS ISLAND 0.5 NE, NY
NY-SF-162024-02-26 120.00039NORTHPORT 1.6 NNE, NY
NY-SL-62024-02-26 120.000571HANNAWA FALLS 0.1 SW, NY
NY-SR-292024-02-26 120.000315CLIFTON PARK 2.7 S, NY
NY-ST-412024-02-26 130.000955PAINTED POST 0.7 SSE, NY
NY-TM-32024-02-26 120.000650ITHACA 1.1 SE, NY
NY-UL-282024-02-26 120.000915KERHONKSON 3.7 N, NY
NY-UL-292024-02-26 120.000322HIGHLAND 0.2 SW, NY
NY-UL-462024-02-26 120.000463PINE BUSH 3.3 N, NY
NY-WC-182024-02-26 130.000407ARMONK 0.3 SE, NY
PA-LZ-242024-02-26 120.000561FORTY FORT 0.4 NNE, PA
RI-KN-22024-02-26 120.00039EAST GREENWICH 2.3 ESE, RI
RI-KN-592024-02-26 130.000272COVENTRY 1.2 SW, RI
RI-NW-172024-02-26 120.000154TIVERTON 4.4 SSE, RI
RI-NW-182024-02-26 120.00072JAMESTOWN 0.3 SSE, RI
RI-NW-72024-02-26 120.00075LITTLE COMPTON 0.6 E, RI
RI-PR-1062024-02-26 130.000131VALLEY FALLS 1.1 W, RI
RI-PR-822024-02-26 120.000171PROVIDENCE 1.6 NNW, RI
RI-WS-362024-02-26 120.00046CHARLESTOWN 3.0 WSW, RI
RI-WS-372024-02-26 120.000190KINGSTON 2.4 SW, RI
RI-WS-472024-02-26 120.000138WESTERLY 0.8 WNW, RI
TMSC32024-02-26 120.000466THOMASTON DAM
TNRM12024-02-26 120.000535TURNER
WSTM32024-02-26 130.000423WESTFIELD 3 SW
Data last summarized at March 04 2024 22:03:59 UTC.

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