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Northeast Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2021-02-09 07:00 UTC to 2021-02-10 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
MOSN32021-02-09 185.8001942MOOSE FALLS
FNLN32021-02-09 184.9001519FIRST CONNECTICUT LAKE
MA-HS-72021-02-09 134.5501404PLAINFIELD 2.2 SW, MA
ESEN62021-02-09 154.2002126ARABIA SNOW
ESHN62021-02-09 154.1002060MEREDITH SNOW
SELN32021-02-09 184.0001785SECOND CONNECTICUT LAKE
ESFN62021-02-09 153.8001762TREADWELL SNOW
WPFN62021-02-09 133.8001811MARIPOSA 1NNW SNOW
ESBN62021-02-09 153.6001795MERRICKVILLE 2E NORTH SNOW
ESCN62021-02-09 153.6001670MERRICKVILLE 2E SOUTH SNOW
ESKN62021-02-09 153.6001942DAVENPORT 3N SNOW
NUNV12021-02-09 123.600978NORTH UNDERHILL
VT-CH-42021-02-09 123.560955UNDERHILL 4.4 NNE, VT
NY-ES-112021-02-09 123.4501696VERMONTVILLE 2.8 S, NY
NY-FK-72021-02-09 123.4501722SARANAC LAKE 6.2 N, NY
ME-FR-222021-02-09 143.060673FARMINGTON 4.8 NNW, ME
ADFN62021-02-09 193.0002021WEST ALMOND 2NNE SNOW
WPGN62021-02-09 133.0001965GEORGETOWN 2SE SNOW
MA-ES-482021-02-09 102.880194ANDOVER 0.6 E, MA
CLJP12021-02-09 142.7001952HARRISON VALLEY SNOW
WPDN62021-02-09 132.7001522CINCINNATUS 2NW SNOW
WPHN62021-02-09 132.7001598GEORGETOWN SNOW
NY-RL-82021-02-09 122.610148STONY POINT 0.7 NW, NY
NY-CY-312021-02-09 122.5801004SCIPIO CENTER 3.0 S, NY
VT-OL-252021-02-09 122.530892NEWPORT 1.5 WSW, VT
ESGN62021-02-09 152.5002159MEREDITH 3SW SNOW
MA-MD-1562021-02-09 112.440338MARLBOROUGH 2.8 ENE, MA
CT-LT-92021-02-09 122.410676NEW HARTFORD CENTER 3.2 SW, CT
BAKC32021-02-09 122.400686BAKERSVILLE
LBKV12021-02-10 062.4002375LYE BROOK
NY-CR-52021-02-09 122.3401027MARATHON 1.0 NW, NY
ADCN62021-02-09 192.3001972ALFRED 1NW SNOW
ADEN62021-02-09 192.3002044WEST ALMOND 1E SNOW
WPCN62021-02-09 132.3001260WILLET 2WNW SNOW
WPEN62021-02-09 132.3001440SOUTH OTSELIC 2NNW SNOW
MA-NF-12021-02-09 122.250223NORWOOD 1.3 NW, MA
MA-MD-122021-02-09 122.240220ACTON 1.3 SW, MA
NY-SF-1032021-02-10 052.02075RIDGE 1.8 SE, NY
MA-BE-212021-02-09 122.010988CHESHIRE 0.5 NNW, MA
CLDP12021-02-09 142.0001617THORNBOTTOM ROAD SNOW
CT-HR-882021-02-09 121.920256SUFFIELD DEPOT 6.0 WNW, CT
ESLN62021-02-09 151.9001565NORTH FRANKLIN SNOW
NH-ST-192021-02-09 121.900115DOVER 0.8 E, NH
VT-AD-192021-02-09 131.890505NEW HAVEN 2.4 SE, VT
MA-BE-32021-02-09 111.790846STOCKBRIDGE .2 NNE, MA
ME-AN-432021-02-09 121.710194LISBON 0.6 S, ME
CLKP12021-02-09 141.7001962WHITES CORNER SNOW
MA-WR-882021-02-09 121.700912LEICESTER 2.5 WSW, MA
NY-SF-1002021-02-09 131.700190PORT JEFFERSON STATION 0.3 SSW, NY
WPAN62021-02-09 131.7001033WHITNEY POINT DAM SNOW
PA-BF-202021-02-09 121.590801SAYRE 0.7 S, PA
CT-WN-82021-02-09 111.560417MOOSUP 1.7 NE, CT
ESJN62021-02-09 151.5001230DAVENPORT CENTER SNOW
RI-WS-552021-02-09 131.500118WAKEFIELD 0.8 ENE, RI
THAP12021-02-09 161.5001178TIOGA DAM SITE - SNOW
PA-LZ-242021-02-09 121.430561FORTY FORT 0.4 NNE, PA
ADAN62021-02-09 191.4001450ALMOND LAKE DAM WOODED SNOW
ADBN62021-02-09 191.4001335ALMOND LAKE DAM OPEN SNOW
ADGN62021-02-09 191.4001729KARRDALE SNOW
ESAN62021-02-09 151.4001099EAST SIDNEY DAM SNOW
WPBN62021-02-09 131.400991UPPER LISLE SNOW
MA-BE-112021-02-09 121.380761GREAT BARRINGTON 3.0 N, MA
CLHN62021-02-09 141.3001617TROUPSBURG SNOW
NY-AB-232021-02-09 121.300253ALBANY 0.7 SW, NY
MA-BR-612021-02-09 101.210223MANSFIELD 2.4 ENE, MA
CT-HR-1062021-02-09 121.200135SOUTHWOOD ACRES 0.3 WSW, CT
ME-KX-52021-02-09 131.200141ROCKPORT 2.8 SW, ME
MA-BE-22021-02-10 051.140725GREAT BARRINGTON 0.4 N, MA
NY-SR-292021-02-09 111.110315CLIFTON PARK 2.7 S, NY
NY-SF-162021-02-09 121.08039NORTHPORT 1.6 NNE, NY
MA-BA-182021-02-09 121.05043WAQUOIT 0.6 SSW, MA
MA-FR-102021-02-09 131.030564CONWAY 0.9 SW, MA
NY-SF-1232021-02-09 111.02026CENTER MORICHES 0.5 N, NY
MA-BA-132021-02-09 131.01013FALMOUTH 0.6 NNW, MA
RI-KN-22021-02-09 120.95039EAST GREENWICH 2.3 ESE, RI
CLCP12021-02-09 140.9001099COWANESQUE DAM SNOW
RI-WS-662021-02-09 130.89020NARRAGANSETT 2.9 N, RI
NY-SF-1142021-02-09 120.86033FISHERS ISLAND 0.5 NE, NY
RI-KN-212021-02-09 120.800289COVENTRY 1.9 NE, RI
RI-PR-452021-02-09 110.780295MANVILLE 0.4 WSW, RI
MA-BA-102021-02-09 120.72092EAST SANDWICH 2.3 SE, MA
CLOP12021-02-09 140.7001253KNOXVILLE SNOW
RI-NW-172021-02-09 110.620154TIVERTON 4.4 SSE, RI
NY-RN-242021-02-09 130.610502NASSAU 4.2 ESE, NY
MA-ES-412021-02-09 140.60052DANVERS 0.8 ESE, MA
NY-DT-292021-02-09 140.140180POUGHKEEPSIE 5.3 S, NY
VT-BN-142021-02-09 110.0401132SHAFTSBURY 0.4 WNW, VT
CT-LT-442021-02-09 110.000902WINSTED 1.0 WSW, CT
CT-NL-62021-02-09 130.00062NEW LONDON 1.0 NNW, CT
FRAM32021-02-09 120.000262FRANKLIN
FVLN62021-02-09 130.0001033FREEVILLE,NY
MA-BA-722021-02-09 130.00066YARMOUTH 2.0 S, MA
ME-SM-32021-02-09 120.000384PALMYRA 3.5 NW, ME
MIDM32021-02-09 120.000105MIDDLETON
Data last summarized at February 11 2021 20:02:29 UTC.

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