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Northeast Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2015-04-01 07:00 UTC to 2015-04-02 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
SR1V12015-04-01 1212.4002077SLEEPERS RIVER SNOW SITE NUMBER 1
MMSV12015-04-02 0010.5002287MOUNT MANSFIELD
SR2V12015-04-01 1210.0001804SLEEPERS RIVER SNOW SITE NUMBER 2
SR3V12015-04-01 129.5001480SLEEPERS RIVER SNOW SITE NUMBER 3
ROXV12015-04-01 169.4002392ROXBURY GAP
ERE242015-04-01 168.8001519NMPS N. OSCEOLA
OSCN62015-04-01 138.8001499NORTH OSCEOLA
SR5V12015-04-01 128.6001145SLEEPERS RIVER SNOW SITE NUMBER 5
ERE122015-04-01 168.4001299NMPS GREENBORO
GBON62015-04-01 138.4001243GREENBORO
SKRN62015-04-01 148.1001699SHAKER PLACE
CHBV12015-04-01 178.0001257CAMELS HUMP MOUNTAIN BASE
CQNN62015-04-01 148.0002300WALTON SITE C-14
SR6V12015-04-01 127.9001178SLEEPERS RIVER SNOW SITE NUMBER 6
ERF052015-04-01 167.6601680LLBOONVILLE 2SSW (J HILL)
EHWV12015-04-01 187.6001686EAST HAVEN 1 WEST SNOW COURSE
BALV12015-04-01 117.4001319BALL MTN DAM
ARIN62015-04-01 147.3001713ARIETTA
ERE072015-04-01 167.0001660NMPS E. BRANCH (SALMON R)
PCRN62015-04-01 146.9001526PETERS CORNERS
ERF272015-04-01 166.7201667BRRD STILLWATER RES N/S
CHYN62015-04-01 146.5001762CHARLEY LAKE
NWBN32015-04-01 126.5001001NORTH WOLFEBORO
PSXN62015-04-01 146.4001660PISECO
NY2022015-04-01 126.2001280NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY202
CAN-NB-182015-04-01 116.150312MCLEOD HILL 1.1 ENE, CA
ESDN62015-04-01 116.0001165EAST SIDNEY
NY2012015-04-01 125.9001759NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY201
BULV12015-04-01 145.8001512BUELS GORE
MEDN32015-04-02 045.800856MEREDITH,NH
NEBN32015-04-01 125.7001345NEWBURY
EDHN62015-04-01 145.6001398EDINBURGH HILL
GVLM32015-04-01 145.60033GROVELAND,MA
NY2052015-04-01 125.6001667NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY205
HDKM32015-04-01 175.500623HARDWICK 4NW
PPIN62015-04-01 145.5001827WEAVER HOLLOW RD.
BKMN62015-04-01 145.4202575BAKERS MILLS
LPSN62015-04-01 145.4001818LAKE PLEASANT
LTLN32015-04-01 125.4001460LITTLE SUNAPEE
NY3022015-04-01 125.2001775NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY302
GFNN62015-04-01 145.1001621GRIFFIN
CQLN62015-04-01 145.0001611WALTON SITE C-12
HPEN62015-04-01 145.0001010HOPE SNOCOR
MYFN62015-04-01 145.000899MAYFIELD
PPFN62015-04-01 145.0002172NEW KINGSTON MT.
PPHN62015-04-01 165.0002628CROSS MT. RD.
PQRN62015-04-01 165.0002011MILL BROOK ROAD SITE P-21
SCRN32015-04-01 124.900948SCRIBNER BROOK
GNLN32015-04-01 124.8001227GRANLIDEN
EMLN62015-04-01 144.7001824ELM LAKE
CNKN62015-04-01 144.680869SACANDAGA LAKE
148N32015-04-01 124.600318AYERS LAKE, N.H.(NHDES)
ERF162015-04-01 164.6001191BRRD HASKINVILLE 2E
NY2152015-04-01 124.5002178NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY215
NY-CR-52015-04-01 114.4601027MARATHON 1.0 NW, NY
GOON32015-04-01 124.400860GOOSE POND
MRDN32015-04-01 124.300902MEREDITH
HEMN32015-04-01 124.200902HEMENWAY
NY2202015-04-01 124.2001768NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY220
NY5032015-04-01 124.2001549NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY503
OWLN32015-04-01 124.200860OWL BROOK
PRTM32015-04-01 164.200853PETERSHAM
NLSN32015-04-01 124.100814NELSON BROOK
CQEN62015-04-01 144.0001171TROUT CREEK SITE C-5
PA1052015-04-01 124.0001972NOHRSC PA FLIGHT LINE PA105
PHMM32015-04-01 164.000686PETERSHAM
SKPN62015-04-01 144.000810SACANDAGA PARK
MRYN32015-04-01 123.900643MERRYMEETING
PELM32015-04-01 143.8001171PELMAM
MNDN32015-04-01 123.700344MENDUMS POND
BCVN62015-04-01 143.6601283BATCHELLERVILLE
DAIN62015-04-01 143.6601247DALY CREEK
CTRN32015-04-01 123.600968CENTER HARBOR
NY5102015-04-01 123.6001234NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY510
NY3032015-04-01 123.5001496NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY303
NY3052015-04-01 123.5001401NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY305
NY2172015-04-01 123.400971NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY217
PA1022015-04-01 123.4001608NOHRSC PA FLIGHT LINE PA102
PPGN62015-04-01 153.3002224ELK CREEK RD.
HPFN62015-04-01 143.2201014HOPE FALLS
ERG362015-04-01 163.2001759NMPS TUPPER LAKE
GLFN32015-04-01 123.200938GILFORD
NORV12015-04-01 163.200669NORTHFIELD
NY3012015-04-01 123.2001060NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY301
PLFV12015-04-01 123.200846PLAINFIELD
TUPN62015-04-01 183.2001706TUPPER LAKE SNOW COURSE
ERG182015-04-01 163.1001857NMPS HORSESHOE LAKE
NY2122015-04-01 123.1001099NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY212
WSDN62015-04-01 143.1001217WEST DAY
CQAN62015-04-01 153.0001250LOOKOUT AREA SITE C-1
CQKN62015-04-01 153.0001181BEERSTON SITE C-11
PA1042015-04-01 123.0001332NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE PA104
PPAN62015-04-01 173.0001837BROCK MT RD.
PPCN62015-04-01 133.0001949COLE HILL
PQON62015-04-01 153.0002139WEST SETTLEMENT ROAD SITE P-22
THHP12015-04-01 123.0001552THORNHURST
ADCN62015-04-01 132.9001972ALFRED 1NW SNOW
ADEN62015-04-01 132.9002044WEST ALMOND 1E SNOW
ASBM32015-04-01 112.9001207ASHBURNHAM,MA
ERN322015-04-01 162.9001824ALFRED 1 NW
ERN332015-04-01 162.9001854WEST ALMOND 1E
NLSM32015-04-01 152.900774NEW SALEM
PA1032015-04-01 122.8001388NOHRSC PA FLIGHT LINE PA103
NY2072015-04-01 122.7001243NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY207
NY2102015-04-01 122.7001316NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY210
NY5112015-04-01 122.7001280NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY511
PJDP12015-04-01 122.7002100POYNTELLE
EDIN62015-04-01 142.6201788EDINBURGH
NY2162015-04-01 122.6001335NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY216
NY2192015-04-01 122.600499NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY219
NY3042015-04-01 122.6001594NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY304
PA1062015-04-01 122.6001270NOHRSC PA FLIGHT LINE PA106
NH-HL-252015-04-01 112.470325AMHERST 3.7 NNE, NH
TBYP12015-04-01 122.3001591TOBYHANNA CREEK NR
ERG202015-04-01 162.2001798NMPS LONG LAKE
LLKN62015-04-01 182.2001867LONG LAKE
ERG292015-04-01 162.1001670NMPS RAQUETTE LAKE
PROP12015-04-01 122.1001234PROMPTON DAM
RQLN62015-04-01 182.1001854RAQUETTE LAKE
BLDV12015-04-01 142.000682BALDWIN CREEK
CFTP12015-04-01 122.0001808CLIFTON
CQON62015-04-01 162.0001542HAWLEYS SITE C-15
CQQN62015-04-01 162.0001604FRASER SITE C-17
CQYN62015-04-01 182.0001969STAMFORD SITE C-25
ERG192015-04-01 162.0001926NMPS LITTLE TUPPER LAKE
LTPN62015-04-01 182.0001952LITTLE TUPPER LAKE
PQMN62015-04-01 142.0001453NEW KINGSTON SITE P-18
NY2112015-04-01 121.900961NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY211
LPNP12015-04-01 121.8001821TUNKHANNOCK CRK NR
BCHM32015-04-01 171.500551BELCHERTOWN
BMKP12015-04-01 121.5001480BUTTERMILK FALLS
CQVN62015-04-01 171.5001814TOWN BROOK ROAD SITE C-22
HIFN62015-04-01 141.5001040HIGH FALLS DAM
WARV12015-04-01 151.500817FOODBANK FARM
PJEP12015-04-01 121.4001575RILEYVILLE
NY5202015-04-01 121.200518NOHRSC NY FLIGHT LINE NY520
ADFN62015-04-01 131.1002021WEST ALMOND 2NNE SNOW
ERN342015-04-01 161.1002162WEST ALMOND 2NNE
ERH202015-04-01 161.0001621NMPS WAWBEEK
WAWN62015-04-01 181.0001680WAWBEEK
KEEN32015-04-01 100.900522KEENE,NH
PJAP12015-04-01 120.9001581HAMLIN
PJBP12015-04-01 120.9001407SOUTH CANAAN
PJCP12015-04-01 120.9001339WAYMART
PJFP12015-04-01 120.9001325BEACH LAKE
VT-RT-12015-04-01 120.740686WEST RUTLAND 1.2 N, VT
ADAN62015-04-01 130.5001450ALMOND LAKE DAM WOODED SNOW
ERN302015-04-01 160.5001483ALMOND DAM N
PA-LZ-152015-04-01 100.320564DURYEA 0.3 SE, PA
PA-LZ-242015-04-01 110.110561FORTY FORT 0.4 NNE, PA
NY-DT-122015-04-01 110.100633LAGRANGEVILLE 3.4 NE, NY
BLKP12015-04-01 120.0011742BLAKESLEE CORNERS
NY-AB-232015-04-01 110.001253ALBANY 0.7 SW, NY
NY-CB-12015-04-01 110.001292HUDSON 8.2 S, NY
WHNP12015-04-01 120.0011526FRANCIS E WALTER DAM
ADBN62015-04-01 130.0001335ALMOND LAKE DAM OPEN SNOW
ADGN62015-04-01 130.0001729KARRDALE SNOW
BROM32015-04-02 040.00079BROCKTON,MA
BZAP12015-04-01 120.0001227JONAS
BZBP12015-04-01 120.000899TRACHSVILLE
BZDP12015-04-01 120.000791EFFORT
CQRN62015-04-01 160.0001683LEE HOLLOW ROAD SITE C-18
CQSN62015-04-01 160.0001801DELHI SITE C-19
CQTN62015-04-01 170.0001535BLOOMVILLE SITE C-20
CQWN62015-04-01 180.0002034HOBART SITE C-23
ERN312015-04-01 160.0001677ALMOND DAM S
FRAM32015-04-01 110.000256FRANKLIN,MA
FVLN62015-04-01 120.0001033FREEVILLE,NY
HAWP12015-04-01 110.000889HAWLEY 1 E
HRLN62015-04-01 100.0001322HORNELL ALMOND DAM
KRVP12015-04-01 120.000679POHOPOCO CREEK
MA-FR-102015-04-01 120.000564CONWAY 0.9 SW, MA
ME-AN-282015-04-01 100.000387NORTH TURNER 1.0 SW, ME
ME-CM-372015-04-01 120.000315GRAY 1.7 ENE, ME
NRMP12015-04-01 220.000650NEWTON RANSOM
NY-AB-282015-04-01 110.000387LATHAM 1.5 SSW, NY
NY-NS-72015-04-01 110.00082FLORAL PARK 0.4 W, NY
NY-SF-162015-04-01 120.00039NORTHPORT 1.6 NNE, NY
NY-YT-62015-04-01 110.000577DUNDEE 3.3 ESE, NY
PQBN62015-04-01 170.0001329HOLIDAY BROOK ROAD SITE P-9
PQEN62015-04-01 130.0001991FALL CLOVE ROAD SITE P-8
PQLN62015-04-01 160.0001611NEW KINGSTON SITE P-16
WDRV12015-04-01 180.000427WILDER,VT
Data last summarized at April 04 2015 14:03:55 UTC.

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