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Northeast Snow Depth Observations
from 2023-01-26 07:00 UTC to 2023-01-27 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
GKBN32023-01-26 1141.0004360GRAY KNOB
MMNV12023-01-26 2138.0003904MT. MANSFIELD
HLSN32023-01-27 0632.4403776HERMIT LAKE SNOTEL
CAN-NB-972023-01-26 1231.100400NEW MARYLAND 0.6 NW, CAN
ESDN32023-01-26 1131.000735EAST SANDWICH
NH-CR-262023-01-26 1231.000751CENTER SANDWICH 4.9 E, NH
CAN-NB-1342023-01-26 1230.100482ST. HILAIRE 0.4 W - SAJESS, CAN
FISM12023-01-26 1230.000650FORT KENT COOP
CAN-NB-1542023-01-26 1128.000518EDMUNDSTON 3.7 NE, CAN
ME-AR-182023-01-26 1128.000840NEW SWEDEN 4.9 NNW, ME
MWN2023-01-26 1228.0005627MOUNT WASHINGTON
HRTM12023-01-26 1227.000709HARTFORD
ME-KB-552023-01-26 1226.000220MANCHESTER 0.5 NE, ME
NH-CR-412023-01-26 1325.500669ALBANY 2.8 SW, NH
BETM12023-01-26 1325.000797BETHEL 6 SSE
KMWN2023-01-27 0625.0005627MOUNT WASHINGTON
ME-OX-22023-01-26 1325.000558HARTFORD 1.4 N, ME
ME-AR-152023-01-26 1224.000505PRESQUE ISLE 1.3 WSW, ME
ME-FR-42023-01-26 1224.000407NEW SHARON 2.0 NW, ME
CAN-NB-642023-01-26 1223.500312KESWICK RIDGE 4.0 SE, CAN
HOLM12023-01-26 1223.000312HOLLIS
ME-YK-32023-01-26 1223.000312HOLLIS CENTER 5.4 NW, ME
NH-CR-272023-01-26 1223.000538TAMWORTH 0.4 NNW, NH
TMWN32023-01-26 1223.000538TAMWORTH 4
ME-FR-22023-01-26 1222.5001184TEMPLE 1.8 W, ME
ME-KB-532023-01-26 1222.000531READFIELD 2.0 NNE, ME
NH-CR-152023-01-26 1222.0001191JACKSON 3.7 NW, NH
TOPM12023-01-26 1222.000627TOPSFIELD
CAN-NB-982023-01-26 1121.700430HOYT 4.2 S, CAN
ME-YK-672023-01-26 1221.500335CORNISH 5.6 ESE, ME
NH-MR-602023-01-26 1321.500591SOUTH SUTTON 1.3 SE, NH
ME-OX-262023-01-26 1321.000587OXFORD 5.3 SW, ME
NEWN32023-01-26 1221.000778NEWPORT
NH-BK-12023-01-26 1221.000659TILTON NORTHFIELD 3.3 NE, NH
NH-CR-112023-01-26 1221.000538NORTH CONWAY 1.4 SSW, NH
NH-MR-452023-01-26 1321.000653NORTHFIELD 2.8 E, NH
OTFM12023-01-26 1221.000561OTISFIELD
VANM12023-01-26 1221.000453VAN BUREN
ME-CM-1252023-01-26 1220.500371GRAY 2.9 SSE, ME
VT-OG-102023-01-26 1220.5001608BRAINTREE 2.8 SW, VT
CAN-NB-12023-01-26 1220.300223FREDERICTON 4.0 SSE, CA
LKPN32023-01-26 1220.000509LAKEPORT 2
ME-CM-542023-01-26 1220.000407WINDHAM 3.9 NW, ME
NCON32023-01-26 1320.000535NORTH CONWAY
NH-BK-262023-01-26 1320.000906MEREDITH 3.3 NNE, NH
NH-CR-502023-01-26 1220.000699WOLFEBORO 1.5 SE, NH
NH-GR-552023-01-26 1220.000522BRISTOL 3.7 E, NH
NH-MR-62023-01-26 1320.000974DANBURY 2.2 ESE, NH
RANM12023-01-26 1120.0001772RANGELEY
WNDM12023-01-26 1220.000387WINDHAM 2NW
ME-FR-222023-01-26 1419.500673FARMINGTON 4.8 NNW, ME
ME-YK-752023-01-26 1319.500276BUXTON 2.8 W, ME
BRLN32023-01-26 1319.000932BERLIN
CORV12023-01-26 1219.0001201CORINTH
ESGM12023-01-26 1219.000643EAST SANGERVILLE
GHMN32023-01-26 1019.0002034PINKHAM NOTCH
ME-CM-32023-01-26 1219.000125NEW GLOUCESTER 3.0 SE, ME
NWSM12023-01-26 1219.000466NEW SHARON
RKWM12023-01-26 1219.0001033MOOSEHEAD LAKE
TURM12023-01-26 1219.000554TURNER
NH-BK-92023-01-26 1318.500689MEREDITH 2.9 SSW, NH
BRAM12023-01-26 1218.0001043BRASSUA DAM
DURM12023-01-26 1218.000157DURHAM
HGHN62023-01-26 1118.0001811HIGHMARKET
ME-AN-462023-01-26 1318.000180DURHAM 0.8 S, ME
ME-PN-432023-01-26 1218.000105ORONO 0.9 NE, ME
ME-PN-552023-01-26 1218.000269ORONO 1.1 SSW, ME
NH-ST-312023-01-26 1318.000971STRAFFORD 2.9 N, NH
POLM12023-01-26 1218.000571POLAND
VT-OL-122023-01-26 1218.0002080GREENSBORO 3.9 NNE, VT
WOLN32023-01-26 1218.000551WOLFEBORO
ME-CM-1572023-01-26 1217.900302NORTH WINDHAM 1.4 S, ME
ME-AN-412023-01-26 1217.500272AUBURN 2.1 NNW, ME
ME-AN-432023-01-26 1217.500194LISBON 0.6 S, ME
DHMM12023-01-26 1317.000456DEDHAM
JKMM12023-01-26 1217.0001211JACKMAN
KINM12023-01-26 1317.000597KINGFIELD
ME-CM-1372023-01-26 1217.000266GRAY 1.5 NE, ME
ME-FR-262023-01-26 1317.000653FARMINGTON 3.9 N, ME
NH-BK-182023-01-26 1217.000719NEW HAMPTON 4.1 N, NH
NH-BK-22023-01-26 1217.000719BELMONT 1.7 SW, NH
NH-MR-42023-01-26 1217.000486BOW 1.6 NW, NH
NH-MR-632023-01-26 1217.000768SUTTON MILLS 0.1 ENE, NH
SUTV12023-01-26 1117.0001480SUTTON
VT-WR-172023-01-26 1217.0002014ROCHESTER 2.3 NE, VT
NH-BK-292023-01-26 1216.500528SANBORNTON 2.3 WNW, NH
NH-GR-12023-01-26 1216.500525BRISTOL 0.4 SSE, NH
CARM12023-01-27 0516.000627CARIBOU WFO
DIFM12023-01-26 1216.000446DIXIFIELD
LPLN62023-01-26 1416.0001877LAKE PLACID 2 S
ME-CM-862023-01-26 1316.000203POWNAL 4.1 S, ME
ME-PN-472023-01-26 1216.000125MILFORD 0.8 SSW, ME
MWTM12023-01-26 1216.000358MILLINOCKET WWTP
NH-MR-712023-01-26 1216.000358CONCORD 2.3 E, NH
VT-OL-12023-01-26 1116.0001076WESTFIELD 0.7 WNW, VT
VT-WR-22023-01-26 1216.0001535POMFRET 2.6 N, VT
NH-GR-492023-01-26 1215.500869PLYMOUTH 3.7 N, NH
NH-MR-732023-01-26 1215.500804PITTSFIELD 3.5 ESE, NH
VT-OL-112023-01-26 1415.5001470EAST CRAFTSBURY 0.8 NE, VT
NH-MR-552023-01-26 1215.200400CANTERBURY 2.5 SSW, NH
CAR2023-01-26 1215.000614CARIBOU, ME
DFXM12023-01-26 1215.000325DOVER-FOXCROFT
JOHV12023-01-26 1215.000988JOHNSON 2 N
ME-PN-622023-01-26 1415.000141GLENBURN 2.0 ESE, ME
NCBN62023-01-26 1215.0001660NEWCOMB
NH-CS-192023-01-26 1215.0001722CARROLL 4.6 NE, NH
NH-MR-262023-01-26 1215.000587PITTSFIELD 0.2 SSW, NH
NH-MR-762023-01-26 1215.000623CHICHESTER 1.2 W, NH
NH-MR-772023-01-26 1215.000741DUNBARTON 1.1 S, NH
NH-SL-22023-01-26 1215.0001299GOSHEN 2.0 NE, NH
NY-CL-122023-01-26 1215.000827SARANAC 0.8 SSE, NY
RGNM12023-01-26 1115.0001772RANGELEY 2NW
VT-CL-442023-01-26 1215.0001237DANVILLE 3.1 NNE, VT
VT-WS-302023-01-26 1215.0001624WOODBURY 3.4 NNW, VT
NH-MR-702023-01-26 1214.8001237NEW LONDON 0.8 S, NH
NH-HL-1032023-01-26 1214.500925TEMPLE 1.2 ENE, NH
VT-CL-182023-01-26 1214.5001191WHEELOCK 1.6 S, VT
VT-OL-252023-01-26 1214.500892NEWPORT 1.5 WSW, VT
VT-WS-232023-01-26 1314.5002024CABOT 2.3 E, VT
VT-WS-72023-01-26 1314.5001355MIDDLESEX 3.1 ENE, VT
AVLV12023-01-26 1214.0001703AVERILL
BTHM12023-01-26 1214.00013BATH
CORM12023-01-26 1414.000266CORINNA
GYX2023-01-26 1214.000384PORTLAND, ME
ME-WL-322023-01-26 1214.000217BELFAST 3.9 NNE, ME
NH-RC-482023-01-26 1214.000663NORTHWOOD 2.9 WSW, NH
NY-FK-72023-01-26 1214.0001722SARANAC LAKE 6.2 N, NY
VT-BN-122023-01-26 2114.0002260STAMFORD 5.0 NNE, VT
VT-BN-32023-01-26 1214.0001818LANDGROVE 1.1 NNE, VT
VT-CL-272023-01-26 1214.0001401DANVILLE 0.4 N, VT
VT-FR-302023-01-26 1114.000997MONTGOMERY 4.1 ESE, VT
VT-OL-262023-01-26 1214.000912CRAFTSBURY COMMON 0.8 NW, VT
VT-OL-92023-01-26 1214.0001512GREENSBORO 2.1 NNW, VT
VT-WH-262023-01-26 1214.000784WESTMINSTER 5.5 NW, VT
VT-WS-192023-01-26 1114.000482WATERBURY 3.0 NW, VT
WEAN32023-01-26 1414.000837WEARE 2 NE
WORV12023-01-26 1214.0001309WORCESTER 2 W
YORN32023-01-26 1214.0001493YORK POND ST FISH HATCHERY
ME-CM-1382023-01-26 1213.500203FREEPORT 3.0 ENE, ME
ME-SM-32023-01-26 1213.500384PALMYRA 3.5 NW, ME
NH-MR-432023-01-26 1313.500413BOSCAWEN 2.2 SSE, NH
NH-SL-32023-01-26 1213.500919WEST UNITY 0.7 WSW, NH
VT-AD-202023-01-26 1213.500906HANCOCK 0.3 S, VT
VT-CL-142023-01-26 1313.5001050LYNDONVILLE 1.1 W, VT
CAN-NB-842023-01-26 1113.400236NORTON 7.1 WNW - KWRC, CAN
BDDN32023-01-26 2013.000817BRADFORD 2
HUBN32023-01-27 0613.0001604HUBBARD BROOK
JEFN32023-01-26 1213.0001089JEFFERSON
JEFV12023-01-26 1213.0001191JEFFERSONVILLE
MRLV12023-01-26 1313.0001506MARLBORO
MSRN32023-01-27 0613.0001404MASCOMA RIVER
NCKN62023-01-26 1213.000879NORTH CREEK 5 SE
NH-CH-272023-01-26 1213.000535KEENE 1.3 SW, NH
NH-HL-482023-01-26 1313.000984GREENVILLE 1.1 ENE, NH
NH-MR-252023-01-27 0613.000696CHICHESTER 2.7 SSW, NH
NH-MR-682023-01-26 1213.000413CONTOOCOOK 0.6 NW, NH
PERV12023-01-26 1113.0001827PERU
VT-WH-292023-01-26 1213.000400BRATTLEBORO 0.7 S, VT
VT-WH-302023-01-26 1313.0001503MARLBORO 2.0 NNE, VT
VT-WS-102023-01-26 1213.000699NORTHFIELD 1.5 N, VT
VT-WS-152023-01-26 1213.0001066EAST CALAIS 1.5 SW, VT
VT-WS-422023-01-26 1313.000906MORETOWN 2.1 N, VT
WHPN32023-01-26 1213.000420HOPKINTON LAKE
NH-CR-482023-01-26 1412.700430EFFINGHAM 2.1 N, NH
VT-CL-232023-01-26 1212.5001207RYEGATE 1.5 N, VT
VT-OG-142023-01-26 1312.5001132BRADFORD 2.2 NNW, VT
VT-OG-162023-01-26 1112.5001017STRAFFORD 2.4 SSE, VT
EAHV12023-01-26 1212.000984EAST HAVEN
HMYM12023-01-26 1212.000328HARMONY
KEEN32023-01-26 1212.000518KEENE
LUNV12023-01-26 1012.0001470LUNENBURG 2 NNW
MA-FR-412023-01-26 1212.000896CONWAY 3.4 WSW, MA
MALN62023-01-26 1212.000876MALONE
MCDN32023-01-26 1212.000974EDWARD MACDOWELL LAKE
ME-CM-182023-01-26 1212.00079PORTLAND 5.5 WNW, ME
NH-GR-472023-01-26 1312.0001119LITTLETON 7.3 W, NH
NPTV12023-01-26 1212.000764NEWPORT
NY-CL-72023-01-26 1112.000190PERU 4.1 ESE, NY
NY-ES-112023-01-26 1312.0001696VERMONTVILLE 2.8 S, NY
PTBN32023-01-26 1212.0001329PITTSBURG RESERVOIR
SURN32023-01-26 1212.000577SURRY MOUNTAIN LAKE
VT-CH-32023-01-26 1312.000354CHARLOTTE 2.9 NNE, VT
VT-ES-32023-01-26 1012.0001473LUNENBURG 2.3 NNW, VT
VT-WS-112023-01-26 1112.0001152WAITSFIELD 1.8 SE, VT
VT-WS-412023-01-26 1212.0001818WARREN 2.8 E, VT
WHFN62023-01-26 1312.0002014WILMINGTON 2W
WTHN62023-01-26 1312.000115WHITEHALL LOCK C12
CAN-NB-492023-01-26 1111.80075MILLTOWN 1.1 NNE, CAN
CAN-NB-52023-01-26 1211.80026OAK POINT 0.9 SSW, CA
CAN-NB-292023-01-26 1211.60079SUSSEX 1.0 WNW - KWRC, CAN
NY-HR-182023-01-26 1211.5001378SALISBURY CENTER 1.8 NW, NY
NY-WR-102023-01-26 1311.500682WARRENSBURG 2.1 WNW, NY
VT-WR-222023-01-26 1211.500971ROCHESTER 0.3 NE, VT
BTV2023-01-27 0111.000318BURLINGTON, VT
CAN-NB-1672023-01-26 1111.000387NORTON 8.2 W, CAN
CAN-NB-282023-01-26 1011.000194SUSSEX CORNER 1.4 NE - KWRC, CAN
EHYM32023-01-26 1311.0001654EAST HAWLEY
GILV12023-01-26 1111.000843GILMAN
GREN32023-01-26 1311.000892GREENVILLE 1 NNE
INDN62023-01-26 1311.0001650INDIAN LAKE
ME-CM-1432023-01-26 1211.000128PORTLAND 5.4 NW, ME
NH-HL-192023-01-26 1211.000466BROOKLINE 2.1 SW, NH
NH-HL-492023-01-26 1211.000535MONT VERNON 1.3 SSW, NH
NOSV12023-01-26 1211.000568NORTH SPRINGFIELD LAKE
NUMN32023-01-26 1211.0001089NORTHUMBERLAND
NY-ES-62023-01-26 1311.0001516OLMSTEDVILLE 4.6 NNE, NY
NY-HM-12023-01-26 1211.0001706SPECULATOR 10.0 SSW, NY
NY-HM-102023-01-26 1211.0001759LAKE PLEASANT 2.3 WSW, NY
NY-WR-212023-01-26 1211.0001257BRANT LAKE 1.7 ENE, NY
OTTN32023-01-26 1211.000810OTTER BROOK LAKE
PEKN62023-01-26 1211.0001411PECK LAKE
SANM12023-01-26 1211.000292SANFORD 2 NNW
VT-FR-212023-01-26 1411.000400FAIRFAX 4.9 WNW, VT
VT-LM-12023-01-26 1211.000738STOWE 0.2 SW, VT
VT-WR-102023-01-26 1211.000741WEST WINDSOR 1.7 S, VT
WDSV12023-01-26 1311.000673WOODSTOCK
MA-HS-72023-01-26 1310.5001404PLAINFIELD 2.2 SW, MA
ME-KX-62023-01-26 1310.500551UNION 3.0 NW, ME
NY-SR-572023-01-26 1210.5001362TOWN OF PROVIDENCE 2.3 E, NY
VT-RT-12023-01-26 1110.100686WEST RUTLAND 1.2 N, VT
ABNM32023-01-26 1210.0001138ASHBURNHAM NORTH
BGRM12023-01-27 0610.000138BANGOR FSS
CNKN62023-01-26 1310.000869CONKLINGVILLE DAM
KBGR2023-01-27 0610.000148BANGOR INTL AIRPORT
ME-CM-1282023-01-26 1210.00016SOUTH PORTLAND 1.6 S, ME
ME-YK-802023-01-26 1410.000141SOUTH BERWICK 1.3 E, ME
NH-GR-112023-01-26 1510.000548PLYMOUTH 1.6 NNE, NH
NH-RC-792023-01-26 1310.000486NOTTINGHAM 1.2 S, NH
NOHV12023-01-26 1210.000571NORTH HARTLAND LAKE
NY-ES-122023-01-26 1610.0001555SARANAC LAKE 2.7 SSE, NY
NY-SL-62023-01-26 1210.000571HANNAWA FALLS 0.1 SW, NY
PLFV12023-01-26 1210.000846PLAINFIELD
SJBV12023-01-26 2110.000705SAINT JOHNSBURY
VT-CH-502023-01-26 1310.000226SHELBURNE 0.5 ENE, VT
VT-WH-192023-01-26 1210.0001713EAST DOVER 1.8 N, VT
MA-FR-172023-01-26 129.500945BUCKLAND 1.8 ESE, MA
ME-HN-22023-01-26 129.500112EAST SURRY, ME
ME-KX-122023-01-26 129.500318UNION 3.0 W, ME
ME-YK-652023-01-26 169.500318NORTH BERWICK 5.3 W, ME
VT-CH-472023-01-26 139.500361SOUTH BURLINGTON 2.6 SSW, VT
VT-CL-422023-01-26 139.5001043BARNET 3.5 W, VT
VT-FR-262023-01-26 129.500630ENOSBURG FALLS 2.5 N, VT
VT-RT-282023-01-26 129.5001460SHREWSBURY 0.8 W, VT
VT-RT-72023-01-26 129.500630RUTLAND 1.2 N, VT
VT-AD-242023-01-26 129.200377MIDDLEBURY 0.3 N, VT
ASBM32023-01-26 129.0001125ASHBURNHAM
COLN32023-01-26 129.0001119COLEBROOK 3SW
CWLV12023-01-26 129.000351CORNWALL
ENFV12023-01-26 109.000423ENOSBURG FALLS 2
ISLV12023-01-26 139.0001178ISLAND POND
ME-LN-12023-01-26 129.00092NEWCASTLE 2.1 SW, ME
ME-YK-52023-01-26 129.000171KENNEBUNK 1.8 WNW, ME
NH-GR-522023-01-26 129.000673HANOVER 4.8 NE, NH
NH-RC-722023-01-26 129.000427DERRY 5.7 N, NH
NVLN62023-01-26 139.000869NORTHVILLE
NY-SR-162023-01-26 149.000338BALLSTON SPA 2.9 ESE, NY
NY-WR-172023-01-26 129.000591LAKE GEORGE 1.0 N, NY
RUTV12023-01-26 129.000627RUTLAND
VT-BN-102023-01-26 129.000745SOUTH SHAFTSBURY 0.1 W, VT
VT-CH-382023-01-26 129.000522WILLISTON 0.2 WSW, VT
VT-FR-192023-01-26 129.000148SWANTON 0.5 NNE, VT
VT-FR-282023-01-26 139.000125SWANTON 3.0 SW, VT
MA-FR-352023-01-26 128.500358BERNARDSTON 1.0 SW, MA
NY-OD-22023-01-26 138.5001079POINT ROCK 0.6 SE, NY
NY-SC-302023-01-26 128.500702AMSTERDAM 6.4 E, NY
NY-SR-42023-01-26 118.500331SARATOGA SPRINGS 0.5 S, NY
VT-BN-72023-01-26 128.500955MANCHESTER 2.8 ENE, VT
VT-CH-532023-01-26 128.500427HINESBURG 1.5 SW, VT
BOON62023-01-26 128.0001568BOONVILLE 4 SSW
BSKN62023-01-26 138.000505BUSKIRK
CNTN62023-01-26 148.000400CANTON 4 SE
COPN62023-01-27 058.0001263COOPERSTOWN
HANN32023-01-26 218.000604HANOVER
HOKN62023-01-26 118.0001463HOOKER 12 NNW
MA-BE-242023-01-26 178.0001352HANCOCK 3.6 NNE, MA
MA-FR-132023-01-26 128.000728CONWAY 2.9 NW, MA
MA-FR-462023-01-26 128.000607CONWAY 1.2 E, MA
ME-YK-282023-01-26 128.00036BIDDEFORD 1.5 NNE, ME
NVLV12023-01-26 128.000797NASHVILLE
NY-SR-222023-01-26 138.000620GREENFIELD CENTER 1.6 W, NY
NY-WR-152023-01-26 128.000427LAKE GEORGE 5.0 ESE, NY
NY-WS-82023-01-26 228.000810GRANVILLE 9.5 SW, NY
PLBN62023-01-27 048.000151PLATTSBURGH COOP
ROBM12023-01-27 058.000138ROBBINSTON
SLNV12023-01-26 128.0001368SOUTH LINCOLN
STRN62023-01-26 138.0001690STILLWATER RESERVOIR
TLLM32023-01-26 128.000722TULLY LAKE
VT-CH-42023-01-26 128.000955UNDERHILL 4.4 NNE, VT
VT-CH-582023-01-26 108.000741WILLISTON 3.2 SSW, VT
VT-FR-292023-01-26 128.000581FLETCHER 0.7 SSW, VT
MA-WR-442023-01-26 127.5001073WESTMINSTER 0.6 WSW, MA
NH-MR-742023-01-26 127.500436EPSOM 4.2 SW, NH
NY-AB-12023-01-26 127.5001450ALTAMONT 2.7 SSW, NY
NY-GR-72023-01-26 127.500810GREENVILLE 0.7 E, NY
VT-CH-122023-01-26 127.500417HINESBURG 5.4 ESE, VT
VT-RT-252023-01-26 127.500617WALLINGFORD 2.7 SSW, VT
NY-MG-32023-01-26 137.1001037HESSVILLE 1.8 WSW, NY
BRVN62023-01-26 137.000879TRENTON FALLS
EPPN32023-01-26 127.000144EPPING
HMPN32023-01-26 137.000322WEST HAMPSTEAD
MA-BE-212023-01-26 127.000988CHESHIRE 0.5 NNW, MA
MA-FR-102023-01-26 137.000564CONWAY 0.9 SW, MA
ME-CM-1482023-01-26 127.00049HARPSWELL 3.1 WSW, ME
ME-KX-52023-01-26 147.000141ROCKPORT 2.8 SW, ME
MNCN32023-01-26 137.000259MASSABESIC LAKE
MRRN62023-01-26 127.0001690MORRISVILLE 6 SW
NH-GR-642023-01-26 127.000751WOODSVILLE 8.2 SSE, NH
NY-AB-662023-01-26 127.000853ALTAMONT 3.5 NW, NY
NY-RN-202023-01-26 127.000456TROY 2.1 NNE, NY
NY-TM-452023-01-26 147.0001657NEWFIELD HAMLET 4.3 S, NY
VRGV12023-01-26 117.000200VERGENNES
VT-CH-112023-01-26 107.000925UNDERHILL 5.1 NNE, VT
VT-CH-132023-01-26 127.000758RICHMOND 3.4 SSE, VT
MA-WR-82023-01-26 116.500712FITCHBURG 1.6 SSW, MA
NH-HL-1012023-01-26 146.500322HUDSON 2.9 NE, NH
NY-HM-82023-01-26 126.5001821LONG LAKE 1.2 N, NY
NY-OD-192023-01-26 126.500722NEW HARTFORD 0.8 S, NY
VT-AD-192023-01-26 136.500505NEW HAVEN 2.4 SE, VT
ACVN62023-01-26 136.000597ALCOVE DAM
CAN-NB-1042023-01-26 116.000171PENNFIELD RIDGE 2.7 SSW, CAN
EMLN32023-01-26 126.000249EAST MILFORD
ESUM12023-01-27 056.000102EAST SURRY
GFDN62023-01-26 116.0001309CHASES LAKE
GOVN62023-01-26 126.000420GOUVERNEUR 3 NW
HUDN32023-01-26 126.000203HUDSON 1 SSE
KMHT2023-01-27 066.000220MANCHESTER AIRPORT
LOWN62023-01-26 126.000869LOWVILLE
ME-LN-132023-01-26 136.000203WALDOBORO 1.5 NNE, ME
ME-YK-182023-01-26 126.000180WELLS 3.5 SW, ME
MECN62023-01-26 126.0001486MECKLENBURG 4 SW
NY-AB-212023-01-26 126.000259NWS ALBANY, NY
NY-CN-22023-01-26 136.0001752NORWICH 5.7 NE, NY
NY-CR-12023-01-26 126.0001565FREETOWN 1.0 NE, NY
NY-HR-232023-01-26 146.000394HERKIMER 0.6 SSE, NY
NY-LW-122023-01-26 116.0001309CHASES LAKE COOP, NY
NY-RN-12023-01-26 136.000636AVERILL PARK 0.9 WNW, NY
NY-SC-22023-01-26 116.000276SCOTIA 1.1 NW, NY
NY-TG-152023-01-26 136.0001535BERKSHIRE 1.9 ENE, NY
PHON62023-01-26 126.0001539PHOENICIA 2SW
SARN62023-01-26 216.000302SARATOGA SPRINGS 4SW
SHBN62023-01-26 116.0001050SHERBURNE
TRYN62023-01-26 126.000-3TROY
VT-CH-72023-01-26 126.000968HUNTINGTON 1.1 E, VT
WALN62023-01-26 106.0001457WALTON 2
ZBWN32023-01-26 136.000167NASHUA CWSU
MA-MD-1042023-01-26 125.500246LITTLETON 2.8 NNW, MA
NY-AB-232023-01-26 125.500253ALBANY 0.7 SW, NY
NY-BM-142023-01-26 125.5001276WHITNEY POINT 1.7 SSE, NY
NY-MD-102023-01-26 125.5001457CAZENOVIA 2.9 SE, NY
NY-OD-662023-01-26 135.500738NEW HARTFORD 1.0 WSW, NY
NY-OT-112023-01-26 165.5001335HARTWICK, NY
ALB2023-01-27 005.000243ALBANY INTL AP
CLHN62023-01-26 145.0001617TROUPSBURG SNOW
CLJP12023-01-26 145.0001952HARRISON VALLEY SNOW
CLKP12023-01-26 145.0001962WHITES CORNER SNOW
CLOP12023-01-26 145.0001253KNOXVILLE SNOW
CORN62023-01-26 125.0001148CORNING
GNEN62023-01-26 165.000909GREENE
GRFM32023-01-26 125.000131GREENFIELD NO. 3
HRLN62023-01-26 125.0001322HORNELL ALMOND DAM
LXDM32023-01-26 125.0001010LENOXDALE
MA-FR-382023-01-26 125.0001129SHUTESBURY 2.9 SW, MA
NNNM12023-01-26 125.000358NORTH ANSON
NRWN62023-01-26 125.000991NORWICH
NY-OD-212023-01-26 125.000554ROME 4.8 SSE, NY
NY-SC-162023-01-26 125.000279NISKAYUNA 2.0 N, NY
NY-TM-182023-01-26 125.0001175EAST ITHACA 4.7 E, NY
NY-TM-272023-01-26 125.0001388GROTON 3.2 SSW, NY
NY-TM-42023-01-26 125.0001066GROTON 0.5 NW, NY
NY-TM-422023-01-26 125.0001201ITHACA 6.4 E, NY
VT-AD-362023-01-26 135.000262SHOREHAM 3.5 NNE, VT
WITN62023-01-26 115.0001024WHITNEY POINT DAM
WSTN62023-01-26 125.000551WESTMORELAND 4 N
NY-BM-242023-01-26 144.700846BINGHAMTON 1.3 ENE, NY
MA-WR-892023-01-26 114.500781HOLDEN 0.9 SSE, MA
ME-WS-312023-01-26 124.50072EASTPORT 1.4 ESE, ME
NY-AB-412023-01-26 124.500220ALBANY 0.3 ESE, NY
NY-AB-692023-01-26 124.500223ALBANY 0.9 SSE, NY
NY-BM-212023-01-26 124.5001690WINDSOR 8.0 SE, NY
NY-TG-262023-01-26 124.500906CANDOR 0.7 NW, NY
NY-UL-282023-01-26 124.500915KERHONKSON 3.7 N, NY
BARM32023-01-26 124.000840BARRE FALLS DAM
BGMN62023-01-27 054.0001575BINGHAMTON
CLCP12023-01-26 144.0001099COWANESQUE DAM SNOW
CLDP12023-01-26 144.0001617THORNBOTTOM ROAD SNOW
CQDP12023-01-26 124.0001312COWANESQUE DAM
GLDN32023-01-26 124.00089GREENLAND
ITHN62023-01-26 124.000968ITHACA,NY
MA-BE-42023-01-26 124.0001365BECKET 5.6 SSW, MA
MA-FR-82023-01-26 144.000853NEW SALEM 3.1 S, MA
MA-MD-512023-01-26 124.000230MAYNARD 0.7 ESE, MA
ME-HN-262023-01-26 184.00043BROOKLIN 2.8 SE, ME
NEDM12023-01-26 124.000184CAPE NEDDICK
NY-CM-242023-01-26 134.0001053CHEMUNG 5.7 N, NY
NY-DL-232023-01-26 134.0001762LONG EDDY 6.5 NNE, NY
NY-DL-252023-01-26 124.0002205HOBART 4.8 ESE, NY
NY-DL-282023-01-26 124.0002493FLEISCHMANNS 5.7 N, NY
NY-DL-322023-01-26 124.0002014DELHI 6.6 WNW, NY
NY-ST-332023-01-26 124.0001650BATH 4.2 E, NY
NY-TG-312023-01-26 124.000945NEWARK VALLEY 1.9 SSW, NY
NY-TG-52023-01-26 124.0001079BERKSHIRE 2.0 N, NY
NY-TM-32023-01-26 124.000650ITHACA 1.1 SE, NY
NY-TM-382023-01-26 124.000984TRUMANSBURG 0.4 WNW, NY
NY-TM-52023-01-26 124.0001070FREEVILLE 1.5 NE, NY
MA-BE-32023-01-26 123.500846STOCKBRIDGE .2 NNE, MA
MA-ES-482023-01-26 103.500194ANDOVER 0.6 E, MA
MA-ES-662023-01-26 133.500157NORTH ANDOVER 0.3 NW, MA
MA-MD-2172023-01-26 123.500174CARLISLE 2.0 SE, MA
MA-WR-422023-01-26 133.500344NORTHBOROUGH 2.3 N, MA
NY-AB-462023-01-26 133.500157RAVENA 1.4 NNW, NY
NY-GR-142023-01-26 123.5001913LEXINGTON 1.5 N, NY
NY-MD-222023-01-26 123.500554ONEIDA 0.4 NW, NY
NY-ST-32023-01-26 143.5001742SOUTH CORNING 4.7 S, NY
NY-ST-412023-01-26 133.500955PAINTED POST 0.7 SSE, NY
NY-SY-12023-01-26 133.5001394SMITH VALLEY 1.9 SE, NY
PA-MN-162023-01-26 123.5001900MOUNT POCONO 0.7 N, PA
NY-JF-302023-01-26 123.200784WEST CARTHAGE 0.3 ENE, NY
ALFN62023-01-26 123.0001932ALFRED
CCON62023-01-26 123.0001250CALLICOON CENTER
DELN62023-01-26 133.0001512DELHI 2 SE
EMRN62023-01-26 123.000955ELMIRA
FVLN62023-01-26 133.0001033FREEVILLE,NY
HRKM32023-01-26 133.000597HARDWICK 2 ESE
MA-ES-902023-01-26 123.000187HAVERHILL 0.8 SW, MA
MA-MD-1152023-01-26 123.000364HUDSON 1.4 NW, MA
MA-WR-882023-01-26 123.000912LEICESTER 2.5 WSW, MA
NFKC32023-01-26 133.0001398NORFOLK
NY-AL-22023-01-26 133.0001831WEST ALMOND 3.6 SW, NY
NY-CB-232023-01-26 123.000446CHATHAM 0.7 SW, NY
NY-SY-112023-01-26 123.0001083DUNDEE 6.2 E, NY
PA-PK-222023-01-26 123.0001306MILFORD 8.7 NW, PA
PLEP12023-01-26 143.0001795PLEASANT MOUNT 1 W
THAP12023-01-26 173.0001178TIOGA DAM SITE - SNOW
WHTN62023-01-26 123.0002185WHITESVILLE
MA-ES-582023-01-26 132.700121MIDDLETON 1.4 SSW, MA
PA-SS-192023-01-26 122.7001463HARFORD 1.4 NNE, PA
MA-ES-592023-01-26 092.50089AMESBURY 1.2 N, MA
MA-FR-122023-01-26 122.500180SUNDERLAND 1.3 SE, MA
MA-MD-122023-01-26 122.500220ACTON 1.3 SW, MA
MA-MD-2202023-01-26 112.500279HUDSON 0.5 SSE, MA
NY-TG-282023-01-26 122.5001138ENDICOTT 3.7 WSW, NY
PA-SS-162023-01-26 142.5001407NEW MILFORD 1.6 SSE, PA
MA-HS-452023-01-26 122.300620WESTHAMPTON 0.4 WNW, MA
ANGN62023-01-26 122.0001490ANGELICA
AURN62023-01-26 122.000814AURORA RESEARCH FARM
GVLM32023-01-27 022.00049GROVELAND
LEVM32023-01-26 122.000322LEVERETT NO.2
LLLM32023-01-26 112.000115LOWELL
MA-ES-42023-01-27 022.00039GROVELAND 0.5 WSW, MA
MA-ES-612023-01-26 122.000233AMESBURY 2.6 WSW, MA
MA-WR-182023-01-26 132.000318NORTHBOROUGH 0.6 SSE, MA
ME-HN-32023-01-26 122.00052SOUTHWEST HARBOR 2.6 SE, ME
NY-BM-72023-01-26 132.0001004VESTAL 2.8 SSE, NY
NY-CB-242023-01-26 122.000299VALATIE 0.5 S, NY
NY-DT-242023-01-26 122.000217RED HOOK 1.2 NNE, NY
NY-UL-162023-01-26 122.000308ROSENDALE VILLAGE 1.8 WNW, NY
SDLM32023-01-26 122.000240SUNDERLAND
SSQP12023-01-26 122.000909SUSQUEHANNA
TWOP12023-01-26 122.000787TOWANDA 1 S
WYOP12023-01-26 132.000702WYOMING COUNTY EOC
MA-ES-702023-01-26 121.50049NEWBURYPORT 0.6 N, MA
MA-HS-482023-01-26 131.500190EASTHAMPTON 1.0 E, MA
MA-MD-1252023-01-26 121.500125TEWKSBURY 3.6 SSE, MA
MA-WR-1132023-01-26 131.500640WORCESTER 2.0 SE, MA
MA-WR-752023-01-26 121.500722WARREN 2.4 WSW, MA
MA-WR-812023-01-26 121.500551WORCESTER 1.6 SE, MA
NY-CB-152023-01-26 121.500617ANCRAMDALE 0.2 N, NY
NY-DT-82023-01-26 121.5001056MILLBROOK 3.2 SE, NY
PA-BF-202023-01-26 121.100801SAYRE 0.7 S, PA
CNDP12023-01-26 121.0001198CANADENSIS
KBPM12023-01-26 121.00023KENNEBUNKPORT
MA-HS-122023-01-26 131.000325NORTHAMPTON 0.4 S, MA
MA-MD-522023-01-26 121.000279LEXINGTON 0.6 SW, MA
MA-MD-892023-01-26 121.000295SUDBURY 3.6 W, MA
MA-WR-412023-01-26 131.000784AUBURN 2.6 SW, MA
MA-WR-692023-01-26 121.000459NORTHBRIDGE 1.7 WNW, MA
ME-YK-22023-01-26 121.00049KITTERY POINT 0.8 WSW, ME
MIDM32023-01-26 151.000105MIDDLETON
NY-CM-62023-01-26 141.0001161ELMIRA 3.2 E, NY
PA-CB-332023-01-26 121.0001854LAKE HARMONY 2.4 WNW, PA
PROP12023-01-26 121.0001234PROMPTON DAM
WVYN62023-01-26 121.000781WAVERLY
NY-OD-672023-01-26 230.800594HOLLAND PATENT 0.6 SSE, NY
MA-ES-122023-01-26 120.50089BOXFORD 2.4 S, MA
MA-ES-642023-01-26 120.50082NEWBURYPORT 0.4 NNW, MA
MA-MD-1072023-01-26 120.500223FRAMINGHAM 1.7 E, MA
NY-CB-262023-01-26 120.500190GERMANTOWN 0.6 E, NY
NY-DT-352023-01-26 120.500390PLEASANT VALLEY 1.7 S, NY
NY-UL-292023-01-26 120.500322HIGHLAND 0.2 SW, NY
NY-UL-312023-01-26 120.500171HURLEY 2.2 S, NY
PA-MN-72023-01-26 130.500830STROUDSBURG 5.1 W, PA
NY-UL-372023-01-26 140.300374SAUGERTIES 4.7 NW, NY
MA-MD-1752023-01-26 120.200131ARLINGTON 0.4 WNW, MA
BAKC32023-01-26 120.001686BAKERSVILLE
BCNM32023-01-26 120.001541BELCHERTOWN
BEVM32023-01-26 120.00182BEVERLY
CT-HR-152023-01-26 120.001354SOUTHINGTON 3.0 E, CT
CT-LT-202023-01-26 120.0011122WARREN 2.4 WNW, CT
CT-LT-502023-01-26 140.001840LITCHFIELD 5.3 ESE, CT
CT-LT-92023-01-26 120.001676NEW HARTFORD CENTER 3.2 SW, CT
CT-TL-152023-01-26 110.001266CENTRAL SOMERS 0.3 N, CT
CT-TL-412023-01-26 110.001269SOMERS 0.3 S, CT
MA-HD-282023-01-26 110.001253WESTFIELD 2.8 SE, MA
MA-HD-302023-01-26 130.001259HAMPDEN 2.0 NW, MA
MA-HS-562023-01-26 120.001217SOUTH HADLEY 3.2 SSW, MA
MA-MD-1582023-01-26 120.001305SHERBORN 1.1 NW, MA
MA-MD-72023-01-26 120.00162WINCHESTER 0.7 SE, MA
MA-NF-752023-01-26 120.001197BRAINTREE 1.5 SE, MA
NY-DT-102023-01-26 120.001256POUGHKEEPSIE 3.9 SSE, NY
NY-DT-322023-01-26 120.001784MILLBROOK 2.5 NE, NY
NY-DT-342023-01-26 120.001338HOPEWELL JUNCTION 2.8 NE, NY
NY-OR-182023-01-26 120.001463WALDEN 1.2 S, NY
OXFM32023-01-26 120.001522BUFFUMVILLE LAKE
RI-WS-312023-01-26 120.001118KINGSTON 7.5 NNE, RI
AHRM32023-01-26 120.000154AMHERST
BIDR12023-01-26 130.000108BLOCK ISLAND COOP
BLHM32023-01-26 120.000620BLUE HILL COOP
BRGM32023-01-26 110.00026BRIDGEWATER
BRKC32023-01-26 110.000509BARKHAMSTED
BRLC32023-01-26 120.000509BURLINGTON
BROM32023-01-27 050.00075BROCKTON
BTGN62023-01-26 130.00082BAITING HOLLOW
CAN-NB-82023-01-26 140.000367KESWICK RIDGE 2.3 SSE, CAN
CARN62023-01-26 140.000692CARMEL 4N
CT-FR-232023-01-26 120.000499SHELTON 1.3 W, CT
CT-FR-252023-01-26 120.000240NORWALK 2.9 NNW, CT
CT-FR-32023-01-26 130.000259NEW CANAAN 1.9 ENE, CT
CT-FR-412023-01-26 140.000463BETHEL 3.5 NNE, CT
CT-FR-592023-01-26 120.000581NEW CANAAN 3.8 N, CT
CT-FR-92023-01-26 120.000413BROOKFIELD 3.3 SSE, CT
CT-FR-992023-01-26 120.000594RIDGEFIELD 2.4 NNE, CT
CT-HR-1162023-01-26 120.000374MANCHESTER 2.2 NE, CT
CT-HR-1282023-01-26 120.000384BRISTOL 2.8 NNE, CT
CT-HR-222023-01-26 130.000108EAST HARTFORD 1.3 E, CT
CT-HR-572023-01-26 110.000148SUFFIELD DEPOT 3.3 NNE, CT
CT-HR-632023-01-26 120.000174WEST HARTFORD 1.1 NNE, CT
CT-HR-652023-01-26 120.000118NEWINGTON 1.9 SSW, CT
CT-HR-82023-01-26 120.000453NORTH GRANBY 1.3 ENE, CT
CT-LT-142023-01-26 120.000623WATERTOWN 0.5 S, CT
CT-LT-222023-01-26 130.000597NEW MILFORD 5.3 SSW, CT
CT-LT-342023-01-26 120.000472WOODBURY CENTER 1.5 SSW, CT
CT-LT-512023-01-26 120.000459SOUTH KENT 0.1 SE, CT
CT-MD-212023-01-26 120.000312KILLINGWORTH 2.6 ESE, CT
CT-MD-232023-01-26 130.00092HIGGANUM 0.7 N, CT
CT-NH-432023-01-26 120.000259WALLINGFORD CENTER 3.3 NNW, CT
CT-NH-452023-01-26 100.000531NAUGATUCK 1.7 NNE, CT
CT-NH-572023-01-26 120.00072NEW HAVEN 2.9 NNW, CT
CT-NH-722023-01-26 120.000302NORTHFORD 0.8 SW, CT
CT-NL-102023-01-26 110.000308NORWICH 2.5 NNE, CT
CT-NL-182023-01-26 120.00049STONINGTON 0.5 NNE, CT
CT-NL-192023-01-26 120.00030MYSTIC 0.9 W, CT
CT-NL-212023-01-26 120.000190GRISWOLD 0.9 N, CT
CT-NL-222023-01-26 120.00036CENTRAL WATERFORD 2.7 SSW, CT
CT-NL-242023-01-26 120.00049STONINGTON 1.4 NNW, CT
CT-NL-292023-01-26 110.000177EAST LYME 0.5 SW, CT
CT-NL-322023-01-26 100.00023NIANTIC 1.1 SW, CT
CT-NL-462023-01-26 120.000200MYSTIC 3.4 NW, CT
CT-NL-562023-01-26 120.000184NORWICH 5.2 SE, CT
CT-NL-62023-01-26 140.00062NEW LONDON 1.0 NNW, CT
CT-TL-182023-01-26 120.000663HEBRON 5.3 NW, CT
CT-TL-22023-01-26 100.000794STAFFORDVILLE 0.4 NNW, CT
CT-TL-272023-01-26 120.000512WILLINGTON 2.7 SE, CT
CT-TL-352023-01-26 120.000213SOMERSVILLE 0.2 ENE, CT
CT-TL-402023-01-26 120.000597COVENTRY 0.3 NNE, CT
CT-WN-262023-01-26 120.000600DANIELSON 3.2 ESE, CT
CT-WN-42023-01-26 100.000367EAST KILLINGLY 1.3 SW, CT
CT-WN-82023-01-26 110.000417MOOSUP 1.7 NE, CT
CTPN62023-01-26 120.000197CENTERPORT
CTYR12023-01-26 120.000299COVENTRY 2
CVTR12023-01-26 120.000282COVENTRY
EBRM32023-01-26 120.000705EAST BRIMFIELD LAKE
EDGM32023-01-26 140.00013EDGARTOWN
ESNM32023-01-26 130.000164EAST SANDWICH
HINM32023-01-27 000.00052HINGHAM
HMTC32023-01-26 120.000495HAMPTON
HYSM32023-01-26 110.00052HYANNIS
KGNR12023-01-26 210.00072KINGSTON
LNCM12023-01-26 120.000200LINCOLN WATER DISTRICT
MA-BA-112023-01-26 120.00023EAST FALMOUTH 1.4 ESE, MA
MA-BA-122023-01-26 140.00056ORLEANS 1.1 E, MA
MA-BA-172023-01-26 120.00049EAST FALMOUTH 1.2 WNW, MA
MA-BA-182023-01-26 120.00043WAQUOIT 0.6 SSW, MA
MA-BA-22023-01-26 120.00062FALMOUTH 3.1 NNW, MA
MA-BA-32023-01-26 120.0007FALMOUTH 3.0 E, MA
MA-BA-452023-01-26 130.00039SANDWICH 0.9 NNE, MA
MA-BA-472023-01-26 140.00072MASHPEE 2.4 WSW, MA
MA-BA-502023-01-26 130.00095FALMOUTH 5.4 NNE, MA
MA-BA-512023-01-26 120.00089ORLEANS 3.0 S, MA
MA-BA-572023-01-26 120.00020FALMOUTH 5.7 N, MA
MA-BA-642023-01-26 120.000236SANDWICH 1.5 SSE, MA
MA-BA-722023-01-26 130.00066YARMOUTH 2.0 S, MA
MA-BA-762023-01-26 110.00023BARNSTABLE 0.7 NE, MA
MA-BA-772023-01-26 120.00062SOUTH DENNIS 1.0 NW, MA
MA-BA-922023-01-26 120.00072MASHPEE 3.2 WSW, MA
MA-BR-162023-01-26 110.00072SOMERSET 0.4 SSE, MA
MA-BR-32023-01-26 120.000131NORTON 1.8 NNE, MA
MA-BR-302023-01-26 120.000128TAUNTON 3.9 N, MA
MA-BR-552023-01-26 120.000131NWS BOSTON/NORTON 2.5 ESE, MA
MA-BR-612023-01-26 090.000223MANSFIELD 2.4 ENE, MA
MA-BR-82023-01-26 130.000171DIGHTON 1.1 WSW, MA
MA-DK-22023-01-26 120.00079VINEYARD HAVEN 0.8 WSW, MA
MA-ES-222023-01-26 120.00089ROCKPORT 1.0 E, MA
MA-ES-412023-01-26 140.00052DANVERS 0.8 ESE, MA
MA-ES-712023-01-26 120.00092DANVERS 2.5 NNE, MA
MA-ES-942023-01-26 140.00062MARBLEHEAD 1.9 NNE, MA
MA-HD-332023-01-26 120.000125AGAWAM 1.1 SSW, MA
MA-MD-1192023-01-26 120.00069WATERTOWN 1.1 W, MA
MA-MD-1262023-01-26 120.000115MELROSE 0.5 NE, MA
MA-MD-422023-01-26 120.000289HOLLISTON 0.8 S, MA
MA-MD-442023-01-26 120.00046MEDFORD 1.2 W, MA
MA-MD-552023-01-26 120.000299HOLLISTON 0.7 W, MA
MA-NF-12023-01-26 120.000223NORWOOD 1.3 NW, MA
MA-NF-112023-01-26 130.000207MILLIS 2.0 SW, MA
MA-NF-542023-01-26 120.000121QUINCY 1.2 W, MA
MA-NF-672023-01-26 120.000364BELLINGHAM 3.6 SSW, MA
MA-NF-682023-01-26 130.00062QUINCY 1.5 SSE, MA
MA-NF-732023-01-26 120.000226FOXBOROUGH 3.1 E, MA
MA-PL-152023-01-26 100.000161ABINGTON 1.2 NNE, MA
MA-PL-232023-01-26 130.00098PEMBROKE 2.8 SW, MA
MA-PL-362023-01-26 120.00052HINGHAM 0.8 ESE, MA
MA-PL-52023-01-26 120.00079KINGSTON 3.3 WNW, MA
MA-PL-552023-01-26 110.000131CARVER 2.3 E, MA
MA-PL-602023-01-26 130.000121ABINGTON 1.7 ESE, MA
MA-PL-612023-01-26 140.00098MIDDLEBOROUGH 3.5 SSE, MA
MARM32023-01-26 120.000112MARBLEHEAD
MDLM32023-01-26 120.00069MIDDLEBORO
MILM32023-01-26 120.000289MILFORD
MSIN62023-01-26 210.000167MT SINAI
NH-HL-962023-01-26 120.000341MANCHESTER 0.6 S, NH
NRNM32023-01-26 120.000131NORTON WEST
NTHM32023-01-26 120.000325NORTHBRIDGE 2
NY-DT-122023-01-26 120.000633LAGRANGEVILLE 3.4 NE, NY
NY-KN-252023-01-26 120.00023BROOKLYN 3.1 NW, NY
NY-NS-342023-01-26 130.00026WANTAGH 0.3 ESE, NY
NY-NS-662023-01-26 130.000180MANHASSET HILLS 0.2 NNE, NY
NY-OR-22023-01-26 120.000167CORNWALL ON HUDSON 0.6 NNW, NY
NY-PT-22023-01-26 120.000892BEACON 4.2 ESE, NY
NY-RL-112023-01-26 140.000600NEW HEMPSTEAD 0.6 SE, NY
NY-RL-82023-01-26 120.000148STONY POINT 0.7 NW, NY
NY-SF-1032023-01-27 050.00075RIDGE 1.8 SE, NY
NY-SF-1142023-01-26 120.00033FISHERS ISLAND 0.5 NE, NY
NY-SF-1272023-01-26 150.000105RIDGE 1.5 SE, NY
NY-SF-162023-01-26 120.00039NORTHPORT 1.6 NNE, NY
NY-SF-22023-01-26 130.00030RIVERHEAD 1.3 SSE, NY
NY-WC-182023-01-26 120.000407ARMONK 0.3 SE, NY
NY-WC-222023-01-26 130.000528SOUTH SALEM 0.8 N, NY
NY-WC-62023-01-26 130.000538SOUTH SALEM 2.1 NW, NY
PA-LZ-152023-01-26 120.000564DURYEA 0.3 SE, PA
PA-LZ-242023-01-26 120.000561FORTY FORT 0.4 NNE, PA
PJRN62023-01-26 120.000581PORT JERVIS
RI-BR-182023-01-26 120.00062BARRINGTON 1.8 NW, RI
RI-BR-52023-01-26 120.00026BARRINGTON 1.3 WNW, RI
RI-KN-142023-01-26 120.000541GREENE 1.4 E, RI
RI-KN-22023-01-26 120.00039EAST GREENWICH 2.3 ESE, RI
RI-KN-382023-01-26 110.00075WARWICK 3.9 NNE, RI
RI-KN-452023-01-26 120.000108EAST GREENWICH 2.8 NE, RI
RI-KN-592023-01-26 130.000272COVENTRY 1.2 SW, RI
RI-NW-172023-01-26 120.000154TIVERTON 4.4 SSE, RI
RI-NW-182023-01-26 120.00072JAMESTOWN 0.3 SSE, RI
RI-NW-322023-01-26 130.00013PORTSMOUTH 5.2 SSE, RI
RI-NW-72023-01-26 120.00075LITTLE COMPTON 0.6 E, RI
RI-PR-1062023-01-26 130.000131VALLEY FALLS 1.1 W, RI
RI-PR-332023-01-26 120.000335GREENVILLE 0.7 NNW, RI
RI-PR-442023-01-26 130.00056CRANSTON 4.2 ENE, RI
RI-PR-502023-01-26 120.000486HARRISVILLE 1.2 SSE, RI
RI-PR-512023-01-26 110.000266NORTH SMITHFIELD 0.6 S, RI
RI-PR-552023-01-26 120.000315CUMBERLAND HILL 3.6 NNE, RI
RI-PR-822023-01-26 120.000171PROVIDENCE 1.6 NNW, RI
RI-PR-842023-01-26 130.000128PROVIDENCE 2.7 NNE, RI
RI-WS-1062023-01-26 120.000154WAKEFIELD-PEACEDALE 1.1 SW, RI
RI-WS-372023-01-26 120.000190KINGSTON 2.4 SW, RI
RI-WS-422023-01-26 120.000381RICHMOND 4.6 NNE, RI
RI-WS-472023-01-26 120.000138WESTERLY 0.8 WNW, RI
RI-WS-552023-01-26 130.000118WAKEFIELD 0.8 ENE, RI
RI-WS-582023-01-26 120.000233KINGSTON 0.3 SW, RI
RI-WS-652023-01-26 120.000161WAKEFIELD-PEACEDALE 0.9 W, RI
RI-WS-922023-01-26 120.00020WESTERLY 3.5 S, RI
RI-WS-972023-01-26 120.00079NORTH KINGSTON 0.4 W, RI
SBRM32023-01-26 120.000699SOUTHBRIDGE
SFVC32023-01-26 100.000758STAFFORDVILLE
TMSC32023-01-26 120.000466THOMASTON DAM
TNTM32023-01-26 120.000128NWS BOSTON/NORTON
VYHM32023-01-26 120.000-3VINEYARD HAVEN
WALM32023-01-26 120.000187WALPOLE 2
WHNP12023-01-26 130.0001526FRANCIS E WALTER DAM
WNSR12023-01-26 130.000141WOONSOCKET
WSTM32023-01-26 130.000423WESTFIELD 3 SW
WTCN62023-01-27 010.00043WORLD TRADE CENTER
WTPC32023-01-26 120.000371WEST THOMPSON LAKE
Data last summarized at February 03 2023 11:04:30 UTC.

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