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National Snow Depth Observations
from 2019-12-29 07:00 UTC to 2019-12-30 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
DWDI12019-12-29 1481.2801723DEADWOOD LODGE
CO-AU-482019-12-29 1569.8502385PAGOSA SPRINGS 5.2 NNW, CO
HERC22019-12-29 1458.4202770HERMIT,CO
CACA22019-12-29 2155.88026CANNERY CREEK
ND-CS-252019-12-29 1449.530276FARGO 2.1 N, ND
BWDS22019-12-30 0040.640601BOWDLE
RLWM52019-12-29 1840.640391CAMP NORRIS DNR
TNRM82019-12-29 2333.020905TURNER 11 N
ALXM52019-12-29 1330.480431ALEXANDRIA
ATKN12019-12-29 1430.480647ATKINSON,NE
DSMS22019-12-30 0230.480522HURON-33MI.E
PLTS22019-12-30 0027.940494PLATTE,SD
BAGM42019-12-29 1320.320201BARAGA 7NW
RYEC22019-12-30 0320.3202176RYE 1 SW
SD-HY-82019-12-29 1320.320534HOLABIRD 8.5 N, SD
CCRC22019-12-29 1517.7802447COCHETOPA CRK COOP
UBW2019-12-30 0317.78022KUPARUK,AK
CUTU12019-12-29 1515.2401345CUTLER DAM UP&L
HOSS22019-12-29 2315.2401081HOT SPRINGS
RICU12019-12-30 0115.2401435RICHMOND
PRSI12019-12-30 0312.7001438PRESTON
SHEN82019-12-29 1412.700518SHERWOOD,ND
ALBM42019-12-29 1410.160394ALBERTA FORD FOR CEN
SANI12019-12-29 1710.1601515SAINT ANTHONY
ADRM82019-12-29 147.6201743ALDER 19S
CO-DG-1332019-12-29 147.6201873LONE TREE 2.0 SW, CO
PTRN82019-12-30 017.620755PRETTY ROCK
WESW42019-12-30 027.6201139WESTON 1E
CO-PH-452019-12-29 145.0801144HOLYOKE 0.3 WSW, CO
FCHM32019-12-29 135.080206FITCHBURG COOP
MT-MS-122019-12-29 145.0801077MISSOULA 4.9 N, MT
NM-GR-522019-12-29 155.0801891SILVER CITY 3.7 WSW, NM
PLSC22019-12-29 145.0801454PALISADE COOP
YMSC12019-12-29 155.0801051YUCCA MESA
FMMC22019-12-29 142.5401300FLEMING
DSNU12019-12-30 010.0031690DUCHESNE
PTYM42019-12-29 130.003225PETOSKEY NCMC
RSRM52019-12-29 130.003386ROCHESTER AP 2NE
ALPC12019-12-30 000.000524ALPINE
BCNI42019-12-29 130.000359BEACONSFIELD,IA
BERO12019-12-29 120.000292BERLIN LAKE DAM
BNVI32019-12-30 000.000138BOONVILLE,IN
BTVM22019-12-29 130.00046BELTSVILLE COOP
CAN-ON-272019-12-29 130.000110OSHAWA 1.4 WSW, CAN
CFDI12019-12-29 140.0001169CASTLEFORD 2 N
CIMK12019-12-29 140.000834CIMARRON
CRNG12019-12-29 130.000210CARNESVILLE
DLCW42019-12-30 000.0001344DULL CENTER-1MI.SE
DVPW12019-12-29 160.000721DAVENPORT
FLTM42019-12-29 130.000220FLINT,MI
FVLN62019-12-29 130.000315FREEVILLE,NY
GDHM72019-12-29 130.000369AVA 12SW
GLFI12019-12-29 150.000781GLENNS FERRY
GNTU12019-12-29 140.0001382GRANTSVILLE 2W
HDNM82019-12-30 000.000886HARDIN
HITU12019-12-29 140.0001194HITE RANGER STN
HOLU12019-12-30 000.0001533COTTONWOOD WEIR
ID-ID-62019-12-29 150.000501LUCILE 1.2 NNE, ID
IL-CP-822019-12-29 160.000224SAVOY 0.9 N, IL
IN-LK-462019-12-29 120.000220ST. JOHN 0.2 WSW, IN
JDHM82019-12-29 140.0001524JUDITH GAP 13 E
LGPA42019-12-29 150.000176LONG POOL
LNMC22019-12-29 150.0001188LAS ANIMAS,CO
NESK12019-12-29 130.000698NESS CITY
NJ-ES-242019-12-30 050.000113CEDAR GROVE TWP 0.4 W, NJ
NY-MR-152019-12-30 050.000156BROCKPORT 0.6 WNW, NY
NY-SF-1142019-12-29 120.00010FISHERS ISLAND 0.5 NE, NY
OCNW32019-12-29 130.000203OCONTO 4 W
OR-CK-12019-12-29 150.0001196PAULINA 6.0 ESE, OR
OR-PK-312019-12-29 140.000110MONMOUTH 6.3 S, OR
PKET12019-12-30 000.000264PIKEVILLE
PNBW42019-12-29 130.0001559PINE BLUFFS 1ESE
PVSM62019-12-29 130.000114PURVIS COOP
RYPN22019-12-30 000.0001276RYE PATCH DAM
SUNO32019-12-29 160.0001300SUNRIVER
TPZN22019-12-29 140.0003325TOPAZ LAKE
TX-RD-292019-12-29 140.0001131AMARILLO 7.2 SW, TX
WHTI32019-12-29 220.000289WHITESTOWN
WLKV22019-12-29 230.00012WALKKERTON,VA
WTNN22019-12-29 160.0001475NV CLIMATE OFFICE COOP OBSV
YACO32019-12-29 160.0000YACHATS
Data last summarized at January 02 2020 05:03:10 UTC.

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