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Midwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-11-23 07:00 UTC to 2022-11-24 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
IL-BN-142022-11-23 130.003281CAPRON 0.1 N, IL
IL-LE-232022-11-23 130.003271SUBLETTE 3.1 WNW, IL
AL-JC-122022-11-23 130.000465WOODVILLE 8.0 NNE, AL
ALGI42022-11-23 130.000372ALGONA,IA
AR-FK-422022-11-23 130.00092CONWAY 1.9 SSW, AR
AR-GN-62022-11-23 130.000108LAFE 1.8 W, AR
CHRI42022-11-23 140.000295CHARITON,IA
CHRP12022-11-23 110.000230CHARLEROI
CINI42022-11-23 130.000374CARROLL,IA
DKAI22022-11-23 130.000271DEKALB
DVNI42022-11-23 180.000230DAVENPORT WFO
FOAI22022-11-23 140.000151FLORA
GLEK22022-11-23 120.000147GLENCOE 6 NW
HROK22022-11-23 130.000610HARLAN 3N
IA-BH-32022-11-23 130.000288CEDAR FALLS 0.4 WNW, IA
IA-BH-62022-11-23 140.000277WATERLOO 1.9 SSE, IA
IA-CN-212022-11-23 130.000188CLINTON 2.7 W, IA
IA-CN-222022-11-23 130.000219CLINTON 1.7 NNW, IA
IA-MR-62022-11-23 130.000284LOVILIA 0.6 SSE, IA
IA-PK-882022-11-23 130.000290DES MOINES 5.4 WNW, IA
IA-VB-32022-11-23 140.000202FARMINGTON 3.5 W, IA
IA-VB-72022-11-23 140.000171FARMINGTON 0.3 NW, IA
IA-VB-82022-11-23 140.000211FARMINGTON 2.4 W, IA
IA-VB-92022-11-23 140.000175FARMINGTON 0.4 NNW, IA
IL-CL-22022-11-23 120.000186MARSHALL 4.6 W, IL
IL-GY-372022-11-23 130.000175MAZON 2.4 SE, IL
IL-HN-12022-11-23 130.000192DALLAS CITY 3.0 SSE, IL
IL-IR-162022-11-23 110.000205CISSNA PARK 0.6 S, IL
IL-JH-12022-11-23 130.000191NEW BURNSIDE 1.8 ENE, IL
IL-LE-222022-11-23 120.000232AMBOY 0.5 SSW, IL
IL-LE-82022-11-23 130.000248ASHTON 0.4 SSW, IL
IL-MCL-22022-11-23 140.000270ARROWSMITH 1.7 NNE, IL
IL-PR-202022-11-23 130.000201ELMWOOD 0.4 W, IL
IL-SC-262022-11-23 120.000131MASCOUTAH 1.5 SSE, IL
IL-VR-252022-11-23 110.000227HOOPESTON 0.6 E, IL
IL-WB-32022-11-23 140.000149MOUNT CARMEL 4.2 NW, IL
IN-CL-142022-11-23 120.000262FRANKFORT 4.9 NNE, IN
IN-MD-382022-11-23 120.000261PENDLETON 5.9 WSW, IN
IN-PS-62022-11-23 130.000149MOUNT VERNON 10.6 ENE, IN
IN-TP-822022-11-23 120.000205WEST LAFAYETTE 3.3 WNW, IN
IN-TP-892022-11-23 110.000179LAFAYETTE 1.0 WNW, IN
IN-WS-272022-11-23 120.000182CAMPBELLSBURG 8.4 NNE, IN
KEWI22022-11-23 130.000239KEWANEE 1 E
KS-DG-102022-11-23 140.000305LAWRENCE 2.2 W, KS
KS-JO-532022-11-23 130.000301OVERLAND PARK 3.3 S, KS
KS-JO-62022-11-23 130.000315OLATHE 3.3 ENE, KS
KS-MP-642022-11-23 130.000461MCPHERSON 1.1 NW, KS
KS-OS-132022-11-23 130.000330SCRANTON 6.7 SE, KS
KS-OS-192022-11-23 130.000349BURLINGAME 3.5 NNE, KS
KS-RL-12022-11-23 130.000326MANHATTAN 0.5 NE, KS
KS-SG-1572022-11-23 140.000416VIOLA 3.0 WNW, KS
KY-BT-12022-11-23 120.000148FOX CHASE 1.4 W, KY
KY-CB-102022-11-23 120.000258WILDER 0.2 ESE, KY
KY-FR-12022-11-23 120.000221FRANKFORT 3.3 NE, KY
KY-GL-22022-11-23 120.000147GLENCOE 6.2 NW, KY
KY-HL-62022-11-23 120.000382BAXTER 5.3 NE, KY
KY-MF-12022-11-23 120.000274MEANS 2.3 ENE, KY
MO-BC-152022-11-23 130.000314ST. JOSEPH 1.3 NNW, MO
MO-BN-502022-11-24 060.000231COLUMBIA 0.6 W, MO
MO-CE-172022-11-23 120.000255EUGENE 4.8 NE, MO
MO-CP-72022-11-23 110.000233BOONVILLE 0.5 ESE, MO
MO-DT-12022-11-23 130.000381SALEM 5.9 ESE, MO
MO-FSA-0652022-11-23 130.000346SALEM 1.8 NW, MO
MO-JC-432022-11-23 130.000286BLUE SPRINGS 2.2 S, MO
MO-JH-112022-11-23 150.000263WARRENSBURG 10.7 N, MO
MO-MG-52022-11-23 140.000331STOVER 2.3 NW, MO
MO-ND-62022-11-23 130.000362HOPKINS 3.9 WSW, MO
MO-NW-42022-11-23 130.000318SHOAL CREEK ESTATES 0.2 SE, MO
MO-PL-332022-11-23 130.000337HALF WAY 0.8 WNW, MO
MO-SL-202022-11-23 130.000187LADUE 1.6 N, MO
MO-SL-772022-11-23 130.000200KIRKWOOD 1.0 NNW, MO
MO-WS-22022-11-23 140.000303POTOSI 3.2 W, MO
MOSI22022-11-23 140.000160MORRIS,IL
NATP12022-11-23 120.000227NATRONA DAM
NE-CA-102022-11-23 130.000402EAGLE 1.0 NW, NE
NE-SW-72022-11-23 130.000460SEWARD 0.5 NE, NE
OH-AL-102022-11-23 120.000268LIMA 3.0 SSE, OH
OH-AL-52022-11-23 120.000263LIMA 2.7 NE, OH
OH-AL-82022-11-23 120.000237DELPHOS 2.3 ESE, OH
OH-CM-72022-11-24 050.000268AMELIA 0.3 SSW, OH
OH-CN-242022-11-23 120.000303MIDLAND 2.9 S, OH
OH-DL-102022-11-23 120.000331SUNBURY 5.7 ESE, OH
OH-DL-322022-11-23 120.000280POWELL 0.9 NNW, OH
OH-DR-12022-11-23 120.000301BRADFORD 2.3 NW, OH
OH-FR-1112022-11-23 120.000236GROVE CITY 1.9 SSE, OH
OH-GR-262022-11-23 120.000277XENIA 2.8 SW, OH
OH-GY-102022-11-23 110.000313CAMBRIDGE 3.2 NE, OH
OH-HM-562022-11-23 120.000268CINCINNATI 7.4 NNW, OH
OH-LC-12022-11-23 120.000329ALEXANDRIA 2.1 NNW, OH
OH-MM-142022-11-23 120.000258TIPP CITY 0.6 SE, OH
OH-PB-12022-11-23 120.000322EATON 1.0 N, OH
OH-SC-42022-11-23 140.000202ROSEMOUNT 0.3 W, OH
OH-VN-32022-11-23 120.000271ALBANY 4.5 WNW, OH
OK-CD-262022-11-23 130.000426APACHE 4.5 NNW, OK
OK-TL-282022-11-23 120.000221BROKEN ARROW 2.2 SW, OK
OLYI22022-11-23 120.000139OLNEY
OSKI42022-11-23 130.000249OSKALOOSA,IA
PA-AL-1472022-11-23 100.000261OAKMONT 0.1 WNW, PA
PA-AL-32022-11-23 120.000286SOUTH FAYETTE 2 SE, PA
PA-AL-922022-11-23 120.000232ASPINWALL 0.0 NW, PA
PA-WS-292022-11-23 130.000341FINLEYVILLE 0.9 NNW, PA
PLHM72022-11-23 180.000309PLEASANT HILL WFO
PRLI32022-11-23 110.000166PATOKA RIVER LAKE
SD-YN-232022-11-23 130.000386YANKTON 0.3 ENE, SD
STAW22022-11-23 130.000203SAINT ALBANS
STJW22022-11-23 120.000321STONEWALL JACKSON DAM
TN-BL-212022-11-23 130.000576PIKEVILLE 8.2 WSW, TN
TN-DV-672022-11-23 130.000177HERMITAGE 4.2 SE, TN
TN-MD-42022-11-23 130.000145JACKSON 4.7 NW, TN
WI-CR-62022-11-23 130.000196PRAIRIE DU CHIEN 1.4 N, WI
WI-GT-92022-11-23 130.000285CASSVILLE 7.8 ENE, WI
WV-CB-172022-11-23 130.000203HUNTINGTON 1.7 ESE, WV
WV-KN-12022-11-23 120.000220ALUM CREEK 3.0 E, WV
WV-MG-162022-11-23 120.000389MORGANTOWN 5.9 SW, WV
WV-WD-182022-11-23 120.000308WALKER 2.1 SW, WV
WV-WT-12022-11-23 130.000419NEW MARTINSVILLE 6.5 E, WV
Data last summarized at November 26 2022 11:01:34 UTC.

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