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Midwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2021-02-15 07:00 UTC to 2021-02-16 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
PGHI42021-02-15 2210.160461PRIMGHAR,IA
SPTI42021-02-15 139.144367STRAWBERRY POINT
BROW32021-02-15 138.890240BRODHEAD,WI
IA-BC-92021-02-15 158.103340WINTHROP 5.6 NNE, IA
IL-BN-192021-02-15 138.077254BELVIDERE 5.0 NNW, IL
IL-DK-282021-02-15 138.077270DE KALB 0.7 SW, IL
IA-BT-122021-02-15 138.026265FAIRFAX 4.0 NW, IA
IL-GY-162021-02-15 137.899166MORRIS 6.4 ESE, IL
WI-RK-122021-02-15 137.899263JANESVILLE 3.1 W, WI
IA-LN-532021-02-15 137.620267ROBINS 0.8 SE, IA
WPTN12021-02-15 147.620396WEST POINT,NE
AFTW32021-02-15 137.366232ROCK RIVER
AMOI42021-02-15 137.366264ANAMOSA 3 SSW
IA-HY-12021-02-15 137.315223NEW LONDON 1.5 SW, IA
LANW32021-02-15 146.858307LANCASTER 4WSW
TLDI42021-02-15 136.858271TOLEDO,IA
IA-JH-12021-02-15 136.756249SOLON 0.3 ESE, IA
DVNI42021-02-15 186.604230DAVENPORT WFO
IA-WR-52021-02-15 146.477256HARTFORD 1.0 E, IA
PDCW32021-02-15 136.350199PRAIRIE DU CHIEN
OK-AD-22021-02-15 136.096262BUNCH 0.8 N, OK
IL-HY-82021-02-15 135.969193GENESEO 2.0 NW, IL
DAKI42021-02-15 145.588320RIVER
IL-BN-142021-02-15 135.385281CAPRON 0.1 N, IL
DMX2021-02-15 185.334287DES MOINES, IA
DSXI42021-02-15 185.334287DES MOINES SNOW
FCLN12021-02-15 135.334392FT CALHOUN 4W
IA-DV-12021-02-15 135.207210BLOOMFIELD 9.4 NNE, IA
ALXI42021-02-15 185.080263WATERLOO SNOW
IA-BH-62021-02-15 145.080277WATERLOO 1.9 SSE, IA
MPTI42021-02-15 135.080353NO.2
OAXN12021-02-15 184.826352VALLEY 1WNW
PAWI22021-02-15 134.826282PAW PAW,IL
IL-GY-42021-02-15 144.724174COAL CITY 0.4 N, IL
IA-SH-62021-02-15 134.648395KIRKMAN 1.0 SE, IA
IL-KD-242021-02-15 134.648208OSWEGO 5.0 SSE, IL
IN-WL-132021-02-15 134.572261CRAIGVILLE 2.7 NW, IN
UNDI42021-02-15 134.572330UNDERWOOD
IL-KK-392021-02-15 154.420204HERSCHER 3.3 E, IL
GEOI22021-02-15 134.318256GENOA,IL
IL-LS-342021-02-15 134.166186LA SALLE 0.1 W, IL
NE-SW-72021-02-15 134.089460SEWARD 0.5 NE, NE
CHRI42021-02-15 144.064295CHARITON,IA
GRAN12021-02-15 144.064375GRETNA,NE
KOMA2021-02-15 184.064303OMAHA EPPLEY AIRFIELD
IA-LS-52021-02-15 134.039174WAPELLO 5.4 SE, IA
IL-LS-662021-02-15 143.937207MARSEILLES 3.0 WSW, IL
CTEN12021-02-15 133.810438DOANE COLLEGE
KS-OS-132021-02-15 133.810330SCRANTON 6.7 SE, KS
SPNN12021-02-15 143.810341MAHA SCOUT CAMP
KY-CB-102021-02-16 053.734258WILDER 0.2 ESE, KY
OH-LC-262021-02-15 133.581322KIRKERSVILLE 3.3 N, OH
IA-PK-372021-02-15 133.556273WINDSOR HEIGHTS 0.8 SE, IA
NCYN12021-02-15 133.556324NEBRASKA CITY 2NW
MO-DV-22021-02-15 133.429296JAMESPORT 1.3 ESE, MO
PA-AL-12021-02-15 123.429322BRIDGEVILLE 1.4 SW, PA
NE-SY-162021-02-15 133.404357PAPILLION 1.9 SSW, NE
OH-DL-322021-02-15 123.327280POWELL 0.9 NNW, OH
CHRI32021-02-15 103.302220CHALMERS 5W
MO-ND-62021-02-15 133.124362HOPKINS 3.9 WSW, MO
IN-CR-92021-02-15 123.099233BURLINGTON 0.1 NNE, IN
OH-FF-262021-02-15 133.073301PICKERINGTON 3.5 ENE, OH
KEWI22021-02-15 133.048239KEWANEE 1 E
OH-FR-592021-02-15 123.048284NEW ROME 2.2 NW, OH
PA-WS-82021-02-15 133.023367VENETIA 0.7 WNW, PA
AUBN12021-02-15 122.794309AUBURN,NE
OAKI42021-02-15 132.794352OAKLAND,IA
PEAI22021-02-15 182.794246PEORIA #2 SNOW PAID
QCAI22021-02-15 182.794218MOLINE SNOW
PA-AL-692021-02-15 112.743374GIBSONIA 1.2 NE, PA
OH-MG-32021-02-15 122.667289GLOUSTER 5.7 NE, OH
WV-MG-162021-02-15 122.642389MORGANTOWN 5.9 SW, WV
OH-SH-202021-02-15 122.565283SIDNEY 5.4 SW, OH
PA-AL-32021-02-15 122.540286SOUTH FAYETTE 2 SE, PA
PIRN12021-02-15 122.540487SITE 1
PMRP12021-02-15 112.540239POINT MARION DAM
OH-CW-32021-02-15 152.489307BUCYRUS 1.0 NW, OH
IL-GY-282021-02-15 132.438171MORRIS 1.5 SW, IL
OH-AL-52021-02-15 122.286263LIMA 2.7 NE, OH
PBZP12021-02-15 122.286355MOON TOWNSHIP
OH-MM-112021-02-15 132.235270TROY 3.7 S, OH
OH-HM-562021-02-15 122.210268CINCINNATI 7.4 NNW, OH
OH-LC-12021-02-15 122.159329ALEXANDRIA 2.1 NNW, OH
IA-AP-82021-02-15 132.108288CENTERVILLE 5.6 NE, IA
IL-VR-142021-02-15 122.057200DANVILLE 0.6 NW, IL
OH-MM-142021-02-15 122.057258TIPP CITY 0.6 SE, OH
IN-DR-32021-02-15 132.032225AURORA 3.9 W, IN
SDHI42021-02-15 142.032292SHENANDOAH,IA
OH-HM-242021-02-15 122.007258CHEVIOT 3.4 W, OH
IL-WH-42021-02-15 131.981139CROSSVILLE 3.0 E, IL
IN-BW-112021-02-15 121.930201TAYLORSVILLE 0.8 SSW, IN
IA-TY-22021-02-15 131.905353NEW MARKET 4.7 N, IA
IN-MD-252021-02-15 121.880274ANDERSON 2.0 S, IN
IL-CP-12021-02-15 131.854201HOMER 2.0 N, IL
MO-GY-32021-02-15 131.854269TRENTON 7.8 E, MO
OH-FR-832021-02-15 121.854272WESTERVILLE 0.7 N, OH
AR-FK-172021-02-15 151.803136GREENBRIER 2.4 NNW, AR
OH-CM-182021-02-15 121.803281WITHAMSVILLE 1.4 NW, OH
OH-CM-22021-02-15 141.803266GOSHEN 1.2 SW, OH
IN-JH-322021-02-15 121.778216GREENWOOD 3.8 W, IN
SLMN12021-02-15 131.778318SALEM 5SW
AR-SL-232021-02-15 141.753136BENTON 10.9 WSW, AR
AR-PS-532021-02-15 171.702107LITTLE ROCK 6.4 SW, AR
OH-PB-12021-02-15 121.702322EATON 1.0 N, OH
IL-DK-242021-02-15 111.676209SOMONAUK 1.9 NE, IL
OH-HD-142021-02-15 131.676297ADA 5.4 NE, OH
IL-PR-82021-02-15 131.651215PEORIA 3.4 WNW, IL
OH-FR-82021-02-15 121.651314NEW ALBANY 2.8 SSE, OH
KY-CB-42021-02-15 121.600179CALIFORNIA 5.2 NW, KY
OK-CV-532021-02-15 131.600370MOORE 1.3 ENE, OK
PA-WT-512021-02-15 121.549258NEW KENSINGTON 0.5 W, PA
AR-CW-72021-02-15 131.524293MORRILTON 9.4 WSW, AR
RICH0042021-02-15 131.524335VERDON 3.9 N, NE
SBTN12021-02-15 131.524329SHUBERT 2SW
IN-MD-382021-02-15 121.499261PENDLETON 5.9 WSW, IN
IN-CL-142021-02-15 121.448262FRANKFORT 4.9 NNE, IN
IN-LW-82021-02-15 141.448216BEDFORD 8.6 NNW, IN
OK-OK-1072021-02-15 131.448369OKLAHOMA CITY 3.2 NNW, OK
IN-MD-402021-02-15 121.422271ANDERSON 4.0 N, IN
OK-CV-122021-02-15 131.397355NORMAN 3.1 WNW, OK
OK-ST-142021-02-15 131.397371DUNCAN 1.6 NNE, OK
KS-CR-102021-02-15 131.346302FARLINGTON 0.8 NNE, KS
OH-GR-262021-02-15 121.321277XENIA 2.8 SW, OH
IN-BR-52021-02-15 111.295244(W9DBA)MORGANTOWN 6.7 SSE, IN
AR-SL-372021-02-15 151.270152ALEXANDER 4.5 NW, AR
AR-YL-122021-02-15 131.270128DANVILLE 2.5 SW, AR
CHOI22021-02-15 131.270223CHENOA 2
ILX2021-02-16 061.270178CENTRAL ILLINOIS, IL
KS-JO-792021-02-15 131.270306STANLEY 0.8 WSW, KS
MO-BS-42021-02-15 131.270285APPLETON CITY 1.9 NW, MO
OGDI22021-02-15 121.270206OGDEN
OH-WR-402021-02-15 121.270239LOVELAND 3.6 ENE, OH
WV-WD-182021-02-15 121.270308WALKER 2.1 SW, WV
OK-PT-122021-02-15 131.219339SHAWNEE 2.8 NNW, OK
AR-PL-12021-02-15 131.194358MENA 3.2 WNW, AR
OK-GD-72021-02-15 181.194407ENID 3.6 WNW, OK
AR-FK-392021-02-15 131.14396CONWAY 5.3 ESE, AR
PA-BT-152021-02-15 111.143333FOX RUN 1.6 NNE, PA
IL-MCL-602021-02-15 131.118258BLOOMINGTON 1.6 WSW, IL
IN-BN-532021-02-15 121.118276ZIONSVILLE 4.3 NNW, IN
MO-DG-12021-02-16 001.118356MOUNTAIN GROVE 14.0 S, MO
MO-MD-102021-02-15 131.118406ROCKY COMFORT 0.8 S, MO
OK-PN-62021-02-15 131.118316ADA 0.3 NNW, OK
MO-NW-42021-02-15 131.092318SHOAL CREEK ESTATES 0.2 SE, MO
OK-CC-102021-02-15 131.092393CYRIL 5.6 SE, OK
AR-PS-732021-02-15 131.06795NORTH LITTLE ROCK 2.0 ENE, AR
IN-BN-102021-02-15 121.041286LEBANON 4.5 NNE, IN
IN-MG-212021-02-15 121.041196MARTINSVILLE 2.3 SE, IN
AR-LW-22021-02-15 151.016129SMITHVILLE 4.4 SSE, AR
BRPI22021-02-15 141.016137LAWRENCEVILLE
CLDI42021-02-15 121.016312CLARINDA,IA
OK-LG-142021-02-15 131.016350EDMOND 6.2 NNW, OK
IL-LW-32021-02-15 130.991137LAWRENCEVILLE 1.4 W, IL
KS-WS-142021-02-15 130.991406PALMER 6.9 SE, KS
OK-CV-792021-02-15 130.991361NORMAN 3.4 SE, OK
KS-LY-52021-02-15 130.965335EMPORIA 5.6 ESE, KS
OH-AT-52021-02-15 130.965247AMESVILLE 2.6 SE, OH
AR-FR-52021-02-15 140.940170RIVERDALE 4.2 E, AR
IL-MCL-462021-02-15 130.940243NORMAL 1.1 SSE, IL
IL-SC-262021-02-15 120.940131MASCOUTAH 1.5 SSE, IL
MO-BN-422021-02-15 130.914228COLUMBIA 2.3 SE, MO
WV-WT-12021-02-15 130.914419NEW MARTINSVILLE 6.5 E, WV
IN-MN-232021-02-15 120.889238(KC9RPX)ELLETTSVILLE 0.5 W, IN
MO-BN-502021-02-16 060.889231COLUMBIA 0.6 W, MO
OK-DL-22021-02-15 130.889308JAY 3.3 NNE, OK
OK-RG-142021-02-15 150.889206OWASSO 4.6 ENE, OK
KS-CL-282021-02-15 130.864346ARKANSAS CITY 0.7 NW, KS
IL-CH-22021-02-15 130.838136HARDIN 3.9 S, IL
IL-MG-142021-02-15 130.838190JACKSONVILLE 2.6 SE, IL
IL-MG-92021-02-15 130.838193JACKSONVILLE 1.2 SW, IL
OH-GR-282021-02-15 140.838283BEAVERCREEK 2.3 SSE, OH
IN-BW-202021-02-15 120.813194COLUMBUS 3.8 SW, IN
OK-TL-282021-02-15 130.813221BROKEN ARROW 2.2 SW, OK
TN-DC-282021-02-15 140.813171DICKSON 12.7 NW, TN
MO-RN-42021-02-15 130.787261MOBERLY 0.8 WSW, MO
NE-CA-42021-02-15 140.787412ELMWOOD 3.4 WSW, NE
OK-PG-72021-02-15 140.787205KREBS 0.3 WNW, OK
OK-PN-92021-02-15 150.787292ADA 0.6 ESE, OK
OK-TL-532021-02-15 130.787233TULSA 1.4 S, OK
AR-IZ-32021-02-15 130.762203CALICO ROCK 0.8 NNE, AR
CHRP12021-02-15 110.762230CHARLEROI
IL-SG-452021-02-15 130.762178CHATHAM 1.5 E, IL
IN-MR-632021-02-15 130.762216INDIANAPOLIS 6.5 SW, IN
KY-JF-692021-02-15 120.762171LOUISVILLE 8.3 ESE, KY
MO-BY-252021-02-15 140.762384CASSVILLE 4.8 SSE, MO
MO-LD-232021-02-15 130.762391LEBANON 0.6 N, MO
OK-JC-102021-02-15 120.762441ALTUS 4.8 NNW, OK
IL-EF-102021-02-15 130.711170WATSON 0.3 NE, IL
MO-SL-772021-02-15 130.711200KIRKWOOD 1.0 NNW, MO
AR-BT-502021-02-15 130.686398ROGERS 2.4 SSW, AR
AR-SR-82021-02-15 130.686390ST. JOE 2.7 WNW, AR
IL-JS-52021-02-15 130.686169YALE 0.1 SSW, IL
MO-CE-92021-02-15 130.686189JEFFERSON CITY 2.6 NW, MO
MO-CP-72021-02-15 110.686233BOONVILLE 0.5 ESE, MO
MO-GR-742021-02-15 130.686389SPRINGFIELD 4.0 SW, MO
AR-CF-52021-02-15 130.660174VAN BUREN 2.1 NNW, AR
AR-PS-262021-02-15 130.660109SHERWOOD 4.6 NNW, AR
KS-FR-222021-02-15 130.660284OTTAWA 1.1 SSE, KS
KY-BN-182021-02-15 080.660273FLORENCE 3.2 SSE, KY
KY-WR-152021-02-15 130.660197SMITHS GROVE 0.3 SE, KY
MO-GR-482021-02-15 130.660384BATTLEFIELD 3.3 E, MO
MO-PL-332021-02-15 130.660337HALF WAY 0.8 WNW, MO
IL-SG-572021-02-15 140.635176SPRINGFIELD 3.2 NW, IL
IL-VR-42021-02-15 130.635208HENNING 3.4 SSE, IL
IN-BW-242021-02-15 130.635210HOPE 5.2 NW, IN
TN-CS-32021-02-15 130.635144HENDERSON 1.1 NNW, TN
IN-DB-62021-02-15 120.610176JASPER 5.7 ESE, IN
KS-BB-172021-02-15 130.610270DEVON 0.1 SE, KS
MO-GR-1052021-02-15 140.610388REPUBLIC 0.8 SE, MO
TN-WN-142021-02-15 190.610165GREEN HILL 1.7 S, TN
AR-PP-112021-02-15 150.584252POTTSVILLE 3.5 ENE, AR
IL-MP-102021-02-15 140.584205MOUNT OLIVE 0.4 S, IL
KS-CL-82021-02-15 130.559362WINFIELD 7.9 W, KS
KS-DG-102021-02-15 140.559305LAWRENCE 2.2 W, KS
KY-FR-12021-02-15 120.559221FRANKFORT 3.3 NE, KY
MO-BT-12021-02-15 130.559313COLE CAMP 3.5 WNW, MO
TN-WY-252021-02-15 130.559182WAYNESBORO 4.7 WSW, TN
IL-DG-42021-02-15 130.533199TUSCOLA 0.5 WSW, IL
KS-CL-192021-02-15 130.533349ARKANSAS CITY 3.9 SSW, KS
KS-DG-152021-02-15 130.533316LAWRENCE 1.3 NW, KS
KS-SG-1162021-02-15 130.533449GODDARD 0.7 N, KS
OK-CV-1342021-02-16 010.533353NORMAN 3.7 SE, OK
OK-SQ-32021-02-15 140.533165SALLISAW 1.0 SE, OK
IN-HN-32021-02-15 130.508247NEW PALESTINE 1.4 S, IN
IN-MR-1772021-02-15 130.508231INDIANAPOLIS 5.8 NNE, IN
MO-GR-582021-02-15 130.508415FAIR GROVE 4.7 SSW, MO
OK-WD-32021-02-15 130.508478FREEDOM 0.8 N, OK
PLHM72021-02-15 180.508309PLEASANT HILL WFO
SFDI22021-02-15 180.508184SPRINGFIELD #2
STL2021-02-15 180.508159LAMBERT-ST LOUIS INTL ARPT
TN-DK-12021-02-15 130.508332SMITHVILLE 4.9 WSW, TN
TN-MD-332021-02-15 150.508143JACKSON 6.1 SSE, TN
TUSI22021-02-15 130.508199TUSCOLA
IL-JH-12021-02-15 130.483191NEW BURNSIDE 1.8 ENE, IL
KS-JO-532021-02-15 130.483301OVERLAND PARK 3.3 S, KS
MO-CW-122021-02-15 130.483256HOLTS SUMMIT 2.5 NNE, MO
MO-GR-272021-02-15 130.483406SPRINGFIELD 0.7 ENE, MO
MO-GR-522021-02-15 130.483380SPRINGFIELD 4.9 SE, MO
MO-SLC-72021-02-15 120.483152ST. LOUIS 5.7 SW, MO
MO-TY-272021-02-15 140.483255FORSYTH 0.9 S, MO
IL-SC-322021-02-15 130.457174FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS 2.2 ENE, IL
KS-DG-612021-02-15 120.457319BALDWIN CITY 0.6 W, KS
KS-JF-32021-02-15 130.457282GRANTVILLE 1.6 NE, KS
MO-BY-52021-02-15 130.457438PURDY 4.8 SSW, MO
MO-CE-172021-02-15 140.457255EUGENE 4.8 NE, MO
TN-HM-22021-02-15 130.457160CENTERVILLE 9.5 N, TN
TN-MD-312021-02-15 130.457160JACKSON 9.3 NE, TN
AR-SH-172021-02-15 140.432135HARDY 10.7 S, AR
KS-AN-32021-02-15 130.432324GARNETT 0.4 NNE, KS
KS-DG-592021-02-15 130.432255LAWRENCE 2.6 SW, KS
KY-MO-12021-02-15 100.432281TOMPKINSVILLE 12.1 WNW, KY
KY-NL-42021-02-15 130.432190NEW HAVEN 6.4 NE, KY
MO-DL-212021-02-15 130.432346BUFFALO 1.3 WSW, MO
TN-DC-152021-02-15 120.432244VANLEER 2.8 SE, TN
IN-WS-272021-02-15 120.406182CAMPBELLSBURG 8.4 NNE, IN
KS-HV-52021-02-15 160.406448NEWTON 1.0 ESE, KS
KS-JO-612021-02-15 130.406320OVERLAND PARK 4.0 S, KS
KS-MP-302021-02-15 130.406459MOUNDRIDGE 1.0 N, KS
KS-JO-712021-02-15 140.381314OLATHE 3.5 NW, KS
KS-SG-1152021-02-15 130.381396CLEARWATER 0.2 SSW, KS
KY-WR-342021-02-15 130.381159BOWLING GREEN 0.7 WSW, KY
MO-CG-132021-02-15 140.381143CAPE GIRARDEAU 2.2 N, MO
MO-PT-82021-02-15 130.381302PARKVILLE 6.2 WNW, MO
MO-RP-72021-02-15 130.381132DONIPHAN 14.5 NW, MO
TN-MD-292021-02-15 140.381119JACKSON 4.2 S, TN
TN-SM-132021-02-15 130.381205ELMWOOD 4.5 NNE, TN
AR-LK-12021-02-15 130.35694AUSTIN 2.5 SSE, AR
IN-DB-12021-02-15 120.356155HUNTINGBURG 0.4 SSW, IN
IN-DB-112021-02-15 120.356170CELESTINE 0.3 WSW, IN
OK-CD-172021-02-15 130.356404FORT COBB 0.4 NNW, OK
TN-DV-1632021-02-15 130.356206NASHVILLE 5.2 S, TN
TN-SM-52021-02-15 130.356162GORDONSVILLE 1.4 ENE, TN
IL-MD-372021-02-15 150.330157HIGHLAND 1.0 E, IL
KS-SG-692021-02-15 130.330409WICHITA 7.4 NNW, KS
MO-DT-12021-02-15 130.330381SALEM 5.9 ESE, MO
MO-FSA-0652021-02-15 130.330346SALEM 1.8 NW, MO
IL-KX-92021-02-15 130.305234KNOXVILLE 0.7 NW, IL
IN-OR-322021-02-15 130.305217ORLEANS 9.2 SE, IN
IN-PS-62021-02-15 130.305149MOUNT VERNON 10.6 ENE, IN
KS-JA-12021-02-15 130.305367MAYETTA 5.5 WSW, KS
KS-LY-82021-02-15 140.305387AMERICUS 5.8 NNE, KS
KS-MP-642021-02-15 130.305461MCPHERSON 1.1 NW, KS
KY-JC-62021-02-15 130.305315MCKEE 8.3 W, KY
MO-PH-442021-02-15 130.305246ROLLA 4.4 WSW, MO
IN-GN-112021-02-15 130.279166BLOOMFIELD 5.3 ESE, IN
KY-SC-222021-02-15 120.279285SADIEVILLE 3.8 NW, KY
MO-RP-62021-02-15 130.279156FAIRDEALING 6.0 W, MO
TN-DV-1112021-02-15 130.279173MADISON 1.2 WSW, TN
AR-JF-42021-02-15 130.25470PINE BLUFF 2.0 SW, AR
FORI22021-02-15 120.254147FLORA
GLEK22021-02-15 120.254147GLENCOE 6NW
IN-MR-522021-02-15 140.254238INDIANAPOLIS 9.2 NNE, IN
IN-PK-12021-02-15 120.254173PETERSBURG 1.4 ENE, IN
IN-PR-32021-02-15 120.254213ROCKVILLE 3.6 ENE, IN
KY-GL-22021-02-15 120.254147GLENCOE 6.2 NW, KY
KY-JS-92021-02-15 120.254290NICHOLASVILLE 1.2 SE, KY
KY-MK-122021-02-15 130.254136PADUCAH 1.3 W, KY
MO-ST-42021-02-15 130.254114DEXTER 0.6 WNW, MO
STAW22021-02-15 120.254203SAINT ALBANS
TFOK12021-02-15 180.254272TOPEKA - NWS
TN-CR-72021-02-15 130.254158BRUCETON 0.2 E, TN
TN-MD-42021-02-15 130.254145JACKSON 4.7 NW, TN
WV-KN-392021-02-15 120.254185ST. ALBANS 2.0 SW, WV
WWXK12021-02-15 180.254411WICHITA WX
AR-GN-62021-02-15 130.229108LAFE 1.8 W, AR
IN-HR-52021-02-15 120.229187MILLTOWN 5.7 SSE, IN
OH-CM-92021-02-15 140.229279BETHEL 3.8 SW, OH
TN-HW-12021-02-15 140.229108BROWNSVILLE 1.0 SE, TN
IN-RS-42021-02-15 130.203281MORRISTOWN 3.8 ENE, IN
IN-WK-122021-02-15 130.203137BOONVILLE 1.4 N WBNL RADIO, IN
IN-WK-52021-02-15 130.203143BOONVILLE 2.4 N, IN
KS-MP-562021-02-15 130.203479GALVA 1.1 WSW, KS
KS-SN-342021-02-15 130.203307TOPEKA 2.7 W, KS
IN-PY-62021-02-15 130.178229LEOPOLD 1.7 ESE, IN
IN-VG-232021-02-15 120.178172RILEY 0.3 NNW, IN
IN-WK-262021-02-15 130.178126NEWBURGH 2.2 NW, IN
KS-DG-652021-02-15 130.178333BALDWIN CITY 7.5 WSW, KS
KY-CW-32021-02-15 130.178163MURRAY 1.9 WSW, KY
KY-LG-32021-02-15 130.178175RUSSELLVILLE 1.3 NNE, KY
KY-TG-32021-02-15 120.178137CADIZ 2.5 NNW, KY
WV-KN-52021-02-15 130.178203ST. ALBANS 1.0 WNW, WV
IL-MY-12021-02-15 130.152197NOKOMIS 4.5 NW, IL
IN-CY-52021-02-15 140.152185CLAY CITY 0.4 SE, IN
KY-HS-12021-02-15 130.152125HENDERSON 0.4 SSW, KY
TN-WL-852021-02-15 150.152203FRANKLIN 4.3 W, TN
IN-VN-372021-02-15 130.127117EVANSVILLE 8.8 WSW, IN
KY-PR-62021-02-15 100.127337CUMBERLAND 8.9 WNW, KY
TN-MN-32021-02-15 150.127161FINGER 4.1 ENE, TN
AR-SH-112021-02-15 120.102181HARDY 8.0 SSW, AR
IL-MD-412021-02-15 120.102171TROY 1.9 S, IL
MO-SL-492021-02-15 130.102177BALLWIN 1.6 E, MO
OH-GR-372021-02-15 120.102270FAIRBORN 2.0 SW, OH
TN-BL-212021-02-15 130.102576PIKEVILLE 8.2 WSW, TN
WV-KN-12021-02-15 120.102220ALUM CREEK 3.0 E, WV
KS-RN-372021-02-15 130.076470HUTCHINSON 2.2 SSW, KS
KY-MK-82021-02-15 130.076104PADUCAH 0.9 NNE, KY
AL-LD-252021-02-15 150.051189FLORENCE 5.4 E, AL
IN-CK-352021-02-15 120.051190HENRYVILLE 2.6 E, IN
KS-OS-192021-02-15 130.051349BURLINGAME 3.5 NNE, KS
KY-HD-202021-02-15 120.051242ELIZABETHTOWN 7.9 ENE, KY
OK-EL-32021-02-15 130.025697SHATTUCK 0.7 SSW, OK
TN-CM-322021-02-15 140.003582CROSSVILLE 4.7 S, TN
AL-WN-12021-02-15 140.002240DOUBLE SPRINGS 3.2 NNE, AL
KS-MR-52021-02-15 130.002442HERINGTON 2.8 ESE, KS
KS-MR-62021-02-15 130.002455HERINGTON 6.6 SSE, KS
OH-MS-62021-02-15 230.002187CHESHIRE 2.3 NNE, OH
AL-JC-122021-02-15 130.000465WOODVILLE 8.0 NNE, AL
BTLI42021-02-15 140.000379BATTLE CREEK 3NE
EMRN12021-02-15 130.000445EMERSON
FOAI22021-02-15 130.000151FLORA
KY-BE-42021-02-15 120.000244JACKSON 5.5 WNW, KY
LMK2021-02-16 060.000194LOUISVILLE, KY
MEGT12021-02-15 120.00088MEMPHIS WFO
MOSI22021-02-15 140.000160MORRIS,IL
OK-KY-272021-02-15 140.000328PONCA CITY 1.9 NE, OK
OLYI22021-02-15 120.000139OLNEY
OSKI42021-02-15 130.000249OSKALOOSA,IA
PRLI32021-02-15 110.000166PATOKA RIVER LAKE
TN-GY-22021-02-15 130.000310BEERSHEBA SPRINGS 2.1 ENE, TN
VRMS22021-02-15 160.000347VERMILLION,SD
WEEW22021-02-15 110.000192PIKE ISLAND DAM.
Data last summarized at February 17 2021 20:08:46 UTC.

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