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Midwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2021-02-09 07:00 UTC to 2021-02-10 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
PGHI42021-02-09 2210.160461PRIMGHAR,IA
NE-CA-42021-02-09 147.874412ELMWOOD 3.4 WSW, NE
IL-BN-192021-02-09 137.722254BELVIDERE 5.0 NNW, IL
OH-MM-112021-02-09 137.620270TROY 3.7 S, OH
DVNI42021-02-09 186.604230DAVENPORT WFO
IL-LE-222021-02-09 126.579232AMBOY 0.5 SSW, IL
IL-DK-242021-02-09 086.553209SOMONAUK 1.9 NE, IL
DUBI42021-02-09 186.350330DUBUQUE #3
IA-BC-92021-02-09 155.842340WINTHROP 5.6 NNE, IA
IA-JH-12021-02-09 135.766249SOLON 0.3 ESE, IA
IL-BN-142021-02-09 135.182281CAPRON 0.1 N, IL
DSXI42021-02-09 185.080287DES MOINES SNOW
DMX2021-02-09 184.826287DES MOINES, IA
ALXI42021-02-09 184.572263WATERLOO SNOW
IA-BH-62021-02-09 134.445277WATERLOO 1.9 SSE, IA
IA-SH-62021-02-09 134.166395KIRKMAN 1.0 SE, IA
IL-KD-242021-02-09 133.658208OSWEGO 5.0 SSE, IL
NE-SW-72021-02-09 133.581460SEWARD 0.5 NE, NE
GEOI22021-02-09 133.556256GENOA,IL
KOMA2021-02-09 183.556303OMAHA EPPLEY AIRFIELD
OH-LC-102021-02-09 123.251330GRANVILLE 4.0 N, OH
PA-WS-82021-02-09 153.226367VENETIA 0.7 WNW, PA
IL-LS-342021-02-09 133.200186LA SALLE 0.1 W, IL
MO-DV-22021-02-09 132.921296JAMESPORT 1.3 ESE, MO
PA-AL-692021-02-09 122.845374GIBSONIA 1.2 NE, PA
OAXN12021-02-09 182.794352VALLEY 1WNW
QCAI22021-02-09 182.794218MOLINE SNOW
OH-FR-1112021-02-09 122.718236GROVE CITY 1.9 SSE, OH
PA-AL-742021-02-09 112.591348PITTSBURGH 3.6 NNW, PA
PA-AL-12021-02-09 122.286322BRIDGEVILLE 1.4 SW, PA
ILNO12021-02-09 122.261321WFO WILMINGTON
OH-FF-262021-02-09 142.159301PICKERINGTON 3.5 ENE, OH
3OI2021-02-09 132.032338LAMONI,IA
IL-GY-282021-02-09 131.981171MORRIS 1.5 SW, IL
OH-FR-832021-02-09 121.905272WESTERVILLE 0.7 N, OH
KS-GW-62021-02-09 131.778328EUREKA 5.4 SSE, KS
PBZP12021-02-09 121.778355MOON TOWNSHIP
PEAI22021-02-09 181.778246PEORIA #2 SNOW PAID
OH-HM-562021-02-09 121.753268CINCINNATI 7.4 NNW, OH
OH-CM-162021-02-09 141.702274MOUNT CARMEL 0.5 NW, OH
PA-AL-32021-02-09 121.702286SOUTH FAYETTE 2 SE, PA
KY-CB-102021-02-09 121.676258WILDER 0.2 ESE, KY
OH-HD-142021-02-09 131.676297ADA 5.4 NE, OH
IN-MD-252021-02-09 121.626274ANDERSON 2.0 S, IN
KY-BN-42021-02-09 121.600276FLORENCE 1.7 SSW, KY
KY-CB-52021-02-09 131.575252HIGHLAND HEIGHTS 1.2 SSW, KY
OH-CM-22021-02-09 121.575266GOSHEN 1.2 SW, OH
OH-CM-182021-02-09 121.499281WITHAMSVILLE 1.4 NW, OH
MO-GY-32021-02-09 131.473269TRENTON 7.8 E, MO
OH-PB-12021-02-09 121.422322EATON 1.0 N, OH
WV-MG-162021-02-09 121.422389MORGANTOWN 5.9 SW, WV
IN-WS-272021-02-09 121.397182CAMPBELLSBURG 8.4 NNE, IN
OH-MG-32021-02-09 121.397289GLOUSTER 5.7 NE, OH
PRLI32021-02-09 111.270166PATOKA RIVER LAKE
IN-LW-82021-02-09 131.245216BEDFORD 8.6 NNW, IN
OH-CM-92021-02-09 141.245279BETHEL 3.8 SW, OH
KY-KN-12021-02-09 121.219165PARK HILLS 0.6 NE, KY
IL-JF-102021-02-09 141.168149MOUNT VERNON 5.2 SSW, IL
IL-WB-32021-02-09 141.143149MOUNT CARMEL 4.2 NW, IL
IN-BR-62021-02-09 131.092204NASHVILLE 7.8 SE, IN
IN-MD-402021-02-09 121.092271ANDERSON 4.0 N, IN
IN-TP-842021-02-09 121.092219WEST LAFAYETTE 1.0 NNW, IN
IN-DV-12021-02-09 121.067146WASHINGTON 1.5 NW, IN
IN-DV-122021-02-09 121.067154PLAINVILLE 1.3 S, IN
OH-GR-262021-02-09 121.067277XENIA 2.8 SW, OH
IN-KN-42021-02-09 121.041151BICKNELL 0.5 W, IN
IL-PR-82021-02-09 131.016215PEORIA 3.4 WNW, IL
MO-FR-222021-02-09 141.016189NEW HAVEN 8.3 SSE, MO
PA-WT-512021-02-09 121.016258NEW KENSINGTON 0.5 W, PA
IN-CL-142021-02-09 120.991262FRANKFORT 4.9 NNE, IN
IN-DV-172021-02-09 120.991148WASHINGTON 3.3 SE, IN
IN-BN-102021-02-09 120.965286LEBANON 4.5 NNE, IN
KY-BN-182021-02-09 080.965273FLORENCE 3.2 SSE, KY
IN-BW-112021-02-09 120.940201TAYLORSVILLE 0.8 SSW, IN
IL-RC-32021-02-09 160.889154OLNEY 0.7 E, IL
IN-BW-202021-02-09 120.889194COLUMBUS 3.8 SW, IN
PA-BT-152021-02-09 110.889333FOX RUN 1.6 NNE, PA
IN-LW-52021-02-09 120.864215BEDFORD 6.5 SE, IN
IN-MD-382021-02-09 120.838261PENDLETON 5.9 WSW, IN
IN-BW-242021-02-09 120.813210HOPE 5.2 NW, IN
BRPI22021-02-09 140.762137LAWRENCEVILLE
IL-LW-32021-02-09 140.762137LAWRENCEVILLE 1.4 W, IL
NATP12021-02-09 120.762227NATRONA DAM
TN-ML-132021-02-09 140.762211LEWISBURG 4.2 NNE, TN
IN-BR-52021-02-09 120.737244(W9DBA)MORGANTOWN 6.7 SSE, IN
MO-MA-42021-02-09 140.737211HANNIBAL 0.4 ENE, MO
IN-MN-292021-02-09 110.711242ELLETTSVILLE 0.6 SSE, IN
IN-MN-32021-02-09 120.711234ELLETTSVILLE 2.7 NE, IN
KY-KN-172021-02-09 120.711271INDEPENDENCE 2.1 E, KY
OH-GR-282021-02-09 140.711283BEAVERCREEK 2.3 SSE, OH
IN-BR-32021-02-09 150.660285NASHVILLE 6.6 WNW, IN
IN-MG-212021-02-09 120.660196MARTINSVILLE 2.3 SE, IN
IL-WS-32021-02-09 130.635143OKAWVILLE 2.3 SW, IL
IL-WF-32021-02-09 130.610242GERMANTOWN HILLS 0.5 SSW, IL
IN-MN-232021-02-09 120.584238(KC9RPX)ELLETTSVILLE 0.5 W, IN
IL-LS-12021-02-09 130.559187OTTAWA 1.3 NW, IL
FORI22021-02-09 120.508147FLORA
GLEK22021-02-09 120.508147GLENCOE 6NW
IL-SC-262021-02-09 120.508131MASCOUTAH 1.5 SSE, IL
SFDI22021-02-09 180.508184SPRINGFIELD #2
WV-WT-12021-02-09 130.508419NEW MARTINSVILLE 6.5 E, WV
KY-GL-22021-02-09 120.483147GLENCOE 6.2 NW, KY
IL-WH-42021-02-09 130.457139CROSSVILLE 3.0 E, IL
IN-MG-242021-02-09 120.457181(N9JPX)PARAGON 3.2 ENE, IN
MO-WS-22021-02-09 140.457303POTOSI 3.2 W, MO
IL-MG-92021-02-09 140.432193JACKSONVILLE 1.2 SW, IL
MO-RN-42021-02-09 130.432261MOBERLY 0.8 WSW, MO
OH-GR-372021-02-09 120.432270FAIRBORN 2.0 SW, OH
IN-GB-92021-02-09 130.406137FRANCISCO 0.1 SE, IN
MO-BN-502021-02-10 060.406231COLUMBIA 0.6 W, MO
IN-CY-52021-02-09 140.381185CLAY CITY 0.4 SE, IN
KS-JO-532021-02-09 130.381301OVERLAND PARK 3.3 S, KS
OH-AT-12021-02-09 120.381256ATHENS 1.3 N, OH
IN-PK-12021-02-09 120.356173PETERSBURG 1.4 ENE, IN
IN-SH-202021-02-09 120.356240(KB9RBB)FAIRLAND 0.9 SSW, IN
KS-JO-712021-02-09 140.356314OLATHE 3.5 NW, KS
KS-SG-1162021-02-09 120.356449GODDARD 0.7 N, KS
MO-BN-422021-02-09 130.356228COLUMBIA 2.3 SE, MO
MO-BN-72021-02-09 130.356237ASHLAND 4.2 E, MO
MO-SL-502021-02-09 130.356153WEBSTER GROVES 1.6 NNE, MO
MO-SL-742021-02-09 130.356181GLENDALE 0.3 NE, MO
IA-PK-32021-02-09 130.330285DES MOINES 4.5 WNW, IA
IN-DB-12021-02-09 120.330155HUNTINGBURG 0.4 SSW, IN
IN-RS-42021-02-09 130.330281MORRISTOWN 3.8 ENE, IN
KS-DG-592021-02-09 130.330255LAWRENCE 2.6 SW, KS
KS-JO-422021-02-09 130.330307OLATHE 4.9 NW, KS
KS-JO-612021-02-09 130.330320OVERLAND PARK 4.0 S, KS
IL-MG-142021-02-09 130.305190JACKSONVILLE 2.6 SE, IL
KS-AN-32021-02-09 140.305324GARNETT 0.4 NNE, KS
KS-HV-52021-02-09 130.305448NEWTON 1.0 ESE, KS
KS-JO-512021-02-09 130.305315OLATHE 1.6 NNE, KS
MO-PT-82021-02-09 130.305302PARKVILLE 6.2 WNW, MO
IL-JS-52021-02-09 130.279169YALE 0.1 SSW, IL
IL-MCL-462021-02-09 130.279243NORMAL 1.1 SSE, IL
IL-SC-292021-02-09 130.279164SMITHTON 2.1 W, IL
MO-MG-52021-02-09 140.279331STOVER 2.3 NW, MO
MO-SL-832021-02-09 130.279197GLENDALE 0.6 WSW, MO
ILX2021-02-09 180.254178CENTRAL ILLINOIS, IL
IN-HN-32021-02-09 130.254247NEW PALESTINE 1.4 S, IN
IN-JH-322021-02-09 120.254216GREENWOOD 3.8 W, IN
KS-JO-792021-02-09 130.254306STANLEY 0.8 WSW, KS
KS-OS-192021-02-09 130.254349BURLINGAME 3.5 NNE, KS
MO-SLC-72021-02-09 120.254152ST. LOUIS 5.7 SW, MO
URBO12021-02-09 120.254306URBANA WWTP
IL-KX-92021-02-09 130.229234KNOXVILLE 0.7 NW, IL
KS-BU-252021-02-09 120.229402EL DORADO 1.2 S, KS
KS-JA-12021-02-09 130.229367MAYETTA 5.5 WSW, KS
KS-MP-642021-02-09 130.229461MCPHERSON 1.1 NW, KS
OH-SC-42021-02-09 130.229202ROSEMOUNT 0.3 W, OH
IL-SC-162021-02-09 120.203173FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS 2.0 ENE, IL
KS-OS-132021-02-09 130.203330SCRANTON 6.7 SE, KS
MO-GR-522021-02-09 130.203380SPRINGFIELD 4.9 SE, MO
IL-MD-412021-02-09 120.178171TROY 1.9 S, IL
IN-MR-1772021-02-09 130.178231INDIANAPOLIS 5.8 NNE, IN
KS-MP-302021-02-09 130.178459MOUNDRIDGE 1.0 N, KS
MO-CW-122021-02-09 130.178256HOLTS SUMMIT 2.5 NNE, MO
IL-MP-102021-02-09 140.152205MOUNT OLIVE 0.4 S, IL
IL-SC-322021-02-09 130.152174FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS 2.2 ENE, IL
IN-DB-112021-02-09 120.152170CELESTINE 0.3 WSW, IN
KS-DG-102021-02-09 140.152305LAWRENCE 2.2 W, KS
KS-RN-372021-02-09 130.152470HUTCHINSON 2.2 SSW, KS
MO-SL-492021-02-09 130.152177BALLWIN 1.6 E, MO
IL-CH-22021-02-09 130.127136HARDIN 3.9 S, IL
KY-SC-222021-02-09 120.127285SADIEVILLE 3.8 NW, KY
MO-RP-62021-02-09 130.127156FAIRDEALING 6.0 W, MO
TN-GY-22021-02-09 130.127310BEERSHEBA SPRINGS 2.1 ENE, TN
IL-EF-102021-02-09 100.102170WATSON 0.3 NE, IL
IL-MD-372021-02-09 150.102157HIGHLAND 1.0 E, IL
IN-PS-62021-02-09 130.102149MOUNT VERNON 10.6 ENE, IN
KY-HS-12021-02-09 130.102125HENDERSON 0.4 SSW, KY
MO-DT-12021-02-09 130.102381SALEM 5.9 ESE, MO
MO-FSA-0652021-02-09 130.102346SALEM 1.8 NW, MO
MO-SL-772021-02-09 130.102200KIRKWOOD 1.0 NNW, MO
IN-HR-52021-02-09 120.076187MILLTOWN 5.7 SSE, IN
IN-VN-372021-02-09 130.076117EVANSVILLE 8.8 WSW, IN
IN-WK-262021-02-09 130.076126NEWBURGH 2.2 NW, IN
KS-BB-122021-02-09 140.076279FORT SCOTT 8.2 SW, KS
KS-PT-212021-02-09 130.076406WESTMORELAND 2.3 SE, KS
MO-CE-172021-02-09 160.076255EUGENE 4.8 NE, MO
MO-PL-332021-02-09 130.076337HALF WAY 0.8 WNW, MO
IN-MR-522021-02-09 140.051238INDIANAPOLIS 9.2 NNE, IN
TN-PM-312021-02-09 120.051316COOKEVILLE 3.3 SSW, TN
IN-FD-302021-02-09 120.003221GREENVILLE 2.6 SSW, IN
KY-FY-32021-02-09 120.003307LEXINGTON 3.7 WSW, KY
KY-HP-12021-02-09 130.003142HANSON 2.2 NE, KY
MO-BT-12021-02-09 130.003313COLE CAMP 3.5 WNW, MO
MO-LW-42021-02-09 140.003374MILLER 6.2 WNW, MO
MO-RP-72021-02-09 130.003132DONIPHAN 14.5 NW, MO
TN-OV-92021-02-09 130.003344RICKMAN 3.8 ESE, TN
WV-CB-172021-02-09 130.003203HUNTINGTON 1.7 ESE, WV
WV-WD-182021-02-09 120.003308WALKER 2.1 SW, WV
IL-SG-572021-02-09 140.002176SPRINGFIELD 3.2 NW, IL
IN-CK-352021-02-09 120.002190HENRYVILLE 2.6 E, IN
KS-HV-472021-02-09 130.002430BURRTON 6.5 ENE, KS
KY-HD-142021-02-09 120.002231RINEVYILLE 2.0 NW, KY
KY-HP-152021-02-09 140.002137MADISONVILLE 1.6 NE, KY
OK-AD-22021-02-09 130.002262BUNCH 0.8 N, OK
OK-TL-342021-02-09 130.002244BROKEN ARROW 3.0 NNW, OK
TN-FN-62021-02-09 130.002525CLARKRANGE 6.0 NE, TN
AL-JC-122021-02-09 130.000465WOODVILLE 8.0 NNE, AL
AR-SL-372021-02-09 130.000152ALEXANDER 4.5 NW, AR
BTLI42021-02-09 140.000379BATTLE CREEK 3NE
CHRP12021-02-09 110.000230CHARLEROI
DECI22021-02-10 060.000195DECATUR
EMRN12021-02-09 130.000445EMERSON
FOAI22021-02-09 130.000151FLORA
JKL2021-02-09 180.000415JACKSON, KY
KY-BE-42021-02-09 120.000244JACKSON 5.5 WNW, KY
KY-BE-62021-02-09 120.000245CAMPTON 9.3 SE, KY
KY-PR-62021-02-09 100.000337CUMBERLAND 8.9 WNW, KY
MOSI22021-02-09 140.000160MORRIS,IL
OK-GN-62021-02-09 140.000272PAULS VALLEY 1.1 N, OK
OK-PH-12021-02-09 140.000174ANTLERS 6.3 SE, OK
OLYI22021-02-09 120.000139OLNEY
OSKI42021-02-09 130.000249OSKALOOSA,IA
PLHM72021-02-09 180.000309PLEASANT HILL WFO
STAW22021-02-09 130.000203SAINT ALBANS
STJW22021-02-09 120.000321STONEWALL JACKSON DAM
TN-BL-212021-02-09 130.000576PIKEVILLE 8.2 WSW, TN
TN-DV-672021-02-09 130.000177HERMITAGE 4.2 SE, TN
TN-HR-42021-02-09 150.000130BOLIVAR 3.9 SE, TN
TN-MD-42021-02-09 130.000145JACKSON 4.7 NW, TN
TUPM62021-02-09 140.000107TUPELO 2
WV-KN-12021-02-09 120.000220ALUM CREEK 3.0 E, WV
WV-KN-392021-02-09 120.000185ST. ALBANS 2.0 SW, WV
Data last summarized at February 11 2021 21:02:33 UTC.

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