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Midwest Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2014-02-26 07:00 UTC to 2014-02-27 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
GTTI42014-02-26 123.600630LOCK & DAM 10
0662S_MADIS2014-02-26 133.350610LA SALLE 0.1 W, IL
3215B_MADIS2014-02-26 132.320922CAPRON 0.1 N, IL
ACMP12014-02-27 031.000722LOCK AND DAM #3
ALXI42014-02-26 180.700863WATERLOO SNOW
HUNI32014-02-26 120.600807HUNTINGTON,IN
1463B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.540705PEORIA 3.4 WNW, IL
PEAI22014-02-26 180.500620PEORIA #2 SNOW PAID
RANI22014-02-26 130.500761RANTOUL
DMX2014-02-27 060.400942DES MOINES, IA
6524S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.300653ROSEMOUNT 0.3 W, OH
3421B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.2301594CRAWFORD 2.9 SE, WV
DSXI42014-02-26 180.200942DES MOINES SNOW
3380V_MADIS2014-02-26 130.1701316ALTON 0.7 ESE, IA
WINW22014-02-26 110.120554WINDFIELD LOCK AND DAM
3091B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.110899FRANKFORT 4.9 ENE, IN
8502A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.100591EVANSVILLE 5.9 WNW, IN
CRLK22014-02-26 120.100843CAVE RUN LAKE
GRLK22014-02-26 120.100604GREEN RIVER LAKE
SLAI32014-02-26 120.100833SALAMONIE LAKE DAM
9207O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.0901066ROCKPORT 1.3 SSE, WV
9757C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0901142OSCEOLA 2.5 WSW, IA
1107B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0701220MURRAY 0.5 N, IA
4039H_MADIS2014-02-26 110.070722ALUM CREEK 3.0 E, WV
5162O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.060666ST. ALBANS 1.0 WNW, WV
7658S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.060561HUNTINGTON 0.6 WSW, WV
2578O_MADIS2014-02-26 180.0501260SOLOMON 3.1 NE, KS
4889B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0501450HERINGTON 2.8 ESE, KS
5002B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0501493HERINGTON 6.6 SSE, KS
9059A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0501099EMPORIA 5.6 ESE, KS
2351B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0401503CANTON 3.2 N, KS
7766O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.040787VERSAILLES 5.8 SSW, KY
8355S_MADIS2014-02-26 140.040873EDWARDS 7.1 NW, MO
9242A_MADIS2014-02-26 120.040725FRANKFORT 3.3 NE, KY
2524B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.030827FRANKFORT 5.3 NNW, KY
7464B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0301385MARION 6.5 NNW, KS
2973C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0201027COLE CAMP 3.5 WNW, MO
3502C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.020774BRUMLEY 5.6 SW, MO
3569B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0201375NEW MARTINSVILLE 6.5 E, WV
4628C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.020840BUTLER 0.8 SSW, MO
5162S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.020804ELIZABETH 1.4 N, IN
9285A_MADIS2014-02-26 120.020883BEREA 8.5 ENE, KY
9978A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0201227EDGAR SPRINGS 2.2 SSW, MO
C6213_MADIS2014-02-26 110.020689CW6213 ASHLAND
ELZP12014-02-26 110.020741ELIZABETH
NCUW22014-02-26 110.020659NEW CUMBERLAND DAM
0550V_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0101506CRETE 4.0 N, NE
1711V_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0101007OLATHE 4.9 NW, KS
1835B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.010951NICHOLASVILLE 1.2 SE, KY
2488C_MADIS2014-02-26 100.0101056BRIDGEVILLE 1.4 SW, PA
5916S_MADIS2014-02-26 120.010791RUSSELLVILLE 2.7 SE, MO
7380C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.0101499NEWTON 6.2 ESE, KS
8908A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0101243AUGUSTA 1.0 S, KS
9212A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0101421ESKRIDGE 0.1 SW, KS
DSHP12014-02-26 180.010715DASHIELDS DAM
0430V_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011611BEAUMONT 6.6 SSW, KS
1366H_MADIS2014-02-26 110.001823GUYSVILLE 4.3 SE, OH
1384H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.0011027SPRINGFIELD 1.1 NNW, OH
1407H_MADIS2014-02-26 110.001988BRADFORD 2.3 NW, OH
1600B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001568FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS 2.0 ENE, IL
1806B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011621BEAUMONT 0.1 SW, KS
1807O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001965TONGANOXIE 6.3 SSW, KS
1849V_MADIS2014-02-26 140.0011260CASSVILLE 4.8 SSE, MO
1866O_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001794INDIANAPOLIS 6.5 W, IN
2617H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001778ROCK VALE 4.5S, TN
2877C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001938LEBANON 4.5 NNE, IN
2895C_MADIS2014-02-26 140.001741PLAINFIELD 1.5 NW, IN
3005C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011043SHOAL CREEK ESTATES 0.2 SE, MO
3958C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011362FORT LEONARD WOOD 9.3 S, MO
5016C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001646NOKOMIS 4.5 NW, IL
5358S_MADIS2014-02-26 090.0011394WICHITA 7.1 ESE, KS
5460C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011342PARK CITY 3.0 WSW, KS
5627C_MADIS2014-02-26 150.001574ANNA 3.1 NNE, IL
6124A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011325PEA RIDGE 0.2 WSW, AR
6447C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001449LAWRENCE COUNTY, IL
7639H_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011302LACLEDE COUNTY, MO
7816O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011247SPRINGFIELD 4.9 SE, MO
8130A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001643CHARLESTOWN 2.6 N, IN
8238S_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001650PACIFIC 2.4 WNW, MO
8265B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011319EL DORADO 1.2 S, KS
8377A_MADIS2014-02-26 120.001768ELLETTSVILLE 2.7 NE, IN
8379O_MADIS2014-02-26 110.001558WATSON 0.3 NE, IL
8465O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001958LIBERAL 0.7 SSE, MO
8468O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011243NEOSHO 3.2 SSW, MO
8538S_MADIS2014-02-26 110.001886COLUMBUS 9.3 NNE, OH
8894A_MADIS2014-02-26 140.001915FORT SCOTT 8.2 SW, KS
9719O_MADIS2014-02-26 140.0011211BELLA VISTA 1.5 NNE, AR
9773A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.001751HARRISBURG 5.9 SSE, MO
9805A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011070UMBER VIEW HEIGHTS 0.1 WSW, MO
9879A_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0011332SPRINGFIELD 0.7 ENE, MO
0030H_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000912HOLLISTER 3.5 SW, MO
0463O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000561ROSA 2.8 SW, AL
1196O_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000502FLORISSANT 4.4 ENE, MO
1232B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0001184NORMAN 3.4 SE, OK
1365H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000840ATHENS 1.3 N, OH
1536H_MADIS2014-02-26 120.0001056EATON 1.0 N, OH
1593V_MADIS2014-02-27 050.000879AMELIA 0.3 SSW, OH
2619O_MADIS2014-02-26 110.000919GALLOWAY 3.1 N, OH
2822V_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000696MOULTON 3.1 ENE, AL
2884C_MADIS2014-02-26 110.000509HUNTINGBURG 0.4 SSW, IN
2985B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000928LEBANON 3.4 E, OH
3109B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000617COOKEVILLE 11.2 N, TN
4368S_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0001526WOODVILLE 8.0 NNE, AL
4703C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000577PERRYVILLE 1.1 NE, MO
5039B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000833PLATTE CITY 2.0 SSE, MO
5707B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000994HUBER HEIGHTS 1.8 NNW, OH
6185C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000617LEBANON 3.7 WNW, TN
6230C_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000636CARTHAGE 8.7 NNE, TN
6989B_MADIS2014-02-26 120.000459BENTON 4.7 NNE, AR
7046S_MADIS2014-02-26 100.000367JACKSON 3.6 S, TN
7067S_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000692DUNLAP 0.4 SSE, TN
7402B_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000597BERLIN 6.4 E, IL
7493C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000495CAMDEN 4.5 NE, TN
7568C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.000581HERMITAGE 4.2 SE, TN
8336B_MADIS2014-02-26 140.000417WEST FRANKFORT 0.3 WNW, IL
9165C_MADIS2014-02-26 130.0001188HOPKINS 3.9 WSW, MO
BDDP12014-02-26 110.000712BRADDOCK LOCK AND DAM
BHDO12014-02-26 120.000751WILLIAM HARSHA DAM
BKVI32014-02-26 120.000745LAKE
BRRK22014-02-26 120.000561BARREN RIVER LAKE
BUCK22014-02-26 120.000896BUCKHORN LAKE
CAGI32014-02-26 120.000673CAGLES MILL DAM
CCLO12014-02-26 120.000853CAESAR CREEK DAM
CFLK22014-02-26 120.000958CARR FORK LAKE
CHLI32014-02-26 120.000640CECIL M. HARDEN LAKE
CHRP12014-02-26 110.000755CHARLEROI
CJBO12014-02-26 120.000928CJ BROWN DAM
CRNI42014-02-26 130.0001161CORNING,IA
CTEN12014-02-26 130.0001437DOANE COLLEGE
EMSP12014-02-27 060.000702EMSWORTH DAM
FORI22014-02-26 120.000482FLORA
GYLP12014-02-26 180.000784GRAYS LANDING DAM
HNNO12014-02-26 170.000610HANNIBAL L/D
INXI32014-02-27 060.000797INDIANAPOLIS NWFO
LMK2014-02-27 060.000636LOUISVILLE, KY
LSX2014-02-26 180.000604ST LOUIS, MO
MAXP12014-02-26 180.000758MAXWELL DAM
MEDN12014-02-26 120.0001152AGRONOMY LABRATORY
MGYP12014-02-26 110.000682MONTGOMERY DAM
MONI32014-02-26 120.000666MONROE LAKE
NATP12014-02-27 060.000745NATRONA DAM
NOLK22014-02-26 120.000571NOLIN RIVER LAKE
OLYI22014-02-26 120.000456OLNEY
PBZP12014-02-26 120.0001165MOON TOWNSHIP
PLHM72014-02-26 180.0001014PLEASANT HILL WFO
PMRP12014-02-26 100.000784POINT MARION DAM
PRLI32014-02-26 120.000545PATOKA RIVER LAKE
RRLK22014-02-26 120.000502ROUGH RIVER LAKE
SGHO12014-02-26 120.0001027SPRINGFIELD 2
SPFM72014-02-27 000.0001283SPRINGFIELD WFO
SPNI32014-02-26 120.000548WHITE RIVER
TFOK12014-02-26 120.000892TOPEKA - NWS
TVLK22014-02-26 120.000636TAYLORSVILLE LAKE
WFRO12014-02-26 120.000709WEST FORK LAKE
WMTO12014-02-26 120.0009682MI.NNW WILMINGTON,OH
WWXK12014-02-27 060.0001345WICHITA WX
Data last summarized at March 01 2014 19:10:25 UTC.

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