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Intermountains Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2023-12-04 07:00 UTC to 2023-12-05 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
HWCI12023-12-05 0623.3682440HOWELL CANYON
MGMI12023-12-05 0618.5422129MAGIC MOUNTAIN
BTRI12023-12-05 0613.9702295BOSTETTER R.S.
FWCN22023-12-05 0613.7162143FAWN CREEK
TOHW12023-12-05 0612.7001688TOUCHET
PRSN22023-12-05 0611.6842543POLE CREEK R.S.
BOGI12023-12-05 0611.4301939BOGUS BASIN
MLKO32023-12-05 0611.4301701MILK SHAKES
BLPO32023-12-05 0610.6681799BLUE MOUNTAIN SPRING
LADN22023-12-05 0610.1602042LAUREL DRAW
MSCI12023-12-05 069.9061432MOSCOW MOUNTAIN
BERN22023-12-05 069.6522473BEAR CREEK
TYLO32023-12-05 069.3981748TAYLOR GREEN
MOSO32023-12-05 069.1441764MOSS SPRINGS
HIRO32023-12-05 068.8901501HIGH RIDGE
SCHO32023-12-05 068.8901653SCHNEIDER MEADOWS
SMTI12023-12-05 068.3822031SOUTH MTN.
SPSW12023-12-05 048.382125420D01 - SATUS PASS
WWA01_MADIS2023-12-05 027.9001897SNOWSCHOOL 1
MHWO32023-12-05 067.6202394MT. HOWARD
SPGW12023-12-05 067.6201739SPRUCE SPRINGS
TIPO32023-12-05 067.6201572TIPTON
BORO32023-12-05 067.1121791BOURNE
DRCN22023-12-05 067.1122225DRAW CREEK
SSCN22023-12-05 067.1122246SEVENTYSIX CREEK
WLCI12023-12-05 066.3502173WILSON CREEK
BIGN22023-12-05 065.8422103BIG BEND
LUKO32023-12-05 065.8421525LUCKY STRIKE
ARBO32023-12-05 065.5881768ARBUCKLE MTN
LKCO32023-12-05 065.5881604LAKE CREEK R.S.
WFCO32023-12-04 215.5881749WOLF CREEK
RYCI12023-12-05 065.0802064REYNOLDS CREEK
BSDI12023-12-05 064.8261895BEAR SADDLE
IRKW12023-12-05 034.8261624INDIAN ROCK
ANRO32023-12-05 064.5722265ANEROID LAKE #2
SNWO32023-12-05 064.5721905SNOW MOUNTAIN
BVRO32023-12-05 064.3181565BEAVER RESERVOIR
GLDO32023-12-05 064.3181651GOLD CENTER
MDFI12023-12-05 064.3181753MUD FLAT
BMSO32023-12-05 053.8101391BOWMAN SPRINGS
STRO32023-12-05 063.5561606STARR RIDGE
DERO32023-12-05 053.3021791DERR.
EIMO32023-12-05 063.3021683EILERTSON MEADOWS
ISPI12023-12-05 063.3021926ISLAND PARK
ESPO32023-12-05 062.5401160EMIGRANT SPRINGS
OCMO32023-12-05 062.5401663OCHOCO MEADOWS
ONLN22023-12-05 062.540194615H25 - O'NEIL CRK
COLO32023-12-04 212.2861478COUNTY LINE
MDBO32023-12-04 222.2861577MADISON BUTTE
VWGI12023-12-05 062.2861511VAN WYCK
RCSO32023-12-05 051.5241612ROCK SPRINGS
CHUO32023-12-05 060.7621487CHEMULT ALTERNATE
SGUW12023-12-05 060.7621203SOURDOUGH GULCH
ID-LT-12023-12-04 150.686824MOSCOW 1.7 N, ID
ID-AD-112023-12-04 140.000825BOISE 6.1 SW, ID
ID-AD-22023-12-04 070.000797BOISE 5.3 NW, ID
ID-AD-52023-12-04 140.000823BOISE 4.4 WNW, ID
ID-CY-322023-12-04 140.000734CALDWELL 1.2 SSE, ID
ID-ID-12023-12-04 150.0001053GRANGEVILLE 0.4 SW, ID
ID-ID-102023-12-04 150.0001031GRANGEVILLE 0.2 ENE, ID
ID-OW-22023-12-04 140.000716HOMEDALE 4.0 WNW, ID
OR-HY-52023-12-04 150.0001324HINES 6.2 WSW, OR
OR-UM-272023-12-04 150.000378PENDLETON 4.0 SSE, OR
OR-WL-12023-12-04 160.0001288JOSEPH 0.2 SSE, OR
WA-AD-112023-12-04 150.000570RITZVILLE 7.1 WNW, WA
WA-BT-162023-12-04 150.000152KENNEWICK 0.4 NNE, WA
WA-BT-292023-12-04 150.000122KENNEWICK 2.0 E, WA
Data last summarized at December 05 2023 17:01:56 UTC.

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