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Intermountains Snowfall Observations
from 2015-04-01 07:00 UTC to 2015-04-02 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
ID-MD-12015-04-01 14:300.50024.0004862REXBURG 0.7 W, ID
OR-GR-42015-04-01 14:000.30024.0004813CANYON CITY 12.6 SSW, OR
CHEO32015-04-01 14:000.10024.0004767CHEMULT
GEG2015-04-01 22:530.0016.0002343SPOKANE INTL AP
FSPW12015-04-01 16:000.00124.0003960FIELDS SPRING STATE PARK
ID-BV-62015-04-01 13:000.00124.0004872IDAHO FALLS 11.7 NE, ID
ID-ID-12015-04-01 14:000.00124.0003455GRANGEVILLE 0.4 SW, ID
ID-ID-52015-04-01 15:000.00124.0003150KAMIAH 6.0 NNW, ID
OR-WL-62015-04-01 13:000.00124.0003419LOSTINE 2.4 ESE, OR
SIFO32015-04-01 18:000.00124.0003209SISTERS
ALW2015-04-01 18:000.00024.0001155WALLA WALLA REGIONAL AIRPORT
ASNW12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0003399ASOTIN 14 SW
BWOI12015-04-02 01:000.0006.0002851BOISE NWS WFO
BWOI12015-04-01 19:000.0006.0002851BOISE NWS WFO
BWOI12015-04-01 13:000.0006.0002851BOISE NWS WFO
BWOI12015-04-01 07:000.0006.0002851BOISE NWS WFO
DLS2015-04-01 18:000.00024.000236THE DALLES MUNICIPAL AIRPORT
ELN2015-04-01 18:000.00024.0001739BOWERS FIELD AIRPORT
GCXW12015-04-02 01:000.00024.0001703COULEE DAM 1 SW
HEPO32015-04-01 18:000.00024.0001883HEPPNER
HMS2015-04-01 18:000.00024.000699HANFORD,WA
HRI2015-04-01 18:000.00024.000636HERMISTON MUNICIPAL AIRPORT
ID-AD-112015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002707BOISE 6.1 SW, ID
ID-AD-142015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002648BOISE 5.2 NW, ID
ID-AD-22015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002615BOISE 5.3 NW, ID
ID-AD-272015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002674MERIDIAN 3.9 SE, ID
ID-AD-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002851BOISE 8.8 NNW, ID
ID-AD-52015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002700BOISE 4.4 WNW, ID
ID-AD-92015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002723BOISE 2.1 NNE, ID
ID-LT-12015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002703MOSCOW 1.7 N, ID
ID-LT-32015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002635MOSCOW 1.3 SW, ID
ID-LT-72015-04-01 13:000.00024.0002631MOSCOW 1.1 E, ID
ID-PW-12015-04-01 13:000.00024.0004583AMERICAN FALLS 8.2 W, ID
ID-PW-32015-04-01 14:000.00024.0004423POCATELLO 9.0 WNW, ID
ID-TF-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.0003770FILER 0.9 W, ID
ID-TF-52015-04-01 13:000.00024.0004029BUHL 4.2 SE, ID
KAMI12015-04-02 00:000.00024.0001220KAMIAH
LGD2015-04-01 18:000.00024.0002703LA GRANDE/UNION COUNTY AIRPORT
LMGW12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0001476LACROSSE 2
LOGO32015-04-01 18:000.00024.0003737LONG CREEK
ODEW12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0001529ODESSA
OR-CK-12015-04-01 14:000.00024.0003924PAULINA 6.0 ESE, OR
OR-CK-42015-04-01 14:000.00024.0003051PRINEVILLE 4 NW, OR
OR-CK-52015-04-01 12:450.00024.0002999PRINEVILLE 2.6 ENE, OR
OR-DS-12015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002871REDMOND 5.4 NNW, OR
OR-DS-172015-04-01 14:000.00024.0003789BEND 2.3 WNW, OR
OR-JF-52015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002805TERREBONNE 9.4 NW, OR
OR-MH-32015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002664BROGAN 0.9 NW, OR
OR-UM-112015-04-01 13:000.00024.0001132PENDLETON 1.0 WNW, OR
OTX2015-04-01 08:000.00024.0002379SPOKANE, WA
PDT2015-04-01 18:000.00024.0001483PENDLETON, OR
PSC2015-04-01 18:000.00024.000410TRI-CITIES AIRPORT
RDM2015-04-01 18:000.00024.0003045REDMOND AIRPORT
RSLW12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002411ROSALIA
SNDW12015-04-01 18:000.00024.0002142SNOWDEN
WA-AD-72015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001860RITZVILLE 0.2 ESE, WA
WA-BT-12015-04-01 13:450.00024.000564RICHLAND 3.3 SSW, WA
WA-BT-102015-04-01 14:000.00024.000761PROSSER 0.4 SSE, WA
WA-BT-132015-04-01 14:000.00024.000397RICHLAND 0.8 SW, WA
WA-BT-162015-04-01 14:000.00024.000499KENNEWICK 0.4 NNE, WA
WA-BT-172015-04-01 14:000.00024.000751BENTON CITY 3.9 WNW, WA
WA-BT-72015-04-01 16:000.00024.000453RICHLAND 4.4 SSE, WA
WA-GF-12015-04-01 12:520.00024.0002461POMEROY 2.5 SSE, WA
WA-GR-42015-04-01 16:000.00024.0001391EPHRATA 1.7 NW, WA
WA-KL-52015-04-01 12:000.00024.0002133GOLDENDALE 4.2 NNW, WA
WA-LN-12015-04-01 14:300.00024.0001532DAVENPORT 14.8 N, WA
WA-LN-102015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001916ALMIRA 0.2 NNW, WA
WA-LN-52015-04-01 15:000.00024.0001670DAVENPORT 11.1 N, WA
WA-SP-162015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002395SPOKANE 5.7 SSE, WA
WA-SP-222015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001552NINE MILE FALLS 8.7 NW, WA
WA-WM-52015-04-01 14:000.00024.0002516PALOUSE 3.2 SSW, WA
WA-YK-102015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001332YAKIMA 2.5 WNW, WA
WA-YK-222015-04-01 14:300.00024.0001070YAKIMA 1.0 SSW, WA
WA-YK-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.000879SUNNYSIDE 1.2 W, WA
WA-YK-62015-04-01 14:050.00024.000751SUNNYSIDE 0.7 NE, WA
WA-YK-72015-04-01 15:000.00024.000804GRANGER 2.3 NNE, WA
WA-YK-82015-04-01 14:000.00024.0001693FRUITVALE 6.9 W, WA
WFDI12015-04-01 15:000.00024.0002635WORLEY FIRE DISTRICT
WLDW12015-04-01 16:590.00024.0002244WILBUR
WTVW12015-04-01 16:000.00024.0002648WATERVILLE
YKM2015-04-01 18:000.00024.0001050YAKIMA AIRPORT
Data last summarized at April 04 2015 22:02:53 UTC.

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