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Intermountains Snowfall Observations
from 2007-02-11 07:00 UTC to 2007-02-12 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
CRMI12007-02-11 232.00024.05895CRATERS OF THE MOON
MEH2007-02-12 002.00024.03726MEACHAM
WINI12007-02-12 030.50024.03950WINCHESTER
AWH2007-02-12 000.08024.06226WILDHORSE RESERVOIR
TEXI12007-02-11 180.00124.06171TETONIA EXPERIMENT STN
ABDI12007-02-11 150.00024.04406UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO EXP. STN
ASHI12007-02-11 160.00024.05249ASHTON
BCKW12007-02-11 160.00024.03015BICKLETON
BWOI12007-02-11 070.00024.02857BOISE NWS WFO
BWTO32007-02-11 170.00024.03359BEND 7 NE
DVPW12007-02-11 160.00024.02440DAVENPORT
DYNW12007-02-11 160.00024.01558DAYTON 1 WSW
GCXW12007-02-12 030.00024.01699COULEE DAM 1 SW
GEG2007-02-12 000.00024.02355SPOKANE INTL AP
GNDW12007-02-11 190.00024.01656GOLDENDALE
IONO32007-02-12 020.00024.02129IONE 18 S
KENW12007-02-11 170.00024.0390KENNEWICK
LACW12007-02-12 030.00024.01450LACROSSE,WA
LWS2007-02-12 000.00024.01436LEWISTON AP
MDAO32007-02-11 150.00024.02440MADRAS 2N
MEAO32007-02-11 140.00024.03713MEACHAM NO. 2
OTX2007-02-12 000.00024.02385SPOKANE, WA
PDT2007-02-12 050.00024.01515PENDLETON, OR
PDWO32007-02-11 070.00024.01509PENDLETON WFO
PELO32007-02-11 170.00024.01410PELTON DAM
PIH2007-02-11 180.00024.04475POCATELLO/IDAHO FALLS, ID
PNDO32007-02-11 160.00024.01486PENDLETON BRANCH EXPL STN
POMW12007-02-11 180.00024.01899POMEROY,WA
PRWW12007-02-12 030.00024.0459PRIEST RAPIDS DAM
RZVW12007-02-11 180.00024.01830RITZVILLE 1 SSE
SELW12007-02-11 170.00024.01118SELAH 2 NE
SSPW12007-02-11 170.00024.02611SATUS PASS 2 SSW
YKM2007-02-11 170.00024.01062YAKIMA AIRPORT
Data last summarized at February 15 2007 04:17:13 UTC.

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