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Intermountains Snow Depth Observations
from 2023-03-30 07:00 UTC to 2023-03-31 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
WWA01_MADIS2023-03-31 0177.1306224SNOWSCHOOL 1
ISWI12023-03-30 1466.0006309ISLAND PARK
CRMI12023-03-30 1447.0005902CRATERS OF THE MOON
ASHI12023-03-30 1530.0005262ASHTON 1N
AWH2023-03-30 1625.0006237WILDHORSE RESERVOIR
SGCI12023-03-31 0024.0004905SUGAR CITY
ID-MD-52023-03-30 1521.9004885SUGAR CITY 1.9 S, ID
OR-KL-92023-03-30 1417.0004485CRESCENT 0.7 W, OR
XCRO32023-03-30 1417.0004488CRESCENT
OR-HY-52023-03-30 1416.0004344HINES 6.2 WSW, OR
IFWI12023-03-31 0612.0004941IDAHO FALLS 46 W
ID-JF-12023-03-30 1310.0004872RIGBY 1.8 NE, ID
HMRI12023-03-30 229.0004826HAMER 4 NW
ID-BV-62023-03-30 139.0004872IDAHO FALLS 11.7 NE, ID
PICI12023-03-30 129.0004829PICABO
MEAI12023-03-30 148.0005036MENAN 4 NNE
OR-WL-102023-03-30 147.0003392WALLOWA 2.6 SW, OR
MHSI12023-03-30 136.0005764MURPHY HOT SPRINGS
ID-EL-112023-03-30 132.5003412MOUNTAIN HOME 22.2 NW, ID
ID-AD-462023-03-30 132.0002743BOISE 4.7 ESE, ID
ID-AD-92023-03-30 132.0002723BOISE 2.1 NNE, ID
RBYI12023-03-30 232.0004872RIGBY
ID-AD-212023-03-30 111.5002956BOISE CITY 6.1 SE, ID
IFLI12023-03-30 231.0004738IDAHO FALLS
LTNO32023-03-30 151.0003711LOSTINE 4NE
PWSI12023-03-31 061.0004449POCATELLO WFO
WA-AS-42023-03-30 130.6003753ANATONE 2.3 S, WA
ID-AD-52023-03-30 130.5002700BOISE 4.4 WNW, ID
ID-ID-12023-03-30 140.5003455GRANGEVILLE 0.4 SW, ID
OR-DS-292023-03-30 140.5003688BEND 1.5 WSW, OR
ID-ID-102023-03-30 140.3003383GRANGEVILLE 0.2 ENE, ID
CVEO32023-03-30 150.0013143COVE1 E
JPTN22023-03-30 230.0015207JACKPOT
OR-DS-172023-03-30 140.0013822BEND 2.3 WNW, OR
OR-WL-62023-03-30 130.0013419LOSTINE 2.4 ESE, OR
OR-WL-92023-03-30 160.0013428LOSTINE 2.5 SE, OR
ABDI12023-03-30 140.0004400ABERDEEN EXPERIMENT STN
AFLI12023-03-30 220.0004446AMERICAN FALLS
ASNW12023-03-30 150.0003399ASOTIN 14 SW
BOI2023-03-30 120.0002822BOISE, ID
BWOI12023-03-31 060.0002851BOISE NWS WFO
BWTO32023-03-30 180.0003350BEND 7 NE
CTNI12023-03-31 000.0003950COTTONWOOD 2 WSW
DVPW12023-03-30 150.0002411DAVENPORT
EMTI12023-03-30 130.0002484EMMETT 2E
GCXW12023-03-31 000.0001703COULEE DAM 1 SW
GEG2023-03-31 000.0002343SPOKANE INTL AP
HEPO32023-03-30 180.0001883HEPPNER
HOMI12023-03-30 140.0002241HOMEDALE 1 SE
HWYO32023-03-31 020.0002664HALFWAY
ID-AD-112023-03-30 130.0002707BOISE 6.1 SW, ID
ID-AD-22023-03-31 060.0002615BOISE 5.3 NW, ID
ID-AD-272023-03-30 130.0002674MERIDIAN 3.9 SE, ID
ID-AD-452023-03-30 150.0002694MERIDIAN 4.8 SSE, ID
ID-CW-62023-03-30 140.0001014OROFINO 3.8 WNW, ID
ID-LT-12023-03-30 140.0002703MOSCOW 1.7 N, ID
ID-MN-32023-03-30 120.0004147PAUL 0.4 WNW, ID
ID-OW-22023-03-30 130.0002349HOMEDALE 4.0 WNW, ID
JDRO32023-03-30 180.0003074JOHN DAY
KENW12023-03-30 140.000338KENNEWICK
LMGW12023-03-30 150.0001476LACROSSE 2
LWS2023-03-31 000.0001417LEWISTON AP
MUNI12023-03-30 230.0002615MOSCOW U OF I
OR-CK-12023-03-30 140.0003924PAULINA 6.0 ESE, OR
OR-CK-132023-03-30 140.0003219POWELL BUTTE 6.4 SSW, OR
OR-DS-612023-03-30 130.0003655BEND 2.1 ESE, OR
OR-DS-692023-03-30 140.0003297REDMOND 6.5 W, OR
OR-JF-12023-03-30 140.0002349MADRAS 6.6 NNW, OR
OR-UM-112023-03-30 140.0001132PENDLETON 1.0 WNW, OR
OR-UM-272023-03-30 210.0001240PENDLETON 4.0 SSE, OR
OR-UN-12023-03-30 150.0002877ELGIN 9.8 N, OR
OTX2023-03-30 080.0002379SPOKANE, WA
OWYO32023-03-30 130.0002415OWYHEE DAM
PDT2023-03-31 000.0001463PENDLETON, OR
PDWO32023-03-30 170.0001503PENDLETON WFO
PIH2023-03-30 120.0004442POCATELLO, ID
PLMW12023-03-30 160.0002520PULLMAN 2 NW
PRIO32023-03-30 180.0002907PRINEVILLE
PRSW12023-03-30 140.000807PROSSER
PRWW12023-03-31 040.000440PRIEST RAPIDS DAM
PSHO32023-03-30 140.0001168PENDLETON SOUTH HILL
PTLI12023-03-30 140.0002740POTLATCH 3NNE
RXBI12023-03-30 230.0004967REXBURG BYU IDAHO
SNDW12023-03-30 180.0002434SNOWDEN
TRNW12023-03-30 150.0002260WA SPOKANE 17 SSW
WA-AD-112023-03-30 140.0001870RITZVILLE 7.1 WNW, WA
WA-BT-162023-03-30 140.000499KENNEWICK 0.4 NNE, WA
WA-BT-292023-03-30 140.000400KENNEWICK 2.0 E, WA
WA-LN-102023-03-30 150.0001916ALMIRA 0.2 NNW, WA
WA-LN-52023-03-30 150.0001670DAVENPORT 11.1 N, WA
WA-SP-42023-03-30 140.0002198SPOKANE 5.5 S, WA
WA-SP-432023-03-30 140.0002385SPOKANE 14.6 NW, WA
WA-SP-572023-03-30 140.0001804SPOKANE 6.1 N, WA
WA-SP-842023-03-30 140.0002448SPOKANE 11.4 S, WA
WA-WM-102023-03-30 150.0002310THORNTON 0.3 SE, WA
WA-WM-172023-03-30 140.0001962ST JOHN 0.2 NW, WA
WA-WW-92023-03-30 140.000666LOWDEN 6.5 ESE, WA
WA-YK-242023-03-30 170.0001211YAKIMA 0.9 WNW, WA
WA-YK-72023-03-30 150.000804GRANGER 2.3 NNE, WA
WLDW12023-03-30 160.0002156WILBUR
WLWO32023-03-31 010.0002920WALLOWA
Data last summarized at April 06 2023 18:03:40 UTC.

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