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Great Basin Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-05-13 07:00 UTC to 2022-05-14 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
DMLC12022-05-14 0550.2922258DISMAL SWAMP
GECU12022-05-14 0440.640255213H05 - GEORGE CREEK
GRPN22022-05-14 0432.0042591GRANITE PEAK
SEPI12022-05-14 0517.2722376SEDGWICK PEAK
BRCN22022-05-14 0414.9862869BERRY CREEK
JCUN22022-05-14 0512.9542246JACK CREEK UPPER
BCSN22022-05-14 0512.7002637BIG CREEK SUM
COLN22022-05-14 048.6362504CORRAL CANYON
WHDI12022-05-14 058.6361977WILDHORSE DIVIDE
CDRC12022-05-14 058.1282157CEDAR PASS
WHPN22022-05-14 054.5723080WHEELER PEAK
SPMI12022-05-14 053.5562049SHEEP MOUNTAIN SNOTEL
GAPU12022-05-14 012.2862548GARDNER PEAK
WDMN22022-05-14 051.7782792WARD MOUNTAIN
BKLN22022-05-14 031.2702117BUCKSKIN LOWER
RBSU12022-05-14 051.2702673ROCKY BASIN-SETTLEME
TJMN22022-05-14 051.2702364TOE JAM
CAVN22022-05-14 011.0163230CAVE MTN NWR WXL69
HIMN22022-05-14 051.0162495HOLE-IN-MOUNTAIN
LMLN22022-05-14 041.0162561LAMOILLE #3
STWO32022-05-14 050.7621764STRAWBERRY
BIRN22022-05-14 040.508238114K01 - BIRD CK
DRFU12022-05-14 050.5082196DRY FORK
KALN22022-05-14 050.508298814K08 - KALAMAZOO CK
MFKU12022-05-14 050.5082530MINING FORK
SLVO32022-05-14 050.5082133SILVIES
SMRO32022-05-13 210.5082158SUMMER RIM
CRWC12022-05-14 050.2541586CROWDER FLAT
CZFO32022-05-14 050.2541889CRAZYMAN FLAT
GRMN22022-05-14 050.2542537GREEN MOUNTAIN
GSTO32022-05-14 050.2541493GERBER RESERVOIR
GTZU12022-05-14 050.2542085GUTZ PEAK
LCAN22022-05-14 040.2542637LEE CANYON
LGFU12022-05-14 040.2542441LONG FLAT
LWPN22022-05-14 040.2542254LEWIS PEAK
SHEN22022-05-14 050.2541790SHELDON
SVCO32022-05-14 050.2541757SILVER CREEK
VCSN22022-05-14 050.2542402VACARRO SPRING
ADMC12022-05-13 220.0001889ADIN MTN
BKMC12022-05-13 110.0001836BLACKS MOUNTAIN #1
BRSN22022-05-13 200.0002724BRISTLECONE TRAIL
CA-MC-42022-05-13 140.0001626ALTURAS 9.5 E, CA
DRBN22022-05-14 010.0002445DORSEY BASIN
DRKN22022-05-13 180.000197515J03 - DRY CRK
FRYN22022-05-13 190.0002314FRY CANYON
GLCN22022-05-13 200.000179417J02 - GOLCONDA #2
LMCN22022-05-13 170.0001950LAMANCE CREEK
MTLN22022-05-14 050.0002328SUMMIT LK
NV-ES-12022-05-13 150.0001713GOLDFIELD 0.9 N, NV
NV-WH-22022-05-13 140.0001490RENO 1.4 NNE, NV
OR-HY-62022-05-13 140.0001281FIELDS 4.5 N, OR
OXSI12022-05-14 030.0002072OXFORD SPRING
POLN22022-05-14 050.000226715J20 - POLE CY #2
PRTN22022-05-13 150.0002201PORTER CANYON
QRMO32022-05-13 180.0001738QUARTZ MOUNTAIN
RACN22022-05-13 210.0002422RAINBOW CANYON
TACN22022-05-14 050.0001940TAYLOR CANYON
TAKU12022-05-14 050.0002788TAKKA WIIYA
TATC12022-05-14 050.000173620H01 - STATE LINE AM (CA)
TYBO32022-05-14 020.0001544TAYLOR BUTTE
UT-BV-12022-05-13 130.0001824BEAVER 0.8 E, UT
UT-CH-422022-05-13 130.0001504CLARKSTON 0.5 SW, UT
UT-IR-112022-05-13 130.0001679CEDAR CITY 5.6 NW, UT
UT-IR-52022-05-13 130.0001740CEDAR CITY 4.4 SW, UT
UT-ML-12022-05-13 130.0001571OAK CITY 0.3 SSE, UT
UT-WG-152022-05-13 130.0001384ST. GEORGE 11.9 N, UT
Data last summarized at May 14 2022 07:00:30 UTC.

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