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Great Basin Snowfall Observations
from 2011-02-05 07:00 UTC to 2011-02-06 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
PLZU12011-02-06 010.500244633PLEASANT GROVE CAMPBELL
PROU12011-02-06 010.500244580BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIV.
1565R_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001244344SOUTH SALT LAKE 2.9 NE, UT
3514H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001244321SALT LAKE CITY 2.1 SE, UT
7792A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.001245804SODA SPRINGS 0.3 W, ID
SPVU12011-02-06 010.001244554SPRINGVILLE COOP
0164O_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000245128RENO 4.0 N, NV
0418H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244429YERINGTON 3.4 SSW, NV
0422H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244432DAYTON 3.5 NNE, NV
0424H_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000242726PAHRUMP 10.5 SSE, NV
0430H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244987RENO 7.1 N, NV
0434H_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244967RENO 2.5 NNE, NV
0860O_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000245541SPRING CREEK 1.5 ENE, NV
1689O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245246ELKO 5.4 NNE, NV
2067O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244236SALT LAKE CITY 0.7 NNW, UT
2485O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243976FALLON 0.8 WSW, NV
2855O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244948RENO 9.1 N, NV
3466H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244403THATCHER 0.2 NE, UT
3468H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244295THATCHER 1.7 ESE, UT
3479H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244252WOODS CROSS 0.5 SW, UT
3496H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244334SOUTH SALT LAKE 2.4 NE, UT
3499H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244285TAYLORSVILLE 0.3 NNW, UT
3519H_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244633SALT LAKE CITY 4.9 SE, UT
3537H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244239WEST HAVEN 2.0 SW, UT
3539H_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244245WEST WEBER 1.0 ESE, UT
3638S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244137BISHOP 0.6 SE, CA
3711S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244396FARMINGTON 1.5 NNW, UT
3713S_MADIS2011-02-05 180.000244390MAGNA 1.2 W, UT
3787O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244423SPARKS 1.5 NE, NV
4242S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000245623ELKO COUNTY, NV
4243S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244636CARSON CITY 1.5 ENE, NV
4288S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244334MAGNA 1.2 W, UT
4290S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244406MIDVALE 1.7 NE, UT
4291S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244488SANDY 2.1 WNW, UT
4292S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244606SALT LAKE CITY 3.6 SE, UT
4294S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244498TAYLORSVILLE 2.4 SW, UT
4299S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245092STOCKTON 0.6 NW, UT
4607S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244190BISHOP 1.7 NW, CA
4952S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244721PRESTON 0.8 SE, ID
5650C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244888RENO 1.4 NNE, NV
5751C_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000242644PAHRUMP 6.3 SSE, NV
5911C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244429SPARKS 1.6 NE, NV
5943C_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244692RENO 11.6 SSE, NV
6013S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244524BATTLE MOUNTAIN 0.7 S, NV
6015S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244157FERNLEY 1.8 WNW, NV
6016S_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000244291SILVER SPRINGS 3.1 WNW, NV
6021S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244934SUN VALLEY 0.9 N, NV
6030S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244577RENO 7.1 SE, NV
6032S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244547RENO 10.3 SSE, NV
6035S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244744WASHOE COUNTY, NV
6099C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241716MESQUITE 1.6 ENE, NV
6275C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244872SPARKS 3.8 NE, NV
6281A_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244354SUSANVILLE 3.2 SSW, CA
6413C_MADIS2011-02-05 130.000244423SPARKS 1.7 E, NV
6493C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000241581MESQUITE 1.5 S, NV
6703S_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000244281KLAMATH FALLS 3.4 ESE, OR
6704S_MADIS2011-02-05 170.000244459BONANZA 7.0 N, OR
6944C_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243976FALLON 0.6 ESE, NV
7449O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244242FARMINGTON 1.8 W, UT
7450O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000245154OAK CITY 0.3 SSE, UT
7492S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244327GARLAND 1.0 SE, UT
7500S_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244721SANDY 1.1 NNE, UT
7504O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244587RICHMOND 0.5 WNW, UT
7514S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243238HURRICANE 2.4 ENE, UT
7515S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000242848ST. GEORGE 4.1 NNW, UT
7519S_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000243274HURRICANE 2.4 E, UT
7530O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244649SANDY 2.0 NE, UT
7751A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244472CHUBBUCK 0.5 WSW, ID
7793S_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000244455YERINGTON 3.4 SSW, NV
7821A_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244892HOLBROOK 4.0 NNE, ID
7867O_MADIS2011-02-05 150.000244652DELTA 0.5 NNE, UT
8080O_MADIS2011-02-05 180.000245489CEDAR CITY 6.2 NNW, UT
8920O_MADIS2011-02-05 140.000244593ABRAHAM 2.5 N, UT
9686O_MADIS2011-02-05 160.000242556ST. GEORGE 1.5 SSW, UT
ALEN22011-02-05 130.000244829RACHEL
B232011-02-06 000.000244537BATTLE MOUNTAIN 4SE
BDEC12011-02-05 160.000248389BODIE
BEVA32011-02-05 150.0002420181MI.NW BEAVER DAM,AZ
BLEN22011-02-05 120.000244764BLUE EAGLE RANCH - CURRANT 12SSW
BVVU12011-02-05 150.000244567BOUNTIFUL-VAL VERDA
CAGN22011-02-05 130.000244783CATHEDRAL GORGE STATE PARK
CLBN22011-02-05 130.000241283CALLVILLE BAY RANGER STN
DEVC12011-02-05 130.00024-164VISITORS CTR AT FURNACE CRK
DNON22011-02-06 000.000244216DENIO
DYRN22011-02-05 130.000244872DYER
EKAN22011-02-05 120.000246440EUREKA
ELRN22011-02-06 000.000246253ELY 6NE
GNTU12011-02-05 140.000244534GRANTSVILLE 2W
HIKN22011-02-05 130.000243829HIKO
LATN22011-02-05 130.000242438AMARGOSA FARMS
LENU12011-02-06 000.000244465LAYTON COOP
LKN2011-02-06 000.000245220ELKO, NV
LOIN22011-02-05 120.000245768LAMOILLE 2N
LUNN22011-02-05 120.000245558LUND
MCDN22011-02-06 000.000244442MCDERMITT
MCGN22011-02-05 120.000246237MCGILL
MEQN22011-02-05 130.000241818MESQUITE 2NE
MOMN22011-02-05 120.000246588MOORMAN RANCH - RUTH 16WNW
OASN22011-02-05 120.000245823OASIS
PAHN22011-02-05 130.0002426513MI.N PAHRUMP,NV
PION22011-02-05 130.000245988PIOCHE,NV
RBLN22011-02-05 120.000246070RUBY LAKE NWR
REV2011-02-06 000.000244977RENO,NV
RNDN22011-02-05 120.000245197RYNDON
RRRN22011-02-05 120.000246457REESE RIVER - IONE 13NE
RTHN22011-02-05 120.000246890RUTH
SCFN22011-02-06 000.000245364SPRING CREEK
SNVC12011-02-05 160.000244278SUSANVILLE 2SW
SPSN22011-02-05 160.000244491SPANISH SPRINGS
SPVN22011-02-05 130.000245860SPRING VLY S.P.
SRKN22011-02-06 000.000244413SPARKS
STDN22011-02-05 160.000245121STEAD
TOEU12011-02-06 010.000245089TOOELE
TUSN22011-02-05 120.000246138TUSCARORA
U242011-02-05 130.000244629DELTA
UTRU12011-02-06 000.000244439UTAH TEST RANGE
VOFN22011-02-05 130.000242008VALLEY OF FIRE S.P.
VRCN22011-02-06 000.000246152VIRGINIA CITY
WGVN22011-02-05 120.000244344WINNEMUCCA 3SSW
YRGN22011-02-05 160.000244383YERINGTON
Data last summarized at February 09 2011 01:09:23 UTC.

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