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Eastern Coastal Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2024-02-20 07:00 UTC to 2024-02-21 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
NJ-UN-392024-02-20 120.840105CLARK TWP 0.7 SSW, NJ
NJ-HN-192024-02-20 120.810262LEBANON 3.2 SW, NJ
NJ-MS-712024-02-20 120.700545DENVILLE TWP 1.5 ESE, NJ
NJ-SM-922024-02-20 120.61075FRANKLIN TWP 3.4 NNW, NJ
NJ-SM-652024-02-20 130.590105HILLSBOROUGH TWP 3.5 SE, NJ
NJ-SM-562024-02-20 130.560187FRANKLIN TWP 5.9 SW, NJ
NJ-HN-102024-02-20 130.540157FLEMINGTON 2.3 E, NJ
PA-BR-352024-02-20 130.290876NEW MORGAN 1.8 WNW, PA
NJ-MS-982024-02-20 120.250522HARDING TWP 2.4 W, NJ
DE-KN-332024-02-20 120.00136SMYRNA 3.5 SSW, DE
MD-CR-192024-02-20 120.001591ELDERSBURG 0.9 E, MD
MD-HW-542024-02-20 120.001344COLUMBIA 3.3 SSE, MD
PA-YR-202024-02-20 120.001518MOUNT WOLF 1.0 SE, PA
PA-YR-312024-02-20 120.001394MANCHESTER 0.7 NNW, PA
BRKV22024-02-20 130.000413BROOKNEAL
DE-NC-132024-02-20 130.000148NEWARK 1.5 S, DE
DE-SS-32024-02-20 120.00052DELMAR 4.3 E, DE
DE-SS-802024-02-20 130.00030BRIDGEVILLE 3.0 ESE, DE
GA-BW-122024-02-20 120.0001053AUBURN 1.6 E, GA
KCIV22024-02-21 050.000282WFO STERLING COOP
MD-AA-652024-02-20 120.000230ODENTON 1.0 N, MD
MD-CR-362024-02-20 120.000827WESTMINSTER 3.4 SSW, MD
MD-CV-282024-02-20 130.00043PRINCE FREDERICK 2.6 NW, MD
MD-MG-1282024-02-20 120.000413NORTH POTOMAC 3.8 N, MD
MD-MG-1542024-02-20 120.000515GAITHERSBURG 2.4 E, MD
MD-WC-262024-02-20 110.00046DELMAR 0.3 ESE, MD
MLLM22024-02-20 230.000860MILLERS 4 NE COOP
MSQN42024-02-20 120.00059MANASQUAN 1 NW
NBRN42024-02-20 130.00069NEW BRUNSWICK 3 SE
NC-BR-22024-02-20 100.00062LELAND 5.7 WSW, NC
NC-CT-392024-02-20 120.000961NEWTON 2.9 SE, NC
NC-DR-632024-02-20 130.00020BUXTON 0.3 ENE, NC
NC-HR-512024-02-20 110.000358ANGIER 0.4 N, NC
NC-PT-552024-02-20 120.00079WINTERVILLE 1.0 ENE, NC
NJ-AT-462024-02-20 120.00069GALLOWAY TWP 2.9 SW, NJ
NJ-AT-582024-02-20 110.00030SOMERS POINT 0.2 NW, NJ
NJ-AT-632024-02-20 140.00079EGG HARBOR TWP 1.6 WSW, NJ
NJ-BT-942024-02-20 120.00039WILLINGBORO TWP 1.3 ESE, NJ
NJ-GL-452024-02-20 120.00062WENONAH 0.2 SW, NJ
NJ-MC-22024-02-20 120.00095HAMILTON TWP 2.3 NE, NJ
NJ-MC-652024-02-20 120.00092HAMILTON TWP 2.6 NNE, NJ
NJ-MN-1042024-02-20 140.00039LITTLE SILVER 0.3 NNW, NJ
PA-BR-72024-02-20 120.000794FLEETWOOD 2.0 ESE, PA
PA-MT-1112024-02-20 120.000413PENNSBURG 2.4 SSW, PA
PA-MT-1492024-02-20 140.000328LANSDALE 1.1 W, PA
SC-LN-252024-02-20 130.000623FORT MILL 3.3 E, SC
SC-SP-1002024-02-20 120.0001063INMAN 2.9 W, SC
SC-SP-112024-02-20 120.000935LYMAN 4.1 WNW, SC
VA-CP-22024-02-20 120.000489RIXEYVILLE 2.5 N, VA
VA-CS-482024-02-20 120.000203BON AIR 4.0 S, VA
VA-FQ-212024-02-20 120.000705MARSHALL 8.0 SW, VA
VA-FX-1052024-02-20 120.00033ALEXANDRIA 6.8 S, VA
VA-FX-332024-02-20 120.00062FRANCONIA 1.3 SSE, VA
VA-JC-732024-02-20 130.000108WILLIAMSBURG 4.5 SE, VA
VA-LD-392024-02-20 120.000325ASHBURN 7.2 SW, VA
VA-PN-22024-02-20 120.000407FARMVILLE 1.0 SSW, VA
VA-SFC-282024-02-20 120.00062SUFFOLK 14.4 NNE, VA
Data last summarized at February 25 2024 06:03:06 UTC.

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