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Eastern Coastal Snow Water Equivalent Observations
from 2022-01-16 07:00 UTC to 2022-01-17 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with English Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
SC-SP-232022-01-16 183.302271LYMAN 5.3 WNW, SC
PA-BR-72022-01-16 122.540242FLEETWOOD 2.0 ESE, PA
SC-SP-102022-01-16 142.489240MOORE 4.9 NW, SC
SC-SP-912022-01-16 122.184233BERRY'S POND 0.3 SW, SC
SC-PC-172022-01-16 141.676257CLEMSON 0.8 NE, SC
SC-OC-772022-01-16 121.499255SENECA 4.9 ENE, SC
SC-AN-652022-01-16 121.372268PIEDMONT 4.7 WSW, SC
NC-GS-632022-01-16 131.321299CHERRYVILLE 2.2 SSE, NC
SC-AN-252022-01-16 121.270237BELTON 4.1 SSW, SC
NC-GS-522022-01-16 131.194239GASTONIA 8.4 SW, NC
SC-SP-1002022-01-16 121.194324INMAN 2.9 W, SC
SC-SP-112022-01-16 121.092285LYMAN 4.1 WNW, SC
NC-RT-162022-01-16 120.940307FOREST CITY 2.1 WSW, NC
NJ-SS-72022-01-16 130.762323HARDYSTON TWP 3.2 SE, NJ
NC-GS-212022-01-16 120.711233GASTONIA 1.8 SSE, NC
NC-PK-82022-01-16 120.610291RUTHERFORDTON 9.5 S, NC
NC-GS-92022-01-16 130.559207BELMONT 0.4 E, NC
SC-YR-132022-01-16 120.559178TEGA CAY 1.6 ESE, SC
NC-FR-542022-01-16 140.483256KERNERSVILLE 3.4 NNW, NC
NJ-HN-72022-01-16 130.457289BETHLEHEM TWP 0.6 S, NJ
MLLM22022-01-16 230.254262MILLERS 4 NE COOP
SC-YR-732022-01-16 120.254185FORT MILL 2.9 NE, SC
NC-CT-272022-01-16 120.203326HICKORY 5.3 NE, NC
NC-OR-382022-01-16 130.203157CHAPEL HILL 4.3 WSW, NC
NC-IR-22022-01-16 120.178259HARMONY 3.4 SW, NC
NC-WK-1062022-01-16 130.178141CARY 0.5 NW, NC
NC-DV-12022-01-16 120.152266SHEFFIELD 1.3 SW, NC
NC-FR-522022-01-16 130.102232CLEMMONS 1.0 S, NC
NC-DH-722022-01-16 120.07686DURHAM 6.5 SSW, NC
NC-DV-122022-01-16 120.076234MOCKSVILLE 3.7 W, NC
NC-DV-92022-01-16 120.076278SHEFFIELD 1.9 NE, NC
NC-GL-162022-01-16 130.076251BROWNS SUMMIT 3.4 NW, NC
NC-GL-82022-01-16 120.076250GREENSBORO 5.3 NNE, NC
NC-OR-512022-01-16 130.076159CHAPEL HILL 2.5 N, NC
NC-WR-72022-01-16 120.02598NORLINA 5.0 N, NC
NC-DH-342022-01-16 120.003162DURHAM 5.2 NW, NC
NC-FK-252022-01-16 120.003120FRANKLINTON 3.7 SSE, NC
NC-OR-782022-01-16 120.003159CHAPEL HILL 3.9 WNW, NC
NC-WK-232022-01-16 120.00383RALEIGH 3.3 ENE, NC
NC-WK-3032022-01-16 120.003120WAKE FOREST 2.4 ENE, NC
DE-KN-332022-01-16 120.00211SMYRNA 3.5 SSW, DE
MD-MG-202022-01-16 120.002130COLESVILLE 1.1 NNW, MD
NC-CH-152022-01-16 120.002172PITTSBORO 5.0 NE, NC
NC-CH-42022-01-16 120.002171GOLDSTON 3.8 N, NC
NC-FR-512022-01-16 120.002263CLEMMONS 1.0 E, NC
NC-PT-182022-01-16 120.00217GREENVILLE 7.1 SSE, NC
NC-WK-2552022-01-16 120.002130GORMAN 7.2 SE, NC
NC-WK-612022-01-16 120.002132RALEIGH 8.4 N, NC
PA-BK-522022-01-16 120.002139HILLTOWN 1.4 SW, PA
PA-YR-202022-01-16 120.002158MOUNT WOLF 1.0 SE, PA
BRKV22022-01-16 120.000126BROOKNEAL
DE-NC-22022-01-16 120.00034NEWARK 3.9 SSW, DE
DE-SS-802022-01-16 130.0009BRIDGEVILLE 3.0 ESE, DE
GA-BW-122022-01-16 120.000321AUBURN 1.6 E, GA
GA-FR-12022-01-16 120.000233CARNESVILLE 7.3 SW, GA
MD-AA-652022-01-16 120.00070ODENTON 1.0 N, MD
MD-CR-362022-01-16 120.000252WESTMINSTER 3.4 SSW, MD
MD-HR-232022-01-16 120.000227NORRISVILLE 0.6 WSW, MD
MD-MG-762022-01-16 120.000178LAYTONSVILLE 4.6 NNW, MD
MD-WC-262022-01-16 110.00014DELMAR 0.3 ESE, MD
MSQN42022-01-16 120.00018MANASQUAN 1 NW
NBRN42022-01-16 130.00021NEW BRUNSWICK 3 SE
NC-BR-22022-01-16 130.00019LELAND 5.7 WSW, NC
NC-CR-332022-01-16 120.0009NEWPORT 2.5 W, NC
NC-DH-482022-01-16 120.000113DURHAM 4.5 N, NC
NC-DH-782022-01-16 120.000145DURHAM 4.6 WNW, NC
NC-DR-692022-01-16 120.0009SOUTHERN SHORES 0.5 NNE, NC
NC-PT-552022-01-16 120.00024WINTERVILLE 1.0 ENE, NC
NC-PT-72022-01-16 120.00024WINTERVILLE 3.5 W, NC
NC-SR-122022-01-16 120.000331PILOT MOUNTAIN 0.3 W, NC
NJ-AT-132022-01-16 120.00021EGG HARBOR TWP 1.3 NW, NJ
NJ-BT-802022-01-16 120.00029MANSFIELD TWP 1.9 SW, NJ
NJ-BT-862022-01-16 120.00020MOUNT LAUREL TWP 2.2 E, NJ
NJ-CM-382022-01-16 120.0006OCEAN CITY 1.6 SW, NJ
NJ-CN-52022-01-16 120.00042WINSLOW TWP 3.5 W, NJ
NJ-MC-652022-01-16 120.00028HAMILTON TWP 2.6 NNE, NJ
NJ-MS-982022-01-16 120.000159HARDING TWP 2.4 W, NJ
NJ-UN-362022-01-16 150.00021CLARK TWP 1.3 ENE, NJ
PA-BR-162022-01-16 130.000242MOHNTON 2.8 SSW, PA
PA-BR-352022-01-16 130.000267NEW MORGAN 1.8 WNW, PA
PA-CH-492022-01-16 140.000166EXTON 2.1 SE, PA
PA-MT-1112022-01-16 120.000126PENNSBURG 2.4 SSW, PA
PA-MT-1332022-01-16 120.000107WILLOW GROVE 0.9 ESE, PA
PA-MT-672022-01-16 130.00093FORT WASHINGTON 0.8 NW, PA
PA-YR-312022-01-16 120.000120MANCHESTER 0.7 NNW, PA
SC-HR-1232022-01-16 120.000-4MYRTLE BEACH 4.5 NNW, SC
SRVP12022-01-16 140.00094SELLERSVILLE
VA-CP-132022-01-16 120.000147CULPEPER 2.0 WNW, VA
VA-CP-22022-01-16 120.000149RIXEYVILLE 2.5 N, VA
VA-CS-482022-01-16 120.00062BON AIR 4.0 S, VA
VA-FQ-212022-01-16 120.000215MARSHALL 8.0 SW, VA
VA-FX-1052022-01-16 120.00010ALEXANDRIA 6.8 S, VA
VA-FX-542022-01-16 120.000135FAIRFAX 4.1 W, VA
Data last summarized at January 18 2022 01:01:03 UTC.

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