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Eastern Coastal Snowfall Observations
from 2015-04-01 07:00 UTC to 2015-04-02 06:00 UTC

Note: these data are unofficial and provisional.
Latitude and longitude of observations will be included in text files after December 1, 2006.

Text file with Metric unitsText file with English unitsTable with Metric Units

Station IDDate (UTC)Value
Station Description
NJ-MS-212015-04-01 10:253.00024.0001050RANDOLPH TWP 0.8 W, NJ
NJ-SS-72015-04-01 12:002.40024.0001060HARDYSTON TWP 3.2 SE, NJ
NJ-WR-232015-04-01 11:302.30024.000896WHITE TWP 1.7 S, NJ
NJ-MS-42015-04-01 12:002.20024.000830ROCKAWAY TWP 0.7 NE, NJ
NJ-MS-732015-04-01 11:002.20024.000906RANDOLPH TWP 2.2 SW, NJ
NJ-MS-182015-04-01 11:002.00024.000794JEFFERSON TWP 2.4 ENE, NJ
NJ-HN-72015-04-01 11:001.60024.000948BETHLEHEM TWP 0.6 S, NJ
NJ-WR-22015-04-01 09:001.60024.000495LIBERTY TWP 1.7 WSW, NJ
NJ-MS-232015-04-01 12:001.50024.000925MINE HILL TWP 0.4 NE, NJ
NJ-MS-422015-04-01 12:001.50024.000748RANDOLPH TWP 2.0 E, NJ
NJ-MS-612015-04-01 11:001.20024.000781WASHINGTON TWP 3.6 W, NJ
NJ-MS-312015-04-01 11:001.00024.000810DENVILLE TWP 2.0 NNE, NJ
NJ-MS-512015-04-01 11:001.00024.000725ROXBURY TWP 1.2 ESE, NJ
NJ-MS-62015-04-01 12:001.00024.000715ROCKAWAY 0.4 NNW, NJ
NJ-MS-632015-04-01 11:001.00024.000656MINE HILL TWP 1.1 ENE, NJ
NJ-WR-52015-04-01 11:001.00024.000564HACKETTSTOWN 0.8 W, NJ
NJ-HN-122015-04-01 10:400.90024.000778HOLLAND TWP 2.6 NNE, NJ
NJ-SS-82015-04-01 11:000.90024.000643WANTAGE TWP 2.4 SW, NJ
NJ-ES-242015-04-01 11:000.80024.000371CEDAR GROVE TWP 0.4 W, NJ
NJ-MS-712015-04-01 12:000.80024.000545DENVILLE TWP 1.5 ESE, NJ
NJ-WR-12015-04-01 11:000.80024.000404GREENWICH TWP 1.6 S, NJ
NJ-MS-32015-04-01 11:090.70024.000466MORRIS TWP 0.8 NW, NJ
NJ-BG-232015-04-01 11:000.60024.000499OAKLAND 0.9 SSE, NJ
NJ-HN-12015-04-01 12:000.60024.000591CALIFON 0.6 NW, NJ
NJ-BG-292015-04-01 11:000.50024.000249OAKLAND 0.2 WNW, NJ
NJ-MS-192015-04-01 13:000.50024.000305LONG HILL TWP 1.8 WSW, NJ
NJ-SS-202015-04-01 10:100.50024.000558WANTAGE TWP 1.5 SE, NJ
NJ-SS-32015-04-01 11:000.50024.000463VERNON TWP 1.7 N, NJ
NJ-WR-292015-04-01 12:000.50024.000564HACKETTSTOWN 0.1 SW, NJ
NJ-ES-192015-04-01 13:000.30024.000269WEST CALDWELL TWP 1.3 NE, NJ
NJ-HN-182015-04-01 12:000.30024.000636CLINTON TWP 3.9 N, NJ
NJ-HN-212015-04-01 10:150.30024.000663LEBANON 2.8 N, NJ
NJ-MS-402015-04-01 11:000.30024.000200CHATHAM 0.6 NW, NJ
NJ-MS-492015-04-01 12:000.30024.000226FLORHAM PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
NJ-PS-142015-04-01 11:000.30024.00066HAWTHORNE 1.0 SSE, NJ
NJ-SM-312015-04-01 12:000.30024.000449PEAPACK-GLADSTONE 1.3 NNE, NJ
NJ-UN-102015-04-01 12:000.30024.000407NEW PROVIDENCE 0.8 ESE, NJ
NJ-PS-122015-04-01 12:000.20024.000203LITTLE FALLS TWP 0.5 WNW, NJ
NJ-PS-252015-04-01 10:000.20024.000361BLOOMINGDALE 0.7 SSE, NJ
NJ-SM-112015-04-01 10:000.20024.000515BEDMINSTER TWP 2.9 ESE, NJ
NJ-SM-22015-04-01 11:000.20024.000328BERNARDS TWP 0.9 ENE, NJ
NJ-SM-42015-04-01 10:300.20024.000308BERNARDS TWP 0.6 NNW, NJ
NJ-BG-32015-04-01 11:300.10024.00095TENAFLY 1.3 W, NJ
NJ-WR-212015-04-01 10:000.10024.000489WASHINGTON 0.6 ENE, NJ
HSNN42015-04-01 13:000.00112.00070.2 MI E OF HARRISON P.O. PASSIAC RVR
NJ-BG-172015-04-01 10:500.00124.00092GLEN ROCK 0.7 SSE, NJ
NJ-BG-182015-04-01 13:000.00124.00066PALISADES PARK 0.2 WNW, NJ
NJ-BG-22015-04-01 10:000.00124.00059SADDLE BROOK TWP 0.6 E, NJ
NJ-HD-12015-04-01 13:000.00124.00020HARRISON 0.3 N, NJ
NJ-HN-102015-04-01 12:000.00124.000157FLEMINGTON 2.3 E, NJ
NJ-HN-152015-04-01 10:300.00124.000194FLEMINGTON 0.3 E, NJ
NJ-HN-32015-04-01 11:000.00124.000328CLINTON 1.6 ENE, NJ
NJ-HN-312015-04-01 11:000.00124.000305FRENCHTOWN 0.5 N, NJ
NJ-HN-42015-04-01 11:000.00124.000269FRANKLIN TWP 2.8 NNE, NJ
NJ-HN-52015-04-01 11:000.00124.000207READINGTON TWP 2.0 WSW, NJ
NJ-MC-12015-04-01 12:000.00124.000177PENNINGTON 0.6 ENE, NJ
NJ-MC-232015-04-01 12:000.00124.00072HOPEWELL TWP 4.6 SW, NJ
NJ-MD-22015-04-01 11:000.00124.000108NORTH BRUNSWICK TWP 1.5 W, NJ
NJ-MD-652015-04-01 11:000.00124.000105WOODBRIDGE TWP 3.4 NNW, NJ
NJ-MN-552015-04-01 11:000.00124.000200FREEHOLD 0.7 SSW, NJ
NJ-SM-12015-04-01 11:000.00124.000108HILLSBOROUGH TWP 4.7 ESE, NJ
NJ-SM-132015-04-01 12:000.00124.00052SOMERVILLE 0.2 ENE, NJ
NJ-SM-262015-04-01 10:000.00124.00098FRANKLIN TWP 3.1 NE, NJ
NJ-SM-392015-04-01 11:000.00124.00066FRANKLIN TWP 4.6 NNW, NJ
NJ-SM-52015-04-01 11:000.00124.000105BRIDGEWATER TWP 3.3 NW, NJ
PA-BR-22015-04-01 12:000.00124.000315READING 3.5 SW, PA
PA-BR-72015-04-01 12:300.00124.000794FLEETWOOD 2.0 ESE, PA
PA-NH-52015-04-01 11:000.00124.000344GLENDON 3.5 S, PA
APG2015-04-01 11:000.00024.00030PHILLIPS AAF
BOSV22015-04-01 11:280.00024.000568BOSTON 4 SE COOP
BOSV22015-04-01 11:280.0006.000568BOSTON 4 SE COOP
CRVV22015-04-01 12:000.00024.000866CHARLOTTESVILLE 2W COOP
DALD22015-04-01 12:000.00024.000148DALECARLIA RESERVOIR COOP
DALD22015-04-01 12:000.0006.000148DALECARLIA RESERVOIR COOP
DE-NC-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000112NEWARK 3.9 SSW, DE
DE-SS-162015-04-01 11:000.00024.00033SEAFORD 0.7 SW, DE
DE-SS-292015-04-01 11:000.00024.00043ELLENDALE 1.4 NNW, DE
DMAM22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000696DAMASCUS 3 SSW COOP
EMMM22015-04-01 10:350.00024.000410EMMITSBURG 2 SE COOP
EMMM22015-04-01 10:350.0006.000410EMMITSBURG 2 SE COOP
ERLV22015-04-01 10:000.00024.000564EARLYSVILLE
GA-BW-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000771WINDER 3.9 NNE, GA
GA-CK-82015-04-01 12:000.00024.000778WINTERVILLE 0.4 W, GA
GA-FR-112015-04-01 11:300.00024.000801COMMERCE 10.4 NE, GA
GA-GW-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.0001060SNELLVILLE 1.1 W, GA
GA-GW-392015-04-01 10:000.00024.000981BETHLEHEM 7.0 W, GA
GA-HT-12015-04-01 12:000.00024.000702HARTWELL 2.3 NE, GA
GA-JC-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000850BRASELTON 3.0 NE, GA
GA-MA-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000607COMER 3.5 NNE, GA
GA-MA-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000771NICHOLSON 4.9 SE, GA
GA-MA-222015-04-01 11:000.00024.000794HULL 2.9 N, GA
GA-MA-82015-04-01 16:050.00024.000869ILA 4.1 SW, GA
GA-OC-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000659WATKINSVILLE 10.1 SSE, GA
GA-OG-152015-04-01 11:000.00024.000712COLBERT 3.1 SSE, GA
GA-OG-202015-04-01 12:000.00024.000755COLBERT 4.1 S, GA
GA-OG-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.000630CARLTON 1.9 SSE, GA
GA-OG-252015-04-01 12:300.00024.000607COMER 5.4 S, GA
GA-OG-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000673COLBERT 3.9 SSE, GA
GA-OG-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.000784ARNOLDSVILLE 0.4 S, GA
GA-OG-72015-04-01 12:000.00024.000719LEXINGTON 5.5 NNE, GA
GA-WS-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000538RAYLE 3.0 NNE, GA
HWDV22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000650HAYWOOD
IAD2015-04-01 06:130.00024.000262DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT
KCIV22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000282STERLING RCS COOP
KCIV22015-04-01 06:130.00024.000282STERLING RCS COOP
MD-AA-32015-04-01 12:000.00024.000236LAUREL 2.7 E, MD
MD-BL-352015-04-01 23:000.00024.000728REISTERSTOWN 1.2 NW, MD
MD-CH-112015-04-01 23:000.00024.00043PORT TOBACCO VILLAGE 1.0 S, MD
MD-CH-302015-04-01 11:300.00024.000164BRYANS ROAD 1.0 SW, MD
MD-CR-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.000591ELDERSBURG 0.9 ENE, MD
MD-CV-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000141PRINCE FREDERICK 1.4 W, MD
MD-FR-122015-04-01 09:150.00024.000384NEW MARKET 2.6 NNW, MD
MD-HR-112015-04-01 11:000.00024.000430BEL AIR 1.7 W, MD
MD-HW-182015-04-01 11:000.00024.000394COLUMBIA 2.3 N, MD
MD-HW-282015-04-01 09:300.00024.000289ELKRIDGE 2.6 SW, MD
MD-HW-72015-04-02 03:590.00024.000305JESSUP 3.0 W, MD
MD-MG-422015-04-01 11:000.00024.000249TAKOMA PARK 0.6 NNW, MD
MD-MG-552015-04-01 11:000.00024.000433ROSSMOOR 1.3 ESE, MD
MD-MG-742015-04-01 11:000.00024.000423ROCKVILLE 0.6 SE, MD
MD-MG-82015-04-02 03:590.00024.000394GAITHERSBURG 2 WNW, MD
MD-PG-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000180OXON HILL 1.1 W, MD
MD-QA-82015-04-01 12:000.00024.00020STEVENSVILLE 3.0 N, MD
MD-SM-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.00079RIDGE 1.0 N, MD
MD-SM-32015-04-01 10:000.00024.000115LEONARDTOWN 0.6 NE, MD
MD-TB-112015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036EASTON 0.7 NNW, MD
MLLM22015-04-01 22:000.0006.000860MILLERS 4 NE COOP
NC-AX-62015-04-01 12:300.00024.0001109HIDDENITE 1.5 SE, NC
NC-BD-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000135BLADENBORO 2.0 NNW, NC
NC-BD-152015-04-01 12:000.00024.000154ELIZABETHTOWN 6.6 NW, NC
NC-BD-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000115GARLAND 11.2 W, NC
NC-BF-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.00023BATH 0.7 N, NC
NC-BF-142015-04-01 12:000.00024.00046BLOUNTS CREEK 4.0 N, NC
NC-BF-22015-04-02 01:300.00024.00033WASHINGTON 7.6 SE, NC
NC-BF-202015-04-01 11:000.00024.00016WASHINGTON 7.2 SE, NC
NC-BR-122015-04-01 11:450.00024.00039WINNABOW 3.6 SE, NC
NC-BR-132015-04-01 10:300.00024.00026SOUTHPORT 5.9 W, NC
NC-BR-142015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039SOUTHPORT 1.0 NE, NC
NC-BR-22015-04-01 10:000.00024.00062LELAND 5.7 WSW, NC
NC-BR-272015-04-01 12:000.00024.0007VARNAMTOWN 1.8 ENE, NC
NC-BR-322015-04-01 10:250.00024.00023SUNSET BEACH 3.4 N, NC
NC-BR-342015-04-01 12:000.00024.00013LELAND 2.2 SW, NC
NC-BR-532015-04-01 12:000.00024.00030SOUTHPORT 0.9 NE, NC
NC-BR-562015-04-01 12:000.00024.00016OAK ISLAND 0.9 ENE, NC
NC-BR-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.000-3SUNSET BEACH 1.7 WNW, NC
NC-CA-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.00020SOUTH MILLS 0.1 SW, NC
NC-CB-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000791KANNAPOLIS 5.2 E, NC
NC-CB-152015-04-01 11:320.00024.000745CONCORD 1.0 SW, NC
NC-CB-82015-04-01 11:000.00024.000636CONCORD 4.5 SW, NC
NC-CC-12015-04-01 12:000.00024.00013COROLLA 11.7 NNW, NC
NC-CH-142015-04-01 11:000.00024.000430PITTSBORO 3.7 SW, NC
NC-CH-152015-04-01 11:000.00024.000564PITTSBORO 5.0 NE, NC
NC-CH-162015-04-01 11:000.00024.000308APEX 9.2 WNW, NC
NC-CH-172015-04-01 12:000.00024.000381PITTSBORO 6.2 NE, NC
NC-CH-202015-04-01 12:000.00024.000302CARY 7.5 WNW, NC
NC-CH-232015-04-01 11:000.00024.000453PITTSBORO 5.4 WSW, NC
NC-CH-242015-04-01 12:000.00024.000341SANFORD 10.0 N, NC
NC-CH-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000561GOLDSTON 3.8 N, NC
NC-CL-172015-04-01 11:000.00024.00056LAKE WACCAMAW 3.1 SSW, NC
NC-CL-252015-04-01 11:000.00024.00095WHITEVILLE 6.1 NW, NC
NC-CL-262015-04-01 11:000.00024.000105TABOR CITY 3.5 NE, NC
NC-CM-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000180FAYETTEVILLE 9.9 SW, NC
NC-CM-112015-04-01 11:000.00024.000187FAYETTEVILLE 6.9 SW, NC
NC-CM-162015-04-01 11:000.00024.000240FAYETTEVILLE 2.9 N, NC
NC-CM-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.000135STEDMAN 1.0 NW, NC
NC-CM-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.000213FAYETTEVILLE 5.1 WNW, NC
NC-CM-342015-04-01 11:000.00024.000157HOPE MILLS 8.0 SSE, NC
NC-CM-382015-04-01 13:000.00024.000207FAYETTEVILLE 2.6 N, NC
NC-CM-422015-04-01 09:500.00024.000167HOPE MILLS 6.3 SE, NC
NC-CM-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.000161FAYETTEVILLE 4.4 SW, NC
NC-CM-582015-04-01 12:450.00024.000115HOPE MILLS 0.6 ESE, NC
NC-CM-602015-04-01 11:000.00024.000210HOPE MILLS 1.7 NE, NC
NC-CM-622015-04-01 11:000.00024.000249FAYETTEVILLE 5.4 WNW, NC
NC-CM-672015-04-01 11:000.00024.000210FAYETTEVILLE 2.9 SW, NC
NC-CM-82015-04-01 11:000.00024.000194FAYETTEVILLE 1.6 WSW, NC
NC-CN-152015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039TRENT WOODS 1.3 SSE, NC
NC-CN-192015-04-01 12:000.00024.00016HAVELOCK 6.3 ENE, NC
NC-CN-222015-04-01 10:430.00024.00033NEW BERN 1.4 WSW, NC
NC-CN-342015-04-01 11:000.00024.00023JAMES CITY 2.0 S, NC
NC-CN-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039JAMES CITY 2.5 S, NC
NC-CN-462015-04-01 11:000.00024.00013NEW BERN 7.2 ESE, NC
NC-CN-482015-04-01 11:000.00024.00033NEW BERN 4.2 S, NC
NC-CN-642015-04-01 11:000.00024.0007NEW BERN 7.0 E, NC
NC-CN-672015-04-01 10:300.00024.00026TRENT WOODS 1.0 NNE, NC
NC-CN-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.00016NEW BERN 1.3 NNE, NC
NC-CR-182015-04-01 11:000.00024.00026NEWPORT 2.0 WSW, NC
NC-CR-292015-04-01 12:000.00024.00030MOREHEAD CITY 0.1 E, NC
NC-CR-402015-04-01 11:000.00024.00026MOREHEAD CITY 3.0 WNW, NC
NC-CR-452015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039MOREHEAD CITY 2.4 WNW, NC
NC-CR-492015-04-01 10:000.00024.00020EMERALD ISLE 2.3 WSW, NC
NC-CR-642015-04-01 12:000.00024.00010SMYRNA 0.3 ESE, NC
NC-CR-652015-04-01 11:000.00024.00010DAVIS 0.5 SW, NC
NC-CR-732015-04-01 11:000.00024.00013PINE KNOLL SHORES 1.4 E, NC
NC-CR-742015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039NEWPORT 1.0 N, NC
NC-CR-752015-04-01 12:000.00024.00020PINE KNOLL SHORES 0.3 NE, NC
NC-CR-842015-04-01 13:000.00024.00039MOREHEAD CITY 3.4 W, NC
NC-CR-872015-04-01 11:000.00024.0007MOREHEAD CITY 2.3 NNE, NC
NC-CR-942015-04-01 10:000.00024.00010HARKERS ISLAND 1.5 WNW, NC
NC-CS-12015-04-01 11:300.00024.000410MILTON 5.7 SSE, NC
NC-CS-22015-04-01 21:000.00024.000699MEBANE 11.2 N, NC
NC-CS-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.000522YANCEYVILLE 2.4 SW, NC
NC-CT-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000981HICKORY 4.8 SW, NC
NC-CT-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000951HICKORY 2.4 NW, NC
NC-CT-252015-04-01 11:000.00024.000958CONOVER 2.8 NE, NC
NC-CT-62015-04-01 10:000.00024.000863SHERRILLS FORD 2.4 WNW, NC
NC-CT-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.0001033NORTH HICKORY 1.4 WNW, NC
NC-CV-32015-04-01 10:300.00024.000922KINGS MOUNTAIN 1.6 SW, NC
NC-CW-182015-04-01 12:000.00024.00016EDENTON 0.2 NNW, NC
NC-CW-202015-04-01 13:000.00024.00030EDENTON 4.3 SE, NC
NC-CW-222015-04-01 11:000.00024.00020EDENTON 2.0 W, NC
NC-DH-222015-04-01 10:000.00024.000410DURHAM 6.8 NNW, NC
NC-DH-332015-04-01 11:000.00024.000289CHAPEL HILL 2.5 SE, NC
NC-DP-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000164MOUNT OLIVE 2.4 SW, NC
NC-DP-42015-04-01 12:000.00024.000157MOUNT OLIVE 6.0 SE, NC
NC-DR-102015-04-01 10:300.00024.00023KILL DEVIL HILLS 0.9 WNW, NC
NC-DR-152015-04-01 11:300.00024.00016SALVO 0.9 NNE, NC
NC-DR-242015-04-01 11:000.00024.00049DUCK 1.1 SSE, NC
NC-DR-252015-04-01 12:000.00024.00030DUCK 0.3 SE, NC
NC-DR-292015-04-01 13:000.00024.0007MANTEO 0.6 SSE, NC
NC-DR-332015-04-01 11:000.00024.00023MANTEO 1.0 WNW, NC
NC-DS-132015-04-01 08:300.00024.000843CLEMMONS 6.5 SE, NC
NC-DV-32015-04-01 12:000.00024.000771MOCKSVILLE 7.4 NNW, NC
NC-DV-62015-04-01 12:000.00024.000738ADVANCE 2.9 NW, NC
NC-FK-102015-04-01 10:300.00024.000410WAKE FOREST 3.5 NNW, NC
NC-FK-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000400YOUNGSVILLE 4.1 SE, NC
NC-FK-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000469YOUNGSVILLE 1.2 E, NC
NC-FR-132015-04-01 12:000.00024.000915KERNERSVILLE 3.0 NW, NC
NC-FR-142015-04-01 11:000.00024.000892WINSTON-SALEM 1.4 SSW, NC
NC-FR-182015-04-01 13:000.00024.000899KERNERSVILLE 3.8 W, NC
NC-FR-212015-04-01 11:000.00024.000889WINSTON-SALEM 3.7 WNW, NC
NC-FR-262015-04-01 12:000.00024.000961KERNERSVILLE 1.2 WNW, NC
NC-FR-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.000883LEWISVILLE 4.2 N, NC
NC-FR-72015-04-01 10:450.00024.000925LEWISVILLE 0.5 W, NC
NC-GL-162015-04-01 12:000.00024.000823BROWNS SUMMIT 3.4 NW, NC
NC-GL-172015-04-01 11:000.00024.000873GREENSBORO 0.9 WNW, NC
NC-GL-292015-04-01 21:270.00024.000837GREENSBORO 1.4 SE, NC
NC-GL-412015-04-01 12:000.00024.000846GREENSBORO 7.1 S, NC
NC-GL-72015-04-01 11:300.00024.000863OAK RIDGE 2.3 SSW, NC
NC-GS-212015-04-01 11:000.00024.000764GASTONIA 1.8 SSE, NC
NC-GS-282015-04-01 11:000.00024.000705GASTONIA 5.4 ESE, NC
NC-GS-372015-04-01 21:000.00024.000932KINGS MOUNTAIN 3.4 NNE, NC
NC-GS-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.000702GASTONIA 3.9 ESE, NC
NC-GV-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000505OXFORD 2.5 WSW, NC
NC-HK-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000210RAEFORD 9.6 E, NC
NC-HK-42015-04-01 12:000.00024.000226FAYETTEVILLE 10.8 WSW, NC
NC-HK-72015-04-01 11:150.00024.000266RAEFORD 7.1 NE, NC
NC-HL-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000141ROANOKE RAPIDS 4.5 WNW, NC
NC-HL-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000394LITTLETON 0.3 NNW, NC
NC-HR-172015-04-01 12:000.00024.000276CAMERON 7.6 E, NC
NC-HR-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000262COATS 0.7 W, NC
NC-HR-72015-04-01 10:350.00024.000341LILLINGTON 2.0 W, NC
NC-IR-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000830MOORESVILLE 1.9 SSE, NC
NC-IR-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.000830MOORESVILLE 1.3 WSW, NC
NC-IR-52015-04-01 12:300.00024.000856STATESVILLE 2.9 ENE, NC
NC-IR-82015-04-01 11:000.00024.000922STATESVILLE 4.0 ENE, NC
NC-JH-142015-04-01 11:000.00024.000285CLAYTON 1.3 SSW, NC
NC-JH-152015-04-01 11:000.00024.000276WENDELL 6.5 S, NC
NC-JH-202015-04-01 11:000.00024.000302CLAYTON 4.6 ESE, NC
NC-JH-222015-04-01 11:000.00024.000308MIDDLESEX 5.5 SSW, NC
NC-JH-462015-04-01 12:000.00024.000190CLAYTON 6.8 ESE, NC
NC-JH-572015-04-01 13:000.00024.000233GARNER 9.8 SE, NC
NC-JH-602015-04-01 11:000.00024.000289CLAYTON 3.7 NE, NC
NC-JH-632015-04-01 11:000.00024.000262CLAYTON 3.3 ENE, NC
NC-JH-642015-04-01 11:000.00024.000269ANGIER 9.2 E, NC
NC-JH-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000233CLAYTON 5.7 SSE, NC
NC-JN-12015-04-01 10:000.00024.00033NEW BERN 4.4 SW, NC
NC-LE-42015-04-01 13:000.00024.000364SANFORD 7.1 SE, NC
NC-LE-72015-04-01 12:000.00024.000374SANFORD 5.0 SE, NC
NC-LE-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000325SANFORD 6.0 N, NC
NC-LN-102015-04-01 10:300.00024.0001096VALE 4.2 W, NC
NC-LN-42015-04-01 10:500.00024.000889LINCOLNTON 4.4 WSW, NC
NC-LR-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000118KINSTON 5.1 WNW, NC
NC-LR-232015-04-01 11:000.00024.000108KINSTON 4.4 WNW, NC
NC-LR-52015-04-01 12:000.00024.00062KINSTON 4.6 NNE, NC
NC-LR-72015-04-01 13:000.00024.00030KINSTON 4.7 ESE, NC
NC-MK-442015-04-01 22:000.00024.000761CHARLOTTE 10.9 NNE, NC
NC-MK-532015-04-01 11:000.00024.000761CHARLOTTE 7.0 ENE, NC
NC-MK-562015-04-01 12:000.00024.000728MINT HILL 0.3 SW, NC
NC-MK-602015-04-01 11:000.00024.000705DAVIDSON 3.4 ESE, NC
NC-MK-692015-04-01 12:300.00024.000781CHARLOTTE 6.7 ENE, NC
NC-MR-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.000243VASS 5.3 ESE, NC
NC-MR-172015-04-01 11:000.00024.000466PINEHURST 3.0 NNE, NC
NC-MR-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000377WHISPERING PINES 2.1 NE, NC
NC-MT-102015-04-01 11:450.00024.00098ROBERSONVILLE 0.0 NNW, NC
NC-MT-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.00049JAMESVILLE 1.5 SSE, NC
NC-MT-62015-04-01 12:000.00024.00085WILLIAMSTON 0.9 SSW, NC
NC-MT-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039JAMESVILLE 6.1 SW, NC
NC-NH-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.00023WILMINGTON 8.0 ENE, NC
NC-NH-162015-04-01 10:300.00024.00023WILMINGTON 4.1 SE, NC
NC-NH-422015-04-01 12:000.00024.00030WILMINGTON 3.1 S, NC
NC-NH-452015-04-01 12:000.00024.0000KURE BEACH 2.4 SSW, NC
NC-NH-512015-04-01 11:000.00024.00043WILMINGTON 5.6 NE, NC
NC-NR-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000102CONWAY 0.3 W, NC
NC-NS-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000217NASHVILLE 3.2 W, NC
NC-NS-212015-04-01 11:000.00024.000180ROCKY MOUNT 9.2 SW, NC
NC-ON-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.00023JACKSONVILLE 1.0 NW, NC
NC-ON-202015-04-01 10:300.00024.00030HUBERT 4.9 SE, NC
NC-ON-272015-04-01 11:000.00024.00010HUBERT 4.3 SE, NC
NC-ON-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.00026SWANSBORO 3.3 NW, NC
NC-ON-582015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039JACKSONVILLE 1.2 NE, NC
NC-ON-672015-04-01 11:000.00024.00069RICHLANDS 5.3 SSW, NC
NC-ON-702015-04-01 11:000.00024.00085GURGANUS 0.5 N, NC
NC-ON-782015-04-01 09:450.00024.0003MAYSVILLE 7.5 SSE, NC
NC-OR-172015-04-01 13:450.00024.000663CEDAR GROVE 2.4 ENE, NC
NC-OR-192015-04-01 12:000.00024.000305CHAPEL HILL 1.7 NE, NC
NC-OR-272015-04-01 12:000.00024.000614HILLSBOROUGH 1.8 S, NC
NC-OR-332015-04-01 11:000.00024.000466CHAPEL HILL 1.5 NNW, NC
NC-OR-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000531HILLSBOROUGH 8.7 NE, NC
NC-PD-132015-04-01 12:000.00024.0000CASTLE HAYNE 1.6 NNW, NC
NC-PD-172015-04-01 12:000.00024.00049HAMPSTEAD 0.3 NW, NC
NC-PD-192015-04-01 12:000.00024.00023SURF CITY 0.8 E, NC
NC-PD-202015-04-01 11:500.00024.0000TOPSAIL BEACH 0.7 E, NC
NC-PD-262015-04-01 11:000.00024.00030HAMPSTEAD 2.3 ENE, NC
NC-PK-162015-04-01 10:000.00024.000906COLUMBUS 7.3 ESE, NC
NC-PK-82015-04-01 11:000.00024.000955RUTHERFORDTON 9.5 S, NC
NC-PM-122015-04-01 11:000.00024.0003ORIENTAL 5.2 NE, NC
NC-PM-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.00030ORIENTAL 2.1 WSW, NC
NC-PM-212015-04-01 10:150.00024.00020LOWLAND 0.2 SE, NC
NC-PM-222015-04-01 11:150.00024.00020BAYBORO 0.7 W, NC
NC-PN-112015-04-01 14:000.00024.000682TIMBERLAKE 8.1 NE, NC
NC-PR-102015-04-01 10:400.00024.00039HERTFORD 6.9 SSE, NC
NC-PR-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.00046BELVIDERE 5.4 N, NC
NC-PR-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.00026HERTFORD 7.8 SSE, NC
NC-PT-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000125FOUNTAIN 0.1 NE, NC
NC-PT-182015-04-01 11:000.00024.00056GREENVILLE 7.1 SSE, NC
NC-PT-192015-04-01 12:000.00024.00085GREENVILLE 4.4 SSE, NC
NC-PT-212015-04-01 11:300.00024.00072GREENVILLE 4.3 SSE, NC
NC-PT-232015-04-01 11:000.00024.00092WINTERVILLE 2.5 NNW, NC
NC-PT-252015-04-01 11:000.00024.00085GREENVILLE 4.7 WNW, NC
NC-PT-352015-04-01 13:000.00024.00056GREENVILLE 2.8 ESE, NC
NC-PT-372015-04-01 11:000.00024.00079AYDEN 3.7 S, NC
NC-PT-42015-04-01 12:000.00024.00059AYDEN 1.7 ESE, NC
NC-PT-402015-04-01 12:000.00024.00072GREENVILLE 2.0 SE, NC
NC-PT-472015-04-01 12:000.00024.00098FARMVILLE 3.1 NW, NC
NC-PT-492015-04-01 12:000.00024.00036GREENVILLE 1.6 ENE, NC
NC-PT-552015-04-01 11:000.00024.00079WINTERVILLE 1.0 ENE, NC
NC-PT-572015-04-01 11:000.00024.00089GREENVILLE 5.7 NW, NC
NC-PT-622015-04-01 10:000.00024.00079GREENVILLE 2.8 WSW, NC
NC-PT-632015-04-01 10:000.00024.00072WINTERVILLE 2.8 WNW, NC
NC-RB-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000151LUMBERTON 2.6 ESE, NC
NC-RB-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000135LUMBERTON 2.3 NE, NC
NC-RC-22015-04-01 11:300.00024.000203ROCKINGHAM 0.6 WSW, NC
NC-RC-42015-04-01 10:000.00024.000328HAMLET 1.1 SW, NC
NC-RN-142015-04-01 11:000.00024.000545FRANKLINVILLE 0.3 ENE, NC
NC-RN-162015-04-01 12:000.00024.000541SEAGROVE 6.0 ENE, NC
NC-RN-222015-04-01 12:000.00024.000479RAMSEUR 1.5 WNW, NC
NC-RN-232015-04-01 11:000.00024.000896ASHEBORO 1.3 SSE, NC
NC-RN-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000797ASHEBORO 1.2 SW, NC
NC-RW-112015-04-01 12:000.00024.000732SALISBURY 1.4 S, NC
NC-RW-152015-04-01 12:000.00024.000679SALISBURY 5.0 NNE, NC
NC-RW-162015-04-01 12:000.00024.000833FAITH 0.3 WNW, NC
NC-RW-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.000843CHINA GROVE 4.4 W, NC
NC-SC-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000203LAURINBURG 5.7 SSW, NC
NC-SK-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.0001066DANBURY 4.6 NNW, NC
NC-SM-112015-04-01 12:000.00024.00066HARRELLS 0.7 SE, NC
NC-SM-132015-04-01 10:000.00024.000131ROSEBORO 1.5 WSW, NC
NC-SM-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.000203DUNN 7.1 SSE, NC
NC-SM-72015-04-01 12:000.00024.000187DUNN 5.2 SSE, NC
NC-SN-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000489STANFIELD 4.5 SSE, NC
NC-SN-72015-04-01 12:000.00024.000456ALBEMARLE 5.1 SSE, NC
NC-SR-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.0001112PILOT MOUNTAIN 0.7 NW, NC
NC-UN-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000577MONROE 2.4 N, NC
NC-UN-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000666MONROE 9.2 N, NC
NC-UN-172015-04-01 10:100.00024.000656WAXHAW 4.1 ENE, NC
NC-UN-222015-04-01 10:300.00024.000686MONROE 7.2 SW, NC
NC-UN-262015-04-01 11:000.00024.000577WAXHAW 2.6 NNW, NC
NC-UN-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000591WAXHAW 4.0 NNE, NC
NC-WK-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000387RALEIGH 10.3 N, NC
NC-WK-1002015-04-01 11:000.00024.000377RALEIGH 6.9 N, NC
NC-WK-1052015-04-01 10:300.00024.000423CARY 2.7 S, NC
NC-WK-1192015-04-01 12:000.00024.000449RALEIGH 5.5 WSW, NC
NC-WK-1222015-04-01 12:000.00024.000322GARNER 3.4 SSE, NC
NC-WK-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.000348RALEIGH 5.9 ENE, NC
NC-WK-1302015-04-01 12:000.00024.000377FUQUAY-VARINA 2.3 NE, NC
NC-WK-1382015-04-01 11:000.00024.000279KNIGHTDALE 1.4 SW, NC
NC-WK-1412015-04-01 12:000.00024.000384GARNER 3.8 W, NC
NC-WK-1492015-04-01 11:000.00024.000276KNIGHTDALE 4.7 SSE, NC
NC-WK-1652015-04-01 12:000.00024.000381RALEIGH 4.4 SW, NC
NC-WK-1742015-04-01 11:000.00024.000236RALEIGH 1.7 N, NC
NC-WK-1882015-04-01 11:000.00024.000348WAKE FOREST 1.9 NNE, NC
NC-WK-1902015-04-01 11:000.00024.000446RALEIGH 4.7 N, NC
NC-WK-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000374RALEIGH 1.5 SW, NC
NC-WK-202015-04-01 12:000.00024.000404HOLLY SPRINGS 6.0 ENE, NC
NC-WK-272015-04-01 11:000.00024.000279RALEIGH 5.7 ENE, NC
NC-WK-282015-04-01 11:000.00024.000459APEX 1.5 E, NC
NC-WK-442015-04-01 11:000.00024.000299CLAYTON 3.3 NW, NC
NC-WK-562015-04-01 11:000.00024.000285GARNER 3.8 SSE, NC
NC-WK-612015-04-01 11:000.00024.000433RALEIGH 8.4 N, NC
NC-WK-652015-04-01 09:270.00024.000436HOLLY SPRINGS 3.6 SSE, NC
NC-WK-792015-04-01 11:000.00024.000423CARY 1.1 W, NC
NC-WK-872015-04-01 12:000.00024.000472RALEIGH 7.0 NW, NC
NC-WK-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000427RALEIGH 6.8 NNE, NC
NC-WK-902015-04-01 11:000.00024.000302RALEIGH 3.8 SSW, NC
NC-WK-992015-04-01 11:000.00024.000292GARNER 0.7 SSE, NC
NC-WN-152015-04-01 10:000.00024.000128ELM CITY 7.1 ESE, NC
NC-WN-62015-04-01 12:000.00024.000217SIMS 4.0 SW, NC
NC-WR-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000322NORLINA 5.0 N, NC
NC-WS-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.00030ROPER 0.6 WSW, NC
NC-WY-122015-04-01 11:000.00024.000138GOLDSBORO 4.6 ENE, NC
NC-WY-172015-04-01 12:000.00024.000161KENLY 4.9 SE, NC
NC-WY-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000112PIKEVILLE 6.2 WSW, NC
NC-YD-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000853YADKINVILLE 6.3 SSE, NC
NJ-AT-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.00069EGG HARBOR TWP 1.3 NW, NJ
NJ-BT-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.00043BURLINGTON 1.7 E, NJ
NJ-BT-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.00046MOUNT LAUREL TWP 2.5 ENE, NJ
NJ-CD-12015-04-01 12:000.00024.00095UPPER DEERFIELD TWP 1.7 SW, NJ
NJ-CN-52015-04-01 12:000.00024.000138WINSLOW TWP 3.5 W, NJ
NJ-GL-242015-04-01 12:000.00024.000128ELK TWP 2.2 NW, NJ
NJ-GL-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.000102FRANKLIN TWP 2.7 W, NJ
NJ-HD-22015-04-02 04:000.00024.00098KEARNY 1.7 NW, NJ
NJ-HN-332015-04-01 12:000.00024.000459FRANKLIN TWP 1.8 NE, NJ
NJ-MC-162015-04-01 12:000.00024.000131ROBBINSVILLE TWP 1.7 WSW, NJ
NJ-MC-172015-04-02 03:590.00024.000131EWING TWP 0.8 ESE, NJ
NJ-MC-52015-04-01 09:300.00024.000184LAWRENCE TWP 1.0 NNW, NJ
NJ-MC-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000125LAWRENCE TWP 1.8 SSW, NJ
NJ-MN-112015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036MIDDLETOWN TWP 3.6 NW, NJ
NJ-MN-482015-04-01 10:300.00024.00036LONG BRANCH 0.5 W, NJ
NJ-MS-112015-04-01 11:000.00024.000627BOONTON 0.6 NW, NJ
NJ-OC-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039BRICK TWP 2.4 N, NJ
NJ-OC-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.00023POINT PLEASANT BEACH 0.5 SW, NJ
NJ-OC-172015-04-01 09:300.00024.00010LACEY TWP 6.3 E, NJ
NJ-SL-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.00013PENNSVILLE TWP 2.0 NNW, NJ
NJ-SM-122015-04-01 12:000.00024.00092FRANKLIN TWP 3.8 ENE, NJ
NJ-SM-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.00082MONTGOMERY TWP 3.0 NE, NJ
NJ-SM-402015-04-01 12:000.00024.000285WARREN TWP 1.5 SSE, NJ
PA-AD-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000463ABBOTTSTOWN 2.4 N, PA
PA-AD-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000627YORK SPRINGS 0.7 SE, PA
PA-CH-142015-04-01 11:000.00024.000436NOTTINGHAM 1.5 SW, PA
PA-LN-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000679ADAMSTOWN 2.5 SSE, PA
PA-MT-132015-04-01 12:000.00024.000266BLUE BELL 2.3 NW, PA
PA-MT-222015-04-01 11:000.00024.000272KULPSVILLE 2.6 SSW, PA
PA-MT-782015-04-01 11:000.00024.000374BLUE BELL 0.8 NE, PA
PA-YR-172015-04-01 11:000.00024.000479YORK 2.5 NNW, PA
PA-YR-22015-04-01 10:000.00024.000436DOVER 4.2 WSW, PA
PA-YR-202015-04-01 11:000.00024.000518MOUNT WOLF 1.0 SE, PA
SC-AB-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000646DUE WEST 0.6 SE, SC
SC-AB-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000636DUE WEST 2.5 S, SC
SC-AB-92015-04-01 12:000.00024.000630ABBEVILLE 1.2 NW, SC
SC-AK-442015-04-01 10:000.00024.000568AIKEN 9.8 NNE, SC
SC-AK-602015-04-01 11:000.00024.000427WAGENER 1.4 S, SC
SC-AN-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.000755TOWNVILLE 2.7 ESE, SC
SC-AN-202015-04-01 12:000.00024.000981POWDERSVILLE 0.5 SSE, SC
SC-AN-212015-04-01 10:000.00024.000646ANDERSON 10.5 SE, SC
SC-AN-222015-04-01 12:000.00024.000751STARR 2.0 SSE, SC
SC-AN-232015-04-01 11:000.00024.000738ANDERSON 3.7 NW, SC
SC-AN-252015-04-01 11:000.00024.000778BELTON 4.1 SSW, SC
SC-AN-262015-04-01 11:000.00024.000823PENDLETON 6.6 E, SC
SC-AN-282015-04-01 11:000.00024.000853POWDERSVILLE 2.0 SSW, SC
SC-AN-332015-04-01 12:000.00024.000722ANDERSON 4.8 N, SC
SC-AN-352015-04-01 10:150.00024.000709ANDERSON 11.1 WSW, SC
SC-AN-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000846ANDERSON 5.3 N, SC
SC-CD-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000102SUMMERTON 8.4 SE, SC
SC-CD-42015-04-01 09:000.00024.00085SUMMERTON 5.2 SSE, SC
SC-CD-62015-04-01 12:000.00024.000112MANNING 1.9 SSE, SC
SC-CF-52015-04-01 09:000.00024.000525PAGELAND 9.0 WNW, SC
SC-CK-72015-04-01 12:000.00024.000823GAFFNEY 3.3 NNW, SC
SC-CK-82015-04-01 12:000.00024.000607LOCKHART 5.4 N, SC
SC-DR-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000240HARTSVILLE 1.6 W, SC
SC-DR-202015-04-01 11:000.00024.000292HARTSVILLE 5.4 WSW, SC
SC-ED-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.000571TRENTON 6.5 SSW, SC
SC-ED-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000551TRENTON 6.3 SSW, SC
SC-FL-122015-04-01 11:000.00024.000125COWARD 5.1 NNW, SC
SC-FL-92015-04-01 09:000.00024.000115EFFINGHAM 2.2 W, SC
SC-GT-12015-04-01 12:000.00024.00020GEORGETOWN 5.3 NNE, SC
SC-GT-172015-04-01 11:000.00024.00010GEORGETOWN 4.9 NNE, SC
SC-GT-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.00043MURRELLS INLET 0.3 SSW, SC
SC-GT-242015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036PAWLEYS ISLAND 2.6 N, SC
SC-GT-272015-04-01 11:000.00024.00026GEORGETOWN 1.0 E, SC
SC-GT-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.00026PAWLEYS ISLAND 5.6 NNE, SC
SC-GV-112015-04-01 12:000.00024.000991TAYLORS 3.0 NNW, SC
SC-GV-132015-04-01 11:300.00024.000856FIVE FORKS 1.0 W, SC
SC-GV-152015-04-01 11:400.00024.000938GREENVILLE 4.1 NE, SC
SC-GV-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.000919GREER 3.8 SW, SC
SC-GV-202015-04-01 11:000.00024.000915SIMPSONVILLE 5.4 N, SC
SC-GV-262015-04-01 12:000.00024.000827GREENVILLE 7.7 SE, SC
SC-GV-272015-04-01 11:000.00024.0001201SANS SOUCI 3.3 ENE, SC
SC-GV-282015-04-01 12:000.00024.000814FOUNTAIN INN 5.4 SW, SC
SC-GV-352015-04-01 11:000.00024.000958GREENVILLE 5.4 WNW, SC
SC-GV-592015-04-01 12:000.00024.000965GREENVILLE 3.4 NE, SC
SC-GV-62015-04-01 10:000.00024.000935TAYLORS 2.8 NNW, SC
SC-GV-642015-04-01 12:000.00024.0001122GREENVILLE 6.4 NNW, SC
SC-GV-682015-04-01 11:000.00024.000876GREER 1.4 NNE, SC
SC-GV-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.0001001TAYLORS 4.6 N, SC
SC-GW-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000551GREENWOOD 5.0 W, SC
SC-GW-192015-04-01 12:000.00024.000548GREENWOOD 4.1 WSW, SC
SC-GW-212015-04-01 19:000.00024.000623GREENWOOD 3.6 W, SC
SC-GW-82015-04-01 11:300.00024.000469HODGES 5.5 NE, SC
SC-HR-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.000108LORIS 1.4 ENE, SC
SC-HR-202015-04-01 12:300.00024.000-10MYRTLE BEACH 5.0 NNW, SC
SC-HR-272015-04-01 10:000.00024.00039MYRTLE BEACH 8.4 WNW, SC
SC-HR-322015-04-01 11:000.00024.00010NORTH MYRTLE BEACH 1.4 ENE, SC
SC-HR-392015-04-01 11:000.00024.000-30SURFSIDE BEACH 1.0 NE, SC
SC-HR-462015-04-01 11:000.00024.000-16MYRTLE BEACH 5.0 WNW, SC
SC-HR-612015-04-01 11:000.00024.000-33CONWAY 6.2 E, SC
SC-HR-622015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036MURRELLS INLET 4.1 N, SC
SC-HR-632015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039MURRELLS INLET 1.7 N, SC
SC-HR-642015-04-01 12:000.00024.000-3MYRTLE BEACH 2.4 ENE, SC
SC-HR-662015-04-01 12:000.00024.00039MYRTLE BEACH 9.2 WSW, SC
SC-HR-712015-04-01 12:000.00024.00098CONWAY 9.2 NNE, SC
SC-HR-732015-04-01 11:000.00024.000-16MYRTLE BEACH 5.2 SW, SC
SC-HR-752015-04-01 11:000.00024.000-7MYRTLE BEACH 7.4 NNW, SC
SC-HR-762015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036MYRTLE BEACH 9.1 WSW, SC
SC-HR-772015-04-01 12:000.00024.000-26NORTH MYRTLE BEACH 1.5 ENE, SC
SC-KR-162015-04-01 12:000.00024.000331ELGIN 1.9 NE, SC
SC-KR-172015-04-01 12:000.00024.000292CAMDEN 2.7 NNW, SC
SC-KR-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.000190CAMDEN 3.2 SE, SC
SC-KR-272015-04-01 12:000.00024.000236CAMDEN 6.4 SE, SC
SC-KR-32015-04-01 10:000.00024.000299CAMDEN 4.2 ENE, SC
SC-KR-42015-04-01 09:000.00024.000322CAMDEN 6.6 NE, SC
SC-LN-22015-04-01 13:000.00024.000604FORT MILL 3.5 ENE, SC
SC-LN-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000472LANCASTER 2.0 NNW, SC
SC-LN-82015-04-01 11:000.00024.000486LANCASTER 0.4 WSW, SC
SC-LR-162015-04-01 12:000.00024.000679LAURENS 1.1 SSW, SC
SC-LR-182015-04-01 12:000.00024.000686CLINTON 1.7 SSW, SC
SC-LR-192015-04-01 12:000.00024.000666CLINTON 0.7 NW, SC
SC-LR-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000633MOUNTVILLE 1.6 SE, SC
SC-LX-222015-04-01 10:000.00024.000433LEXINGTON 5.9 SW, SC
SC-LX-262015-04-01 11:000.00024.000381LEXINGTON 3.4 SSE, SC
SC-LX-352015-04-01 11:000.00024.000292LEXINGTON 2.9 NE, SC
SC-LX-392015-04-01 12:000.00024.000509GILBERT 1.2 SSW, SC
SC-LX-432015-04-01 11:000.00024.000374LEXINGTON 1.2 SW, SC
SC-LX-542015-04-01 10:000.00024.000322WEST COLUMBIA 6.5 WSW, SC
SC-LX-572015-04-01 14:000.00024.000230WEST COLUMBIA 1.2 ESE, SC
SC-LX-612015-04-01 11:000.00024.000259IRMO 2.1 SW, SC
SC-LX-642015-04-01 10:000.00024.000194CAYCE 1.2 SW, SC
SC-LX-692015-04-01 11:000.00024.000417LEXINGTON 3.0 WSW, SC
SC-LX-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000331OAK GROVE 1.4 N, SC
SC-LX-962015-04-01 11:000.00024.000148CAYCE 1.0 SSE, SC
SC-LX-982015-04-01 11:000.00024.000325WEST COLUMBIA 5.9 WSW, SC
SC-MB-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000190BENNETTSVILLE 1.2 SE, SC
SC-MB-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000171BENNETTSVILLE 3.8 SE, SC
SC-NW-22015-04-01 11:300.00024.000466POMARIA 5.0 NW, SC
SC-NW-52015-04-01 21:000.00024.000479PROSPERITY 4.4 ESE, SC
SC-NW-82015-04-01 12:000.00024.000597PROSPERITY 2.8 SE, SC
SC-OC-322015-04-01 11:000.00024.000863SENECA 5.7 ENE, SC
SC-RC-122015-04-01 10:300.00024.000384COLUMBIA 6.7 N, SC
SC-RC-302015-04-01 13:000.00024.000374HOPKINS 3.9 NNE, SC
SC-RC-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000456IRMO 3.3 NW, SC
SC-RC-402015-04-01 10:300.00024.000377IRMO 1.5 NW, SC
SC-RC-412015-04-01 10:000.00024.000545BLYTHEWOOD 1.0 W, SC
SC-RC-422015-04-01 10:000.00024.000253COLUMBIA 3.1 E, SC
SC-RC-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.000384IRMO 4.2 NNW, SC
SC-RC-502015-04-01 12:000.00024.000400BLYTHEWOOD 3.8 ENE, SC
SC-RC-552015-04-01 12:000.00024.000377COLUMBIA 8.4 NNW, SC
SC-RC-582015-04-01 12:000.00024.000279COLUMBIA 6.0 WSW, SC
SC-RC-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.000410BLYTHEWOOD 4.7 SSE, SC
SC-RC-612015-04-01 11:000.00024.000430LITTLE MOUNTAIN 8.2 E, SC
SC-RC-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.000335COLUMBIA 6.8 NNE, SC
SC-SL-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000551SALUDA 6.1 SW, SC
SC-SM-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000180SUMTER 1.3 SE, SC
SC-SM-132015-04-01 10:000.00024.000167SUMTER 0.2 NE, SC
SC-SP-102015-04-01 12:000.00024.000787MOORE 4.9 NW, SC
SC-SP-112015-04-01 11:000.00024.000935LYMAN 4.1 WNW, SC
SC-SP-162015-04-01 11:000.00024.0001017INMAN 2.6 N, SC
SC-SP-182015-04-01 11:000.00024.000764DUNCAN 5.1 SE, SC
SC-SP-232015-04-01 12:300.00024.000889LYMAN 5.3 WNW, SC
SC-SP-282015-04-01 11:000.00024.000837SPARTANBURG 5.1 WSW, SC
SC-SP-382015-04-01 12:000.00024.000673WOODRUFF 3.0 ESE, SC
SC-SP-402015-04-01 11:000.00024.000925GREER 3.0 NNE, SC
SC-SP-452015-04-01 11:000.00024.000938GREER 1.5 SSE, SC
SC-SP-492015-04-01 11:000.00024.000909INMAN 6.5 ENE, SC
SC-SP-502015-04-01 11:000.00024.000797CHESNEE 3.9 SW, SC
SC-SP-512015-04-01 11:000.00024.000755SPARTANBURG 3.4 ESE, SC
SC-SP-532015-04-01 11:000.00024.000896CHESNEE 4.5 WNW, SC
SC-SP-542015-04-01 11:000.00024.000682PAULINE 4.5 SSE, SC
SC-SP-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.000741BERRY'S POND 0.1 N, SC
SC-UN-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000630UNION 2.3 NNE, SC
SC-WL-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.00082KINGSTREE 7.9 NW, SC
SC-WL-42015-04-01 12:000.00024.00079KINGSTREE 9.5 NW, SC
SC-WL-72015-04-01 11:420.00024.00075HEMINGWAY 0.4 SW, SC
SC-YR-102015-04-01 12:000.00024.000712YORK 1.8 ESE, SC
SC-YR-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.000584TEGA CAY 1.6 ESE, SC
SC-YR-192015-04-01 11:000.00024.000692YORK 6.2 ENE, SC
SC-YR-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.000755YORK 4.1 NW, SC
SC-YR-262015-04-01 12:000.00024.000620ROCK HILL 3.1 N, SC
SC-YR-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000659LAKE WYLIE 2.3 SW, SC
SC-YR-392015-04-01 12:200.00024.000522CATAWBA 1.8 NNE, SC
SC-YR-402015-04-01 12:000.00024.000689ROCK HILL 5.8 WNW, SC
SC-YR-442015-04-01 11:000.00024.000627ROCK HILL 5.6 E, SC
SC-YR-62015-04-01 11:000.00024.000696YORK 6.3 E, SC
SC-YR-72015-04-01 11:000.00024.000699ROCK HILL 4.1 WNW, SC
SSYM22015-04-01 13:000.00024.000397BRIGHTON DAM COOP
VA-AB-122015-04-01 11:000.00024.000472KESWICK 2.8 NE, VA
VA-AB-62015-04-01 10:300.00024.000663AFTON 5.4 ESE, VA
VA-BD-162015-04-01 13:300.00024.000764LYNCHBURG 1.4 SSW, VA
VA-BD-62015-04-01 10:300.00024.000860MONETA 4.5 SSW, VA
VA-BR-22015-04-01 10:100.00024.000226BRACEY 6.0 ESE, VA
VA-CM-122015-04-01 12:300.00024.000745EVINGTON 2.2 NE, VA
VA-CM-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000755GLADYS 0.6 S, VA
VA-CM-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000728LYNCHBURG 6.7 ESE, VA
VA-CP-22015-04-01 10:300.00024.000489RIXEYVILLE 2.5 N, VA
VA-CP-42015-04-01 11:200.00024.000515RIXEYVILLE 6.1 N, VA
VA-CS-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.000203CHESTERFIELD 3.2 SSW, VA
VA-CSC-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.00016CHESAPEAKE 9.8 NW, VA
VA-FDC-22015-04-01 12:000.00024.00072FREDERICKSBURG 1.3 ENE, VA
VA-FQ-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.000459WARRENTON 6.1 S, VA
VA-FQ-132015-04-01 12:000.00024.000633BROAD RUN 2.8 SSW, VA
VA-FQ-42015-04-01 10:000.00024.000305REMINGTON 4.0 ENE, VA
VA-FR-222015-04-01 11:000.00024.000869WIRTZ 10.4 ESE, VA
VA-FV-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.000440PALMYRA 4.3 N, VA
VA-FX-332015-04-01 11:000.00024.00062FRANCONIA 1.3 SSE, VA
VA-FX-402015-04-01 12:000.00024.000390VIENNA 3.3 N, VA
VA-GC-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.00092GLOUCESTER COURTHOUSE 0.5 NW, VA
VA-GH-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.000230RICHMOND 9.6 WNW, VA
VA-HMC-62015-04-01 09:250.00024.00016CHESAPEAKE 3.5 NE, VA
VA-HMC-72015-04-01 10:000.00024.00033HAMPTON 8.1 W, VA
VA-HN-42015-04-01 11:300.00024.000705MARTINSVILLE 2.3 SE, VA
VA-HR-62015-04-01 11:150.00024.000312GLEN ALLEN 4.6 W, VA
VA-IW-112015-04-01 10:000.00024.00036SMITHFIELD 1.7 SSW, VA
VA-IW-122015-04-01 10:000.00024.00079SMITHFIELD 7.2 W, VA
VA-JC-212015-04-01 11:000.00024.00095WILLIAMSBURG 4.5 NW, VA
VA-JC-252015-04-01 12:000.00024.00092WILLIAMSBURG 8.2 NW, VA
VA-LD-132015-04-01 12:300.00024.000682ROUND HILL 2.7 WSW, VA
VA-LS-42015-04-01 11:000.00024.000486GORDONSVILLE 10.4 S, VA
VA-LYC-12015-04-01 12:000.00024.000732LYNCHBURG 2.5 NNW, VA
VA-MT-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.00020PORT HAYWOOD 1.0 SE, VA
VA-NL-32015-04-01 12:000.00024.000489SCOTTSVILLE 11.8 SW, VA
VA-NNC-42015-04-01 09:000.00024.00036NEWPORT NEWS 3.3 E, VA
VA-NRC-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.00016NORFOLK 5.0 SSW, VA
VA-NRC-92015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036NORFOLK 5.9 SSE, VA
VA-PC-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.000125DISPUTANTA 6.3 NE, VA
VA-PQC-12015-04-01 11:000.00024.00036POQUOSON 5.8 W, VA
VA-PRC-22015-04-01 11:000.00024.00039PORTSMOUTH 4.1 SSE, VA
VA-PW-102015-04-01 11:000.00024.000240WOODBRIDGE 5.9 NW, VA
VA-RCC-42015-04-01 11:300.00024.000151RICHMOND 1.0 SE, VA
VA-SF-52015-04-01 11:000.00024.00062FREDERICKSBURG 7.6 ESE, VA
VA-ST-122015-04-01 10:000.00024.00059ZUNI 1.5 NW, VA
VA-VBC-132015-04-01 11:000.00024.00020VIRGINIA BEACH 2.4 N, VA
VA-VBC-152015-04-01 10:000.00024.00020VIRGINIA BEACH 1.7 NE, VA
VA-VBC-192015-04-01 10:000.00024.0007VIRGINIA BEACH 3.8 SSE, VA
VA-VBC-212015-04-01 12:000.00024.00049VIRGINIA BEACH 3.1 ENE, VA
VA-WLC-32015-04-01 11:000.00024.00079WILLIAMSBURG 1.4 ENE, VA
VA-YR-12015-04-01 10:000.00024.00069NEWPORT NEWS 5.8 NE, VA
Data last summarized at April 05 2015 02:03:04 UTC.

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